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Sabine Choucair posted on Fb

Day 3:

When driving through collapsed towns today, I realised that they no longer have the same effect on me.

They’re part of my normal scenery now. I freaked out. I felt terrible for the many people who will be forgotten soon and stuck in their miserable new world.

Then of course we got to the first camp and I was instantly faced by reality.

Thousands of people eating dry food, sleeping on the ground, they lost family members, lost their homes and trying to figure out how to deal with this new reality.

Heard of hundreds of cases of kids fainting, vomiting and wetting their beds.

Adults having panic attacks and elderly people wondering why they’re even still alive.

Minorities in the region that vanished. They told me that in one town all the Jews died except 6 people.

Half of the Christians are under the rubble and the other half left the country. Armenians sent their kids to a school in Istanbul and the elderly stayed in tents next to what’s left of their houses.

But people are resilient. I hate this word. But I’m glad they are.

When we arrive to the camps, everyone joins in to celebrate life. Women start dancing, men get their phones out to film (a few also join in and dance) and kids run behind us jumping and singing. Everyone laughs, including volunteers, army and police.

You’re crazier than this world, and you speak Arabic too. I needed this, please come everyday” said one woman to me while we were dancing on Arabic / Turkish tunes.

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