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Clowning in earthquake devastated towns: Day 4 of Sabouni (soap)/Sabine

Posted on: March 15, 2023

Sabine Choucair posted on Fb

Day 4❗️

I’ve never had someone tying my shoes for me except my parents or teachers maybe, have you?

During one of the shows today, in this camp with Turks and Syrians, run by 14 amazing young independent Turks, volunteering their time to help and doing an amazing job, I (Sabouny) asks the audience to wait a sec so she could tie her shoes.

A beautiful Turkish man in his 50s comes on stage, asks me to keep going, kneels down and ties my shoes.


I couldn’t believe it.

How gracious and generous his act was.

We were just starting the show, and my marriage scene usually comes towards the end, but I couldn’t care less of course. I married him on the spot.

Who would not want to have a partner like that in life.

Today was really full of these magical, beautiful encounters. On the way out, everyone wanted to take pictures and to hug us so tightly and almost around 6.45pm, the sun was going down, we started driving, everyone followed us, and the bus was showered with water.

Apparently, it’s a Turkish tradition to say thank you, to hope to see you again and to wish you a smooth ride as smooth as the water falling on the windows.

Silence again.

In another camp, a 15 year old girl and a 5 year old boy were watching from far. The girl was crying non stop while watching, the boy didn’t react at all.

While leaving, Guray (our clown chief organising the tour) tells me about them. Riwa, Ramy and Jonas go on a round 2 of entertaining the crowd while I go to their tent.

I approach them gently, the boy accepts to give me his hand for a magic trick. He is in a state of shock. Doesn’t speak or react to anything. I do it, he doesn’t react. I ask him if he’d like me to do it one more time and shyly/ briefly he says yeah.

Second time he kind of smiles without wanting to show me. I ask him if he wants one more time, he says yeah. Third time he has a slightly bigger reaction and it went on and on. His big sister then gives me her hand, her eyes are watering. She was crying and laughing at the same time and for a long time.

Her mom tells me later, they came from Syria 8 years ago and this is the second time this girl sees their house literally falling. She’s been crying non stop since then.

On the way out, the little witty kids didn’t want us to leave. They ran screaming “Sabouny Sabouny ( Sabouny means soap)… wait”.

They held me tight and started improvising “don’t leave please. I want to wash my hands, I want to wash my hair, I want to take a shower…”

Funny little monsters giving me hope in life.


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