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How come this night is so calm?

Posted on: March 17, 2023

I slept the sleep of the caves tonight.

Inconsequential and soft dreams were forgotten by the morning.

It was a “dreamless night”.

The morning news were anything but quiet:

Fighter jets and drones bombed villages

Rockets buried entire families.

Many blew themselves in crowded marketplaces, kids’ schools, restaurants.

It was a “dreamless night”

Yet, last night was pretty loud:

Thunder claps, wind rattling doors and windows,

Sleet rocked roofs, millions of tin roofs

Millions of shacks and refugee tents.

It was a dreamless night

Dogs, wolves, jackals barked and howled

Rats squealed

Millions of insects and animals were devoured

A million procreated to cover up the loss

In the struggle of survival among the livings.

It was a dreamless night

A few feet from ear shot

Hundreds of prisoners were tortured

Kicked, slapped, boxed, drowned, burned

Suffocated, drenched in freezing water

Screams we opted to shut off

From our hard ears, minds and hearts.

The horror of silent nights:

In waiting, the silence of the coming horror

Persistent and violent knocks on your door:

Your house is burning

Your neighbour was shot dead

The enemy invested your town

Dozens are being rounded up

Don’t take anything. Run for your life.

No, last night was not that calm:

New-borns were crying their heart out

Babies freezing to death

Kids dying of famine

Sick people kept moaning

Hundreds died in car accidents, handicapped

Airplanes disintegrated in the sky

Passenger ferries and ship sank.

And how come tonight is calm?

I was in bed and could Not sleep.

The bed “shook” softly and slowly for 5 seconds.

The morning news were Not that calm:

Two huge earthquakes devastated a vast region northward.

Thousands of homes and buildings crumbled to the ground.

Thousands upon thousands were buried under the rubbles

The injured and handicapped were Not accounted for in public.

Thousands of children are in a state of shock.:

Unable to speak or eat.

Millions fled and were transferred to makeshift tents

Living in terrible cold nights and days

And waiting for rescue to arrive:

Little “Rescue” took an eternity to show up.

Tomorrow night and the nights after

Will be louder and leaden with nightmarish dreams.

Tomorrow is another day.

Violent and brutal horror stories for survival

Among the livings.

Good night all.

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