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Sabine Choucair is in Hatay Antakya.

Day 1:

There’s a lot to say but no words can give justice to the horror of the scenery of collapsed and crushed buildings. To the smell of death and loss.

Imagine clowns in there. Imagine the hundreds of faces that lit when they saw colors and smiles.

Today We did three parades, two shows and one tiny clown attack outside a camp where we were not given permission to enter.

We were performing in the first camp, and everyone was laughing then suddenly the faces of kids and adults turned to terrified ones. I saw Guray – our tour organizer -signaling to me urgently.

Kids and parents freaking out. Turns out we were performing next to a big pole that was still standing, but that every audience members couldn’t imagine it but falling on us all.

Can you picture yourself going on with your daily life, constantly feeling that anything at any time could collapse?

We moved the show elsewhere and thankfully people managed to laugh, dance and enjoy even if for a short time.

While leaving, excited happy and chanting, one girl came to me “have you witnessed the earthquake? I got soooooo scared” she said, then hugged me for the longest time ever. I hugged her back. We left to a different camp.

I’m sad witnessing this but also happy to be with other clowns, the “Sabouny” in a sequined dress with big bubbles offering colors and laughter.

It’s needed. Very very much needed.

Note: On Day 7 was temporarily the end of mission. We are thrilled, ecstatic, scared, tired, emotional, sad, in awe, shocked, feel loved, adored, we’re one feet above the shaking ground … In 6 days have done more than 55 shows and parades, reached more than 5000 people and laughed and cried more than a thousand times.


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