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More ruthless than Timur Lenk and Genghis Khan

Posted on: March 28, 2023

More ruthless than Timur Lenk and more coward than Arabian Peninsula “Arab” leaders

In retrieving paper and letters a few poems written in Arabic in 1992 when decluttering the house after mother passed away. I am translating a few of poems written in Arabic in 1992 into English.

“Arabian” leaders of treachery and indignity

Cocktailing Masters who are more ruthless than Timurlenk

And more coward than the “Arabian” Emirs in the Arabic Peninsula.

In pseudo-States created by colonial powers

Where neighboring states are aliens to their lifestyles.

Billions of petrodollars are burned to intimidate the “Arabs”

Their children are homeless and hungry

In cities that never sleep or give a damn.

The poorer classes live in shantytowns

Forever in “temporary” lodging

Even in Saudi Kingdom wealthy Capital Riyad.

Even the Palestinians in refugees camps managed

To build houses in stones when allowed

And breathed life in the stones

Throwing stones of fire and anger at the soldiers of our existential enemy.

This Israeli implanted apartheid colonial State in our midst

Another ruthless enemy, and as coward as the “Silent Majority“.

He is mistaken who thinks that Iraq is “Arabic”.

Sure, we like to dwell on the idea that Iraq

Is an intrinsic part of the One Syrian people

One Nation, one people

Going back to the glorious empires of Babylon and Assyria.

We did miss the boat:

Iraq has been Farisi/Persian since the Sassanid empire

And the Ottoman empire “occupying” this Land did nothing to disprove it. 

And its revival is at arms’ reach.


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