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Clowning is not only about laughter, but also about heart to heart connections

Sabine Choucair posted on Fb. March 11, 2023  

Day 5

I’m not sure if it’s the day where things start affecting you more because of accumulation of images we have seen or because it was actually an even more harder reality, town and misery. But today was tough. Very very tough.

We focused on a town that is kind of left out. Or at least that’s the feeling I got. Grey, dusty and miserable.

Its younger generation left the country. I heard. Bulldozers everywhere. Destroyed grey buildings with few colours of clothes that once were on clothes line now crashed under the rubble.

Torn books, broken fridges, crashed cupboards, half mattresses, and every now and then a man or two trying to save what’s left of their stuff, standing, broken, on top of a pile of a life that once was.

I play a lot with kids. But I also usually focus a lot more on adults.

Men instantly become more playful and silly. Women open up their hearts, breathe better and relax their bodies during the interactions.

It’s beautiful and divine to connect in that way. But women of this town broke me into pieces.

I had many encounters today where a woman would be laughing and interacting with me then I come a bit closer and she loses it and starts crying. We’d hold hands or hug, look at each other, smile and depart.

Clowning is not only about laughter, but also about heart to heart connections, about facing one’s realities and about feeling that in this short moment, I and you, are not alone. And there definitely was a lot of that today.

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