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Sabine Choucair posted on Fb

Day 6

The world is funny. Our clown team people can be very beautiful with big open welcoming hearts but also so unfair and discriminative.

Our last day was all about performing for minorities. The Syrians left in camps with very little help, the “Abdal” Roma community having serious issues finding drinkable water and the Kurds living in the poorest of the poorest areas/slums.

Clowning through their neighborhoods, felt like walking in a zone post World War II. So apocalyptic.

A small kid, following us happily, but hiding a knife under his sleeve and taking it out every now and then.

Two women sitting inside an old shop, exhaust coming out from inside, the shutter half open you could barely see their eyes, making bread while peaking into the outside world.

4 teenage girls watching us behind the metal bars of their window of what we can’t really call a building, refusing to come out.

Scenes of despair everywhere but a huge amount of joy and celebration of life with the clowns passing by.

Kids and adults dancing with us like there’s no tomorrow, laughing out loud, screaming and running with open arms embracing life.

In one of the shows that actually gathered Turks, Syrians, Abdals and Kurds on one tiny sidewalk; ( Needless to say that it was one of the most important shows. It gathered and entertained people that fear each other and are never in one place laughing together)

I did the bag trick – I throw an imaginary ball into the bag and at one point it becomes a red nose-.

Then came “ Ferde”. This little cutest kid who believed that my imaginary ball was real. He confidently and excitedly held the imaginary ball and threw it into the bag. I called him on stage, he looked inside the bag and saw a red nose.

His dream world became reality.

His face, his body, his soul, his whole state lit.

I put the red nose on him. He went back to the audience. The nose kept falling because of the wind but Ferde kept fetching it and putting it back on during the whole show. He didn’t let go of it.

However and wherever I looked, I could see a red nose in the audience.

This little kid, Ferde, on that tiny little side of the street, surrounded by once “enemies and strangers” now friends in laughter, he never let go, he held on to this dream and in a way gave a meaning to mine.

Thank you Ferde.

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