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Who is Tired of this world? Successive Preemptive wars, climate degradation, new viruses, impotency of public State institutions in offering preventive health requirement for children… and focusing on producing more deadly weapons

Posted on: April 2, 2023

Note: I have read all of William Shakespeare Sonnets and tried to translate them inti Arabic.

William Shakespeare, Sonnet LXVI, 1609 edition

“Tired of this world I ask to die,

tired of seeing a man of integrity gotta beg

when next to him there are notorious nullities

valuing themselves in luxury and the love of the public,

have fun spitting on sincerity,

that places of honor are for the most undeserving,

that virgin bodies are offered to brutal desires,

that we cover with infamy the just defamed,

may a strong become crippled by the power of the deform,

that art is gagged under an arbitrary rule,

only monkeys in doctors decide genius,

that a simple and true being is called stupid,

that good is enslaved to evil…

Tired of it all i want to leave this world

except if I kill myself my love will be alone. “


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