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Il n’ y a plus de contre-pouvoir pour les multinationals qui existent dans tous les pays et exerce un pouvoir enorme. Les lois des Etats peuvent temporairement les gene’ pour evasion de tax, a slap on the hand, but never for their pernicious effects on the social fabrics.

How Nazism spread? From 1919 to 1921, les gens de droite assassinent un gauche tous les 2 jours. La Gauche un tous les 40 jours. La droite commit 345 meurtres contre 19 pour les Gauches. Les coupable de droite recoivent en totale 31 ans de prison. La gauche 8 peine capitales et 211 ans de prison. Injustice leads to insecurity followed by dictatorship.

On se sert du language pour mentir. Apprend les languages des gestes, postures, silence et les yeux pour debusquer les mots du Coeur

Les sentiments, comme la jalousie, sont de l’ herbe seche, justement apprecier par les vaches et les chevres.

Brave, temerere, lache, idiot, intelligent… La fraternelle mort n’ en n’ a cure. Ce sont les mots qui nous divisent.

Let’s face it: Until the thousands of Wahhabi Islamic Madrassat working around the world are transformed into secular public schools, Extremist Islamic sects will be around for hundreds of years.

The USA, China and Europe must find the necessary funds and training to all States ready to close down or reform these Saudi Kingdom funded extremist Madrassats all over the world in the last 3 decades.

“We will gas you until you die – your families, your sisters, your children, everyone.” – Israeli border police officer to Palestinians in the Aida refugee camp in the occupied West Bank.

All “Developed Nations” changed their customs/traditions just after they colonized other people. Stolen wealth with utmost cruelty, instead of paying the fair price, is a changing major factor to handle accumulated wealth. A far advanced and worldwide razzia habit.

You don’t have choices but to exercise Lightly and eat Lightly. Countless “talented” athletes died early and were handicapped early on in life.

The EU funded Spain energy strategy for its sources in North Africa. The EU was worried to end up relying on Turkey that has two major oil/gas pipelines from Russia and Iran.

China can rely on its domestic tourism. Internal Tourists made 274 million trips throughout mainland China over the May Day holiday break. Up 19% over the same period in 2019

I just finished reading “The last days of Mohamad” in French by Hela Ouwardi. I intend of posting a review, sections of what I believe are most important stories. Mind you that for over a century, Not a single written document was available to verify and compare the verbal stories in the various Hadith of Sunni and Shiite. In that first century, people have forgotten Muhamad and did Not know where He was buried.

Have you heard of the last military campaign of Muhamad to Tabuk close to Palestine? The Byzantium army of Heraclius was battle trained and mostly of veterans who had just kicked out the Persian occupation in Syria, Jordan and Palestine and this army was still in the region. There was No chance that whatever army Muhamad dispatched toward “Jerusalem” had any chance to succeed. The very wealthy Uthman Bin Affan (A Quraishi from the clan of Umaya, and to become 3rd Caliph and who married two of Muhamad daughters) invested plenty of his money in the campaign. At the time, Muawiya (from the clan of Umaya) was the appointed governor of Damascus and Syria by Heraclius. Can anyone have doubt on the outcome? The Byzantium army did Not show up and the Islamic/Arabic army remained in the camp for 20 days. In the meantime, the well-to-do Companions carried out business as usual in the town of Tabuk. Uthman and Muawiya got huge returns on their investment.

Abdel Malek Bin Merwan was the Umayyad Calif in Damascus. He reigned the longest for about 3 decades and his decisions were the most critical in this Arabic/Islamic Empire. He ordered that the Arabic language be the sole language accepted in public institutions. He dispatched Youssef al Hajjaj who bombed the Kaaba in Mecca with catapult and tamed the serious revolt of Ibn Zubair and was appointed governor in Basra and Iraq. This calif horded both State and religious powers. He dispatched 3 military campaigns to conquer North Africa and stepped into Southern Spain.




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