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“As if the Swedes need a lot of clowning.”

Posted on: May 26, 2023

Sabine Choucair (Of the Clown-me-In) posted on Fb 

“Oh yeah as if people in #Sweden need a lot of clowning!”. We heard this sarcastic sentence so much before going.

You know what? They actually do.

Regardless of my belief that every person on earth needs clowning, I would say the Sweden sites I visited this time is much more extreme, hateful and unwelcoming of differences than the one I remember.

My fellow clowns with Lebanese passports got a visa for only 9 days.

The few refugees we met there said there’s a change of behavior towards them.

Isn’t it a general thing all over the world these days?

So yeah it was important to be there. Not because we are saving the world but because we have people from different backgrounds coming and laughing together and it’s beautiful, kind, magical, funny and respectful.

A constant reminder that it’s definitely easier to be kind in this world.

On a personal level, this trip was magical.

I missed Sweden, my friends and funny enough I missed its silence.

During the many performances I found truthfulness and comedy in moments of utmost silence. Nothing more rewarding than that.

I found new games in skits I’ve been doing for almost 12 years. These moments of nothingness, just me, stage light, eyes, breaths and one small connection with one audience member and pouufffff “laughter”. WwwwAwwww

Then lots and lots of hugs, from adults and kids.

Then a kid runs to me and shouts slowly “This was very very very beautiful” and gives me the biggest hug.

His mom follows, with tears in her eyes: “ He’s never been that happy, thank you. He has autism.” And then she gives me a big big hug.

Again, a reminder of how much easier it is to be kind in this world.

Thanks to all those who made this trip possible. Pics by Amar Sokhen#diariesofaclownRamy Abi KhalilHisham AssaadSamer SarkisStephanie SotiryJana MghamesCharbel R. SammourJonas Pour Mozaffar Lars Garpenfeldt Clown Me InClowner utan GränserGhinwa Khalifeh


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