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Movable fairs in Beirut: 1971-74 I decided to re-edit my old article “Wonderful early 1970’s:  Movable fairs in Beirut” in order to demonstrate to the current generation in Lebanon that it is highly feasible to generate a mass upheaval as was done in Tunisia and Egypt. It is a scream against the total impunity that […]

Beirut is a moving fair: French author Katherine Pancol Jean C. El Dahdah shared this link. February 19, 2016 Beyrouth est une fête… Katherine Pancol. Écrivain Ça y est! Je reprends goût à la vie! Alors, que vous raconter? Que le Liban est une bouteille de champagne posée sur un volcan et qu’à Beyrouth, la fête […]

Movable fairs: Beirut (1970-74) This post reminisces the activities in Beirut during the period 1970-1974. As a university student, I had the time and leisure to watch many of the hundreds of movies and attend most of the Lebanese pieces of theaters that were played. The epic Woodstock musical fiesta of summer 1968 disbanded after […]

Wonderful early 1970’s:  Movable fairs in Beirut Woodstock musical fiesta was organized in 1968 and disbanded three days later.  The French student revolt in Paris of 1968 ended a week later. These student and youth movements crossed to Lebanon in 1969 and lingered for 5 years as movable fairs in Beirut.  I witnessed that wonderful […]

Beirut before the civil war in 1975 I can attested to what this article claims: I walked all of Beirut between 1971-75 and didn’t need more than a single dollars (2 LP at the time) to spend during the entire day (food, fresh juices, theaters, movies…). You may read my post on that subject: Movable […]

This was Beirut before the civil war in 1975 Before 1975, the tiny city of Beirut enjoyed more varieties for tourists and fair affordable life-style for the citizens than many current megalopolis. The dollars was for 2 LL and I could attend theaters, movies and eat for barely a single $ during the entire day […]

To be Successful, Proportional Representation must be Accompanied by Party Reform  Sami Atallah, LCPS executive director. May 2018 While there was genuine hope that adopting a proportional representation system could pave the way for political reform in Lebanon, its impact was largely confined to shifting the balance of power among the same political elite. (Not […]

Every Single Article Ever Written About Being Gay in Beirut In One Convenient Article ohmyhappiness Posted on November 5, 2013 It’s a dark night in Beirut, the San Francisco of the Middle East. This darkness is powerful. It represents Beirut’s past, its present, and its bleak future. But tonight, it also represents the state of gay people […]

Commencement Address 2016 at American University in Beirut By Nassim Nicholas Taleb Dear graduating students, This is the first commencement I have ever attended (I did not attend my own graduation). Further, I have to figure out how lecture you on success when I do not feel successful yet –and it is not false modesty. […]

  The Eternal Magic of Beirut “All the road signs are in people’s eyes.” For many of us, it’s synonymous with war and strife. But for the artists, chefs, designers, architects and scholars who live there, Beirut will always be a place where ideas and beauty flourished … and flourish still. By MICHAEL SPECTER. May 2, 2016 […]




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