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Updated “About” (December 26 /2021)

I started this blog on September 17, 2008.

This blog is about: “Who I was, what I did, what did I think, how did I grew…”

This blog is about: “Who I am, what I am doing, how I think, what are my positions, politically, economically, fairness and equitability in political systems”

The total number of articles published so far has reached over 10,000 posts/articles and the total number of hits has crossed two million views and the average daily hits, before the pandemic of Covid-19 were over 600 per day. Currently the average is about 60.

The number of steady followers increased to 750

You have choices among 45 categories to navigate around. I added the sub-categories “Travel/Excursion” and Tidbits/Comments/Notes

I got a new life of publishing what I had  expressed in years of writing for myself.

I now have to consider my target audience of readers who patronize my blog:  There is a dividing line between writing and publishing, because responsibility to others comes in publishing.

Recently, I added a new category “Daydream Projects“:  Just imagine this gigantic brainstorm networking sessions if a small fraction of mankind decides to publish their daydreaming projects with plenty of details. Wouldn’t daydreaming be considered a very productive endeavors? I also added the categories “Time for Outrage” and Pets

I post on average of 10 articles per week (articles of mine, links from various social platforms after editing and adding my comments). I figured out that every new post generates around 100 hits within a year, and keeps increasing fast.

You may enjoy the category poems (poems of mine, and translated poems from Arabic and French into English). I had posted my autobiography ten years ago in details, two novels, short stories, and over 80 of detailed book reviews.

I feel blessed confronted with many obstacles:  I was for a long time penniless but  kept publishing, and was associated with the most abject financial condition I have experienced… I am graced of feeling the same zest in publishing almost everyday.

I do read and write every day in three languages English, French, and Arabic.  I read books, small and large, old and current, classical and common, biased and “balanced”.

I used to spend 3 hours per day reading and taking notes in the private library of Phares Zoghbi that contained 50,000 books, mostly in French and Arabic, until they closed it after his death.

I read dailies and their editorials. I read magazines, serious ones and tabloids. I used to keep up to date with the weekly French “Courrier International“, bi-weekly, and monthly issues, including  the French monthly “Le Monde Diplomatique“, “Science et Vie”…when they were available.

I uncover nuggets in almost all my readings and then report my notes and comments after elaboration, analysis, and exercising my individual reflection.

Lately, I have been publishing my notes and comments on Facebook and Twitter under the title Tidbits in the category “Diary”.

Recently a few friends decided to post their memories on FB and I shared them on my blog under the title “Mon cher Ado

My posts are No cut and paste gimmicks, and they lack pictures unless provided by a link, images and videos: I don’t have the tools for recommended visual inputs, and I have no patience for navigating the net.

Whatever I receive, I edit it, comment on it and highlight the main points.

I understand that the task of publishing carries responsibility to the general public and I have to do my due diligence in reading a lot, reflecting, and exposing various views and perspectives before extending my current convictions.

I have been writing for my own pleasure for years, such as short poems, diaries, bi-weekly reports, and got into introspection in order to get in touch with my emotions and my models on life, universe, and a sustainable earth within my history growth context. made it easy to take the drastic plunge into communicating with the public and expressing freely my reflected opinions.

It is a daily communion that starts by receiving comments before offering opinions, and do reply to developed opinions and comments.  I am reminded that life exercises its cyclical rights and I wish your ebbing period would not last longer than necessary, and that it would not affect your optimism.

I wish that you have a support system to remind you that life is wonderful, it is beautiful, and it is exciting.  There is a tomorrow but surely not better than today, since you are still alive!

I realized that publishing electronically is not considered by many political institutions as serious matter, since many do not navigate fast communication mediums on a wide scale yet; as if people still read hard copy manuscripts or dailies!

If you are interested in reading biographies of people “Not famous” or “Not glamorous”, then you may also enjoy reading my auto-biography titled “Introspection of a confused man”.

Anyway, most of my categories that are Not related to politics, history, religions, sciences, engineering, health, or book reviews are about myself.

It appears that my Book Reviews category is the most favored so far; closely trailed by political articles, social articles, sex/seduction categories, and religious topics.

I earned a PhD degree in Industrial/Human Factors/ system design engineering. That was in 1990 from the USA  and a couple of Masters in Physics and Operation Research, but I refused to practice until recently when I decided to teach in universities and had this lovely opportunity to write over 50 engineering articles published in the category “Professional articles“, “Human Factors in Engineering” and lately in the category “Engineering/research”.

I realized that I love best to read and disseminate what I write, and was the ideal platform to initiate people to publishing and expressing their opinions without any kinds of censorship.

I wish the publishers of articles and bloggers to keep in mind the dividing line between writing for comprehending and reflecting on their own positions and feelings, and just publishing.

I read and write daily, a lot, and hit libraries and follow up on news and editorials and feel serious on disseminating what I read.

I even summarize controversial books and offer my opinions ; yes, I love to be controversial, otherwise I might just rot.

A sample of a translated poem:

Your blue sea eyes

On the deck of your blue eyes is raining

Audible vibrating lights.

On the port of your blue eyes,

From a tiny open window,

A view of faraway birds swarming,

Searching for yet undiscovered islands.

On the deck of your blue eyes

Summer snow is falling.

I am a kid jumping over rocks

Deeply inhaling the sea wind

And then returns like a weary bird.

On the port of your blue eyes

I dream of oceans and navigation.

If I were a seafarer

If anyone lent me a boat

I would surely ease up my boat closer

To your blue sea eyes

Every sundown.

Note 1: This poem is an abridged free translation from Arabic of the famous late Syrian poet Nizar Kabbani.

Note 2: You may reach me on

24 Responses to "About"

I reserved the category “politics/finance Today” for my current writings in all categories.
The other 11 categories are repositories for over 10 years of writings.
I added the new category “Testimonies/civil war” to download my manuscript on the eye witness accounts of Lebanon dirty civil war.
I finished downloading my fiction novel “Rainbow over the Levant” in the category “Novel”
Check my category “Book Reviews” with detailed account of the stories.
If you like what you read then disseminate my blog address Adonis49.

I added a new category called “auto-biography”. It will be an ongoing project.

woah keep up the good work 🙂

Having spent reading your blog over the past weeks, particularly during the US election period, I must say that your opinions have been insightful to say the least, – though we don’t agree on all counts.

I will be launching Monitor The Change this week. And I am seeking politically inclined individuals with decent writing skills. (Thats you in a nutshell):)

The purpose of the blog is to monitor all the actions and policies of the Obama admin, and shed light on them. As you know, some stories are considered “small stories” by news media, hence attention isn’t paid to them.

If you have any questions, email



Keep up the good work, pal. I would be interested to see an autobiography of yours. 🙂

check the category “Autobiography”

if you are not already a member, try this sites: and

Hello, I am scouting for writers for a possible new magazine launch for the Gulf region (in English). I’ve only had time to have a very quick look at your blog but I think you might fit the profile of the kind of people I’m looking for. Let’s talk some more if you want. Email me at:

Hi . Must confess you are a prolific wirter. I started reading your blog from today and hope to cover most of the articles in some time. We have also started a blog with the purpose of discussing on topics which affect our daily lives.
We have a guest faculty section which we invite individuals to write on different topics. Would be nice if you write something.

Glad that you discovered me. If you are interested in any specific topics then I might direct you to many of my posts in my archive.
Keep your comments coming.

I find your site intriguing.
I will return to read more in future.

I firmly believe that your thoughts flow in the same river as mine. I was astonished by your opinions to the degree that I use some of your essays in my blog. Are you the Adonis we know or it is just a nickname?

It is not a nickname and I have no idea the Adonis you know. What kinds of thoughts of mine and in what topics they are related to? Keep your detailed comments flowing. Thanks

[…] About Part one. Spreading myths:Hezbollah? […]

If you indeed have earned a doctorate in Industrial Engineering, you should be able to tell the difference between a con artist propagandist like Christopher Charles Busby and a genuine scientist. Write me to learn much more and then correct the false reports about Fallujah that Busby helps propogate for the Iraqis who never have had any good will for America or Americans. DUStory dash owner at yahoo groups dot com. I would write you direct if I could readily find your e-mail or other website.

write me direct at And what can I do? I worked my ass for this PhD, working small jobs to make ends meet…

hi adonis–there is a post on Lebanese youth and grafitti–would you be able to share pictures? Thank you!!

Man, do you know that your blog’s logo is a (mirrored) 666?

I don’t have a logo. Picked to me by default?

Wonderful post however I was wanting to know if you
could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could
elaborate a little bit more. Cheers!
Regards – spilleautomater på nettet

what topic? the About?

Excuse me “adonis49” where do you have these pictures from? I would also like to use one of them and would appreciate if you could help me!

Have no idea. Facebook maybe? Go ahead and help yourself. Is it the picture of the car?

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