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A Day Dream Orphanage located in Non colonial power nations

Why in non colonial power nations? Because of all the rules and regulations that anyone has to go through the bureaucratic entanglement that hinder compassion projects to fruition.

Mama should be freed from house/institution daily maintenance: No mopping, no cooking, no washing…

Mama is living with and amid the kids 24/7.

Kids with no parents, from all colors, ethnic groups, genders, religion…

She is happy to touch the kids and be touched by them. Love to talk to the kids and listening intently to what they are communicating to her and their brothers/sisters

Mama is Not an accountant and will Not manage the household.

Mama controls the quality of the food, the health and safety of the kitchen, the proper procedure for cleaning the house.

Mama is ever ready to laugh with the kids, cry when they cry, crawl on four if they do, play with the sand, walk barefoot when the kids prefer this liberty of movement. Eat with her hands if needs be.

Mama bath the kids, teach them how to wear their clothes, their shoes. Teach them how to clean after themselves in the WC and in their rooms, to hang and arrange their clothes and belonging…

Mama sleeps with the smaller kids in the dormitory. Cuddle those who suffer from nightmare. Read to them before sleep time and listen to music with them and appreciates what they like to hear.

Mama wants her house within the town. Never outside the town community, where cultist movements and a secret extremist religious sects prefer to hide their  behaviors.

Mama love to take the kids out to shop, to visit museum, parks, zoos, supermarket, movie theaters, take them in bus trip, trekking in nature and camping adventures.

Yes Mama feels comfortable to initiate the kids to the outside lifestyle, working, jobs…

Mama purpose is to shield the kids from physical harm and bullies.

Mama will Not shield them from emotional and mental confrontation: the kids will feel free to express their emotions and opinions and acquire a first defensive line against the professional hypocrites who spread all kinds of mythical stories and faked prophecies.

Mama will make sure the kids are Not to attend and join religious events and ceremonies, or to get any kinds of religious teaching where their only power is to instil fear of punishment in the heart of the kids.

Mama knows that a few of the kids will grow stupid and join a few of these religious sects, with the conviction of abstract concepts that rob them from the beauty of life and nature and sane rational mind.

Note 1: Mama would be lucky if she find a soulmate (male or female), who support her dedication and is happy to live around Mama. And feel that life has a meaning around Mama. Sure, kids needs to be around males  “role model”, but Mama should not feel that this is a precondition to establishing an orphanage.

Note 2: It would be advisable to have a wide range of ages among the kids: the older ones need to be exposed to care and comprehend the needs of the younger ones

Note 3: Where Extremist religious sects prefer to locate?

The active extremist members of religious sects live in ghettos in the suburbs of urban surrounding.
They observe the surrounding and have a notion of the civil laws but prefer to abide by the ghetto laws.
If the religion has a set of laws, they take it and run with it.
They are the most secretive and isolate of clans, kind of living in ghettos within ghettos.

Wireless Augmented Ear: Marketing price evaluation sheet

You have an augmented ear device that provides capabilities over and above what normal ear can deliver.

Suppose that you have a transparent membrane that fits and envelop your ear with the following capabilities:

1. It allows you to hear a barely audible cable channel as if the volume was set above normal. What price are you willing to pay for just this capability?

2. If it allows you to clearly hear what a couple is whispering 5 meters away? What’s your price?

3. If it reduces the decibel of a concert from over 110 to below 80 and permit you to clearly hear the lyrics of the band. What is your price?

4. If a tiny micro is attached to the membrane that does Not touches any part of your ear and a tiny antenna provides a wireless facility to your iPhone… (No more dangling of  ear plug wires)… What is your price?

Now this device is manufactured, and you are asked to demonstrate its quality. The quality is pretty good.

5. What are you willing to pay over and above your previous estimate in Q #1 before you tried the device?

6. Same question as with Q #2

7. same question as with Q #3

8. Same with Q #4

9. This device now spans all 4 facilities and capabilities: What is the price you are willing to pay?

10. If the company market he device $30 dollar more than your willing price in Q #9, would you still buy it?

11. If the price is $90 more, would you still buy it? Yes… No

12. You enjoyed this device for a full 3-months, and a competitor is now selling it $90 less with equal quality, would you feel cheated out?  Yes…. No

13. Do you think that it was worth paying the additional $90 before the price dropped? Yes… No

Day-dream project: Elected community Sex club of the “Compassionate Priestesses and Priests”

This is municipal election period in Lebanon and I am proposing this project as my platform

There are plenty of historical precedents to this oldest of institution, but mine is a tad different and with a moral and healthy twist.

One major difference is that powerful, rich or wealthy clients are excluded to enter this sacrosanct place.

The club is exclusively established to cater for the desires and needs of all the common people who cannot afford to pay for prostitutes or a luxury dinner or think they have a chance to ask for a date, due to the many problems that parents raise to prevent any normal meeting to get to know one another.

The town will receive candidates for the position of priestesses and priests of both sexes of all ages to satisfy the idiosyncrasies of the community members.

Obviously, the candidates should be over 18.

And obviously, the client member conserves his anonymity so that No one knows for sure what is his sexual inclination or sexual fetishism

Obviously, intercourse is Not the main purpose or necessity: There are many ways to provide the hapless person a joyful and hopeful perspective on life.

They can feel comfortable conversing in a private setting, in the nude in due time, reciting poems and learning to woo, compliment, touch, smell, and communicate.

They can learn to feel what arouse them and what give them joy and satisfaction.

If the Club priestess or priest feels the need for having an intercourse, the client can decline without much fuss in consequences.

Physically disgusting clients, and those deemed violent, can be turned down: they are dispatched to higher levels of priesthood council who have more experience in handling these hard cases.

By the way, it is imperative that the club has an aesthetic section, for cases like cutting toe nails, finger nails, removing hairs from ears and noses, epilation, hot bath… in order for the client to be presentable

The director of the club is to check on the weekly work schedule of the priesthood members in order that no privileges are bestowed on particular clients

The comfort of meeting face to face with a willing and compassionate party, in a luxury and tasty place, is worth all the quick  love-making encounters.

Yes, the club should strive to be as luxurious as donations comes: Poor people mostly need to get initiated to luxury.

Like seeing the partners decked in luxury attire, drinking from luxury cups, laying down on fluffy luxury bed and cushions, luxury bathrooms…

The donation box will Not accept more than a modicum price, what amount to the expenses paid going out to bars…

The term is for 2 years and not renewable until an entire term has elapsed: Varieties and excitement are normal behaviour tendencies.

The elected priesthood serve a single client per day, totally dedicated to communicate with the client, and Not to exceed 4 hours: They have their own full-time jobs to earn a living.

This project is tailor-make for me that would make me change my living address in a blink to the preferred town


“Experimental Mind Farms” Day-dream Project

Forming experimental minds is feasible to all people regardless of level of education. Applying the experimental mind requires some level of education and knowledge.

What is more important for our world in difficulty is for the people to be able to think and form clear ideas and opinions according to a well formed experimental mind.

To be able to”ask the right questions

In a previous Daydream post I detailed the project for PlantZoo.

Vegetables and fruits trees will be grown organically using catalysts that aid the plants in using the sun light and the atmosphere as main sources for their nutrients.

Actually, all the rain forests and most of the plants that are not tended by mankind rely solely on the atmosphere to grow tall for centuries.

Consequently, it is not the soil or the rain fall that permit the forests to grow: Just the humidity and the chemical elements in the atmosphere.

Fresh vegetables and fruits can be harvested regardless of the climate or dryness of the land, if adequate catalysts and regulated closed atmosphere are provided.

The focus of the first month-long training sessions is to learn all the aspects of the PlantZoo, how to run i, and to form an experimental mind (the many independent variables to consider, the controlling variables and the proper dependent variables to measure performance of production and growth of the plants).

The advanced month-long sessions are meant to applying what the trainees comprehended from the experimental designs and actively designing and running experiments on new plants or examining new procedures and catalysts.

Consequently, a major section of the PlantZoo is reserved for controlled labs and field experimental conditions, along with modern equipment and measuring devices.

Employees at the PlantZoo are trained for an experimental minds, and that is the main objective in order to sustain the business around the world.

Anyone with a well-formed experimental mind will quickly comprehend any new disciplines and become a leading scientists in any field he desired as a profession.


“Beehive Survival Nursery” Daydream Project

Mankind doesn’t have to behave like cats and dogs: If the mother is unable to feed or care for her puppies, they all die.

Billions of families live in crowded, tiny and unhealthy shelters.

No wonder the infantile mortality is high in many countries.

Mothers and new-born babies should have the human rights of having access to special centers until the mother and baby are well-trained, rested and in healthy environment.

1. All the mothers in a neighbourhood who gave birth should be allowed to join a special nursery center until the babies and the mothers are ready to fly on their own

2. The Hives of 5 cells are for 4 mothers and their new-born babies and for the attending nurse or helper. 2 nurses aid the Hive, day and night.

3. The 4 mothers share a special facility for changing and bathing the babies.

4. The Hive  will have a kitchen for the mothers to cook and share dishes

5. The Hives will have a laundry so that to encourage mothers using traditional old fashion diapers that can be re-used

6. The mothers and nurses will schedule their own time sheet to share the burden and to attend to part time jobs and events

7. The laundry or kitchen facilities could be used for continuing education sessions on what to expect in difficulties with babies and how to remedy.

8. The Hive will be opened days and nights and the mothers and babies can spend days and nights in the center, especially during critical periods

9. It is preferable that a mother who had given birth previously to join the Hive for emotional support


“Writing Rights” Daydream project

1. Everyone who has a manuscript to publish in Hard Cover should be able to publish it without an editor, As Is.

2. And for Free.

3. The new author will b provided with board and shelter at the publishing center until he finishes publishing his manuscript.

4. The first batch will be of 3 copies: One for the author, one for the center and the third one for the local library where the author resides

5. If the book generates enough interest by word of mouth, then another batch will be produced at cost, including the salary of the author and the main editor of the larger batch.

6. One rule: The author has to work in the center, focusing on his manuscript and be paid minimum wage for part time jobs in the center.

7. The author will enjoy the environment to connect and learn the publishing business while in the center

8. Manuscript from all languages, even the dying ones, and those of very ancient alphabet and other characters will be welcomed.

9. The author will be his own master and his own editor for the first batch, no questions asked.

10. These publishing centers around the world will encourage any writer to publish in his own slang and in whatever culture

11. These centers will disseminate the cultures and languages, even within minority communities, and encourage people to write in their own slang.

12. For languages with No computerized word software, a software engineer will work with professional linguist and graphic designers to simplify the characters

13. For verbal languages, the author will select the written language he prefers to translate the vocals into words, preferably in the language the local community will eventually learn.

The vision behind these centers is that the first step toward acquiring consciousness is to put into words what your spirit is speaking.

The objective is to move to the second step of awakened consciousness by actively applying your knowledge and life experience





PlantZoo: Plant biodiversity with plenty of advantages

PlantZoo is the name and label for my new daydream project.

I watched a documentary describing how vegetables are grown using filtered and recycled water from fish tanks.

The water from the fish tank is rich in nitrate compounds, the necessary ingredients for vegetables to grow without soil or fertilizers.

I guess instead of soil to stabilize the vegetables, a compost of mixed shredded coconut hairs and other leaves are used.

And I wondered: This is the future to grow fresh and healthy vegetables without the need of much land.

All you need is to build transparent edifices, shelves for the vegetable buckets, water from the nearby fish tanks and costumers to pay you visits every day to select and buy fresh produce.

The edifice is to be transparent to let in the light and the proper density of small holes to let in fresh air and keep the place relatively dry and warm, depending on the climate and environment.

You have a lighted place, colourful fish to harvest , tasty vegetables to grow and all kinds of roses and flowers to satisfy your eyes and soul. That’s heaven.

And you don’t need to worry about any climate, no matter how extreme and harsh it is outside the edifice.

You can eat fresh vegetables in desert or Antarctic places, with minimal amount of water.

I have been daydreaming of constructing these edifices for weeks now.

I want to build within these edifices trademark facilities to host associations caring for the well being of children, elderly people, continuing education for the elementary and secondary students, health facilities, technical schools, technology centers, environmental NGO’s…

Trademark facilities within a lovely, warm and colorful environment with relevant architectural structures that define the objective of the hosted facility.

The construction of the transparent edifice could be carried out relatively fast if we stick to a very few models with prefabricated walls, fish tanks, vegetable buckets, filtering facilities, water canalization and heat conserving techniques drawn from the sun, wind and other mechanism.

Training professional teams for the PlantZoo can quickly disseminate this new business venture that does not require much land, or water, and is relatively climate free.

And you can hire many people who will be glad to wake up and leave to a most welcoming destination, close to where they live.

Note: The land in the structure can be used for fruit trees.






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