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In memoriam for the slain in Palestinian refugee camp of Sabra and Shatila: Poem

(With a few editing, my style)

Luis Lázaro Tijerina. September 18, 2019

Shostakovich Leningrad Symphony
comes to mind this night, this cold September air
receding into the terrible morning,

As Israel armor and bulldozers
Drive through our lives with impunity,

Death, the talisman of their fury,
They and others kill Palestinians (and downtrodden Lebanese living there)
as if harvesting leaves falling

And burning on an autumn night.
How many sheaves of horror, how many dead
reported at Sabra and Shatila?

We count your heroic dead
as we count the aimless years
of our hypocritical lives.

We the spectators (the Silent Majority)
who did nothing here in America or abroad.
How many dead, how many dead,

Their fingers broken,
The young men’s faces slashed
because they refused
to sell-out their lives to the Phalangist thugs,
and their Israeli puppet-masters pulling the strings

In this macabre play of horror,
In the Lebanese night.
Haddad, the butcher, and his Israeli henchmen,
Boastful brutes

Their insidious laughter
coming from their snarled mouths
on a bitter Friday night,

Others in the world slept in self-satisfied beds.

The Shostakovich symphony of disaster echoes
like the rumble of dark thunder,

How many dead, I ask myself.
Hundreds, thousands? Those rivers of blood
spilled across the earthen floor of the camps.

On television screens
We still see the horror
In a tragic mural painted in more blood—
Those butchered, shot,
and thrown into piles of garbage (in a mass burying ground in the Sport Stadium by Israeli bulldozers).

The women raped
And hung, their screams like the screeching of violins

In this Soviet symphony I hear on a night
in loveless September.
The cinder block houses stormed
by dark monsters with machine-guns—

Israeli Uzis, not unlike the Nazi troops
who searched for defenseless, quarry at Leningrad…
Now at Shatila and Sabra,
Old men and women lay
In a shattered sleep—
bullets in their heads
against the walls.

The camps of Shatila and Sabra,
those Goya nightmares— our nightmares
on a September night,

There you are—
families gunned down.
See the smiles
on the Phalangists and Israeli faces?

They never cared about life,
For they feared death.
Cowards against a defenseless people,

The only passion they knew
on a heartless September night.
Sharon, the bloated,
stubby-fingered general,
planned the massacre with glee
in the privacy
of his wobbling, arrogant head.

Cover your dead with our grief,
Those of you who survived the bloodshed,
Remember the Palestinian dead
on this Crystal Night massacre.

The wailing and screaming tears the bitter skies.
Bullet-proof vests, Phalangists in shorts
They scurry like rats from cinder-house
to cinder-house.

At Akka Hospital,
Maimed and wounded, carried away,
Nurses raped and beaten
by Christian militia, professing innocence
in their sordid wet dreams
at Shatila and Sabra.

The refugee streets stink with death
Our lives stink with death.
Hypocrisy, our makeshift plumbing,
in our nightmares.

I hear the horns, the violins, the flutes singing
In the September night wind.

What song do they sing?
We have lived for centuries
of the old denial, the blood-walls of hate.

Identification papers handed-out
At a sport stadium; Zionist troops interrogate
the dead whose skins are pale like manikins,
and then we ask why—

Why so many dead in the streets
at Shatila and Sabra?
Rubble, death, medical wives,

Sisters kissing reporters’ arms
Because they want to know
“Who killed my brother?
Where is my father?
When will it all end!”

Shostakovitch symphony comes to its heroic end
on this September morning,
The slumber, my sleep, in our history,
Half-dream, half nightmare,
As the first autumn leaves begin to fall…

The revenge of cymbals, of the militant drums,
I hear in this morning dawn…
The tiers of the stadium wet with blood,
Palestinian blood,

Our hands are caked with their blood,
and the blood of others

We left behind in the gutted street
of retribution.

Note 1: I was in Lebanon at that period and we knew about this monster massacre 3 days later, after Israel allowed journalists and reporters to visit the camp.

Israeli bulldozers unloaded tons of chalk on the dumped bodies, one layers after the next ones.

Israeli troops lighted the sky for 2 nights so that the murderer mercenaries could achieve their macaber task thoroughly.

Note 2: I posted on my blog several articles on that events from various eyewitnesses and reporters.

Note 3: The camp had no fighters or weapons. All the fighters were shipped out of Beirut to Tunisia a few ago back with US guarantees that the helpless Palestinians in camps will be safe and secure. Even the Lebanese army stationed close by failed to intervene.

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Luis Lázaro Tijerina, Burlington, Vermont

Story of the Munich operation by the Palestinian Fedayeen in 1972

Black September Operation. In retaliation of what Jordan Monarch Hussein massacre.

Palestinians living in Jordan had to flee and assemble in South Lebanon, the Arkoub region.

*ر . مروان سلي

*عملية ميونيخ 1972 .*

هذا بوست تاريخي وثائقي توثيقي عن أعظم عملية قامت بها المقاومة ضد الإسرائيليين في أوروبا .
أنها عملية منظمة أيلول الأسود في القرية الأولمبية ميونيخ 1972 .

صادف يوم أمس 6 سبتمبر ذكرى أهم العمليات النوعية بتاريخ المقاومة التي قامت بها منظمة أيلول الأسود وهي منظمة عسكرية ثورية أنشأها وقادها مجموعة من اللبنانيين والفلسطينيين والسوريين في أوائل السبعينيات من القرن الماضي – 1971 لغاية 1976 من وكان هدفها الأساسي ضرب الأهداف والمصالح الإسرائيلية واليهودية في العالم .

ضربت أيلول الأسود في صلب المصالح والأهداف الإسرائيلية في أوروبا من طائرات العال الى عملاء إلى جواسيس إلى ضباط موساد إلى ديبلوماسيين إلى شركات بترول وأنابيب النفط ومنظمة الأوبيك الى سفارات وقنصليات الى ملحقين عسكريين الى خطف رهائن .

تشكلت قيادة أيلول الأسود من أبو محمد العمري ومحمد داوود عودة وأبو حسن سلامة ووديع حداد والسوري كمال خير بك العضو في الحزب السوري القومي الاجتماعي واللبناني فؤاد الشمالي، أصبح لاحقا زعيم المنظمة ، وهو العضو كذلك في الحزب السوري القومي الاجتماعي، بالإضافة الى محمد بو ضيا وكارلوس .

( ملاحظة : اقول ومنعا لإتهامي بالإنحياز أن جميع المعلومات عن قيادة المنظمة مأخوذة من موقع الويكيبيديا . راجعوا منظمة أيلول الأسود/ كمال خير بك/ فؤاد الشمالي ) .

العملية التي اشتهرت لاحقاً باسم عملية ميونيخ هي عملية إحتجاز رهائن رياضيين إسرائيليين كانوا يشاركون في الأولمبياد ،

حدثت أثناء دورة الأولبياد الصيفية التي أقيمت في ميونخ في ألمانيا من 5 الى 6 سبتمبر وكان هدفها الأفراج عن 236 معتقلا في السجون الإسرائيلية معظمهم من العرب بالإضافة الى كوزو أوكاموتو العضو في الجيش الأحمر الياباني .

انتهت العملية بإستشهاد 5 من منفذي العملية الذين كانوا 8 بالأضافة الى مقتل جميع الرياضيين الإسرائيليين ال 11 وشرطي وطيار مروحية ألمان .

تفاصيل العملية :
في الرابع من أيلول 1972 وصل الفدائيون الثمانية إلى القرية الأولمبية في ميونيخ الساعة 10:38 مساءً .
الخامس من أيلول 1972 الساعة 4:09 صباحاً هاجم الفدائيون القرية الأولمبية في ميونيخ من الجهة الخلفية لمبنى (كونوليستراسه (Connollystrasse 31). وساعة تنفيذ الهجوم لم يكن يوجد أيّ شرطيّ ألمانيّ في القرية الأولمبية .
أول شخص قُتل في العملية هو جندي الاحتياط في الجيش الصهيوني رومانو، رافع أثقال، حين حاول انتزاع سلاح الفدائي خالد جواد، فأطلق خالد عليه النار وقتله دفاعاً عن النفس .
كان هدف العملية إطلاق سراح 236 سجيناً من سجون الإحتلال. وتمّ اختيار دورة الألعاب الأولمبية العشرين في ميونيخ لجذب أقصى

اهتمام إلى المظالم السياسية على فلسطين .
وعبر اتصال هاتفي علمت الشرطة الألمانية بالعملية، على الفور أرسلت الشرطة الألمانية امرأة للتفاوض مع الفدائيين بزيّ مدنيّ وهي (فرولين غريس)، من دائرة الأمن النسائي الأولمبي .
كان محمد مصالحة وخالد جواد يقفان على شرفة المبنى لحظة وصولها،

وعندما عرّفت عن نفسها ردّ عليها مصالحة متهكماً : لا توجد لدينا نساء هنا .
بدأت فرولين التحدث مع مصالحة .
قال لها : نحن لم نأتِ إلى هنا لقتل أي شخص، بل نحن نطالب بالإفراج عن رفاقنا في السجون الصهيونية، لا يمكن أن يبقى العالم أعمى تجاه مأساة فلسطين .
بعد ذلك حضر للتفاوض مع الفدائيين في ستاد ميونيخ كلٌ من : دكتور (مانفرد شرايبر(Manfred schreiber من شرطة ميونيخ.
وزير الداخلية البافاري (برونو ميرك)، والمصري (محمد خديف) من الجامعة العربية، وعرض على الفدائيين مالاً وخروجاً آمناً من ألمانيا .
فكان جواب (محمد مصالحة) له : هل أتيت أنت، هنا أيضا، لتخدعنا ؟لا نريد مالاً ولا نريد أن نؤذي أحداً، نريد فقط، إخراج رفاقنا من السجون الصهيونية .
أما السفير الصهيونيّ في ألمانيا (إلياشيف بن هورين) فقد كان يفاوض في الظل، وكان يحمل معه جواباً واضحاً : لن يفرجوا عن اي سجين لديهم .
اللواء (زيفي زامير Zvi Zamir) من الخدمات الأمنية الصهيونية، كان يفاوض في الظل أيضاً .
وكانت (غولدا مائير) تشرف على عملية المفاوضات من القدس المحتلة .
الفخ والمذبحة
بعد فشل المفاوضات وعدم الاستجابة للمطالب قرّر الفدائيون مغادرة ستاد ميونيخ مع الرهائن الذين تبيّن أنهم رياضيون خدموا بالجيش الصهويني كضباط احتياط.
في 5 أيلول (سبتمبر) 1972، الساعة الثامنة مساءً، بتوقيت ميونيخ، وصلت طائرتا هليكوبتر إلى مقر القرية الأولمبية، والأتوبيسات لتقلّ الفدائيين والرهائن الصهاينة،

وصل الجميع إلى حيث تقف الطائرتان، توزعوا على الطائرتين وركبوا بالفعل. حلقت الطائرات، إلاّ أنّ الطائرات لم تذهب إلى مطار ميونيخ، بل إلى مطار (شونفيلد) الحربي، الذي كانت أضواؤه غريبة جداً.
كانت السلطات الألمانية قد جهّزت ثمانية أعمدة بعدد المجموعة الفلسطينية..

على سطح كلّ عمود منصة يرابط فيها أربعة قناصة، بمجموع (32) قناصاً على الأعمدة الثمانية، ويؤكد المفاوض المصري أن خطة التعامل مع المجموعة الفلسطينية كانت تقضى بأنّ كلّ أربعة من القناصة متمركزين على سطح كلّ عمود سيصوّبون نيران أسلحتهم على فلسطيني واحد من المستهدفين، وتتم هذه العملية في ثانية واحدة، وبالتالي يتمّ تحرير الرهائن .

وكانت طائرة هليكوبتر ثالثة تحلّق على ارتفاع أعلى من مستوى الطائرتين اللتين تقلان المجموعة الفلسطينية والرهائن، كانت تُقلّ (موشيه ديان) وزير الحرب الصهيوني هبطت الطائرات على مطار (شوين فيلد)،

نزل الجميع للأرض، وفي ثانية واحدة أطلق القناصة نيرانهم على الفلسطينيين . اشتبك الفلسطينيون معهم، لتنتهي عملية الإنقاذ الفاشلة بمقتل تسعة رياضيين صهاينة بنيران القناصة الألمان وخمسة من الفدائيين الفلسطينيين الثمانية، بالإضافة إلى ضابط شرطة ألماني وطيار مروحية ألماني،

كما تمّ تفجير مروحية. وقد نجا من العملية ثلاثة فدائيين .
ارتكب المذبحة رجال الشرطة الألمان في مطار بلدة (فورستنفلد بروك العسكري Furstenfledbruck) الذي يقع بين ميونيخ وأوغسبورغ بمحاذاة نهر (أمبر).
حاولت السلطات الألمانية إلقاء تهمة إطلاق النار على الفدائيين، ولكنها عادت واعترفت رسمياً بمسؤوليتها عن إعداد الكمين وإطلاق النار على الرهائن والفدائيين.
أسفرت العملية عن مقتل جميع الرهائن واستشهاد خمسة فدائيين هم:
1- الشهيد الدكتور (محمد توفيق مصالحة)، 27 عاماً، من قرية دبورية قضاء الناصرة – فلسطين. حاصل على شهادة دكتوراه في الجيولوجيا النفطية من ألمانيا.
2- الشهيد (خالد محمد جواد) (يعرفونه في المخيم: ابن ابو عادل الذي كانت مهنته توزيع البريد على سكان مخيم شاتيلا بواسطة دراجة هوائية)، عمره 18 عاماً، من سكان مخيم شاتيلا، البلد الأصلي: عرّابة قضاء جنين – فلسطين، كان يلعب مهاجماً في صفوف نادي الكرمل الرياضي لكرة القدم.
3- الشهيد (يوسف فرج مناع) (يعرفونه في المخيم: «شوشو» ابن أبو يحيى)، عمره 18 عاماً، من سكان مخيم شاتيلا، البلد الأصلي : مجدالكروم قضاء عكا – فلسطين. كان يلعب رأس حربة في صفوف نادي الكرمل الرياضي لكرة القدم .
4- الشهيد (عفيف أحمد حميد) (ابن ابو لطفي)، عمره 23 عاماً، من سكان مخيم عين الحلوة، البلد الأصلي: عين الزيتون قضاء صفد – فلسطين.
5- الشهيد (محمود فقهي خليل نزال) مواليد قباطية – قضاء جنين – فلسطين , 29 عاماً، درس اللغة الانجليزية وآدابها، وعمل في شركة بريطانية للبترول في الكويت، ثم التحق بالمقاومة وأيلول الأسود.
وقد تمّ اعتقال ثلاثة من الفدائيين وأفرج عنهم إثر عملية اختطاف طائرة تابعة لشركة (لوفتهانزا) الألمانية كانت متوجهة من بيروت إلى ألمانيا الاتحادية يوم 29 تشرين الأول (أكتوبر) 1972.

1- (جمال خليل الجشي) (ابن أبو محمد)، عمره 22 عاماً، من سكان مخيم شاتيلا، البلد الأصلي: الكويكات قضاء عكا – فلسطين. كان لاعباً في صفوف نادي الكرمل الرياضي لكرة القدم.
2- (محمد الصفدي) (ابن أبو أحمد)، عمره 22 عاماً، من سكان مخيم شاتيلا، البلد الأصلي: الكابري قضاء عكا – فلسطين. كان لاعباً في صفوف نادي الكرمل الرياضي لكرة القدم.
3- الشهيد (عدنان عبدالغني الجشي) (ابن أبو عصام)، 20 عاماً، من سكان مخيم شاتيلا، البلد الأصلي: الكويكات قضاء عكا – فلسطين. كان لاعب خط وسط وإدارياً في صفوف نادي الكرمل الرياضي لكرة القدم. درس المرحلة الابتدائية في مدرسة الجليل – مخيم شاتيلا، والمرحلة المتوسطة في مدرسة الأونروا بحارة حريك، والبكالوريا الفرع العلمي في المدرسة السعودية – برج البراجنة سنة 1969، وكان متفوقاً في دراسته . ثم درس التمريض في مدرسة هيكل (1970-1971) بمدينة طرابلس شمال لبنان لكنه لم يكمل دراسته، وبعد

عودته من تنفيذ العملية، منحته إدارة المستشفى والمدرسة الشهادة مكافأة له على اشتراكه في تنفيذ عملية ميونيخ. تزوج عام 1976، وفي العام التالي 1977 درس مختبرات طبية في الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت لمدة أربع سنوات . عام 1981 سافر إلى الإمارات العربية المتحدة، إمارة الشارقة وعمل في شركة بترول NDC في الريغ، وهي شركة بترول إنجليزية إماراتية . استشهد مسموماً على يد الموساد الصهيوني في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة في إمارة الشارقة يوم 4 نيسان (أبريل) 1984. تعرّضت عائلتهّ للتهديد، ورُفض تشريح جثته، دُفن في إمارة الشارقة .

إنها عملية ميونيخ . أقل واجب نحفظه تجاه منفذيها الأبطال أن نحفظ ذكراهم ونعلم الأجيال ببطولاتهم وشجاعتهم .

أنا كان عمري عشر سنوات وكنا نصيف في بحمدون ولا زلت أذكر وكأنها البارحة كيف كنا ننتقل في البيت من غرفة الى غرفة ومن تلفزيون إلى راديو إلى تلفزيون إلى راديو نتابع الأخبار عن العملية كمن يتابع فيلما بوليسيا شيقا .

بعد عدة سنوات شاهدنا الفيلم عن العملية في سينما الستراند في الحمرا وكنا مجموعة تلاميذ في مدرسة الأنترناشونال كولدج في رأس بيروت وفي اليوم التالي مثلنا لعبة الفيلم ،

نحنا التلاميذ كنا الفداءيين من أيلول الأسود والأساتذة كانوا الإسرائيلين . النتيجة ما حدا مات بس إنو شحطونا من المدرسة تلات أيام .

البقاء للأمة والخلود لجميع الشهداء .

Worst battles between the Christian forces: The army and the Lebanese Forces militia

Testimonials of the civil war in Lebanon

Support movement for General Michel Aoun, currently elected as President of the Republic

The issue of the daily Al Balab, May 9, 2005

This is the story of a girl who was 13 years old when the movement of General Aoun started after being appointed Prime Minister in interim, after President Amin Gemayel tenure ended without the election of a President in 1988.

All the Muslim Sunni sect leaders, pressured by Syria, refused to form governments. Aoun had to form his own government with the military.

She used to participate in the demonstrations in support of Aoun liberation stand against the occupation of the Syrian forces, and joined her schoolmates visiting the Presidential Palace in Baabda. She also drove there accompanied by her aunt and grand dad.

The Dekwani area where she lived was under the control of the “Lebanese Forces”, which was at the time still allied with the Lebanese army.

She once wrote a poem to General Michel Aoun and drew the Statue of Liberty replacing the territory of Lebanon where the torch stands.

Later, when the Lebanese army faced the trespasses of the “Lebanese Forces” on Red Lines that separated the  militia forces, and the refusal to evict the port of Beirut, people were forced to take refuge in basements.

The children were separated from adults who needed silence to listen to the radios.  The trapped citizens would go three days without food.  The main ingredient was lemon because it killed the appetite and boxes of Panadol for headaches.

The girl’s grand dad cooked on a blue alcohol flame which took forever for the cooked food to be ready.

General Aoun gave up the fight as the Syrian air force bombed the presidential Palace on October 13, 1990.

The citizens heard the General voice on the radio telling them the situation so that ”we save and keep whatever is left in Lebanon”.  People wept and started burning the General’s cassettes and pictures for fear that the Syrian might indict them.

After October 13, the girl resumed her studies at the all girl school in Fanar where the Syrian troops installed one of their headquarters.  The girls would not go out to play, especially when rumors spread of mass graves in Beit Mery and Deir Kalaa.

The Syrian soldiers used to walk the playgrounds while the students kept to their classes and they celebrated the remembrance of the independence at Independence Day.

The students began throwing leaflets opposing the Syrian occupation from school buses windows when passing Syrian check points; the consequence was shutting all school buses windows during the whole trip home.

The supporters of the General had a code car honking and poster were plastered stating “The General will return” from exile in France.

Note 1: I had returned to the US resume my PhD program. My parents told me peace has come and you decided to leave again? A month later, the worst battles were engaged between the Lebanese Forces and the army under General Aoun. I had to rely on the Red Cross to get any news of the safety of my parents who had to keep to the lower floor for over 4 months and stacking bags of soil on entrances and windows.

Note 2: The Syrian forces remained in Lebanon until 2005, after the assassination of ex-Rafic Hariri PM

Testimonials of a civil war:

The case of Zeinab Shaaban Naanuh . Posted in 2008

Note: civil war in Lebanon (1975-1991)

The issue of the daily Al Balad, April 17, 2005

Zinab Sheaban Naanuh is from the Shia Muslim sect and in her fifty now.  Zinab had to relocate 7 times with her four children, without the assistance of her husband.

When she was living in Ras Dekwani in East Beirut, close to the Palestinian refugees’ camp of Tel Zaatar.

Water was the priciest commodity during the war.

People had to walk far to the only well available because all water lines were destroyed or cut off.

In every sortie for fetching water, 3 out of 10 volunteers died during the trip to the well. 

Then the Christian militias polluted the well by dumping dead bodies.

Zinab new born child almost died of dehydration and she had to leave all her children and tempt death to the well.

Her husband Abu Nasser sold cigarettes, but they lived the good life before the war. Her husband had to travel to Russia for a stomach surgery and Zinab did not see him for the duration of the war.

She remembers the Black Saturday massacre as the Christian militias slaughtered all of Beirut port workers using machetes, daggers, and bullets, while her husband was isolated in West Beirut for two weeks.

One day, a butcher sold her half of a whole mutton for two cigarettes.  Zinab never patronized any shelter for the duration of the war because of the serious diseases contracted in these infected places and opted instead to taking her chances.

Zinab twice gave birth during heavy shelling while having to cater for her children all alone.

Once, a rocket entered her living room but did not explode. After cleaning the house she carried the rocket outside the building where expert people detonated it and the Captain admonished her for this foolishness.

After the fall of Tal Zaatar, Zinab experienced her worst nightmares during her exit from Dekwani to West Beirut.   The Christian militias exterminated the Palestinian males and left only one male to each mother and carried away the rest to their death.

One method the militia used to carry out this mass killing plan was to deliver sleeping pills under the guise of aspirin to the refugees and to retrieve the males sentenced to death while people were sleeping.

A taxi driver charged Zinab $100 to take her out of this mad place.

Zinab was an eyewitness to the impalements of people: two jeeps would attach the limbs of a person then drive away in different directions.

Covid-19: Faked information and simple avoidance and treatment recommendations

Covid-19 is Not a cell but a series of RNA that cannot survive outside a living environment. Thus, dead people cannot test positive for Covid-19 in order to test the family members.

Avoid taking Cortisone, Cetamol, Azitromycine… any products (sugar, proteine…) that disturb the natural function of the liver or tax its proper job of increasing the temperature and strengthen the immune system.

It takes 5 days for the liver to stabilize the condition of the patient when in confinement. Being sent to a hospital might aggravate the condition of the patient, as a last resort.

منقول من صفحة الرفيقة نهاد الصاحب

منقول مقالة طبية هامة . بقلم السيد الدكتور Jehad Shabboh

الهيستريا الاعلامية العالمية بلغت حدا خطيرا على الجميع – ولايمكن السباحة بعكس التيار – لذلك فضلت ان اعرض ما أعرفه من حقيقة على اصدقائي بالحد الادنى عسى ان احميهم من المخاطر المحتملة .

لمحة عن الفيروس : يشبه بتركيبه فيروسات الانفلونزا الموسمية – اقل فوعة – واسرع انتشارا – وككل الفيروسات فهو غير قادر على البقاء الا في الانسجة الحية – ويموت بعد مغادرتها بثواني –

لذلك التوصية بمسافة مترين عن المصاب وهي المدة التي يستغرقها الفيروس حيا قبل مصادفة مضيف جديد – وتتم العدوى حصرا عن طريق التنفس ووصول الفيروس للجهاز التنفسي للمضيف .

بعد موت المريض يموت الفيروس فورا – بسبب عدم توفر النسيج الحي – اي ان المرض المتوفى غير معدي .

الفيروس عبارة عن سلسلة من RNA – ليس خلية – وليس قادرا على الحياة بالطبيعة خارج المضيف الحي كما تفعل الجراثيم.
مالذي تم ترويجه اعلاميا ؟

أشيع اعلاميا عن منظمة الصحة العالمية ان الفيروس يعيش على السطوح الصلبة مدة 12 ساعة – والاقمشة 9 ساعات – والايدي ساعتين – مع ملاحظة التناقض في المعلومات .
وهذه المعلومات كاذبة جملة وتفصيلا – وذهبت المنظمات المدنية الى حد محاولة تعقيم الشوارع والجدران والحدائق وغيرها بمنتهى السذاجة – بقناعة تواجد الفيروس .

ما حقيقة انتشار الفيروس حاليا؟

حسب الاحصائيات التي تعرفونها – فالعدد المثبت بتحليل pcr يفوق 20 مليون بالعالم – وهذا العدد يشكل نسبة ضئيلة جدا من المرضى المشتبه اصابتهم او كانت اصابتهم خفيفة وبقوا في منازلهم دون مراجعة المشافي .
ماذا يعني ذلك؟

يعني بكل بساطة ان جميع الناس اصيبو بالفيروس الذي هو اسرع انتشارا من الكريب – وكلنا نعلم ان الجميع اصيبو بالكريب يوما ما .
اما عن الوفيات :

تم التصريح عن ارقام كاذبة – وتم تسجيل اعداد كبيرة من الوفيات على ان المسبب فيروس كورونا بينما كانت الوفيات لاسباب اخرى – ومنهم من كانو زملاءنا و اصدقاءنا ونعرف اسباب وفاتهم الحقيقية .

لكن كنا نتفاجئ بنشر اخبار مضللة على وسائل التواصل دون معرفة الهدف .

علاج الفيروس :

أود طمئنة الجميع أن الشفاء من الاصابة سهل – وقد تمر الاصابة بشكل خفيف ويحصل الشفاء العفوي دون تشخيص المرض .
علميا لاعلاج دوائي للفيروس في الاسواق – المناعة وحدها هي الكفيلة بالقضاء عليه.

المطلوب تقوية المناعة – وهي تتشكل في الكبد بعد اليوم الخامس تقريبا للاصابة.

يحتاج المريض للتهوية الجيدة – الرياضة – تحسين الحالة النفسية – اكثار سوائل – دفء – حمية غذائية فقيرة بالمشتقات الحيوانية والدسمة والسكاكر – وغنية بالفينامينات ومضادات الاكسدة والارجاع ومثالها : قرنفل – قرفة – كمون – ليمون – برتقال – اناناس – حبق – نعنع … وغيرها – مع الانتباه لكونها نيئة غير مطبوخة لان المواد الفاعلة ضمنها تموت بالحرارة.

ومن مبادئ علم الفيروسات المحافظة على راحة الكبد بعدم اعطاء الادوية ذات الاستقلاب الكبدي

وينصح اصلا بعدم اعطاء اي ادوية – ويتربع ( السيتامول ) على عرش الادوية المخربة للكبد – وتعتبر الجرعة القاتلة للانسان الطبيعي 10 غرام – واقل منها للمريض الضعيف – ويستطيع اي منكم الحصول على هذه المعلومات عبر النت من الاف المواقع العلمية – وليس عبر الاقنية الفضائية.

الكارثة اليوم :

هي البروتوكول العلاجي المتبع من منظمة الصحة العالمية لعلاج الاصابة – وبالتالي متبع لدينا – والخطأ القاتل في طريقة تطبيقه .
البروتوكول يتضمن :

1 – كورتيزون : وهو القاتل الاول – لكونه الدواء الخافض للمناعة – ومن بديهيات علم الفيروسات تحريم استعماله بتاريخ الطب حتى زمن الكورونا
2 – سيتامول : وقد تحدثنا عن خطورته بسبب تخريبه للكبد
3 – ازيترومايسين : قاتل جراثيم ضعيف لايؤثر على الفيروسات بتاتا – مع احتمال اذية الكبد

سوف يسأل احدكم كيف نخفض الحرارة ؟
الحرارة يتم انتاجها بالكبد كرد فعل طبيعي للدفاع عن الجسم – لاداعي لتخفيض الحرارة الا في خال الاختلاجات – السوائل تكفي – وعند الضرورة يتم تخفيض الحرارة لمرة واحدة فقط .

ما لذي يحدث اليوم :

يبدأ اغلب الزملاء ( وليس الكل طبعا ) بتطبيق هذا البروتوكول للمريض فور التشخيص او الشك – ولن اذكر هنا مسيرة القصص المرضية للمرضى المقبولين في المشافي ومراكز العزل ونتائج العلاج لأنها مختلفة حسب حالة المريض ومناعته –

لكني سأذكر معلومة تعرفونها جميعا دون الانتباه اليها وهي : ان جميع الوفيات حصلت في المشافي ومراكز العزل – ولم تذكر حالة وفاة واحدة لمريض مشخص او مشتبه مع بقائه في منزله –

علما ان اعداد المصابين الذين التزمو المنزل اكثر بأضعاف مضاعفة .
ارجو منكم جميعا الحذر الشديد من تطبيق هذا البروتوكول – والمحافظة على المناعة الجيدة و اساليب الوقاية واهمها التباعد الاجتماعي .
أنا أعلم تماما صعوبة الاقتناع بما سبق – وصعوبة معاكسة السيل الجارف من المعلومات المضللة من خلال وسائل الاعلام – وانجرار الكثير من الزملاء العاملين بالحقل الطبي خلف الهيستريا العالمية – ونسيان كل مادرسناه في كلياتنا من قواعد اساسية متصلة .


Hiroshima was my City-like, until Beirut and its Port displaced it

Hiroshima is my City-like

You don’t want to approach Hiroshima.

You don’t need to visit my city like:

You touch a wall

You turn a rock.


What do you care of my city?

You will see but flies and road holes.

The only living friend

Is my gigantic boredom.


What should you care of my city like?

It was captured many times by hordes of Moguls and Tatars.

Every adventurer who set eyes on my city

Ended up suicidal.


Be careful my ignorant tourist.

Keep a distance of its broken columns,

Its hundred stone idols.


My heart is same as my closed in city like

Moonlight apprehends visiting it.

My heart is wet, a wet traveling kerchief,


A bird, for centuries lost in down pouring rain,

An empty bottle harassed on ocean waves.

Keep away from Hiroshima.


Tis no time turning a block of salt.

Note 1: A poem in Arabic that I extracted with abridged liberty from the late Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani.

Note 2: this atomic conflagration on the port of Beirut left over 200 dead and over 6,500 injured from the blast. More than 7,000 residence were demolished.

It is no business of anyone if I believe in a God: I reserve mine. All for myself

Have your Gods. One and only or multiple. 

Let the people who need to re-read the Old Books for stories, which are actually happening everyday and everywhere, do what they please: I prefer to read fresh versions, rooted in the current realities.

Truth , or the illusion of it, is uncovered by getting engaged in the reality, with all its miseries, injustices, indignities…

Let people who feel this urge to continually re-interpret the outdated and obsolete notions in Old Books, abstract notions that you’ll never be able to experiment with and that you’ll never comprehend, do what they please: I have this one life to experiment with and a rich reality to investigate, at my reach everyday

The live-forces in society have challenges to tackle, and difficulties to prosecute, while still healthy and full of energy and curiosity…

Fictional abstract notions of the after-life are for the weak-minded and those witnessing serious degradation in their health and mind power…

The live-forces in society need to:

1. Confront injustices on all fronts: Elite rich classes of exploiters, dictators and oligarchies, totalitarian regimes, absolute monarchies…

2. Demand and capture their rights, civil, political, and human dignity…Free preventive health care, retirements, educations, opportunities to all…

3. Shoulder their responsibilities to the common good of communities…

4. Keep practicing their talents and skills that they invested countless time and energy to acquire and enjoy…

5. Keep acquiring comprehensive knowledge in order to make sense of books and be able to write interesting books…

6. Get engaged in social and political laws processes and ensuring transitions to government systems that guarantee free speech, free expression of opinions, free gathering…All the requirements of a Renaissance Age…

This is a one-life shot, and I want to live it. And I want to live what I desire in the living.

Complications, complications…a long string of imaginary complications.

Life is so simple though.

You are born by the fluke of an impossible series of events.

You get to survive to be 5 year-old, a miracle 7 decades ago even in developed nations.

Your mother survived your birth, a miracle 6 decades ago in developed States, after giving birth to half a dozen of “unlucky” babies who didn’t make it among the living…

A couple of suckers of parents think they ought to sacrifice their lives to take care of this “happy happening“, way until he reaches over 50 years, on account that a baby is a baby as long as he looks chubby, roundish, and healthy.

And the parents die.

And you wait the long life expectancy statistics to come true.

And other persons, not your parents, are changing your diapers and cursing: “What’s this piece of shit they threw my way to tend to?

They are exploiting my energy and hard work for naught: For negative results in performance, degeneration by the day…” (Fortunately, you are almost deaf, and if you did hear anything, you are in no position to confront the nurse “argument”)

The result of medications that extend life and destroy its quality

Not an elegant return of the cycle to childhood, by any long shot, with the permanent infirmity you are in…

And ultimately, fodder to worms. And “dust to dust…” and ultimately to boson, this utra tiny particle?

And you say: “How could you be engaged in the common good, if your outlook to life is so down right gloomy?”

And I reply: “A pragmatic demonstration for my respect of other people’s opinions, contrary to mine, in the notion and possibilities in the after life…”?

Isn’t it a genocide forced on Yemenis?

For how long the US/Israel will go on submitting this nation into famine and slow death?

And for what?

To take total control of the Aden water way, and control of Eastern Africa?

44 Small Graves Stir Questions About U.S. Policy in Yemen

By Shuaib AlmosawaBen Hubbard and Aug. 15, 2018

DAHYAN, Yemen — The boys crammed into the bus, their thin bodies packed three to a seat, with latecomers jammed in the aisle. They fidgeted with excitement about the day’s field trip, talking so loudly that a tall boy struggling to get their attention put his hands over his ears and yelled.

Hours later, most of them were dead.

On Aug. 9, during a stop for snacks in the poor village of Dahyan in northern Yemen, an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition with Sudan, Gulf Emirate, Britain, USA and Israel hit nearby, blasting the bus into a jagged mass of twisted metal and scattering its human cargo — wounded, bleeding and dead — in the street below, according to witnesses and parents.

“My leg is bent,” cried a young boy covered in blood, examining his damaged limb. “A jet hit us,” he said in a video taken at the scene after the airstrike.

Yemeni health officials said 54 people were killed, 44 of them children, and many more were wounded.

Yemeni children in the northern Yemeni city of Saada on Monday vented their anger during a mass funeral for children killed in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition last week.

Credit…Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Yemen’s conflict began in 2014 when Houthi rebels, whom Iran aligned with after the genocide onslaught, seized control of the capital Sana, and sent the government of Hadi into exile.

In March 2015, Saudi Kingdom paid a coalition of poorer “Arab” nations and launched a military intervention aimed at restoring Yemen’s government. It has so far failed to do so.

The Aug. 9 attack was particularly shocking, even for a war in which children have been the primary victims, suffering through one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises: rampant malnutrition and outbreaks of cholera.

The war has so far killed more than 10,000 people before the United Nations stopped updating the death toll two years ago. (Why this nonchalance from the UN?)

The strike also revived questions about the coalition’s tactics and the United States’ support for the campaign.

American military leaders, exasperated by strikes that have killed civilians at markets, weddings and funerals, insist that the United States is not a party to the war. (During Trump, it is the State department that is playing the role of the Pentagon)

Human rights organizations say the United States cannot deny its role, given that it has sold billions of dollars in weapons to allied coalition states, provided them with intelligence and refueled their bombers in midair.

Congress has shown increasing concern about the war recently.

A defense policy bill that President Trump signed on Monday included a bipartisan provision that requires Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to certify that Saudi Arabia and its close ally the United Arab Emirates — the two countries leading the coalition — are taking steps to prevent civilian deaths.

If Mr. Pompeo cannot provide the certification, the legislation prohibits the American refueling of coalition jets.

Mr. Pompeo raised the bus attack by phone this week with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman 34 years old and (effective ruler of this Wahhabi Kingdom) and the kingdom’s defense minister. And Defense Secretary Jim Mattis dispatched a three-star general to Riyadh, the Saudi capital, to press the Saudis to investigate the bus bombing.

In the wake of this attack, individual members of Congress have gone further, calling on the military to clarify its role in airstrikes on Yemen and investigate whether the support for those strikes could expose American military personnel to legal jeopardy, including for war crimes.

ImageA Yemeni man held a boy who was injured by the airstrike in Saada last week.
Credit…Naif Rahma/Reuters

At the same time, however, the defense contractor Raytheon has lobbied lawmakers and the State Department to allow it to sell 60,000 precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in deals worth billions of dollars.

The Saudi-led coalition says it works to avoid civilian casualties and accuses its enemies, the Houthis, of using civilians as human shields.

The day of the strike, the coalition’s spokesman, Col. Turki al-Malki, said coalition forces had hit a “legitimate military target” after a Houthi missile killed one person and injured 11 in southern Saudi Arabia, which borders Yemen.

“All of the elements that were in the bus were targeted,” Colonel Malki told the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya network, saying they included “operators and planners.”

The next day, the coalition said the bombing had been referred for internal investigation after reports that “a bus was subject to collateral damage.”

Human rights groups say that they doubt the coalition would find itself at fault in any investigation.

(As the countless massacres committed by the colonial powers?)

“The Saudis aren’t learning. They’re making the same mistakes they’ve been making all along. And we are not pressing the issue. We are letting them get away with it.” said Larry L. Lewis, a former State Department official who visited Saudi Arabia five times in 2015 and 2016 to help the country’s air force improve its targeting procedures and investigations.

A visit to the site of the attack, interviews with witnesses and a review of videos from the day painted a picture of the strike’s human cost.

The boys on the bus ranged in age from 6 to about 16, and most were from Dahyan, a poor village in Saada Province along the border with Saudi Arabia.

The province is the homeland of the Houthis, and the coalition has bombed it heavily. For their part, the Houthis have used the area to launch attacks on the Saudi border and to fire missiles into the kingdom.

The boys had been part of a religious summer program organized by the Houthis, and the field trip was meant to be a treat.

When they packed into the bus that morning, one boy, Osama al-Humran, filmed his classmates squirming in their seats with his cellphone. Many were wearing sport coats over their Yemeni gowns, dressed up for a special occasion.

مشاهد توثق لحظات ما قبل مجزرة طلاب ضحيان صعدةCredit…CreditVideo by هنا المسيرة

The video then shows them at their next stop, a memorial and graveyard called the Garden of the Martyrs in a nearby village.


Yemenis gathered last week next to a destroyed bus at the site of a Saudi-led coalition airstrike that targeted the Dahyan market.
Credit…Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

In a large hangar decorated with photos of men killed in the war, a man led the boys through prayers and chants. A sign next to the door bore the Houthis slogan: “God is great. Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse the Jews. Victory for Islam.”

Some of the boys giggled when Osama filmed them or put their hands over his camera.

Then they ran into the adjoining graveyard, where grass grew on rows of graves marked with white headstones or plastic signs bearing photos of the deceased.

“I am filming!” Osama yells as he walks among the graves.

Two other boys stand next to a fountain and he calls out, “Come here so I can take your picture.” There, the video ends.

The bus was supposed to continue to Saada, the provincial capital, for a visit to a historic mosque. But it never made it.

The group had stopped along the way to buy juice and snacks when the bomb hit.

Ali Abdullah Hamlah, a local bakery owner, said he heard the explosion and saw a huge cloud billow from the site before seeing a young man covered in blood dragging himself away. Mr. Hamlah approached and saw the bodies of seven children scattered around.

“In some cases, only the upper bodies of the kids were found,” he said. The mangled body of one child was found on the roof of a building, propelled by the force of the blast.

Videos shot in the aftermath show the demolished bus with the lifeless bodies of two boys on the floor. Other boys are on the ground nearby. Some struggle to move. Others are dead and eviscerated, their remains mixed up in the street with the detritus from the explosion.

“It was the first time in my life that I have seen such a horrific massacre,” Mr. Hamlah said.

Among the dead was Osama, the boy who had filmed his classmates. His videos were found on his phone after the bombing, according to Yahya al-Shami, who works for the Houthis’ Al-Maseera television station, which broadcast the images. Parents of boys on the bus confirmed the day’s program and that their children were in the video.

A few days later, local security officials showed The New York Times a metal fin they said had been attached to the bomb and had been found nearby. Writing on the fin indicated it was manufactured by General Dynamics and had been attached as a guidance system on a 500-pound bomb. The Times could not confirm that the fin was from the bomb used in the strike.

But the remnants of American-made weapons have frequently been found in the rubble of airstrikes in Yemen.

Trump administration officials say they have no control over the bombs that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates buy commercially from American or other Western defense contractors.

Pentagon officials say they have repeatedly offered assistance to both countries on creating “no strike” lists, but they are not involved in picking targets and do not know the missions of the coalition warplanes that the United States refuels. (Very funny)

At a nearby hospital, Abdul-Rahman al-Ejri comforted his 11-year-old son, Hassan, who was wailing from the pain of a broken leg. He had been on the bus and his father was enraged that the coalition had said it carried military plotters.

“This is the mastermind, along with his companions,” Mr. Ejri said sarcastically. “How can they plot anything? They’re kids and only armed with pens, notebooks and books.”

He did not hesitate to assign blame.

“America is the head of evil, as well as the Saudi regime and the mercenaries of the Wahhabi Saudi Kingdom,” he said.

Shuaib Almosawa reported from Dahyan, Ben Hubbard from Beirut, Lebanon, Eric Schmitt from Washington. John Ismay contributed reporting from Washington.


Blood Begins to Dry

As War Criminals In Our Midst are put on trial…

Especially, including the leaders of the colonial powers who are exclusively out of trial blame

In transmitting President Richard Nixon’s orders for a “massive” bombing of Cambodia in 1969, Henry Kissinger said, “Anything that flies on everything that moves“.

As Barack Obama ignites his 7th war against the Muslim world since he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the orchestrated hysteria and lies make one almost nostalgic for Kissinger’s murderous honesty.

By John Pilger

As a witness to the human consequences of aerial savagery – including the beheading of victims, their parts festooning trees and fields – I am not surprised by the disregard of memory and history, yet again.

A telling example is the rise to power of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge, who had much in common with today’s Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

They, too, were ruthless medievalists who began as a small sect.

They, too, were the product of an American-made apocalypse, this time in Asia.

According to Pol Pot, his movement had consisted of “fewer than 5,000 poorly armed guerrillas uncertain about their strategy, tactics, loyalty and leaders“.

Once Nixon’s and Kissinger’s B 52 bombers had gone to work as part of “Operation Menu“, the west’s ultimate demon could not believe his luck.

The Americans dropped the equivalent of 5 Hiroshimas on rural Cambodia during 1969-73. They levelled village after village, returning to bomb the rubble and corpses. The craters left monstrous necklaces of carnage, still visible from the air.

The terror was unimaginable.

A former Khmer Rouge official described how the survivors “froze up and they would wander around mute for three or four days. Terrified and half-crazy, the people were ready to believe what they were told… That was what made it so easy for the Khmer Rouge to win the people over.”

A Finnish Government Commission of Enquiry estimated that 600,000 Cambodians died in the ensuing civil war and described the bombing as the “first stage in a decade of genocide”.

What Nixon and Kissinger began, Pol Pot, their beneficiary, completed.

Under the US bombs, the Khmer Rouge grew to a formidable army of 200,000.

ISIS has a similar past and present.

By most scholarly measure, Bush and Blair’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 led to the deaths of some 700,000 people – in a country that had No history of jihadism.

The Kurds had done territorial and political deals; Sunni and Shia had class and sectarian differences, but they were at peace; intermarriage was common.

Three years before the invasion, I drove the length of Iraq without fear.

On the way I met people proud, above all, to be Iraqis, the heirs of a civilization that seemed, for them, a presence.

Bush and Blair blew all this to bits.

Iraq is now a nest of jihadism. Al-Qaeda – like Pol Pot’s “jihadists” – seized the opportunity provided by the onslaught of Shock and Awe and the civil war that followed.

“Rebel” Syria offered even greater rewards, with CIA and Gulf state ratlines of weapons, logistics and money running through Turkey. The arrival of foreign recruits was inevitable.

A former British ambassador, Oliver Miles, wrote recently, 

“The [Cameron] government seems to be following the example of Tony Blair, who ignored consistent advice from the Foreign Office, MI5 and MI6 that our Middle East policy – and in particular our Middle East wars – had been a principal driver in the recruitment of Muslims in Britain for terrorism here.”

ISIS is the progeny of those in Washington and London who, in destroying Iraq as both a state and a society, conspired to commit an epic crime against humanity.

Like Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, ISIS are the mutations of a western state terror dispensed by a venal imperial elite undeterred by the consequences of actions taken at great remove in distance and culture. Their culpability is unmentionable in “our” societies.

It is 23 years since this holocaust enveloped Iraq, immediately after the first Gulf War, when the US and Britain hijacked the United Nations Security Council and imposed punitive “sanctions” on the Iraqi population – ironically, reinforcing the domestic authority of Saddam Hussein.

It was like a medieval siege.

Almost everything that sustained a modern state was, in the jargon, “blocked” – from chlorine for making the water supply safe to school pencils, parts for X-ray machines, common painkillers and drugs to combat previously unknown cancers carried in the dust from the southern battlefields contaminated with Depleted Uranium.

Just before Christmas 1999, the Department of Trade and Industry in London restricted the export of vaccines meant to protect Iraqi children against diphtheria and yellow fever.

Kim Howells, parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Blair government, explained why. “The children’s vaccines”, he said, “were capable of being used in weapons of mass destruction“.

The British Government could get away with such an outrage because media reporting of Iraq – much of it manipulated by the Foreign Office – blamed Saddam Hussein for everything.

Under a bogus “humanitarian” Oil for Food Programme, $100 was allotted for each Iraqi to live on for a year. This figure had to pay for the entire society’s infrastructure and essential services, such as power and water.

“Imagine,” the UN Assistant Secretary General, Hans Von Sponeck, told me, “setting that pittance against the lack of clean water, and the fact that the majority of sick people cannot afford treatment, and the sheer trauma of getting from day to day, and you have a glimpse of the nightmare. And make no mistake, this is deliberate. I have not in the past wanted to use the word genocide, but now it is unavoidable.”

Disgusted, Von Sponeck resigned as UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq. His predecessor, Denis Halliday, an equally distinguished senior UN official, had also resigned. “I was instructed,” Halliday said, “to implement a policy that satisfies the definition of genocide: a deliberate policy that has effectively killed well over a million individuals, children and adults.”

A study by the United Nations Children’s Fund, Unicef, found that between 1991 and 1998, the height of the blockade, there were 500,000 “excess” deaths of Iraqi infants under the age of 5.

An American TV reporter put this to Madeleine Albright, US Ambassador to the United Nations, asking her, “Is the price worth it?” Albright replied, “We think the price is worth it.”

In 2007, the senior British official responsible for the sanctions, Carne Ross, known as “Mr. Iraq”, told a parliamentary selection committee, “[The US and UK governments] effectively denied the entire population a means to live.”

When I interviewed Carne Ross three years later, he was consumed by regret and contrition.

“I feel ashamed,” he said. He is today a rare truth-teller of how governments deceive and how a compliant media plays a critical role in disseminating and maintaining the deception. “We would feed [journalists] factoids of sanitised intelligence,” he said, “or we’d freeze them out.”

On 25 September, a headline in the Guardian read: “Faced with the horror of Isis we must act.” The “we must act” is a ghost risen, a warning of the suppression of informed memory, facts, lessons learned and regrets or shame.

The author of the article was Peter Hain, the former Foreign Office minister responsible for Iraq under Blair.

In 1998, when Denis Halliday revealed the extent of the suffering in Iraq for which the Blair Government shared primary responsibility, Hain abused him on the BBC’s Newsnight as an “apologist for Saddam”.

In 2003, Hain backed Blair’s invasion of stricken Iraq on the basis of transparent lies. At a subsequent Labour Party conference, he dismissed the invasion as a “fringe issue”.

Now Hain is demanding “air strikes, drones, military equipment and other support” for those “facing genocide” in Iraq and Syria. This will further “the imperative of a political solution”.

Obama has the same in mind as he lifts what he calls the “restrictions” on US bombing and drone attacks. This means that missiles and 500-pound bombs can smash the homes of peasant people, as they are doing without restriction in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia – as they did in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

On 23 September, a Tomahawk cruise missile hit a village in Idlib Province in Syria, killing as many as a dozen civilians, including women and children. None waved a black flag.

The day Hain’s article appeared, Denis Halliday and Hans Von Sponeck happened to be in London and came to visit me. They were not shocked by the lethal hypocrisy of a politician, but lamented the enduring, almost inexplicable absence of intelligent diplomacy in negotiating a semblance of truce.

Across the world, from Northern Ireland to Nepal, those regarding each other as terrorists and heretics have faced each other across a table. Why not now in Iraq and Syria.

Like Ebola from West Africa, a bacteria called “perpetual war” has crossed the Atlantic. Lord Richards, until recently head of the British military, wants “boots on the ground” now.

There is a vapid, almost sociopathic verboseness from Cameron, Obama and their “coalition of the willing” – notably Australia’s aggressively weird Tony Abbott – as they prescribe more violence delivered from 30,000 feet on places where the blood of previous adventures never dried.

They have never seen bombing and they apparently love it so much they want it to overthrow their one potentially valuable ally,  Syria. This is nothing new, as the following leaked UK-US intelligence file illustrates,  and written in 1957:

In order to facilitate the action of liberative [sic] forces… a special effort should be made to eliminate certain key individuals [and] to proceed with internal disturbances in Syria. CIA is prepared, and SIS (MI6) will attempt to mount minor sabotage and coup de main [sic] incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals… a necessary degree of fear… frontier and [staged] border clashes [will] provide a pretext for intervention… the CIA and SIS should use… capabilities in both psychological and action fields to augment tension.”

In the imperial world, nothing essentially changes.

Last year, the former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas revealed that “two years before the Arab spring”, he was told in London that a war on Syria was planned.

“I am going to tell you something,” he said in an interview with the French TV channel LPC, “I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business. I met top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria… Britain was organising an invasion of rebels into Syria.

They even asked me, although I was no longer Minister for Foreign Affairs, if I would like to participate… This operation goes way back. It was prepared, preconceived and planned.”

The only effective opponents of ISIS are accredited demons of the west – Syria, Iran, Hezbollah. The obstacle is Turkey, an “ally” and a member of Nato, which has conspired with the CIA, MI6 and the Gulf medievalists to channel support to the Syrian “rebels”, including those now calling themselves ISIS.

Supporting Turkey in its long-held ambition for regional dominance by overthrowing the Assad government beckons a major conventional war and the horrific dismemberment of the most ethnically diverse state in the Middle East.

A truce – however difficult to achieve – is the only way out of this imperial maze; otherwise, the beheadings will continue. That genuine negotiations with Syria should be seen as “morally questionable” (the Guardian) suggests that the assumptions of moral superiority among those who supported the war criminal Blair remain not only absurd, but dangerous.

Together with a truce, there should be an immediate cessation of all shipments of war materials to Israel and recognition of the State of Palestine. The issue of Palestine is the region’s most festering open wound, and the oft-stated justification for the rise of Islamic extremism. Osama bin Laden made that clear. Palestine also offers hope. Give justice to the Palestinians and you begin to change the world around them.

More than 40 years ago, the Nixon-Kissinger bombing of Cambodia unleashed a torrent of suffering from which that country has never recovered. The same is true of the Blair-Bush crime in Iraq.

With impeccable timing, Henry Kissinger’s latest self-serving book has just been released with its satirical title, “World Order“.

In one fawning review, Kissinger is described as a “key shaper of a world order that remained stable for a quarter of a century”.

Tell that to the people of Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Chile, East Timor and all the other victims of his “statecraft”.

Only when “we” recognise the war criminals in our midst will the blood begin to dry.

When You Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren’t Called ‘Hitler’

Note: Lebanon suffered 15 years of civil war and all the militia leaders were pardoned by the parliament and they ruled and controlled Lebanon for another 30 years. Lebanon total bankruptcy is due to these militia/mafia sectarian “leaders’

Currently, Beirut witnessed an atomic conflagration that killed 200 and injured more than 6,000 and devastated residential quarters on a radius of 3 miles. Apparently, no ministers or deputies or any militia leader will face trial

Tidbits #63

“Quel est ce grand qui n’a cure de l’incendie?” Dante

My contention, very plausible alternative of how Beirut was flattened. There are teams of insider criminals who planted a Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE) bomb in the Hangar #12 that disperse an aerosol cloud of oil fuel on the 2700 tons of nitrate of ammonium and other oxyde chemicals. This bomb is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions. After the fire increased and plumed, a non-radiating version of depleted uranium (a new electro-magnetic) missile was launched from a far away military jet that cannot be observed by the naked eye.

How Israel would have reacted if the port of Haifa, instead of Beirut, experienced the same devastation? I bet more than half the injured would have died for lack of individual zeal to come to the rescue. At 6 pm on August 5, 2020, the post of Beirut and all residential streets in that sea front (radius of 3 miles) were totally devastated.

All Lebanon militia/mafia “leaders” demanded from Israel to teach Hezbollah a “lesson”? They got a Flattened Beirut as a reward to their treacheries.

In 2016, the academic Etzioni writes: “I asked two American military officers what other options Israel has. They both pointed to Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE). These are bombs that disperse an aerosol cloud of oil fuel which is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions. I think that is how Israel attacked the port of Beirut that contained 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate. The first bomb sprayed the FAE and the second was a low grade depleted uranium missile.

After the conflagration in the port of Beirut at 6 pm: Avez-vous entendu hier le soleil s’immergeant à l’horizon? Même le soleil avait disparu de vue

This digital display of Lebanon flag on the mayoral building in Tel Aviv, after the “atomic/electric/magnetic new bomb” conflagration that flattened Beirut, might be sending two messages; 1) Please Hezbollah, refrain from reacting in kind and 2) We the secular Israeli will Not vote for any of the ministers and deputies that sided and supported Netanyahu in the last 2 decades. We are sick and tired of the insane policies of constant military siding in the Middle East battle fields. We want out of coat tailing Trump and other US policies in this region.

Israel/US planned to flattened Beirut after August 7, 2020, the date the International Court was ready to announce its verdict on “Who assassinated late rafic Hariri in 2004”, but an event precipitated the date to August 4. Everybody knows that this Court is politically manipulated and intended to lay the blame on Hezbollah no matter what the evidence against that decision. The goal was to internationalize the political system in Lebanon as they succeeded to do in 2005. It happened that the Lebanese army had checked the hangar #12 and decided to relocate the 2,750 tons of nitrate of ammonium. Israel/US decided to pre-empt the attack and advance the date to August 4. This decision will fail to point the blame on Hezbollah, but the goal was to flatten Beirut and devastate the port, the only competitor to Haifa port.

Someone was asking who took the picture of the workers welding at the entrance of the Hangar #12. I replied;
the one who took this picture is a member of the team that planted the bomb that sprayed aerosol and fuel oil on the 2700 tons of nitrate of ammonium and then detonated the bomb. As the fire plumed a small “atomic” missile was launched to cause the conflagration that flattened all the port of Beirut and the building on the seafront.

The Lebanese dozen TV channels, in this tiny market of barely 5 millions, need outside infusion of liquidity. It is the Lebanese who created the fantastic story of Monster Hezbollah to keep the flow of foreign money and keep spreading fake news related to Hezbollah.

Most foreign entities give Hezbollah its due credit of restitutting to Lebanon the status of State to diplomats, though still a pseudo-State for how its treats its pseudo-citizens. Even our existential enemy Israel has given Hezbollah more credits that it ever dreamt of.

Hezbollah of Lebanon is an existential necessity to preserve Lebanon from outside pre-emptive wars

Very nonchalantly, foreign and local leaders are saying that the State of Lebanon will be no more? What that mean? That the UN will vote to oust Lebanon as a State? And what will become of this stretch of land? What about its pseudo-citizens? Will they be granted UN passports to roam the earth anywhere they wish?

All the lead personalities voiced the wrong message: The President, Hassan Nasrallah, the army… said that they had no knowledge of the existence of nitrate ammonium, or knew about this “piece of intelligence” very recently. They had their ministers, their deputies, the internal security forces, their public servants in every institutions…

Quand la liberte vertueuse du blâme est souillée, les qualites morales se degradent.

Les autels et temples abandonnés réclament toujours des sacrifices. Tout comme la notion de l’ honneur.

Les fragments des investigations individuelles de la conflagration du port de Beirut devront aboutir a une immense confession des militia/mafia leaders. Plus de d’absolution des crimes commis contre l’humanité et les Libanais.

Quand je vois les oiseaux migrateurs au début de l’automne, j’ai envie de fuir a des horizons lointains. Pourtant, tous les horizons sont déjà fermés aux âmes qui n’entendent que de calamité partout.

What? A shipment of chicken wings, from Brazil, tested positive for Covid-19 in a Chinese port. 

Nature (Natural) capital—the dollar value of the services nature provides, from clean water to breathable air—is worth more than $160 trillion every year. Water is already privatized. When will air be out of reach for the public?

Several Novels that were written by women and who had to use male noms de plume are being reissued with the female name. Middlemarch by Mary Ann Evans is hitting shelves and that was George Eliot’s real name




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