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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 89

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Note 2: If you are Not tri-lingual, you will stumble on Arabic notes, written in Latin characters and with numbers representing vocals Not available in Latin languages.

Percentage of Muslims in Western societies: Perception | Reality USA: 17% | 1% , France: 31% | 7% , Germany: 21% | 5% , UK: 15% | 5%

Dieu n’ est plus cache’: Il descend dans la rue. Comme moi: les gens me cherchent pour blamer quelqu’un ou eux meme. Allah rabou2.
De nos jour, le Pouvoir c’ est un lieu: The City in London, Wall Street in New York. Deplacer le lieu et les gens commencent a reflechir sur les exces de Big Brothers
I still didn’t discover or hold a God of my own. My great patience explodes on everyone, regardless of how “high” he considers himself.
Cette personne n’avait peur de rien, sauf le ridicule? Mais pour qui se prent-il ce ridicule invetere’?
People have tendency to decree their method of playing a game as the Rule
Le militant en action assure la transmission du changement a long terme. L’ ideologue, ce buraucrate des revolutions, veut s’assurer un bureau permanent.
Si la metaphysique, (myths non comprisent ou analysaient), permet d’affirmir une morale et de se battre, comment la raison pourrait contrer la morale endurcie dureant et apres chaque victoire ou defaite?
Un retraite’ veut dire: j’ ai le matin jusqu’a 1 pm pour mediter, lire et ecrire, et toute la nuit pour tout autre chose. C’ est comme ca qu’on change une vie de labeur pour survivre
People from Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Africa are winning Olympic Gold medals for Qatar, Bahrain, France, and Britain الكينيات رفعن رأس البحرين ورأس العرب

What can you do for me that I can’t do for myself?  A car mechanics?

In N. M. Rothschild Bank in the City of London, 5 of the Eight Families-linked banks unilaterally decide what the price of gold will be each morning.

The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street– as the Bank of England is known- is surrounded by 30 foot walls.  Three floors beneath it, the third largest stock of gold bullion in the world is stored.  The biggest hoard lies beneath the Rothschild-controlled Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

According to the excellent movie The Money Masters, much of this gold was confiscated from now-empty vaults at Fort Knox as collateral on US debt obligations to the Eight Families Federal Reserve crowd.

This financial Rothschild mafia consolidated its control over the world’s gold stock when 200 million ounces of the stuff belonging to the Bank of Nova Scotia was recovered from beneath the carnage of the World Trade Center. Basically, on the same day.

One day after its November 1, 2001 recovery of the gold in World Trade Center, New York Mayor Rudy Guliani laid off hundreds of rescue workers at Ground Zero.  A short time later he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth and named Time magazine’s “Man of the Year”.

Le seducteur invetere’ et innocent est Le Reve des femmes mariees qui ne peuvent qu’ a reste fidele, avec les benefices que procure l’ amant inventif et clandestin, ou les histoires qu’ on trame en reves diurnes. Et le moment d’acheter une robe jolie, des chaussures neuves et des parfums nouvelles.

Justement, l’ assurance d’ une famille stable n’ a rien a voir avec la seduction. C’ est meme sa mort en cessant d’ observer les petits details.

Apprenez a habiter votre passe si intensement qu’ il n’est plus separe’ de votre corps present. Les souvenirs se transforment en une hallucination reelle: Day dreaming of haphazard events and adventures.

Take a look at this graph: How many of the initial officials in Trump cabinet still remain?

BBC News (World) @BBCWorld 4h4 hours ago


Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 86

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Note 2: If you are Not tri-lingual, you will stumble on Arabic notes, written in Latin characters and with numbers representing vocals Not available in Latin languages.

Our world of appearances, amid symbolic non assimilated meaning, is linked to the invisible: everything that our senses have  captured but failed to interpret it for our survival sake.

How many of collateral damaged people are reduced to be sleepless creatures howling in night dreams?

A single cop in a police car remembers the golden rule “ Time is on our side. There is no urgency for fast-breaking situations...”

When males are forced to participate in the daily maintenance tasks of life, external pre-emptive wars of bored people will drop substantially.

The multiple structural chains that females have to get liberated from are Not giving humanity a reprieve for a genuine war of practical worthy values

The Chinese province of Xingjian borders Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Tibet. Th Ouigour (Moslem) in this strategic location for the Silk Road are being forcefully transferred.

Liberalism is a political jargon used by the colonial powers to throw smokescreen on outright economic embezzlement and coercion on developing States.

Liberalism is also a financial jargon expressing the will that all financial activities must be linked through Banks, directly linked to one of the 8 families related to the Rothschild House (hoarding $300 trillion). It fits the saying “Little cloud, you may wander any which way you want, where you rain your proceeds will return to me” (Harun Rashid, Abbasid caliph)

Les idees d’ un intellectuel existent deja. Les exprimees est un procesus  lent de persistence et d’ endurance pour les clarifiees a soi-meme. L’ engagement et la communication (sharing) font parti de ce procesus.

Les cultures ancrees sur les expressions religieuses se meurent sans des revolutions cherchant a decouvrir la part individuelle de l’ homme dans l’ existence.

Social and political engagement and communication have the task of adding complexity to ideas before attempting to simplifying the expression to clarify them to ourselves

Si une generation nouvelle ne parvient pas a creer de nouveaux mots et expressions, c’ est que la culture se meurt.

This new proportional election law in Lebanon is generating wide alliances in each traditional “leader’s” province. At least verbally, before the election time hits the shit.

Toutes les liaisons sont dangereuses, quand on veut bien s’en apercevoir.

Ce serait si plaisant si on peut et sait observer les diverses sensations de douleur et de plaisir sans agir sur les faits recueillis

Jamais la force d’ etre independent est dissociee de comportement masochist.

Les consequences de son comportement sont feministes, meme si ses intentions ne le sont pas. Ce qui me va tres bien.

Notre independence de celui qu’ on aime n’ est pas si evident. Surtout lorsque l’ autre ne sait pas combien j’ en depends

Je me fais confiance en apprenant. Je ne lui fais pas confiance: Je l’ aime.

A little bit more power can snatch a Gold medal. In existential struggles, just a bit of power can overcome an enemy.

La femme n’a que ses chaines a perdre? Et aussi toutes les minorites qui s’attachent a leurs myths pour survivre. Donc la femme a plusieus chaines entrecroisees pour s’ emanciper.
Evaluating level of individual power in games is Not reduced to physical measures. Endurance, persistence, training procedures and the will to snatch a Gold are Not tangible measures.
Any organization that adopts the slogan: “Obey and then ask questions” is a mafia-oriented association
It is your responsibility Never to give order to anyone unable to reflect on the consequences of your order.
Dissequer les reflets indecidables des exceptions humaines, en marge d’ une logique universelle qui se trouve mieux confirmee, est le conformism le plus dangereux de la dissection

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 83

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Note 2: If you are Not tri-lingual, you will stumble on Arabic notes, written in Latin characters and with numbers representing vocals Not available in Latin languages.

The Maronite clergy struck a protocol with the Vatican and Israel Not to make a big deal of the fact that Marie and Jesus lived in Qana (Lebanon) and won’t invest in the cave of Qana that sheltered the disciples of Jesus during early persecutions.

If it were Not for the people in south Lebanon, the town of Qana where Marie, her parents and Jesus lived would have been ignored by the Maronite clergy. Israel already bombed this town twice with hundreds of casualties.

In 1996, Israel bombed Qana killing 106 of the Lebanese who took refuge in the UN compound. USA made it impossible for US lawyers to demand compensation.

Pas besoin que les reves se realisent, tant qu’ on persiste a rever et etre capable de se satisfaire de peu

Peut-on aimer sans respecter? En tout cas, les sentiments des femmes sont diverse et trop compliques pour moi.

Penses-tu qu’ il y ait de l’ inflation dans nos reves? Les reves possibles a realiser demandent toujours de l’ aide: L’ inflation vient de notre refus de les communiquer avec acharnement.

Croit -tu que Jane Austen avait cesse de rever a ce stade? (son livre inacheve’)

Un seul cheveux separe le sentiment d’ independence de la betise

“Collateral damages”? A notion invented by USA for its reckless endemic violence. Got to stare at ugly pictures of handicapped soldiers and civilians 

England provided cluster bombs to Israel, 3 days before cease fire in 2006, in order to prevent people from returning home. 10 years later, the UN are still de-mining south Lebanon

US cooks, Europe does the dishes of the devastation that Israel does in Palestine.

Hezbollah fighters are to get ready to liberate our borders from ISIS on their own, again and again, and suffer the flatulent verbal attacks of insignificant political ” leaders”: The permanent delay of the Lebanese army to attack means experiencing the traditional Not to get involved in political position “Al na2i 3an al nafess”

The political system in Lebanon cannot but generate an impotent State, dawleh bila baydaat

Al 3awamiyyeh (Awamiyeh) is a Saudi eastern Shia town (Qateef province) blockaded for 92 days by Saudi army, for demanding equal rights and opportunity.

Etre dorlote’ n’ amene pas a l’ amelioration: Il faut apprendre a regler les reparations et amendements. USA evite depuis un siecle de reapprendre ce principe d’ ethique 

Action is saying it all: rhetoric have their “impotent” masters, leaders for a moment, before they are swept aside by the invisible and mighty power of people willing to face authority figures on equal terms…

The elite classes are never satisfied, except by parting from the crumbs in the usual trickle down economic policies.

The revolution is the act of looking fear in the eyes and getting used to facing the authority figures on equal terms…

The tiny behavior that make me different are what make me.

Start making better choices to improve your happy life: Keep in mind that communication and connection increase your choices. Do your due diligence

How much did you inspire people to improve their life? They will communicate you great accomplishments

Baby steps are the reality of life in all your challenging endeavors: Especially when you set your mind to change your habits

Logic will not change an emotion, but action will: Tailor make your attitudes. Keep giving hope to people you meet

How can a speech, a plan, a policy, a program be coordinated to get the entire people on the street to approve, agree on parts and bits of a declaration of a revolution on the march? One bit to fill the stomach and another bit to remind them of a common national myth.

There is a political and militia “leader” Samir Ja3ja who never missed a fight to kill Lebanese during the civil war. He says he represent the position of the State Not to fight the terrorist ISIS in Lebanon. Yen2e 3an nafsaho

The pressure of being the world’s most decorated Olympian, swimmer Michael Phelps, (22 medals, 18 of them gold) led him to realize that  “I thought of myself as just a swimmer, and nobody else, and You know what? Screw this.

The attribute of an addictive normal person: The harder we resist, the harsher we succumb. Enjoy the game of being born a suckered

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 82

We must rate the risky jobs by the level of alcoholism among the employees, like the police force.
People interpreted wrongly their observations of animals and came to this conclusion: “The world belong to the fittest”.
We are in constant fear from the methodological application of this monstrosity “The world belong to the fittest”.
One of the plans of the genes is to decide whether we are to be one of the human species or a bacteria.
Together, the bacteria in the intestine have 150 times more genes than us, called microbiome
The Great Book Robbery film shown for the first time in Palestine on January 12, 2013 to an audience of almost 150 people. The documentary by Israeli-Dutch director Benny Brunner unfolds the story of at least 70,000 books looted from Palestinian homes and institutions in 1948.

Shortly after the revolution, this ingrained reasoning of the old story of catering first to current elite classes in order to smooth out transition is a plausible short-term tactic that kills the revolt for sustained transformation

The elites classes reap the benefits under all situations and conditions, in the short, medium, and long-term, and quickly orient the revolution toward the old-time structure… Robespierre and Marrat changed the trend, until Napoleon took over

“Authority is reduced to almost nothing, the day it becomes an object of discussion for lack of instinctive respect” (Alexis de Tocqueville)

“The spirit that guided the French Revolution was the books and pamphlets written in the abstract.

The same fondness for general theories, complete systems of legislation, and exact symmetry in the laws.

The same taste for the original, ingenious, and novel in institutions.

The same urge to remake the entire constitution in accordance with the rules of logic and a uniform plan…

What is meritorious in a writer is more often than Not a flaw in a statesman.” A de T.

Isn’t the same path that Lenin undertook in the soviet revolution? Isn’t what happened in 1848 when the republicans failed to deliver what the people demanded after ousting Louis Phillip from power? Is the EU Constitution also mainly based on abstract notions?

“Free access to tools that permit private and individual power to tailor-made education, find inspiration, model our environment and share our adventure with all who need them…”(Stewart Brand in his Whole Earth catalogue, 1968)

Sound that the less fortunate can make good use of these opportunities.

That was half a century ago, many are applying this opportunity when available, though only the elite class is mainly profiting from any of these facilities.

L’ ennui fait un lent travail de sape de notre envie de vivre et de notre energy. Ecoutez les vieillards et les jeunes qui non pas le sous for modern entertainment

C’ etait la librarie de ses reves: la plupart des livres avaient ete’ lus

Les injustices du terrorism des Blancs sont peut-etre historiques: c’ est justement que je n’ ai pas l’ impression que nous en sortions

Qana of Gallile  (Qana al Jalil) is a town in south Lebanon, by Tyre.  It is where Marie was born and lived most of her life before moving to Nazareth with Joseph, and returned after he passed away. Current Gallile was included in the judicial province of Tyre before and after the Roman Empire.

Jesus performed his teaching in East Sidon before moving south to spread his message after he performed the wine miracle in Qana Jalil (current Lebanon).

The place where Jesus transformed water into wine is in Qana (current Lebanon). A town called Jalil (Gallile) facing Qana on the south side. Qana is where Marie was born and her parents lived

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 81

Have you read or seen Lolita of Nabokov?
I read sections of this book, standing in one of Barnes and Noble bookstore in Montgomery County (Maryland), because there were no facilities to sit. The book sounded more erotic than the chaste movie, and I was glad it was directed that way.
I saw the movie twice. I saw it again last night and was happily surprised to notice that it was Lolita who was running the show from beginning to end.
The times she got angry was calculated: She was seeing Clare (Peter Sellers) from the start before meeting James Mason (who played a difficult and convincing part of a middle-aged man, totally in love with Lolita but managing to retain his responsibly as a father-in-law.)
Lolita (with all her instinctive smartness as an enticing girl) was duped by Clare who intended to use her in porno movies and she refused and was kicked out to survive on her own.
They overcrowded the highly talented and funny Sellers in his role, even when he knew that he was about to die.
How could Mason be duped by Sellers in so many occasions if he didn’t care that much about Lolita?

Have you seen Basic Instinct?
I saw it at least twice. Last night was wonderful because I saw it again before they showed Lolita. I loved this film that was packed with plenty of erotic scenes and a smart content.
Who do you think was the killer? Until the last second, showing the ice pick under the bed of Sharon Stone, you would side with everybody that it was the psych professional woman who was the killer (another great body).
Apparently, after finishing a book about a targeted killer, Sharon made sure to kill the real life character of her story.
Douglas is to be ultimately murdered by Stone since she had finished the new book about him: she was totally clear about it when she told him so: he refused to believe her because he started to believe in her innocence.
The weak point is why the psych woman didn’t raise both her hands when Douglas ordered her to take her hands out of her pocket? She knew he would shoot at her since he did it a few times before in the same situation. But the movie must have an end.

What is needed is to develop a belief system based on that all born people have the rights to enjoy equal opportunities to learning, getting training, health and due processes with a fair justice system.
This new belief system or petition principle is feasible because in transparent democratic processes people rely on the majority opinion to extend any rational excuses for their attitudes.
Equal practical opportunities circumvent the wrong implication that opinions are reached independently of their surrounding.
The effects of community sanctions to deviation attitudes from the belief system can then formalize the equal opportunities rights to everyone

Traditions of classes, professions, family and social structure, and religious beliefs… have been initially drawn from observations of human nature and establishing general notions, before the politicians (men of actions) in each sphere of influence in life, organized them to self-serve the interests of the elites.

If we seek reforms by bringing up human nature then we are following the wrong direction.

Les femmes, survivantes de l’inceste, durant toute notre histoire et jusqu’ a nous jours, geraient le monde, et le regnent encore.

La mobilite dynamique dans certain pays n’a fait qu’augmenter le taux des survivantes de l’inceste. Ils ont maintenant des facilities modernes pour fuir leur isolement.

Cette fois-ci, les survivantes de l’inceste ont tendance a se vanger de n’impote quelle maniere avec les opportunites et les lois en applications. Elles joignent Daesh en mass quant elles le peuvent

L’amour sexuel doit etre court and fugitif (ne depassant pas 24 heures?): regenerer a chaque nouveau festin d’amour.
Ne dissocie jamais l’ amour charnel de la spiritualite
je renacle devant une tendress mal meritee: c’ est une compassion qui m’etouffe, mais que j’ apprecie apres
It has nothing to do with giving people more time (you can’t) and everything to do with creating more urgency, more of an itch, more desire.
Dans les societtes de mobilite dynamique, c’ est normal de reflechir aux raisons d’ avoir des enfants
Ce qui nous ne tue pas, nous rend bizarre
Les auteur feminines: les femmes parlent-elles vraiment autant des hommes? Peut-etre est-ce vraie a Londre ou en Europe? Partout. Meme aux USA avec plus de 300,000 nouveaux titres par an.
Il serait difficile de trouver des policiers masculins n’ impliquant pas un probleme d’ alcool. 

Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 78

A Jordanian was killed when attacking an Israeli in Israel embassy in Amman. Soon, most Israel embassy will be closed for security reasons in States where Islamic emotions run high
Best in all world: Wish Syrian regime reach a deal with Kurdish secular women to integrate all institutions
In every speech, (Hezbollah) encourages the Lebanese political system to constitute a viable State: The midget leaders don’t want a State.
I say: walk to exercise the lungs. have sex to exercise the heart. Swim for all kinds of benefits. All other physical activities hurt the body, in the long-term
Les grandes entreprises dependent frequement de s’ aligner a des “vulgaires canailles”: bailleurs de fonds louches, marchants d’ armes, agents provocateurs… 
La dignite humaine prend son elan avec un ventre plein. Surtout de la viande, quand tout autre chose manque
Experience and feeling is your life: create the best sense of it
When I hear that consumption increased, I know that nature and earth are pretty sick
Ce qui est considere’ comme acquis est redecouvert par les nouvelles generations. Surtout en matiere de literature: L‘eternel retour. Je trouve que les anciens livres sont meilleur en reflection et plus passionnant
You learn by asking the proper questions and you learn by teaching. But asking the proper questions require a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter: analyzing the kinds of questions you have been asking will show you the gap in knowledge.
As part of civil disobedience, students in private schools will Not miss much in knowledge if parents skip a year from paying exorbitant tuition at yearly increase
A suggestion to Lebanese politicians: If asked about your position on freeing our borders from terrorist factions by Hezbollah, reply: Ask the people.
Racist and apartheid colonial systems repeat dumb decisions, culminating with the dumbest of all: Al Aqsa desaster
You are as many as the language you know (I guess could read, and actually read?)
Les gens tout autour reclament une marge d’ humanite’: seraient -ils contente’s d’ une petite marge?

All deals should be handshake deals, after a detailed contract (never signed) and procedural clauses discussed and agreed upon

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely is asking for donation to Israel after 3 Israelis were stabbed

The real leader of Moustakbal is Fouad Senioura: he is the top agent of USA/Israel and Egypt in Lebanon. He is the shadow PM since he daily receive a copy of the files on the desk of the PM. He compound the files to dispatch them to the corresponding handlers.

Typical one-way talk of Saad with Trump. Donald didn’t care to listen to complexities relative to Hezbollah. Did Hariri find a second to mention Al Aqsa?

Probably a Lebanese contributed to writing Trump’s speech after meeting Hariri: Lengthy and devoid of any meaning. Donald was restless in his body talk, wanting this absurd speech to end.

The higher the company or association cultural density (interactions in decisions), the more important it will get it right.

Facts are facts, but images resonate louder. For example, to unload  a ton bricks it would take you more than 2 months, working 24 hours a day, a brick a minute

Evolution has given us an interface that hides reality and guides adaptive behavior. Space and time, as you perceive them right now, are your desktop. Physical objects are simply icons in that desktop

Le boycott de Al Aqsa c’ est quand on ne voit plus de police ou de soldats Israeliens se parquant a l’entree de la mosque pour harasser les prieurs

Ahmad Hariri hara3a ila 3ersaal. Kharrafo min yawmayn wa tzakkaro ino intikhabaat 3ala al abwaab

Several Daesh suicide bombers were found with women’s underclothes in their pockets, for the virgins that they would meet in paradise


What you lived in e

Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 80

Many willingly sacrifice freedom to blame the other, it lets us off the hook, . It gives us hard boundaries and eliminates potential choices.

Ce n’ est pas reconfortant cette correspondance: Ceux qui s’ adapte vivent plus longtemps.  Ils s’ adaptent aux criteres de ceux qui ne savent pas s’ adapter, les ideologues et dogtrinaires

La majorite silencieuse s’adapte aux crimes, les violences, la peur…: Je ne voit pas un future sain a l’ humanite’

The USA has proven to have committed the worst crimes against humanity since its inception and continues to be top on the list as the worst White racist system of all times.

USA wanted to maintain slave system and took arms against England who had banned it. It massacred every Indian tribe that resisted expansion. It slaughtered the Mexicans to rob their lands.  The bodies of the Blacks are still disposable at any second. The countless pre-emptive wars around the world have caused mind-boggling atrocities and no one ever was tried.

In Nov. 1979, over 200 Wahhabi salafists occupied the grand Mosque in Mecca and proclaimed the arrival of the Mahdi Mohamad bin Abdalallah Kahtan. Total blackout of world media for 15 days. Out of food, water and ammunition and dazed by the CS gaz used by the French special team, they surrendered. The surviving fighters were later executed in 8 cities. And Saudi Kingdom reverted to the Wahhabit restrictions as they started their rule in 1925. The door was wide opened for all these virulent extremists to be transferred to Afghanistan to resist the Soviets.

The unconscious mind acts as a mental valet, taking care of minor details to behave accordingly, so that we can be freed to focus on the main problem at hand…

Brainwashing is a brain priming technique done on successive and frequent occasions, verging on a continuous situation where the mental valet is working full-time and barely able to liberate the mind to focus on more important tasks to reflect on…

La’ ou Freud passe, l’herbe tender de l’innocence ne pousse plus? “La sexualite’ est une broutille”?

Pride and timidity are sibling sisters: just the posture differs, Not the feelings.

I want to whine: I cannot change the fact that I had Not the opportunities to discover my talents in schools and colleges

Consider reading and day dreaming as priming processes for what might really take place. Kind of catalysts.

You can read and learn all you want and even learn how to fall in love. You’ ll never fall in love. Like in day dreaming sessions.

Des gens ne vous portent aucune attention que lorsque vous sortez un livre: c’ est impoli.

Is any one Not sick and tired of the clownish leaders in Egypt, Saudi Kingdom and Bahrain? Totally useless and impotent.

If I were a cyber disruptor genius (average age of 17), I would first target multinational financial institutions and then military infrastructure conglomerates. We could enjoy a reprieve for a while

Insiders focus on the industry instead on the change you seek to make, on the audience you seek to serve. On doing your customers’ business, not the industry’s…




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