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Tidbits and Notes. Part 284

All “free” institutions are Not taken seriously: you also cannot enjoy any facility without a token of contribution.

Don’t contribute to institutions who claim to be “Not for profit“: someone is paying for Not paying your taxes. Only the relatives are being paid.

“Si tu ne trouve pas un mari… tu es stupid. Si tu perds un mari… tu es nulle”? D’accord, mais pas tout de suite: je dois reflechir encore.

L’echec de l’imagination commune? Si ca ne marche pas avec deux personnes qui “s’aime”, pouquoi cette imagination doit fonctionner dans une commune? Occasionnellement, les interets communs ne cherchent pas l’amour et ca marche. Au moins un interet, de temps en temps, pour la survie.

L’amour ne se crit pas: il se prouve pas les actions de compassion

“On n’abandonne jamais avant qu’un miracle ne se produise”? Est-ce pour cela que l’on ne se suicide pas? Parceque nous ne savons rien des miracles, pour les rencontrer?

The lesson from New Zealand on decriminalizing sex work: When it came to making sex work safer, they were ready to hear it straight from sex workers themselves. It was written in collaboration with sex workers; namely, the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective

On devient racist: la famille et la communaute’ nous ont coupe’ les ponts. Et l’ ecole n’est pas mieux avec son enseignement tacit. Comment peut-on communiquer si les questions fondamentales ne sont pas pose’ pour y reflechir dessus?

Opioid-maker Insys agreed to pay a $225 million settlement. The drugmaker admitted to bribing doctors to prescribe Subsys, a spray used to treat pain in cancer patients and which contains fentanyl.

Why USA never demanded Israel to conduct a single referendum on any one of major issues in the Middle-East? Like retaining the Golan Heights, Jerusalem as Capital or building Walls of Shames?

J’ etouffe quand j’entend une personne dire “je suis devenu un religieux Orthodox”. Et j’entend le message: “J’ai deja attent le point de la degraingolade morale. Je ne veux plus reflechir”

The main difference between human genders is: After sex, the male’s mind is blank, while the female’s is overcrowded. If the female fails to prime the silence with an opinion, without any questions, the conversation is declined. And you have people claiming that it is Not the woman who generates the ideas. I deduce that people who are denied sex, their opinions are Not shared and go unnoticed.

A combination of 400 kinds of olfactory receptors means each person smells things a little (or a lot) differently from the next.

40 million: Olfactory receptor neurons in the human brain. 1 trillion: Smells a human adult can distinguish

Using 34 odors and 35 descriptors we could individually identify each of the 7 billion people on earth. ”It took as little as 10 minutes to start separating one subject’s fingerprint from another, but it would take a few hours to get enough data to distinguish a distinct olfactory fingerprint from all the other noses on earth.



Comments and Notes posted on FB and Twitter in Lebanese/Arabic slang. Part 14

Note: These are notes and comments are mostly local (Lebanon) and Middle-East events. Written in Lebanese dialect with Latin characters and with numbers (2,3, 5, 7,8) representing vocals and consonants Not available in Latin or Saxon languages.

Lebanon to “borrow” $3 bn li tamweel fassad militia/mafia leaders

Bala mokh: ma ettafakho 3ala yawm al 2a3laam wa ettafako 3ala milaad moustawrad. sha3b mouwa7ad?

Mousser intafed 3ala moumarassat khaati2at kay la akhssar insaniyyati

Saudi Kingdom wa Emaraat 3endon 3ajez maali wa USA 3am tesh7ad massari: ma fi 7arb 7aaliyan li da3em Israel bi $14 bn li moddat 10 ayyam pre-emptive war against Lebanon. Al 7ass 3ala 7arb ahliyat arkhass

Wa leish ma bet rou7ou 3ala knisseh aw jaame3…? Leish ma btetssama3o 3alal khouri, sheikh…? Men kellet imaankon? Wa 3ala shou, wa bi meen baddo hal sha3b al mam3ouss ye 2amen?
Hal al Sayyed Nawaaf, min ahel al Bayt? hal waaled Sayyed Hassan, sayyed kamaan aw waalidatahou hiya al Sayyidat?
Kilaab al dayr”: “leaders of militia mafia” dogs bi yet naafasso 7atta ya2ti “7ayawaan ghareeb” la yanhashouh. Hal marrat, al 2aateen 7aamileen ba3kour ghaleez wa bi ya3rfo gharizat hal kilaab.
Yalla. Kel za3eem reje3 ila kasro bi mantakato al intikhabiyyeh al asliyyeh: fodyet Beirut
Wa bokra,” bi ezen Allah”. Ana bisherkom, Allah min zamaan moush 3ala al sama3, wa msakarr mobilo
Ba3d al intkhabaat, iza al Tayyar, Moustakbal, Hezbollah wa Amal allafo 7oukoumi. Shou bi yeb2a lel mou3aradat? Keef men sammi nizamna al siyaassi bi hal 7aali? (Saudi Kingdom, Israel and USA don’t want such an alliance)

Limaza al kol mousser yaakhod ezen min Allah ta yi2oulou 7ayala shi? Fakkro martayn abel ma tarsh2o

A7mad Hariri? Al mama kaaletli: “Ya A7mad, ma baddi night clubs bi Saida”

Tidbits and Notes. Part 283

Anyone who believes Israel is our existential enemy and Syria should Not be degraded and divided by USA and colonial powers and believe in the separation of religion from civil laws is a potential Souri Kawmi. All other issues should be opened for free discussion and open communication. It will require plenty of time and energy to discuss positively, but it is about time for walk the first mile.

Iran gave EU a 60 days ultimatum to side economically with it. I suggest Iran to be ready to announce the production of a nuclear bomb by that time, otherwise, USA will take a chance to take the risk of an “owe and dazzle” attack on Iran 

It is Not worth reading the fundamentally “rootless” authors: They cannot worry about any society. Worst of all, those “rootlessly” living authors in their own country and just dream of leaving it.

L’alternative pour une paix durable c’est de diviser le monde entre la majorité ecrasante de ceux qui croient au destin et la minorité du libre-arbitres. La minorité aurait une chance de s’épanouir. A ce moment, les barriéres peuvent s’élevées. Mais les barriéres sont déja lá, avancant a une vitesse assourdissante

La conversation intellectuelle est eminement erotique, surtout quand on apprend a ecouter et a poser des questions pertinente sans ironie.

It was the British who consistently supported with finance and weapons the Wahhabi tribes since the 19th century. Egypt Mohammad Ali and his son Ibrahim crushed this Wahhabi insurgency that disturbed all the neighboring tribes, Iraq and Syria and Mecca by looting and assassinating everyone in their path. The British rearmed and financed the Wahhabi again.

There is No such thing as an idiotic kid who cannot be impressed by adult’s heart when it delivers suggestions and positions.

Il est des heritages qu’il est preferable de liquider

Monterrey Bay in California seems clean, but the pollution levels are profound. Researchers recently found the concentration of micro-plastics in the bay’s depths rival the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the world’s filthiest stretch of ocean.

Located between Hawaii and California, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a shifting mass of trash covering about three times the size of France. 618,000 sq miles (1.6 million sq km).

Pregnancy is one of the most awesome feats of humanity. The metabolic rate adapts to the level of exertion in both endurance athletes and expectant mothers.

Everyone knows that a good normal shit is the most sexy period of the day but no one dare declaring this truth.  When you badly need to piss and feel ready to releasing the water then, you feel sexier than ejaculating.

Mission Accomplished? And why you refuse to own the subsequent horrors? The cases of Iraq invasion, other pre-emptive missions, and secret services operations…

An experiment is designed to study the behavior of the values/responses of a dependent variable (for example data collected) as the values/stimuli of an independent variable/factor are changed, manipulated, or presented randomly or in fixed manner.

La Liberté de m’exprimer sans mensonge, mon drapeau et ma patrie

You hear fantastic stories of leaders, prophets, or messengers marching with a large following of disciples trailing after them.  I am one to immediately wonder “What happens when the leader has to go? Like to piss or take a shit?”  Do followers line up with him to take advantage of this glorious break? 

The “average” person may need to be nudged into cruelty, (trusting that this cruelty won’t be fatal or handicapping), but it can still be done disturbingly quickly. It is the system and how the system set up the rules and regulations. The question is: how do we evaluate an average man?

You worked, you should be paid for. Never trust an institution that make people work for “free”, even slaves were paid indirectly. This is “sokhrat”.


Tidbits and Notes. Part 282

in “israel” will be held on day (transfer of Palestinians in 1948, about 700,000 refugees) over the ruins of a village razed by Zionist criminal and apartheid “Israel” in 1948.

Pourquoi écrire si on se croit supérieur aux romans qu’on écrit?

Someone told me: “I feel they are acting out of jealousy. They breezed through their diploma, while you worked hard to earn your degrees. Even at 40, you decided to go for a PhD in the hardest of engineering disciplines. You worked 4 jobs to pay for tuition with no family support during the grueling years…” I can live without jealousy. If I could secure a semblance of basic respect, it would do for me.

After a spate of high-profile cases of sexual misconduct and hazing deaths, some say the “Fraternity” organizations No longer have a place in college life, as they were encouraged to view “masculinity”

The late astronaut John Young believed “dust is the number one concern for returning to the moon.” That’s because lunar dust particles are ultra-fine and have no wind or water to smooth them out, meaning they’re also sharp, jagged, and sticky

In 1808, the US outlawed the importation of slaves, but the practice continued for years. Indeed it wasn’t until 1860 that the last known ship carrying enslaved Africans to the US set sail. I guess because of the civil war that blocked all ships. The same is true for “liberating” negro slaves that endured for another century, and robbing them of their human rights as citizens.

Ben Steverman profiles the influential economist (paywall), who estimates that the top 1% of taxpayers control 39% of US wealth.

Millions of Europeans will vote this weekend on the kind of future they envision for the EU, in the largest transnational democratic contest in the world. The major test is the rate of voting , for a parliament that Europeans view as an abstract concept, run by bureaucrats that is intent on running their lives. If the rate is over 40% that would be a vote of confidence in the EU

Iran with Iraqi Jaish Sha3bi defeated Da3esh in Iraq. Iran with Syria army defeated ISIS in Syria. Iran with Lebanon Hezbollah defeated Israe. Iran with Yemenis defeated Saudi Kingdom and tits hired mercenaries. Who USA has to defeat Iran?

Good turnout for EU parliament 50.5%. An expression of greater political debate and a better trend to remain in EU.

Next EU parliament must restrict the invasive agro-multinationals to improve local peasants prices and allow greater local jobs.

EU allocations need to target districts instead of entire country: this policy will encourage higher participation in the EU discussions for targeted funding

The great joker: Trump would like to defend Iran, as it defends Saudi Kingdom, if it desist from contemplating developing the Bomb. In return, Trump also want $billions from Iran.

During the Flu calamity in the USA after WWI, Dan Tonkel recalled, “We were actually almost afraid to breathe...You were afraid even to go out…The fear was so great people were actually afraid to leave their homes…afraid to talk to one another.”

Israeli company Archimedes Group spent more than $800,000 running Facebook ads and their accounts had almost 3 million followers, Facebook announced the removals Thursday. It disseminated faked accounts targeting Africa elections.

Archimedes Group used fake accounts and “represented themselves as locals, including local news organizations, and published allegedly leaked information about politicians,” Facebook said.
The company primarily targeted Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Angola, Niger and Tunisia but also had some activity targeting Latin America and Southeast Asia, according to Facebook.
“The tactics employed by Israel Archimedes Group, a “private” company, closely resemble the types of information warfare tactics often used by governments, and the Kremlin in particular,” the lab said in a report.


UNRWA rejects US bid to remove its mandate

Head of UN agency rejects US proposal for countries hosting Palestinian refugees to take over food aid services.

The head of UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krahenbuhl , the United Nations agency that has supported Palestinian refugees for 7 decades, has rebuffed a US proposal to have host countries take over the services it provides across the Middle East.

The suggestion, from US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt at a UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday, that UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, should be effectively dismantled was the latest US attack on an agency that began operations in 1950.

Formerly UNRWA’s largest donor, the US cut off its roughly $300 m annual donation in 2018, deeming its fiscal practices “irredeemably flawed”, stoking tensions between the Palestinians and US President Donald Trump‘s administration.

“We need to engage with host governments to start a conversation about planning the transition of UNRWA services to host governments, or to other international or local non-governmental organisations, as appropriate,” Greenblatt said after the Security Council was briefed by UNRWA chief Pierre Krahenbuhl.

Asked at a Gaza news conference on Thursday about Greenblatt’s remarks, Krahenbuhl said UNRWA’s mandate was a matter for the entire UN General Assembly to consider, not by “one or two individual member states”.

“Therefore, Palestinian refugees should remember that the mandate is protected by the General Assembly, and of course, we will engage with member states to ensure what we hope is a safe renewal of that mandate,” Krahenbuhl said.

Strong backing in UN General Assembly

UNRWA’s mission is due to come up for renewal later this year in the General Assembly, where support for the agency has been traditionally strong and the United States would likely face an uphill battle to change or cancel its mission.

Greenblatt said UNRWA was “currently running on fumes, surviving on a surge in foreign donations in 2018”, and it was time for the international community to address the needs of Palestinians in refugee camps in a sustainable way.

He said it was time to hand over services assured by the UN agency to countries hosting Palestinian refugees and NGOs.

The logic behind US humiliation of the Palestinians

Marwan Bishara
by Marwan Bishara

Greenblatt said the US had given six billion dollars in aid to UNRWA since it was founded in 1949 “and yet, year after year, UNRWA funding fell short”. (US tax payer pay Israel $6 billion each year in direct and indirect aids and loans)

More than half of the two million Palestinians living in the besieged Gaza Strip, under Israeli blockade, receive food aid from UNRWA.

“We need to be honest about the situation. UNRWA is a band-aid and the Palestinians who use its services deserve better,” Greenblatt said.

Since Trump assumed office in 2017, Palestinians have grown concerned that he intends to bring about UNRWA’s demise.

US ally Israel says the work of UNRWA only perpetuates the plight of Palestinians.

“Year after year, Palestinians in refugee camps were not given the opportunity to build any future; they were misled and used as political pawns and commodities instead of treated as human beings,” Greenblatt told the Security Council.

Krahenbuhl however, rebuffed Greenblatt’s criticism at a conference in Gaza saying UNRWA cannot be blamed for stalled peace efforts.


Palestine: Diary of an UNRWA kid

Ramzy Baroud
by Ramzy Baroud

“I unreservedly reject the accompanying narrative that suggests that somehow UNRWA is to blame for the continuation of the refugee-hood of Palestine refugees, of their growing numbers and their growing needs,” Krahenbuhl said in response to a question about Greenblatt’s comments.

“The fact that UNRWA still exists today is an illustration of the failure of the parties and the international community to resolve the issue politically – and one cannot deflect the attention onto a humanitarian organisation.”

UNRWA says it provides services to about five million registered Palestinian refugees across Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the occupied West Bank and Gaza, and that it safeguards and advances their rights under international law.

Most are descendants of about 700,000 Palestinians who were driven out of their homes or fled in the 1948 war that led to Israel’s creation and claim a right of return to the lands they left.

Israel has ruled out such an influx, fearing the country would lose its Jewish majority. Palestinian leaders reject settling refugees in host countries, saying their presence there should be considered temporary.

Palestinians in host countries complain of restrictions on jobs and benefits there.

Note: the current Trump administration is doing its utmost to bury the Palestinian identity and rights under an old carpet

Facebook says Israeli company used fake accounts to target African elections

San Francisco (CNN Business)Facebook has removed hundreds of fake Facebook and Instagram pages, groups, and accounts that it says were run by an Israeli firm that was targeting countries in Africa.

The Israeli company Archimedes Group spent more than $800,000 running Facebook ads and their accounts had almost 3 million followers, Facebook said in a blog post announcing the removals Thursday.
Archimedes Group used fake accounts and “represented themselves as locals, including local news organizations, and published allegedly leaked information about politicians,” Facebook said.
The company primarily targeted Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Angola, Niger and Tunisia but also had some activity targeting Latin America and Southeast Asia, according to Facebook.
website that appears to belong to the Archimedes Group boasts that its teams “took significant roles in many political and public campaigns, among them Presidential elections and other social media projects all over the world.”
“Archimedes has created and operates in it’s own unique field within the social media realm,” it continues.
CNN Business has reached out to the company multiple times for comment but has not received a reply.
In the blog post, Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, wrote, “The Page administrators and account owners frequently posted about political news, including topics like elections in various countries, candidate views and criticism of political opponents.”
The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab said in a report that the company touted its product “Archimedes Tarva, which, according to an online description, includes ‘mass social media campaign management and automation tools, large scale platform creation, and unlimited online accounts operation’.”
The lab was alerted to the pages by Facebook before the platform took action.
“The tactics employed by Archimedes Group, a private company, closely resemble the types of information warfare tactics often used by governments, and the Kremlin in particular,” the lab said in a report.
“Unlike government-run information campaigns, however, the DFRLab could not identify any ideological theme across the pages removed, indicating that the activities were profit-driven.”
Note: I doubt an knowledgeable reader of the apartheid exaction of Israel would believe that this group is purely a private company

Latest Speech of Hezbollah general secretary Hassan NasrAllah

🔵 بعض مما ورد في كلمة السيد نصر الله خلال الاحتفال بيوم القدس العالمي:

عندما يجمع الفلسطينيون على رفض صفقة القرن لن تمر هذه الصفقة وعندما يجمع السوريون على ان الجولان سوري سيسقط اعلان ترامب واذا بقينا حاضرين فإن المستقبل هو للقدس ولفلسطين

نحن باستطاعتنا تصنيع الصواريخ الدقيقة وبيعها لدعم الخزينة اللبنانية واتمنى من ساترفيلد ان يدوره ويغلق هذا الملف ويتوقف عن اطلاق التهديدات

اذا الاميركي سيبقى يفتح هذا الملف سأقول لكم نحن لدينا القدرة الكاملة للتصنيع وسنؤسس مصنعا للصواريخ الدقيقة في لبنان

أصل فتح النقاش مع الاميركيين في هذا الموضوع غير مقبول لانه من حقنا ان نمتلك اي سلاح ونصنع اي سلاح للدفاع عن انفسنا

لو لدينا اي مصنع للصواريخ الدقيقة اليوم كنت اعلنت عن ذلك

لا توجد حتى الآن في لبنان مصانع للصواريخ الدقيقة

العدو لا يقصف الصواريخ لانه يعرف اننا سنرد الصاع صاعا إن لم يكن صاعين

ان اي قصف اسرائيلي لاي هدف للمقاومة في لبنان يرتبط بمسألة الصواريخ نحن سنرد عليه بشكل مباشر وبقوة

نحن لدينا صواريخ دقيقة وبالعدد الكافي وتطال كل الأهداف المطلوبة في الكيان الصهيوني وهذه الصواريخ تستطيع ان تغير وجه المنطقة والمعادلة

في موضوع ترسيم الحدود نقف خلف الدولة اللبنانية، نحن نثق بالمسؤولين اللبنانيين الذي يفاوضون لتحصيل حقوق لبنان

نحن نعتبر موقف الوفد اللبناني الى القمة العربية لا ينسجم مع البيان الوزراء، أين هو النأي بالنفس ايها الوفد الرسمي اللبناني؟ نحن نعتبر هذا الموقف غير مقبول ومرفوض ومدان ولا يعبر عن موقف لبنان بل يعبر عن موقف الاشخاص المشاركين والاحزاب التي يمثلوها

لو تحدثوا بلغة فيها حوار وانفتاح مع ايران كانت بقيت لهم اموالهم وكرامتهم

من واجبنا ان نشيد بموقف العراق ورئيس جمهوريته وهو موقف شجاع ومتميز وممتاز

اخر بند في بيان القمة العربية بمكة تحدث عن فلسطين بمعدل سطر ونصف فقط بينما هذه هي القضية المركزية للعرب والمسلمين

السعودية ليست في موقع قوة بل في موقع ضعف وارتباك ووهن

السعودي دعا الى القمم الى الاستقواء بالخليج الذي مزقه وبالعرب الذين حطمهم والمسلمين الذين نشر بينهم فتنة التكفير

السعودية التي فشلت وهزمت في اليمن هل بامكانها شن الحرب على ايران؟

النظام في السعودية ومن معه علموا ان لا حرب اميركية ضد ايران وان ترامب لن يأتي للقتال عنهم وهذا كان آخر رهان لديهم

المؤشر الآخر على عدم وقوع الحرب هي القمم التي تعقد على عجل، والبيانات اظهرت ان السعودية لا تجد اي حل امام الصواريخ اليمنية وهذا فشل عظيم وهو انجاز عظيم للاخوة اليمنيين

أولوية ترامب هي الحرب الاقتصادية على ايران وغيرها من الدول

ليس لترامب مصلحة ان تتصالح ايران مع دول الخليج بل من مصلحته ان يواصل تخويف انظمة الخليج من ايران

معادلة القوة هي التي تمنع الحرب بينما هؤلاء المساكين يريدون من ترامب ان ياتي ليفتعل الحرب بينما هو حساباته الدولار والنفط والمصالح

ما يهم ترامب انه عندما تشتعل المنطقة سيصل برميل النفط الى 200 او 300 دولار وبالتالي سيسقط بالانتخابات

ليسمعني العالم أجمعه، ان ترامب وكل اجهزة استخباراته تعلم ان الحرب على ايران تعني ان كل المنطقة ستشتعل وان المصالح الاميركية في المنطقة ستباد وكل من تواطؤ سيدفع الثمن واولهم اسرائيل وآل سعود

الامام الخامنئي قال إنه لا حرب ولا تفاوض،

ولكن برأينا لا حرب لان ايران قوية مقتدرة بشعبها وبنظامها وقائدها ومراجعها وبخاصتهاو عامتها ولانها اولا واخيرا تتكل على الله

بولتون ومحمد بن سلمان وخليجيون اخرون كانوا يدفعون للوصول الى الحرب ومن يشاهد بعض وسائل الاعلام الخليجية يقول إن الحرب ستقع وكأن ترامب يعمل لديهم

البعض اليوم يهول بوقوع الحرب بين اميركا وايران وهناك من كان يدفع بالوصول اليها وعلى رأسهم جون بولتون الكذاب

هذه الانظمة العربية نفسها هي التي تواطأت على ايران منذ انتصار الثورة الاسلامية وحتى اليوم

ايران هي نقطة القوة في محور المقاومة، فهي دعمت العراق وسوريا والمقاومة في لبنان وفلسطين وموقفها حاسم وواضح ولذلك هم يحاولون محاصرة وضرب ايران بهدف ضرب المحور، فالعين كلها على ايران

أغلب الدول العربية والاسلامية مشغولة بحالها، هذه النقطة سلبية لكن فيها شيء ايجابي ان هؤلاء لو لم ينشغلوا بأوضاعهم الداخلية كانوا سيقفون الى جانب الاسرائيلي بدل الوقوف الى جانب فلسطين

ترامب صاحب هذا الفكر والحسابات هو رجل حرب؟ هو يراهن على الموضوع الاقتصادي وايضا أدواتهم بالمنطقة خائفة ومتضعضة من العناصر التكفيرية الى النظام السعودي وغيرهما من الانظمة العربية

اوضاع اميركا الاقتصادية لا تتحمل الارتفاع باسعار النفط واين موقعها في العالم؟ فهي تخوض مواجهات على مستوى العالم واهم شيء في الادارة الاميركية الجديدة التهيب بالذهاب الى حروب جديدة

حتى اميركا اليوم ليست نفسها التي كانت قبل 50 او 60 سنة، هي ارسلت جيوشها الى المنطقة وخرجت مهزومة وقواتها ضربت في الكثير من دولنا

في اسرائيل هناك فقدان للقيادة وهي تحتاج للدعم الاميركي المباشر في اي حرب مقبلة والحاجة للاساطيل الاميركية للحماية من محور المقاومة، متى كانت اسرائيل بهذا الشكل والضعف؟




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