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Tidbits and Notes. Part 258

“What acts like apartheid, is run like apartheid & harasses like apartheid, is not a duck — it’s apartheid

More than 200 Palestinian prisoners have died inside Israeli jails! . . . Israel arrested 337,000 Palestinians since 1987

100,000 British troops were dispatched to tame the first Intifada of 1936: The Palestinians demanded and were denied municipal elections

En Uttar Pradesh (India), le viol est une epidemie et une arme puissante: les soeurs de celui qui fraye avec une femme mariee’ sont violees, la femme de l’homme qui a des dettes est violee’, les soeurs de celui qui se marie avec une femme d’une caste superieur sont violee’….

In a world where media is global, social, ubiquitous and cheap, in a world of media where the former audience are now increasingly full participants, in that world, media is less and less often about crafting a single message to be consumed by individuals. It is more often a way of creating an environment for convening and supporting groups.

The question we all face now is, “How can we make best use of this social media? Even though it means changing the way we’ve always done it.”

“The mainstreaming of mysticism also overlaps with the broader interests of millennial—think yoga and meditation, mindfulness, and New Age spirituality. With that foundation, it might Not be a stretch to show up for pagan holidays or new moon gatherings, or begin to explore the more serious spiritual concepts at the root of these practices.” (Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz on witchcraft and “mysticore” in the age of Instagram)

The multilateral trading system “receives its inspiration from economists, is shaped primarily by lawyers, but must operate within the limits that the politicians set,” ‘s Anabel Gonzalez

Israel believed that it could kill and assassinate Palestinians without due judicial process: This wave of Palestinian reprisals will continue until some kind of basic common sense hit the Israeli society

Le plus souvent, on cesse d’aimer quand le partenaire refuse frequement de se battre pour une vie de qualitee’.

La Verite’ ne concerne pas les avocats, la Justice et les politiciens: Les interets cherchent une “verite'” plausible et logique.

People who perceive (separate) their work self from your home self identities are more likely to make unethical decisions.

Maggie Doyne (23 year-old) has a home with 50 orphan children

Une personne stigmatise’ est un individu afflige’ dont on a attache’ un attribut qui le differencie de la caser dans la catagorie “Normal”

Discrimination: Toute distinction operee’ entre les personnes en raison de leur origine, sex, situaton familiale, grossesse, apparence physique, patronyme, etat de sante’, handicap, orientation sexuelle, age, opinion publique, activites syndicales, ethnicite’, race, religion determinee’… No, there are No normal people, we are are all discriminated against.

The colonial powers managed to construct a minimum denominator splitting of the Muslim world in order to decide which countries to ally with. You have got the Shiaa of Iran, the Wahhabi movement of the Arabic peninsula and the Muslim Brotherhood movement. Turkey and Qatar sponsored the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Egypt, Libya and Gaza. 

The Carpenters (Karen and Richard), the Bee Gees ( The Gibbs) and Abba were critisized early on by music magazines as too honey. 30 years later, as their bands split and fade away, documented research demonstrated that most current bands have mined their works as the most perfect in voice harmony and lyrics and sensitivities matching early childhood.

Children imitate parents behaviors: Thus, keep reading instead of playing with smart devices

At the end of 2017, China shut its doors to imports of recycled material, citing environmental concerns. That has led to unprecedented disruption in a global industry and thrown the very purpose of recycling into question. (Question: Is China still importing carton and paper from USA for recycling?)

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant? It’s cropping up in all manner of products, including lattes, ice cream, and dog treats—even Coca-Cola is reportedly working on a CBD-infused beverage. and CBD is “about as poorly regulated and understood as a product this popular can possibly be.

Small successes fuel courage. You need to be initiated with the fear of failure and gradually overcome it.

Thousands of Venezuelans fleeing their country are expected to enter Peru today to make the cutoff for temporary residency cards.

India unveiled the world’s tallest statue. At 182 meters (600 feet), the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a leading independence figure who worked with Mahatma Gandhi, is twice the size of New York’s Statue of Liberty. The project was mired in controversy for years and cost $430 million.

“When he introduced the cryptocurrency just months after the 2008 global financial crisis, the Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto portrayed himself as a 36-year-old Japanese man angered by the irresponsibility of banks and governments. His currency would let people make financial transactions those institutions couldn’t touch. So it’s fitting, perhaps, that Satoshi ensured he’d be untouchable as well.” (With Trump financial transaction sanctions on many countries, cryptocurrency should enjoy a great future?)

Invariable positions that constitute the ideological structure must Not include abstract concepts like Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Equality… any concept that are basically biased and controlled by the elite classes.

2,700 liters of water to produce a single T-shirt?

Apparently, catching cold frequently is the symptom of a transformed constitution that is getting allergic to many items and pathogens that it was previously immune to. Kind of the immune system got set on an old administrative routine and unable to cope with the exponential increase in polluters and human-made poisonous products

Un cadavre est une poche que le mort retourne et vide: Depouiller un cadavre, inextricable achevement.

Pourquoi les proches d’un mort ne le depouillent pas de ses colliers, bagues, bracelets, chevalieres, alliances, piercings et bijoux intime…si la derniere etape est le fumerarium?

Tant pis, les ambulanciers qui transferent la depuoille aux fumerarium ont le “droit de peage” de tout ce que le cadavre emporte de precieux. En ce temps moderne, on n’ensevelit pas les morts avec leurs objets, leurs escalves et leurs femmes. Les archeoogues n’ont qu’a se contenter des temps ancients.

Ce rire meprisant qui decompose le visage, surtout apres avoir affirme’: “J’ aime une autre personne”. Ce rire, qui veut sortir d’une situation trop encombrante, a tue’ beaucoup de jeunes (surtout des filles) et embarasse’ beaucoup de jeunes adolescents pour la vie.

What I say is plain mental conjecture: I didn’t Experience acute emotional or physical hardship. Except acute shortage of money to learn and practice luxury taste.

Trump is giving the Obama/Hillary le coup de grace: totally defeating ISIS, their creation, in Syria and Iraq. The entrance of Syria troops in Membej means that the task of crushing Daesh is transferred to Syria and Iraq 7ashed Sha3bi, the most battled experienced armies in finishing the job.

It is a victory, when an opportunity knocks and you learn something new. Mostly on emotions complexity

It is no longer that important that I fall in love: since I didn’t fall in love in my youth, whatever I dream of is irrelevant

Got to go back to school: set my mind to create a new knowledge discipline

Must apply the experimental mind in architecture: Beauty has to match health and safety 

Don’t expect an apology from me: I have got to come to term with myself and forgive myself of all the successive failures in my life. Stay in line and just cross your fingers


What you sow, you reap? Harvest of Syria war in slaughter-hood and trauma

Over 500,000 terrorist factions members were transferred to Syria in order to destabilize this State that managed to grow and prosper with Zero foreign loans.

ISIS and and Al Nusra were provided with more tanks that Nazi Germany deployed.

نارام سرجون

تدمير أكبر حشد ارهابي على الارض وأكبر ميزانية ارهاب في التاريخ .. سبب ركوع السفارات عند قدمي قاسيون

لن أكتفي بالمشي ميلين مع من يؤمن بأن ماحدث في سورية كان ثورة عفوية وأنها كانت سلمية وانها أجبرت على ان تحمل السلاح .. بل ساسير مع هؤلاء أميالا عديدة واصدقهم .. ولن أعاند من يصر على ان الدولة السورية استعملت البراميل المتفجرة كما يصر هؤلاء ويؤمنون بها وكأن البراميل المتفجرة وردت في القرآن الكريم ولاداعي لانكارها فهو الكفر الذي مابعده كفر ..

وساصغي لمن يغضب وهو يقول اننا اخترعنا حكاية المؤامرة الكونية وأننا اخترعنا داعش .. ساصغي .. وأصغي .. واصغي .. ولن أقاطع أحدا ..

ولكن عندما ينتهي البكاء والصراخ والعويل وشق الأثواب على الضحايا الابرياء وثورة الكرامة .. سأستأذن من هؤلاء جميعا واطلب منهم ان يصغوا كما أصغيت وماعليهم الا أن يقرؤوا تقرير وزارة الدفاع الروسية الذي صدر حديثا وقدم احصائية دقيقة على عدد العناصر الارهابية الذين تمت تصفيتهم خلال عام 2018 في سورية فقط .. قدر هذا الرقم بأنه يفوق 23 ألف مسلح .. من مختلف تشكيلات المجموعات المسلحة ..

وتم احصاء 159 دبابة مدمرة للارهابيين و57 عربة مدرعة واكثر من 900 مدفع و3000 سيارة مزودة بمدافع رشاشة من العيار الثقيل ..

ولكن الاحصائية تلفت النظر الى ان عدد قتلى المسلحين منذ عام 2015 فاق 87000 وان عدد الدبابات التي دمرت لهم فاق 650 دبابة وأكثر من 700 عربة قتالية وألف معسكر ميداني و10 ألاف مستودع للذخيرة والوقود ..

واذا أضفنا الى هؤلاء مثلهم من القتلى الذين تمت تصفيتهم أثناء المواجهات بينهم وبين الجيش السوري منذ نهاية عام 2011 وحتى نهاية عام 2015 سنجد ان الجيش الارهابي الذي تم تدميره فقد قرابة 200 ألف عنصر وسيكون عدد الجرحى عموما ضعفين او ثلاثة على الاقل ..

واذا اضفنا الى هؤلاء اعداد المقاتلين الذين تم تحميلهم بالباصات الخضراء الى ادلب التي تحوي الخزان الاكبر الباقي وعددهم يقدر ب 70 ألفا ويقال 100 ألف .. فاننا نجد ان عدد العناصر البشرية التي كانت تشكل جسم الارهاب والمؤامرة العسكرية يقارب نصف مليون مقاتل بين سوري واجنبي من مختلف الجنسيات ..

وانا لاأزال أقف مشدوها من صور الاسلحة المصادرة وكمياتها الهائلة التي يعرضها التلفزيون السوري حيث تيدو ارتال الدبابات والمدافع والرشاشات والذخيرة بلا نهاية ..

بل ان الجيش صادر كميات هائلة من المتفجرات التي لم يعد بالامكان استيعابها ويضطر لاتلافها بتفجيرات كبيرة شبه يومية ينبه اليها عبر وسائل الاعلام .. وكان الجيش امام مهمة صعبة أخرى هي التخلص من كميات هائلة جدا وآلاف الاطنان وجبال من المتفجرات التي كانت بيد الارهابيين .. وتعادل ماصارده الاميريكيون من الجيش العراقي عند سقوط بغداد ..

والرقم الصادم الاخر هو عدد الدبابات المدمرة منذ عام 2015 الذي تجاوز 650 دبابة ومئات المصفحات و10 ألاف مستودع للذخيرة والوقود مع العلم انه لاتزال في حوزة المسلحين اعداد كبيرة اخرى في ادلب .. وهذا يعني ان الجيش الارهابي بلغ في مجموعه نصف مليون ومعه على الاقل 1200 دبابة وآلاف المصفحات ..

وهو ضعف الجيش الالماني السادس الشهير (فيرماخت) الذي وصل عدديده الى 285000 وفتح اوروبة ووصل الى ستالينغراد بعد ان شارك في معارك بلجيكا وفرنسا وفنلندة ورومانيا واوكرانيا .. الا انه تحطم في ستالينغراد واستسلم منه 106 آلاف ولكن لم يعد منهم في نهاية الحرب الا 60 الفا ..

وقد يقول قائل ان الارقام الروسية مبالغ بها .. واذا قبلنا ان نسير مع هذا الزعم وأصغينا من جديد لهؤلاء الزاعمين فان علينا ونحن نصغي ان نتذكر ان الروس اضطروا الى اطلاق 90 – 100 ألف غارة لايقاف التمدد الارهابي .. وهذا رقم كبير جدا مما يعني انهم كانوا يتعاملون مع جيش واسع وكبير وشديد التدريب والتسليح ومنتشر بكثافة لدرجة انه وزع مخازنه على 10 الاف نقطة ..

مما يعطي الارقام الروسية تطابقا منطقيا مع عدد الغارات التي احتاجها ايقاف التمدد الارهابي .. وكذلك علينا ان نتذكر ان التقديرات الامريكية لداعش فقط انها مسلحة جدا وان مشروع اقتلاعها قد يستمر 20 -30 سنة وربما أكثر .. وسبب التقديرات واضح وهو ان الامريكي كان يدرك ماذا يملك هذا الجيش وماهي امكاناته للصمود ..

كل هذا يقودنا تلقائيا الى السؤال عن هذا الكم الهائل من السلاح .. ولايكفي القول انه غنائم حرب .. فالجيش السوري لم يخسر 1200 دبابة من مستودعاته بل بضع عشرات من نقاط محيطة مبعثرة قليلة الحماية ..

كما ان داعش الذي استولى على بعض معدات الجيش العراقي في الموصل وغيرها لم يستول على 1200 دبابة وآلاف المدرعات بل كانت معظم غنائمه العسكرية سيارات همر ومدرعات لم تتجاوز 500 عربة ..

وهذا يضعنا اما حقيقة أخرى هي ان هذا الجيش الضخم والهائل للتنظيمات المسلحة من حلب الى الشرق والموصل الى الجنوب السوري كانت له مصادر تمويل وتذخير وامداد خارجية ..

وهناك ملفات ظهرت الآن عن صفقات اسلحة ودبابات من اوكرانيا ودول اوروبة الشرقية اشترتها دول خليجية وشحنتها الى تركيا والاردن ومن ثم الى الحدود السورية لتدخل المعارك .. وأحيانا كانت تصل المجنزرات والمدرعات وهي جديدة ..

وفي احدى المعارك كانت تنفذ رحلات متلاحقة لبناء جسر جوي لايشبهها الا رحلات الجسر الجوي الأمريكي الى اسرائيل اثناء حرب تشرين 1973 .. وهنا نصل الى رقم 137 مليار دولار وهو لايزال الرقم الوحيد الذي تم الكشف عنه في اعترافات هوميروس قطر حمد بن جبر آل ثاني في حديث (الصيدة) الشهير .. والذي اقر فيه ان قطر وتحالف أصدقاء سورية ضخوا 137 مليار دولار في جسم الارهاب المسلح (حتى عام 2015 تقريبا) ..

وهذا الرقم لم يكن لشراء اللافتات السلمية ولا لكتابة ورسم اعلام الثورة على الجدران وصور فيصل القاسم .. فهذا الرقم الهائل تقريبا هو ثلث المبلغ الذي ستدفعه السعودية الى مصانع السلاح الاميريكية لتشتري اسلحة من مختلف الانواع .. في أكبر صفقة عسكرية في التاريخ ..

لذلك يمكن القول ان أكبر تنظيم ارهابي مسلح في العالم كان يطلق عليه الثورة السورية ..

وان السلاح الذي قدم له جعله اول جيش ارهابي في العالم يحصل على هذا الكم الهائل من الدبابات والمدرعات والمخازن والذخيرة .. ناهيك عن السلاح الكيماوي ..

وان أكبر عملية تمويل لأكبر عصابات في العالم كانت للعصابات الخطيرة على الارض السورية .. وأن أكبر مواجهة في التاريخ بين جيش نظامي وجيش ارهابي هي المواجهة التي تمت على الارض السورية ..

وأن أعظم نصر في التاريخ هو الذي حققه الجيش السوري وحلفاؤه .. وطبعا يمكن لكتاب غينس الآن أن يضيف الى قائمته أن أكبر جيش ارهابي في العالم هو جيش مايسمى الثورة السورية بدليل وجود نصف مليون ارهابي من كل العالم ومعهم آلاف الدبابات والمدرعات .. وأن أكبر مؤامرة كونية في التاريخ البشري حدثت في سورية ..

وأن أعظم ميزانية لعصابة في التاريخ هي ميزانية مايسمى الثورة السورية ..

وهذه الارقام التي وردت أعلاه هي السبب الحقيقي لقرارات ترامب بالانسحاب بعد ان تمت ابادة أكبر جيش ارهابي في التاريخ بعد الجيشين الاسرائيلي والامريكي ولم يبق هناك مايستحق الخفاظ عليه .. فكما قال ترامب لم يبق الا الرمال .. وهذا الانجاز السوري هو أيضا سبب تواضع تركيا في طموحاتها وركوعها على الحدود ..

وهو سبب تدفق السفارات والسفراء الى دمشق التي كان طموحها ان يحكم قاسيون من تلك السفارات وأن يقبل قاسيون جلابيبها وعباءاتها ويكون ذلك القاسيون بوابا على ابواب السفارات..

ولكن لم يعد للسفارات اي وسيلة للعودة الا الطاعة والانصياع والانحناء عند أقدام قاسيون .. وتقبيل قدميه .. وحذائه .. وطلب المغفرة .. والبكاء والعويل ندما ..

Mon cher Ado. Part 92

Jules César aurait dit : Donne au peuple du pain et des jeux , il ne se révoltera pas . Panem and circus
Donne lui la peur et l’inconfort , il se baissera pour prendre un pavé au sol.

Aujourd’hui , en France , comme dans d’autres pays , les dirigeants donnent des jeux mais pas assez de pain pour que le peuple survive dans un confort relatif .

A la télé , on assiste tous les jours à des émissions de jeux multiples , pour amuser le peuple , mais on le privé du bien-être nécessaire à sa survie , sachant que ceux qui détiennent le pouvoir , par la voix du peuple , ne sont que de tristes marionnettes au services des accapareurs.

Ceux-là , ils avancent masqués . Il n y a pas que les hommes politiques . Il y a les autres aussi .

Les dirigeants de grandes sociétés et surtout les hommes d’affaires . Bref, les boulimiques qui ne sont jamais rassasiés , les monstres qui au nom de la démocratie veulent avaler le monde .

Et pourquoi ? Pour passer plus de temps à s’emmerder ,car se sont de grands sadomasochistes , terribles …

Que faire ? Et bien se révolter .

Le pire des aveugles est celui qui ne veut pas voir ,et le pire des sourds est celui qui ne veut pas entendre …

Voilà plus de deux mois que les dirigeants du pays pays ne veulent rien entendre . Qui n’entendent pas la voix du peuple .
Les Romains ne disaient-ils pas déjà que la voix du peuples est la voix de Dieu. Vox populi , vox dei .
C’est ainsi qu’on entre dans un engrenage qui , je pense va nous mener vers un chamboulement dramatique .

Farewell, State of Lebanon

Since its pseudo “independence” from mandated France in 1943, Lebanon was unable to create a serious State that can be sustained.

وداعاً يا “الدولة”

نصري الصايغ 09/01/2019

فلتترجل أفكارنا وأمانينا. مئة عام عبرت ولم ننشئ دولة، ولن…

منذ قرن، ولد لبنان الكبير. لم ينجب دولة… رسموا له حدوداً، وظل فائضاً عن حدوده، واستمرت ممراً لكل راغب تلبية دعوة جاءته من الداخل. حدوده محدَّدة على الخريطة. خطوط وهمية فقط. يتسرب منها الداخل والخارج. أي بلا سيادة.

زودوه، بدستور لا يشبهه. فضلوا عليه الميثاق الشفهي، لترضى الطوائف على حصصها، ولم يشبعوا. بات الدستور خزانة تُحفظ فيه التحف البالية. ولا مرة كان دستور لبنان مرجع قياداته. تركوا الشفهي من التصريحات، وعاينوا كيف احتذوا (من حذاء) مواده داسوها، باسم الجماعات الموزعة على طوائفها ومذاهبها.

منحوه استقلالاً سهلاً. عاهة التعظيم لهذا الحدث، تضعه في مصاف فيتنام وكوبا وجنوب افريقيا و… لا أحد ممن رُفِع اسمه عالياً يشبه هوشي منه او كاسترو او نلسون مانديلا… صفقة بريطانيا اخرجت فرنسا من الشباك فقط، وظلت في المفاصل. ويصح السؤال: هل كان لبنان مستقلاً طوال قرن، أم كان مقيماً في عواصم دولية وإقليمية؟ ويصح السؤال الثاني: هل كان واحداً او متعدداً. الجواب: لبنان وجد على قارعة الولاءات الخارجية، وتمزق نسيجه ولا يزال…لا دولة في لبنان.

أعطي اللبنانيون حق أن يحكموا أنفسهم بأنفسهم. ليس. هذه كذبة كبرى. لبنان ظل محكوماً من خارجه. لم يرتدع. يرضع الدعم لطوائفه من صدور سخية، مقابل قبول التبني. فمعظم قادته وسياسييه، لبنانيتهم تأتي في المؤخرة، يتقدم عليها ولاءِهم للجيران، الاقربين والأبعدين. ولأنهم كذلك تحوَّلت مؤسسات الدولة إلى سوق، يتم فيها تأجير الوزارات لسياسيين، لا يكتمون ولاءهم لدول الجوار البعيد والقريب. وأحيانا كثيرة، يستعصي عليهم تأليف وزارة، بما هب ودب من التناقضات والاحقاد والصفقات.

اللبنانيون التعيسون جداً، يصدقون انهم في دولة أو في طور بناء دولة. صدق عبد الحميد كرامي عندما كان رئيساً للوزراء واكتشف أن لبنان ليس دولة. أعلم بشارة الخوري أن هذه مزرعة، يلزم أن نلغيها لبناء دولة. رفض بشارة فاستقال عبد الحميد، وما عاد بعدها إلى النيابة او الوزارة.

منذ 75 عاماً واللبنانيون رعايا في مزرعة موزعة بين الطوائف، التي لها منزلة تعلو منزلة الدولة والدستور والقوانين والانسان. هذه دولة للطوائف. ملكيتها مبرمة، ولا يشترك فيها الا أبناء الذمة من الطوائف كافة. لا أحد، مهما علا شأنه وبلغت قيمته وبدت إنسانيته… لا أحد ابداً أقوى من الطوائف. ولا إصلاح يأتي من جانبها. وكل خراب انما من نتاج عبقريتها، وخدمها المخلصين من القيادات القوَّادة “لشعوبها” المطيعة والمفترسة.

غريب أمر “الجماهير” اللبنانية. انها تطالب بالإصلاح وبناء الدولة. عبث. طوشتنا المطالب. أصوات بلا اصداء. آلا يلاحظ هؤلاء الابرياء أن الطبقة السياسية مشغولة بأمور ذات منفعة خاصة. المطالبون في واد، وأهل “الدولة” في وادٍ آخر… يصح التشبيه: “الجماهير” تخاطب من لا يسمع ولا يكترث ولا يهش…

مسيرة لبنان، منذ ولادته الغلط، تبرهن على أن التقدم اختصاص طوائفي. لقد بلغت الطائفية تمامها. الأقوى في طائفته دليل على نجاح الطوائف وازدياد قوتها، ولا قوة خارجها، ولو كانت اكثرية… ومسيرة لبنان، منذ ولادته، برهنت على أن اللاطائفيين مناضلون فاشلون. احزابهم خراب. منظماتهم مهجورة. قياداتهم يتيمة. كلماتهم خارج النص. الطائفية تتقدم والمدنية تتراجع والعلمانية تنعدم والمواطنة تنقرض.

متعب لبنان الذي يريده الناس الطيبون. لا مجال لضوء. العتمة تامة. الدهماء تسد المنافذ. السياسة تضيِّق الأفق… تعبنا من معركة مكافحة الفساد. خلص. الفساد دين الدولة المقدس. تعبنا من تكرار الشعارات نفسها. وهذا ليس يأساً، بل توصيف لحالة راهنة ومزمنة: لبنان لا يتقدم بل يتراجع. سيبلغ الإفلاس قريباً وطبقته السياسية مشغولة بأتفه وأشنع وأبشع و… مشغولة بتأليف ما يسمى وزارة. وهي ليست إلا صفقة لوراثة “دولتهم”.

لا أعرف طريقاً للإيمان بلبنان الدولة والشعب والدستور. لذلك، وبكل اسف وصفاء ضمير أقول: “وداعاً ايتها الدولة”.


How Israel promotes cyberbullying of US students

George Washington University students who support Palestinian rights are being cyberbullied. (DivestThisTimeatGW)

The Israeli government is encouraging its supporters to engage in a cyberbullying campaign against US students after they voted to divest from companies that profit from Israel’s crimes.

Administrators of the Act.IL app began directing its users to “like” and share a Facebook page that was set up solely to threaten and bully student senators of George Washington University in Washington, DC, who had recently voted in support of the resolution.

The Facebook page smeared the divestment campaign as “anti-Semitic.”

The Act.IL app is the product of a partnership between Israeli think tanks, lobby groups and Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairswhich poured nearly $600,000 into the project, according to revealed documents.

This lobby effort was funded largely by casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a major donor to anti-Palestinian causes and to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The ministry is in charge of running a covert campaign of sabotage against BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement in support of Palestinian human rights.

The student senators’ ballots were cast in secret, due to concerns that they could face retaliation if their votes were made public. The vote passed 18-6 with six abstentions on 24 April.

A similar resolution failed to pass – by one vote – last year.

The Facebook page to which the app directed its users, titled “No Secret Ballot,” and an accompanying website with the same name, threatened to expose the student senators who had voted in support of the resolution.

But it seems unlikely they could really have done so, since the voting was done by paper ballot and there is no record of how each student personally voted.

“Foreign government interference in the electoral process is always concerning,” Radhika Sainath, senior staff attorney at Palestine Legal, told The Electronic Intifada.

But, she added, Israel’s “meddling in student democracy by bullying and threatening” college students is “just plain scary.”

The Facebook page and the website were both taken offline soon after, but the app did not remove their listing of the bullying campaign and it remained as an “open mission” until it expired.

Screenshot of the Act.IL app’s “mission” to support a cyberbullying campaign. (@AntiBDSApp)

Students say that the online bullying campaign is an extension of in-person intimidation that occurred leading up to and during the voting process.

Individuals wearing bird costumes and masks, evoking the shadowy blacklisting website Canary Mission, stood outside the senate hall as students voted on the resolution, and reportedly posted signs around campus saying “SJP [Students for Justice in Palestine] you saw two of us, we saw all of you,” according to Mondoweiss.

Canary Mission is an anonymous website that aims to tarnish the reputations of educators and students who speak out for Palestinian rights, and compromise their future professional careers.

University police refused to remove the harassing individuals and failed to protect students, an activist with Divest This Time at GW, a student group which promoted the divestment vote, told The Electronic Intifada.

The student did not wish to be named for fear of retaliation.

“Missions” to bully

The Act.IL app sends users on “missions” to promote Israel’s image, report social media pages and accounts that support Palestinian human rights and harass activists involved in BDS campaigns.

It also encourages users to post pro-Israel talking points in the comment sections of online articles, and to harass journalists who they claim are “biased.”

The app dedicated at least six separate missions to harass New Zealand pop star Lorde after she canceled her Tel Aviv gig in December.

It incentivizes the user experience with points and badges once users complete their missions – effectively turning the harassment of activists into a game.

One of the “missions” the Act.IL app assigned to Israel’s propaganda foot soldiers last November, according to The Jewish Daily Forward, “was to comment on a specific post on the Facebook page of the pro-Palestinian website The Electronic Intifada.”

Israel’s PR operatives wanted to counter the impact of The Electronic Intifada’s reporting on the Dutch government’s support for a promotion by settlement-profiteering Israeli supermarket chain Shufersal.

“War room”

Israel began testing various online propaganda tools in order to counteract negative press, especially after its assaults on Gaza in 2012 and 2014.

These included so-called “hackathons” – events run by the Israeli government in partnership with think tanks and Israel advocacy groups to develop online tools that inject pro-Israel content into social media while smearing BDS campaigns around the globe.

During Israel’s 2014 attack on Gaza, for instance, Israeli institutions set up a “war room” of students tasked with spreading anti-Palestinian propaganda on Facebook.

Another government-backed initiative, revealed in 2012, offered students up to $2,000 to post pro-Israel propaganda online, working for five hours a week “from the comfort of home.”

The Act.IL app was one the products born from these efforts, out of an ongoing project run by the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, an Israeli university with strong ties to the military and its weapons development sector.

The app’s manager has boasted that the Israeli army and the Shin Bet, Israel’s secret police, feed the Act.IL developers information on “inciting content,” saying that even those agencies “couldn’t keep [up] with how fast we were getting things removed.”

The strategic affairs ministry “has started to rebrand these initiatives as ‘algorithmic diplomacy,’” writes Ottawa-based researcher Michael Bueckert, who has been monitoring the app over the last year.

Bueckert runs a Twitter account that tracks the app’s announced “missions.”

The app is classic “astroturfing,” he told The Electronic Intifada, using the common term for a fake grassroots campaign.

It directs users to interact with and share social media content, and can even send emails through users’ Gmail accounts to try to influence the outcome of local campaigns “in a way that appears organic and spontaneous – and deliberately in a way that hides the participation of the Israeli state or any other organizations,” he said.

“A trick”

Although the app consistently interferes with local Palestine solidarity campaigns, Bueckert said, “this is the first time that I’ve noticed it take on this aggressive cyberbullying approach.”

“What the app does is a trick,” Bueckert said.

“If you’re on campus, or involved in a local campaign, and you see all of these ‘likes’ coming in for the other side, you could be confused and assume that there’s a public consensus against your campaign,” when in fact it is just the same group of dedicated users of the app, he added.

Last month, the app directed users to send emails and petitions to the city council of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in an effort to thwart activist pressure on the city to drop Hewlett-Packard over that company’s contracts with the Israeli military.

“These are international app users at the direction of the Israeli government, not local constituents,” Bueckert tweeted at the time.

Citing “aggressive tactics by opponents” of the campaign, the activist group MassAgainstHP said in mid-April that they had to postpone their hearing in front of the city council.

Bueckert said that although online campaigns are a normal way activists can support their causes, what is new about the way that the app works is that Israel itself, with the assistance of its military and secret police, is helping to “promote and facilitate this process of online social media wars.”

He told The Electronic Intifada that it was fascinating to see that there are people who are willing to be voluntarily conscripted as “agents of the Israeli government in a very real way.”

Coordinated digital attacks

In addition to the defunct website to which the app directed its users,, another anonymous website was launched to harass and smear students involved in the George Washington University divestment campaign.

The website claims the resolution is “anti-Semitic” and “divisive,” and can send an email through the site to senators opposing the vote.

Analysis by The Electronic Intifada shows that both websites are hosted by a private registrant through the same domain name provider and have identical IP addresses, a strong indication that one central organization launched and maintained both sites.

Notably, the Israel on Campus Coalition, an Israel lobby network that closely monitors the Palestine solidarity movement, appears to be involved in attacking the student supporters of divestment at George Washington University.

The ICC tweeted a link on 16 April to a petition opposing the George Washington University divestment resolution, but that tweet has since been deleted.

This tweet from the Israel on Campus Coalition seems to have been deleted.

The ICC continues, however, to excoriate the outcome of the vote and smear a student senator, Brady Forrest, who had been accused of anti-Semitism due to his criticisms of Israeli policies and Jewish student organizations that back Israeli violence against Palestinians.

In an email seen by The Electronic Intifada, which addressed Forrest as “Adolf Hitler,” student senators were warned against using a secret ballot during the divestment vote.

In the email imploring student senators to vote against the resolution, the sender includes a link to the website.

The email sender’s address, however, is listed as is a website that helps organizations with “advocacy” and “strategic messaging” as well as bulk email services.

The Israel on Campus Coalition was listed as one of just 20 main clients on their website, as can be seen in the screenshot below, which was taken on 23 April:

Screenshot of recent JVA Campaign page listing ICC as a client.

As of 4 May, the ICC logo and name on their client roster had been removed:

The ICC seems to have been dropped from JVA Campaign’s current client list.

ICC’s partner organization, Hillel International, still appears as a client.

It is not known why the ICC was removed from the JVA Campaigns client list. The Electronic Intifada did not receive a response from the company by press time.

Meanwhile, in the past week, the Act.IL app has been directing its users to sign up to receive campaign emailsfrom right-wing Florida senator Marco Rubio and to sign a petition opposing a BDS campaign at the City University of New York (CUNY).

The student senate at CUNY planned to vote on a system-wide divestment resolution last week.

However, that vote was postponed indefinitely after senators came under heavy pressure from Israel supporters, according to Rani al-Hindi, a member of the Palestine Solidarity Alliance at Hunter College, which is part of the CUNY system.

In mid-April, the ICC had tweeted the same link to a petition against the resolution that was promoted by the Act.IL app.

A one-page website appeared, smearing the CUNY divestment campaign as “anti-Semitic.” Users could click and send pre-formulated emails in opposition to the divestment vote.

Al-Hindi told The Electronic Intifada that student senators received a deluge of these emails from Israel-aligned students, as well as individuals unaffiliated with the university system, pressuring the senators to vote against the resolution.

Students supportive of the divestment campaign had been facing routine harassment by Zionist students, al-Hindi explained.

Last month, 14 civil rights and social justice groups, including Palestine Legal and the Center for Constitutional Rights, sent a letter to 280 US universities demanding they take urgent action to protect students’ free speech.

Universities must condemn the increasing harassment and intimidation tactics employed by right-wing Israel advocacy groups, including Canary Mission, the letter says.

Nora Barrows-Friedman is an associate editor of The Electronic Intifada.

Israel ravaged Lebanon and Beirut, even before the occupation in 1982, with a series of car bombing tactics

Rise and Kill First: First-Hand Accounts of Israel’s Role in a Widespread Campaign of Car (and Bicycle and Donkey) Bombings in Lebanon

Early on, Bergman explains, the operation used mostly “explosives concealed in cans of oil or preserves” built in a metal shop of Kibbutz Mahanayim where Ben-Gal used to live.

The explosives themselves came from the bomb disposal unit of the IDF so as to “greatly minimize the chance that any connection with Israel might be revealed if the explosive devices fell into enemy hands.”

““We’d come there at night,”” Ben-Gal told Bergman, “Meir [Dagan] and I and the rest of the guys, with the Northern Command’s chief engineer, who brought the explosives, and we’d fill those little drums and connect the  fuses.”

The cover of Rise and Kill First

These “little drums” were then “dispatched to couriers in large backpacks, or, if they were too big, on motorcycles, bicycles, or donkeys.”

As Bergman tells it: “Soon the bombs began exploding at the homes of the PLO’s “collaborators” in southern Lebanon, killing everyone there, as well as in PLO positions and offices, mostly in Tyre, Sidon, and the Palestinian refugee camps around them, causing massive damages and casualties.”

The operation was run in complete secrecy, according to Bergman. It was never approved by the government itself, and there is “no way of knowing” to what extent Ezer Weizman, the Defense Minister when the operation was launched, knew about it.

In spite of their efforts, Eitan, Ben-Gal and Dagan were unable to keep their operation fully airtight, leading several senior officers from AMAN (the Hebrew acronym for the Intelligence Department of the Israel Defense Forces General Staff) to push back and strenously object.

The head of AMAN’s Research Division, Amos Gilboa, described to Bergman what he called a “constant struggle” between AMAN and the Northern Command.

“Yanosh [Ben-Gal] lied to us all the time. We did not believe any of  their reports,” Gilboa said. “This was one of the ugliest periods in the history of the country.” Later, AMAN learned “from its sources in Lebanon” about the “car and donkey bombings” but, writes Bergman, they eventually decided to drop the issue.

Pushback also came from within the government itself, as when Deputy Defense Minister Mordechai Zippori learned of an attack that had taken place in April 1980 and during which women and children had been killed following the explosion of a car bomb in southern Lebanon.

The aim had been, according to Bergman, to hit “PLO personnel.” In June, a meeting was convened in Begin’s office, with Zippori accusing Ben-Gal of “carrying out unauthorized actions in Lebanon” and that “in these activities, women and children have been killed.” The latter replied: “Not correct. Four or five terrorists were killed. Who drives around in Lebanon in a Mercedes at 2 a.m.? Only terrorists.”

Begin accepted Ben-Gal’s assurance that he had in fact received permission for the action and called an end to the meeting. According to Bergman, the extent of the Prime Minister’s knowledge about these activities is unclear.

From that point on, however, “the top brass realized there was no point in asking the prime minister to rectify the situation.” The Tel Aviv meeting thus marked the end of any kind of internal pushback against the covert operation conducted by Eitan, Ben-Gal and Dagan, a fateful development as the operation was about to enter its second (and even more violent) stage following the appointment of a new Defense Minister.

On July 16, 1981, Palestinian Katyushah rockets had killed 3 Israeli civilians in the village of Kiryat Shmonah. The next day, the Israeli air force had responded with a massive bombing raid targeting the headquarters of the PLO in downtown Beirut as well as several bridges around Sidon, killing between 200 and 300 people, mostly Lebanese civilians, and wounding over 800.

Philip Habib, President Ronald Reagan’s special envoy in the region, mediated a ceasefire whereby the PLO was required to stop any attacks inside Israel. To Israeli leaders, such an agreement was unacceptable.

The PLO was a “terrorist” organization, and the American decision to consider Arafat a partner in a ceasefire a veritable affront. As to the specifics of the accord, they argued that the PLO should stop all attacks against Israel and Israeli interests, including attacks that took place in the occupied territories or in places like Europe.

As Bergman notes however, “the outside world saw things differently, and Habib made it clear to the Israelis that the United States would back a land incursion into Lebanon only in response to a gross provocation by the PLO.”

On August 5, 1981, Begin picked Ariel Sharon to replace him as Defense Minister.

For the next 10 months or so, as Israeli historians like Zeev Schiff and Ehud Yaari, Benni Morris, Avi Shlaim or Zeev Maoz have long documented, Israel engaged in numerous military operations with the clear purpose of goading the Palestinians into some form of military response, which Israel would then be able to condemn as a “terrorist” attack that justified a major offensive into Lebanon.

August 1981: Ariel Sharon Becomes Defense Minister and Intensifies the FLLF Bombing Campaign to Goad the PLO into Resorting to “Terrorism”

Rise and Kill First represents a major contribution to our understanding of this historical moment, as it demonstrates, based on first-hand accounts from Israeli officers involved in the operation, that the car-bombing campaign that greatly intensified once Sharon became Defense Minister should be understood precisely as one element of this broader strategy of provocation.

Immediately after taking his new functions Sharon decided to “activate Dagan’s secret apparatus in the Northern Command.” He picked Eitan as a “personal emissary” who would “keep an eye on the clandestine activities in the north” and, Bergman explains, “by mid-September 1981, car bombs were exploding regularly in Palestinian neighborhoods of Beirut and other Lebanese cities.”

The author then specifically mentions bombings in Beirut and Sidon in early October, notes that “in December 1981 alone, eighteen bombs in cars or on motorcycles, bicycles, or donkeys blew up near PLO offices or Palestinian concentrations, causing many scores of deaths” and adds that “a new and unknown organization calling itself the Front for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners took responsibility for all of these incidents.”

As Bergman writes: “Sharon hoped that these operations would provoke Arafat into attacking Israel, which could then respond by invading Lebanon, or at least make the PLO retaliate against the Phalanges, whereupon Israel would be able to leap in great force to the defense of the Christians.”

The author goes on to add remarkable operational details. During that stage of the operation, the explosives were “packed in Ariel laundry powder bags” so as to look “like innocent goods” when going through roadblocks. Women were sometimes enlisted to drive “to reduce the likelihood of the cars being caught on the way to the target zone.”

The cars themselves “were developed in the IDF’s Special Operations Executive (Maarach Ha-Mivtsaim Ha-Meyuchadim).” These operations involved an early generation of aerial drones, used to observe as Dagan’s agents drove and parked the cars, then to remotely set off the devices.

The FLLF also “began attacking Syrian installations in Lebanon,” Bergman adds, and even “claimed responsibility for operations against IDF units.” According to Dagan the FLLF was never behind any such attacks but it “took responsibility in order to create credibility, as if it was operating against all of the foreign forces in Lebanon.”

The American Press and its Contemporary Coverage of the FLLF Car-Bombings

Frontpage of the New York Times from February 6, 1983 featuring an article by on Thomas Friedman on a bombing by the Front for the Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners

While providing remarkable details about the Israeli side of this secret operation, Bergman’s account remains very vague when it comes to the attacks themselves and, more importantly, their victims. Contemporary media accounts of the October 1981 Beirut and Sidon bombings, which he refers to specifically, give a clearer sense of the violence and destruction involved.

On October 1, a car “booby-trapped with 220 pounds of TNT and 20 gallons of gasoline” exploded near the offices of the PLO, in what a UPI journalist described as “a busy street in Moslem west Beirut packed with fruit and vegetable venders and housewives doing their morning shopping.”

The bomb “tore the facade off buildings, destroyed 50 cars and left the street littered with debris and dismembered bodies.” Immediately following the blast a second bomb, weighing 330 pounds and which had been planted in another car parked on the same street, was found and dismantled by bomb disposal experts.

Later that same day, “six other cars loaded with hundreds of pounds of explosives were found and defused in Beirut and Sidon in what was intended as a devastating blitz against Palestinians and leftist Lebanese militiamen by rightist terrorists.”

As Barbara Slavin and Milt Freudenheim reported in the pages of the New York Times, an “anonymous caller” for the FLLF had told “foreign news agencies that the attacks were directed against Palestinian and Syrian targets in Lebanon and would continue “until no foreigners are left.”

” They went on to add that both Mahmoud Labadi, the spokesman for the Palestine Liberation Organization, and Lebanese Prime Minister Chafik Wazzan “blamed Israel and its Christian allies in Lebanon for the car bomb” while “Israel attributed the bombing to internecine P.L.O. warfare.”


Home demolitions in West Bank on the rise; already 1 home destroyed in 2019

Home demolitions in West Bank on the rise; already 1 home destroyed in 2019

The Sheweiki family’s belongings outside of their demolished home in Qalandia, January 2, 2019. Photo credit: Wadi Hilweh Information Center.

Why would 2019 be any different from 2018? Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes goes on unabated, as though it were a completely legal occurrence. In fact, 2018 saw a 21% increase over 2017.

from Alternative Information Center

On Wednesday, January 2, 2018, Israeli forces demolished a Palestinian-owned home in the Jerusalem district.

The house belonged to the Maghrabi family. It was built five years ago in al-Matar area of the Qalandia neighborhood on the Jerusalem side of the Israeli wall that surrounds the West Bank.

Six members of the Shweiki family lived in the home, reports al-Jazeera. Following the demolition, residents’ belongings were left stacked outside next to the rubble of what used to be their home.

Israeli forces demolish the Mughrabi family’s home in Qalandia, January 2, 2019. Photo credit: Wadi Hilweh Information Center.

Israeli authorities claim that the house lacks construction permits. According to the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, the owner of the house Hamza al-Mughrabi has attempting licensing his house under Israeli law for years.

The Israeli municipality zones only 8 to 13 percent of East Jerusalem for Palestinian residential construction.

As a result, many East Jerusalem residents are forced to build without permits to avoid overcrowding. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel found that 20,000 homes in East Jerusalem – 39 percent of all homes in East Jerusalem – lack Israeli construction permits.

Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem are the target of Israeli settlement plans, which aim to link four concentric circles of settlements, starting with the Old City, followed by the “Holy Basin” (Silwan, Sheikh Jarrah, a-Tur, Mount Zion, and the Kidron Valley), Jerusalem’s annexation border, and finally the West Bank.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the occupied Palestinian territories reports that Israeli authorities demolished 177 Palestinian-owned structures in Jerusalem in 2018, representing a 25 percent increase compared to 2017. In the West Bank, Israeli authorities demolished 283 Palestinian-owned homes, representing an 18 percent increase compared to 2017.

In total, Israeli authorities demolished 480 Palestinian structures in the West Bank and Jerusalem in 2018, representing a 21 percent increase compared to 2017.


The plight and blight of home demolition in Israel and Palestine

A cruel, yet very usual Israeli incident that almost nobody knows about

Israeli Soldiers Demolish A Kindergarten And A Women’s Center Near Jerusalem




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