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The mass upheaval in Lebanon, starting in October 17, is growing stronger and widespread

Note: You may read my first post on this mass upheaval

The mass demonstrations in all cities and districts have unified the citizens under Lebanon flag and National anthem: this is a miracle, in this sectarian political structure since 1943.

A few may say that this upheaval has no definite program. I say this reasoning is irrelevant and is a big plus for this mass demonstration: What this upheaval proved is that that a unified people is possible and we will have to work toward that purpose.

This upheaval has planted the seed for a non-sectarian political structure.

It planted the seed for a civil state where laws are civil for personal status and away from the religious sects privileges.

It planted the seed for an election law that restrict voting to the affiliation to religious sects.

This upheaval has backfired on all these militia/mafia “leaders” of the civil war, in control for 3 decades.

These militia “leaders” inserted their hooligans to disrupt this growing unified movement: they gave order to set fire on building, break in private properties, destroy public institutions and set fires on tires to block the main highways…

In fact, the hooligans of Nabih Berry (chairman of the parliament for 28 years and the main militia leaders who distribute the stolen wealth to the other militia partners) have confronted the peaceful protesters in Tyre (his stronghold) and Nabatiyyeh with weapons and violent body activities.

The army was forced to disperse the protesters in downtown Beirut and arrest the hooligans. Actually, it is the “soldiers” assigned to Nabih Berry around the parliament that acted most violently against dozens of the peaceful demonstrators. “Shou hal wejj el 7elo. Khood hal box”

The army even cracked down in Tripoli and arrested many who contributed in using machine guns.

We have no news if the army entered Tyre to round up Nabih’s hooligans. It seems the local channels got scared of Nabih’s warning and desisted of covering what is taking place in Type.

Today, Nabatiyyeh is scintillating with thousands of personal lights: Hezbollah got it right that this upheaval is legitimate and peaceful. I guess this is a strong message against the Amal militia of Nabih Berry.

Today, the upheaval grew stronger and the hooligans were absent from all the scenes: the militia “leaders” got the message clear and loud: the protesters can pinpoint them and the army is ready to quickly arrest them and prosecute them.

The secretary general of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, delivered his speech in Baalbak this morning. He said:

  1. There will be no resignation of the government. Otherwise, we will have to wait another year to constitute another government. And Lebanon cannot contemplate this luxury since we have a short period to re-establish a viable resolution.
  2. The option of a government of technocrats will be brought down within 2 weeks by the same “leaders’ demanding this alternative.
  3. Going for another election will take a year. We will have to discuss a new election law that takes a great time. And in any case, the parliament will basically end up being constituted by the same members
  4. All those politicians who controlled this political structure in the last 3 decades should Not hope for a bygone be  bygone: They will be prosecuted and their stolen wealth restituted.
  5. He claimed that this mass upheaval was Not planned by any foreign powers or even internal parties: it was carried out by citizens who could no longer suffer hunger, frustration, indignities… by this rotten ruling classes.

My conjecture is that the accumulated comments and opinions on social platforms (positive or negative) have increased the awareness of the citizens on their state of affairs. Every wrong doing committed by a politician or a high ranking member in the various institutions created a web of endemic deep structural reality in the entire  political scene.

The masses finally got aware of this kleptocracy class of politicians and financiers who have monopolies on every kind of consumer goods, energy, services and financial transactions

Here are a few of my notes and comments:

It is 10 am.  The carts in supermarkets are overflowing with goods. Kind of fearing the worst to happen?

(mfawleen chariots? thikat awta min 7arb 2006?)

The militia “leaders” desisted today from unleashing their hooligans

(Zo3ama militias dabdabo zo3raanon. Intahat al khouwaat)

I see cars “protesting”: young people driving fancy cars, the Lebanese flag planted inside the windows. They are Not hungry, but pocket money is being reduced in this financial crisis.

(Tazaahor bil Voitures. Shakko 3alam Loubnan bil shebbak. Moush jou3aneen. “Argent de Poche” ma kaafi)

I feel that all politicians, current and former, are scared shit and getting ready to leave the country, especially, those who used hooligans against the protesters. First, their wives and children leave, carrying the cash and Jewelries. Actually many have already fled in their luxury yachts and private jets.

(E7ssassi, kel al politicians, 7ali wa saabek, 3am yi dobbo shinaton, especially, eli hayyajo zo3ranon wa e3tado 3al moutazahireen. 3am yi shekho wa yi tommo.
their wives and sons and daughters have already fled with their cash and jewelry.
Seniora ila Egypt
Mikati ila Morocco
Berry ila Detroit yefta7 gas stations.
Walid 3am yi fattesh ila ayn yahrob. Momken 3end Putin?
Samir bi faddel Canada
Sett Rida bet faddel Gulf States
Mosbaa7 ila Egypt?…. Any more suggestions?)

If the PM gave himself 3 day to decide on the state of the government, how many days is Al Sayyed (Hezbollah) ready to give this government if it failed to deliver on promises?

(Kem yawm a3ta al Sayyed lel 7oukoumat to deliver?)

The main question is: how you intend to create jobs? What kind of jobs can feed families? Jobs that can recoup the expense of allowing children to graduate?

(Aya 3amal betsed al jou3, aw bet 3awed takaleef al jaami3aat?)

The TV channels need to archive the recording of people feedback in these demonstrations and give a copy to all the deputies.

(Drouri al e3laam yejma3o ta3likaat al sha3eb wa yenshorouha, wa yi kadmoha lel nouwaab)

To current and former politicians and “nouveaux riches”: Make sure your body guards don’t carry machine guns

(Bala body guards 7aamel rashaash. Mosbaa7 ma elo mawte2 kadam la bi Trablos wa la bi Loubnan: Exiled for trying to join the protesters in his luxury cars and well armed body guards)

Israel is as cunning as the Romans: the Romans decided Not to confront directly Hannibal and instead starved his army

(Israel 3akrouti metel al Roumaan: decided Not to confront Hanibaal directly: jawwa3et jaisho wal moukaawami)

How the PM is considering the 72 hours to calm the uprising? Decide that the deputy blocks of Moustakbal, Tayyar and Hezbollah are big enough and homogeneous enough to carry out the intended reforms? And shed this government from the parties that are “actually in the opposition”, like Samir and Walid?

(72 hours 7atta Sa3ed yi karrer: al eslaa7 ma3 al Tayyar wa Hezbollah, wa yi tayyez 3a Walid was Samir. Bi hal 7aali bi sour fi mouwalaat wa mou3aradad. Sheyyab drouri yen zaa7. Walid modtarr yen khonret li anno ma3zool min kel al jihaat)

La folie c’est de faire la meme routine et d’esperer que ca change?

(Une autre revolte jusqu’a ce que zo3raan al militias tet3ab?)

And now? What kind of discussions are going around among the political leaders? And how are they communicating? Using What’sApp?

(wa halla2 shou? ayat nawe3 min al ta7aawor? ayat khitabaat mjahzeen?)

3 days to allow the wives of politicians to leave with their cash and Jewels?

(3 ayaam 7atta neswanon yohrbo ma3 Cash wa moujawharaat?)

I warned Raya Hassan (minister of interior): Do Not use gas canister.

(Bahdalti 7aalek wa intahat mesdaakiyat Sa3ed).

Just suppose the political kleptocracy class (Faassed) agreed to return his wealth, will Switzerland and the USA return these wealth to the government? About $320 bn?

Note 1: Not a single politician (current or former) dared to join this upheaval: they got the message pretty loud that they are Not welcomed and considered to be part of this downhill trend in Lebanon. Good intentions do Not count: their actions are on trial. Actually, even singers and entertainers got the message: “You are part of this structure”

Note 2: My conjecture is that the accumulated comments and opinions on social platforms (positive or negative) have increased the awareness of the citizens on their state of affairs.

Note 3: If this phenomena in Lebanon took so long to galvanize the “left-behind” grass root and totally forgotten, it is mainly because of the Silent Majority who considered themselves “above the fray“, for one reason or another.

There are classes of educated citizens who cared about international state of affairs (climate change, pollution, human rights…) and considered focusing on Lebanon society “beneath” their worries or mental “complex” level. Kind if they have a good paying job or business, then the rest is Not of their concern.

There are classes of entrepreneurs who managed to have the backing of a politician and wouldn’t dare ruin their business on “petty free expression”  (The politician had a share in the business without paying a cent, mafia/khouwwi).

Many parents thought they are part of the “leader” entourage and denied their children to critique the leader or have an opinion on social media…

Note 4: The public servants constitute one third of working force in Lebanon. They didn’t rely on their meager salary, but on the bakhshish for every transaction in their institutions. In the last 3 years, these “servants” discovered that money is getting too tight for the normal citizen who didn’t want to waste their little money on redundant transactions



How Lebanon overcame 6 years of a useless President: Michel Suleiman

Note: updated post of 2014

How this Insipid President vacated the Palace? Account in banks by the millions, Not accounting for 2 dozens luxury cars, gifts from Qatar and Saudi Kingdom and many newly built villas

During the presidency of Suleiman,  no government was formed in less than 200 days, the recent government needed 395 days of gestation.

Lebanon ridiculous shadow State.

This ex-president Michel Suleiman, the President of the Void per excellence: no one cried when he vacated the Palace, accompanied by 10 new luxury cars of his own, free from taxes.

Suleiman was dreaming of extending his tenure 2 more years, as the Parliament did last year and robbed the citizens from their democratic rights, as did the ex-president Emil Lahoud, as did the late ex- president Hrawi…

The hopes of Suleiman were dashed since his passive practices and antagonistic positions on Hezbollah alienated the Shiaa and most of the Lebanese patriots.

Three months ago, in desperation, Suleiman referred to Hezbollah as talking with a “wooden tongue” since the resistance insisted on the strategic line of “People, Army and Resistance

In order to demonstrate that he can still deliver on his promises (6 years overdue) if given two more years, Saudi Arabia and the US gave the green light to the designated PM Saad Hariri, head of the Mustakbal (Future) movement, to help constitute a government that was 395 days in waiting.

The government started with a flurry of decisions, like imposing a climate of security in the city of Tripoli and the regions bordering Syria in the Bekaa Valley and appointed a dozen high-level public servants.

The public service was denied the  appointment of key personnel for a decade and the services in Lebanon were almost non-existent.

The professors and teachers in the public universities were left in the void and the government replaced the University Council in appointing and controlling every decision concerning the universities.

Suleiman delivered a farewell speech suggesting dozens of constitutional reforms and failed to deliver on his promises for decentralized administration, a project that was studied and finished when he took office, and alienated many parties and organization to boost the economy that has been experiencing a drastic slump for the last 3 years.

He also promised a fair election law, something related to proportional representation, but never acted on it.

He failed in extending rights to women or appointing more women in top posts.

Suleiman failed to efficiently control the flood of Syrian refugees, more than 1.25 million and constituting a third of the population, and allowed the Syrian insurgents to free flow and cross the Lebanese borders to Syria.

In essence, in 6 years, Suleiman cannot be remembered of creating any institution or bolstering any existing institution.

Suleiman was army chief when the Lebanese political leaders met in Do7a (Qatar) to decide on a replacement “neutral” Maronite  president to “lead” the country for 6 years.

On May 7, 2008 Hezbollah counter-attacked the decisions of the government to clip its control on the airport security and land communication lines. The government retracted and Hezbollah succeeded in closing down a dozen of Israeli safe havens for their agents and security offices disguised as providing civil guards to businesses and personalities.

Consequently, with ex-President Lahoud, already out with a vacant Presidential chair, and a government out of function, Qatar angered Saudi Arabia by inviting the Lebanese leaders to meet in Doha and arranged for a compromise President. And Suleiman sat on the chair of the presidency.

In democratic countries, the leader of the largest parliamentary deputies is the one selected to lead. Not in Lebanon with 19 officially recognized religious castes. That was the huge error of Michel Aoun to bow down on a right he deserved and allowed Suleiman to be President.

Lebanon is a parliamentary system: Nothing is run without the parliament approval, even in the executive or judiciary. But the leader of the largest group is not necessarily the de facto leader: The consensus of the two third of the deputies is required.

As the uprising started in Syria, the propaganda claimed that the regime of Bashar Assad will not last two months. And Suleiman put all his eggs in that basket of “after Bashar” regime and refrained from securing Lebanon’s borders from the infiltration of the Syrian insurgents and refugees.

For two years, Lebanon was the main source for supplying the insurgents in Homs with weapons and medical supplies, and the Syrian insurgents established bases in Lebanon in the north and in the city of Tripoli.

The Lebanese army was not covered politically to establish security in Tripoli, and Tripoli was plagued with 20 rounds of civil wars within a year.

And Lebanon experienced waves of suicide car explosion attacks for 4 months due to the open borders that the army was denied the responsibility to close and control

Suleiman filled a vacant chair and left the chair vacant: The Parliament failed to elect a new President to Lebanon.

And Lebanon has no President. And this event will keep recurring. As the frequency of Lebanon having no governments.

And no decision can be legitimate without the President review and signature.

Suleiman vacated the Palace with dozens of villas newly built for him and his family members, and $1.6 million in an account in Amsterdam Bank. All the expensive watches that he received in gifts were sold, many of them are in the black market. All these financial information were exposed in the Lebanese daily Al Akhbar.

And Suleiman satisfied the policies of US in the Near East, and consequently he can rest assured that he will not be prosecuted for any kinds of embezzlement or any kinds of political harassment or denied visas or any headaches

In this total void, and the illegitimacy of the highest institutions to properly function, Israel is increasing its violations on the southern borders.

Pretty soon, Hezbollah would set up a trap to the incursions of Israeli troops. And Israel will be faced with a hard decision on how to respond. And the Lebanese will be convinced that all the shouting of relying on the State is totally unfounded and premature.

Note: It is 2019. Sure the current President Michel Aoun, another former general of the army, a former appointed Prime minister during the civil war, an elected deputy, founder of the Tayyar party, exiled to France after the colonial powers decided to let Syria be the mandated power (1991 till 2005), while Israel was to occupy south Lebanon till it was forced to withdraw in 2000 without any precondition…

Finally, the majority of the parties in the Parliament agreed to have Aoun President since he had the vast majority of the “Christian” deputies. A new election law and a new election for the chamber of deputies (same figures and same hereditary tradition…).  The budget formally voted on since 2008, many tentative reform laws that have Not been applied…

And now a monster march/demonstration since October 17, 2019 that refuses to quit the streets in Beirut and several other cities, demanding a change in the political system (controlled since 1993 by the mafia/militia “leaders” of the civil war).  Promises, promises…

And the people are hungry, frustrated, trampled on, no electricity, no water, no resolution for the multiple kinds of pollution, no resolution for waste disposal, unclean water ways and seashore, no jobs, highest density of refugees, crumbling financial situation, high dept ($100 bn), no economic infrastructure, expensive services of all kinds

And No viable alternatives pointing in the horizon.

October 17, 2019: The start of an all out Revolt in Lebanon, in every district.

We are not close to ending the culture of impunity. But that is no excuse not to continue to try.

The Irish President was in official visit and had speeches with the Lebanese President. He was to join the Prime minister Serai for a formal dinner.

Events looked cool and promising.

I finished watching a movie at 1 am. and I flipped to a local channel. I was totally surprised to see a huge mass protest in downtown Beirut.

Usually, by 10 pm, the demonstrators disperse, but this time around demonstrators kept flocking in till 3 am. and from far away locations.

I discovered that the mass protests were going on in major cities (Saida and Tripoli) and even in the Bekaa region.

The internal security forces found out that the demonstrators are Not about to retreat or disperse. Each time the forces tried to make a security zone for themselves, they retreated and were pushed back by the determination of the marchers.

No water hoses or gas canisters were used since they demonstrations didn’t generate into violent acts.

But many tires were set to burn in many locations and a few banners and politician posters were torn down.

I went to bed at 3 am and the protests were going strong and I woke up to discover the masses increased in numbers, diversity and locations.

Burning tires closed most highways, and especially access and exit from the airport.

All schools and universities are closed.

So what happened for this outburst of anger?

The convoy of the minister of education, a stooge to his sectarian  and civil war leader Walid Jumblat, shot scores of bullets to drive through a few demonstrators.

The minister of communication reported that the government agreed to charge 20 cents for just the first call on WhatsApp. This minster had dispersed $100 million to purchase the building of Touch a month ago, on the ground that this is cheaper to pay rent for 10 years, as the government was promising to cut on unnecessary expenses to balance out the budget.

Here are a few of my comments and notes that felt needed to be posted on FB.

“It is 1:15 am. The news on Al Jadeed is claiming that hundred of motor cycles are converging to downtown Beirut and burning is taking place in front of the Al Amin Mosque and unfinished buildings”.

I started to flip through the local channels and everyone of them were covering the protests, except OTV (the channel of the Al Tayyar, the party of the President of the Republic Michel Aoun)

“OTV committed an unforgivable error: it refused to cover the massively angry citizens. This demonstration was meant to aid the President to “turn the table” over the mafia/militia “leaders”, but the message is clear and loud: “I will Not turn any table. I am part of this political system. All the reforms are meant to be retouch…” . How can we claim Siyadat (autonomy) when the people is hungry and trampled? The President fell into the trap of Nabih Berry/Walid Jumblat/ Samir Jea3ja3 (the main civil war mafia “leaders”, in control since 1993)”.

(Ghareeb. kel al canalaat 3am tonshor al mouzaharaat, ella OTV: Sett latifat? Ghalat. Ghalat. hal mouzaharaat fi haazeh al saa3at al mouta2akhirat moufaja2at kabirat. estakhro al sha3eb lal 2akher)

“The 20 cents on the first WhatsApp call for the day was meant to be symbolic, but the citizens felt it “estekhraa2 mouwaaten”. Bad timing as no one experienced any material changes in the reform or economic state of affairs. Can you feel any possibility for political system changes?”

“The citizens are revolting against their parents who cowed down and accepted indignity for 30 years. Two generations of parents were unable to reform anything in this defunct political system during 3 decades”

(Al mouwaaten 3am ye7ro2 abawaaton yali 3awadouhom 3al zil li 30 years)

The PM decided to cancel out the meeting of the government set for 2 pm today.

“Strange. Instead of meeting to discuss this upheaval and find resolutions, the government opted to shriek its responsibility”

(Ghareeb. badel ma yejtem3o lel ta7aawor, bi yelgho al jalssat. Ma fi mas2ouliyyet)

“I suggest to the President to call China President to extend the cash amount needed to pay what is due of the State to the salaried public servants, the retirement, and the institutions, including hospitals, schools, military personnel.. that have Not be paid for months. Call now Mr. President”

(Mousta7akaat al dawli lel sha3eb, ziyadat ma3aash, takaa3od, mostashfayaat…)

“With the burning of tires in Beirut, all the deputies moved out to their resort villas. The parliament is to contemplate a resort parliament to circumvent “tire burning”

Nabih Berry, the chairmin of the Parliament in the last 27 years, is doing all he can to oust the President”

(Berry ma baddo mouwazanat 2020. baddo yekhla2 mouwarabat nikaash new voting law, wa halla2?)

“The government is Not about to resign because foreign powers do Not wish it and because Saad Hariri PM is Not about to resign and miss out on the advantages he will reap from the Cedars loans from Europe. I suggest that the ministers of the Al Kouwaat of Samir Jea3ja3 be shed from this government, and the ministers of education and communication be fired. The many ministers with No formal responsibilities be asked to fill the gap”

(Sa3ed moush masmou7 lahuo yestakeel? wa la houwa 3endo marraa2 bi woujoud Cedre. Al e7timal al ma3koul: tan7iyat wouza Al Kouwaat, istikalat Shihayyeb wa Choukair. 3abo al faraagh bi wouzarat bila 7akaa2eb.)

“Come on. If you don’t care to join the protests, at least stay home and refuse to take any vacations”

(yalla. indabbo bil bouyout aw inzalo 3al shaare3. ma fi tesh ba3d al 2an)

The protesters advanced toward the Presidential Palace. The minister of foreign affairs (Jobran Basil), the chairman of the Tayyar party and the strongman of the President) delivered a strong and exhaustive speech from the Palace. Basil demanded that the government meet continuously in order to finish the 2020 budget, that all ministers and deputies submit their financial balance sheets, all the thieves be brought to trial and the recovered money be deposited in a Sovereign Fund…

I feel most of the present protesters are primed to target Jobran Basil, meaning to point the blame to the President, though they were out of the political system for 2 decades.

It is 5:45 and the protesters of Tripoli in Nour Square “Sa7at al Nour” are experiencing live bullets from the guards of former deputy Mosbaa7 A7dab. Seven protesters were severely injured and one killed. The protesters refused this guy to join the marches and after the raining of the bullets they converged and burned Mesbaa7 vans business .

Apparently, the protesters are sick and tired of all politicians, current or former. Although, if you interview anyone aside, he will lambast everyone, except his sectarian leader.

I am waiting for the Saad Hariri PM speech at 6 pm in his Palace (Serai).

Saad delivered his short speech at 6:45. He gave himself 72 hours to hear a definite and full agreement by the political allies on the program for the set of reforms. Apparently, as he said, all the parties agree and at the last minutes they recant on their promises. And this process has been going on for 3 years.

The funny part, all these politicians say “I was feeling with you all the time, you hunger, frustration and despair, but I refrained from expressing myself publicly…”

The protesters claimed that they will Not quit the street until the government resigns. And they prefer a military coup to round up the political thieves and set the stage for new election.

Note 1: In March 8 and March 14 2005, Beirut witnessed mass demonstrations after Syria decided to withdraw its troops from Lebanon. On March 8, Hezbollah organized a demonstration to “Thank the Syrian troops for a job well done”. On March 14, a counter mass demonstration was held in celebration of the withdrawal of the Syrian troops after 3 decades of presence. All the political parties and their “militia leaders” (who lead the civil war and totally cooperated with the Israeli occupation and the Syrian presence  in order to preserve their privileges and political positions) took advantage to claim the patriotism.

October 17, 2019 is a far monster demonstration in diversity, location and determination: it is an upheaval against the internal enemies, thieves and highway robbers of the budget in the last 3 decades.

Note 2: A few years ago, Lebanon was crumbling under a massive waste disposal problem under Sa2eb Salam PM. The wastes were deposited on the streets and on the sides of the rivers. The protesters, under the banners ” You smell” (tol3et ri7etkom) were dispersed with water hoses and gas canisters. The waste disposal problem is still Not resolved.

Sitting in a deserted street, amid the shelling of Sarajevo, he played his Cello.

Note: updating this book review of 2013

“The Cello Player of Sarajevo” by Steven Galloway

On May 27, 1992 and at 4 pm, a shell killed 22 civilians lined up in front of a bakery in besieged Sarajevo.

Over 70 persons were also injured as the shell fell behind Vase Miskina market.

The cello player, Vedran Smailovic, decided to play the Adagio on C minor of Albinoni for 22 days, at the same hour of 4 pm and at the location the shell fell.

Galloway designed his novel to revolve around three fictional characters: Kenan, Dragan and the 30 year-old girl sniper “Arrow” (Fleche or Strijela)

Kenan is married with 3 kids and is living in terror every time he has to go and fetch water. Every 4 days, the family consumes the 6 plastic gallons of potable water brought from the underground fresh water situated in the brewery, 7 miles away.

Kenan has to take great risks crossing streets targeted by shells and snipers from the hills, particularly in crossing the bridges of the river to the other side.

Before starting his dangerous trip, Kenan slumbers on the staircase wall in order to capture enough courage and determination to get going: He is very afraid of this war that is harvesting people indiscriminately.

At one of his dangerous trips, several shells were lodged at the brewery as he was filling his bottles. Scores of people were killed and many injured. Kenan realized that he belong to the category of people who neither run away immediately or try to come to rescue injured people around him.

Kenan just stays around watching the scene of carnage, until he recovers his hearing sensation and feel fit to resume his trip back home…

On the way, he met his friend Ismet, a soldier who gets paid with cigarettes, which he barter with goods in the semi-black market: Most of the foodstuff in the market were offered by the humanitarian aids and which ended up being handled by the gangsters and “nouveaux riches”, those who drives Mercedes and have water delivered to their homes.

Kenan will keep going to the brewery for water: He is the one with all the other people who resumed their daily routine for survival and who will rebuild the city, Not the war criminals.

Dragan, 64 of age, managed to whisk away his wife and boy of 18 year-old to migrate to Italy as the war approached. Dragan knows that he would not see his family again: the wives who got away from the besieged city have been mailing divorce papers. He is now living with his sister and brother-in-law since his apartment was demolished by shells.

He recalls when the militia in the city dragged him to dig ditches at the front line as the war started. The diggers were forgotten for 3 days and didn’t have anything to eat. The owner of the bakery managed to locate where Dragan was, and got him back to work at the bakery.

It turned out that the gang leader was being paid by the head of recruits.

Dragan is now on a dangerous trip to buy bread, many miles away and is not ready to cross a street where a sniper has already killed and injured many civilians who dared to cross to the other side.

Dragan is not a talker and he has been avoiding to meet and open any conversation with people he used to know. The sniper injured one of his close acquaintances Amina and he could not master enough courage to retrieve her to safety.  Amina was to deliver outdated medicines to an elderly person, as a swap program among the inhabitants for lack of medication.

On the other side was a foreign cameraman trying to get interesting pictures of people crossing the deadly street. And Dragan got upset: This city would not be worth saving if dead people are not removed from the street for fear of being shot at.

Dragan decided to walk the 15 meters separating him from a killed passerby and dragged the body to a safe place, even though the sniper tried twice to hit him.

Dragan will deliver the medicines in the name of his injured friend before passing and retrieving his loaf of bread.

And Dragan witnessed that stray dogs, walking with a determined “dogged” mind: They had a destination to arrive at and didn’t stop to sniff the dead bodies. However, dogs knew the dangerous crossing, and would look at the hills before crossing. Maybe the dogs could be used to sense danger ahead of time?

Arrow is an exceptional sniper and she target officers in the hills. She works independently as she is entitled to select her own target.

Her commander assigned her the task of foiling snipers sent to kill the cello player. One of the sniper listened with total reverence to the music. As he was about to shoot the player after the piece finished, Arrow killed the sniper.

Things changed in war politics in the city. Her commander was assassinated and the new colonel wanted Arrow to work under his directives. The colonel wants to test Arrow for her readiness to target civilians, on the ground that this war is “between us and them”: There will be no difference between officers, soldiers or civilian.

As Hasan, the one designated to select for Arrow her targets put it: “They killed by father and my younger brother at home. I have no idea what happened to my mother and sister. I wish they are dead instead of slaving for these murderers…”

Arrow refused this deal of having civilian targets assigned to her, and resumed her unfinished job of protecting the cello player from any further assassination attempts.

Arrow is supposed to disappear and for 10 days she did just that, until the cello player finished his last “concert”. Arrow is back to her apartment, waiting for the military to barge in and assassinate her with “rashak” of bullets…

Note 1: The siege of Sarajevo (500,000 inhabitant at the time) lasted from April 5, 1992 to Feb. 29, 1996. The Serb forces had occupied all the hills surrounding Sarajevo in a valley. The only link to the outside was a tunnel under the airport.

The airport was monitored by an International force. Obviously, the Serb knew about the tunnel that served their interests: They could trade food with the city at exorbitant prices and received appliances at modicum prices, which families bartered  for foodstuff in order to survive.

The criminal barons  and gangs within the city had already invested the army as professional soldiers and officers and they were controlling the black market.

The UN estimated that ten thousands were killed and 100,000 injured. Over 10,000 apartment totally demolished and 100,000 seriously damaged, or 25% of the total buildings.

Note 2Vedran Smailovic managed to leave Sarajevo on December 1993 and is currently residing in North Ireland

Note 3: in 1945, an Italian musicology discovered 4 tempo of the bass partition of a burned sonata in the ruins of Dresden. He was convinced the tempo were composed by the 17th century Venice Tomaso Albinoni, and spent 12 years reconstituting how the original could have been composed. It’s a fake Adagio, but very beautiful.

Why Israel decided Not to intervene in Hezbollah clearing Lebanon Eastern Mountain chains fro terrorist Al Nusra group

Dr. Amilan Nahoum published in Israel Times (July 24, 2017) the story of why Israel decided Not to intervene in Hezbollah’s undertaking of clearing Lebanon Eastern Mountain chain from the terrorist Al Nusra group.

Abu Maher Al Talli, the Emir of Al Nusra in the village of Ersal mountain chains, had intelligence since May that Hezbollah had decided to free Lebanon Eastern Mountain Chains from all the terrorists groups (Al Nusra and ISIS).

Al Nusra was responsible of preparing exploding cars from the town of Yabroud in Syria and dispatching them into Lebanon, and particularly in Hezbollah stronghold in Dahiya.

ISIS (Daesh) had already executed 8 Lebanese soldiers made prisoners a few years ago and beheaded a Lebanese officer. It repeatedly tried to occupy a few villages close to Hermel and Rass B3albak, but the vigilant groups proved to be valiant resistant fighters.

Al Joulani in the Edleb province dispatched to Al Talli 750 additional fighters. Qatar was the main financial deep pocket for Al Nusra.

All the higher military generals of Saudi Kingdom, Gulf Emirate, Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain, Qatar…met in Israel to coordinate Israel intervention, and promised $7 billion for that plan.

Israel satellites were scanning the entire operation when Germany delivered to Israel an ultimatum from Hezbollah: “If Israel intervene, then it is a full-fledged war against Israel”

Israel government met and decided to cancel the execution of this plan.

Hezbollah freed the Mountain chains from Al Nusra.  And the Lebanese army was given the honor of freeing it from ISIS, against the strong warning of the USA from involving Lebanon government in these  attacks. The Syrian army intervened from the Syrian borders and clamped down on whoever tried to flee and escape.

Actually, the USA wished to let these terrorist groups remain for another year on these mountains.


Whispers of a fall day: Mimo Khair Photography

The seasons have a magical way of easing us into the inescapable reality that time passes and waits for no one. Before the grey starkness of winter, we are flooded by a gush of warm color to keep us hopeful for the coming of spring.

Nature is the best artist.

Whispers of a fall day~

by ~mimo~

Comments and notes in Lebanese/Arabic slang

Note: These are notes and comments are mostly local (Lebanon) and Middle-East events. Written in Lebanese dialect with Latin characters and with numbers (2,3, 5, 7,8) representing vocals and consonants Not available in Latin or Saxon languages.

“Al Douwaylat”? Fi 7aal dawlat “Loubnaan al Kabeer” kaddamet netfeh memma kaddamata “douwaylat Hezbollah”, shou 3a baalna?

Sa3d and Ben Zayed sharsha7o bayaaton bil koubour.  7aateen abawaaton rabou2 li fashalon. Ben Zayed akbar Sohyouni wa akbar kha2en lel kadiya al Falestiniya wa akbar moshtari li foreign mercenaries

Balsho sha2lbo bayn canalaat: Bta3rfo ayya a7zaab ejeta al tamweel al intikhabi (shantaat el massaari)

Mouwatinaat wa mouwatineen tofraneen: 7atta saalat saghirat ma t3abet. Drouri kel tonzimaat madaniyyat tetbana sakef Charbel Nahas al 3ali 7atta yetla3la tartousheh?

Ma 3endi moushkilat ma3 Sarkis Sarkis bi laa2i7at al Tayyar: saaken 7addi  bi zaat al share3 min 30 senni wa ma zaarni wa la zorto. Al meshkeleh enno akhad mak3ad Nabil Nicola le2anno tofran (nazeef). Kanoun moufassal lal aghniya, wa ma farkat keef jaab al massari

E7ssaass jameel enno Hezbollah karrar yenkhoret fi moukafa7at al fassaad, wa al kouroud (sovereign debt) elleh ma elha taa2el, wa mounakassaat bil tardiyat

Rou7ou et dabdabo: badna zawaaj madani. wa ma badna ekhtisassat al shari3at

7ello 3an Jebran: al khetyariyyeh al faasideen mettekleen 3alih ta yet7arak 3annon. wa bi sobbo 3alih kharafon al 7aaked

Ya 3ammi Kadafi koutel, wa Libya moush ma3rouf kou3a min bou3a. 7ejaj Nabih Berri masdarouha Alzheimer: baddo yi rajje3 Al Sader wa ya3mel mouzaahara kel senni

Nabih baddo al balad m3attal: wa ma baddo mo2tamaraat bi 3ahed Aoun.

Majless al Inmaa2 wa E3maar ma bi yokhda3 ila ayat hay2at rakabiyyat fi al dawlat. Wa ma 7aajatana ila haaza al majless  al “radeef” min khaarej al dawlat? 

Limaza UN 3am tetdakhal bi Iraq wa tmaddi 3ala “wathikat sharaf”? Hal le2anna al taddakhol USA fi Loubnaan taaghi bi $1 milyaar safarat?

Shokran baladiyyat Antilias: zabbatet mamar zgheer lel moushaat bayn share3 wa share3. Kol ma tabbaka min masa7aat 3aamat mokfalat li private Parking lots 

Jameel zaman al takaa3od: ma fi drourat tenzal 3ala Beirut lel shoghel wa tsammem badanak




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