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Israel snipers and soldiers ordered to fulfill “Quotas”: How many to assassinate, to injure, every hour of the Palestinians marches to Return Home

Those injured had their legs targeted in order Not to march any time soon

In 1948, amid the massacres and military forced mass expulsions of the Palestinians called al “Nakba” (Arabic for catastrophe) as the State of “Israel” was recognized by the UN by a majority of a single vote, (The independent States in Africa in the 60’s and dozen other new States were Not in the UN), all of the Jews who had been calling themselves Palestinians became “Israelis”.

USA embassy in Jerusalem: Another extremist Evangelical Zionists settlement in Palestine?

Since the pronouncement of Donald Trump in April of Jerusalem Capital of the State of Israel, the Palestinians have been marching every Friday, called “March to return Home”, I have been following the thousands of casualties inflicted by Israeli snipers and soldiers on these peaceful demonstrations. I covered them in my posts “tidbits and notes”.

Mind you that US Congress declared Jerusalem Capital of Israel in 1996.  And under Clinton administration. This president that signed a “peace deal” with Rabin and Arafat, only to renege on it, every clause in it , after rabin assassination.

Clinton officially blamed the Palestinians when Arafat met Ehud Barack, (Israel PM) though unofficially put the entire blame on the intransigence of the Israeli.

Since Trump pronouncement on Jerusalem, Palestinians have been marching every Friday. So far, casualties surpassed the 10,000 injured and over 500 killed by live bullets. Just May 14 and 15, 114 Palestinians were killed by snipers and 2,100 injured. 410 of them in critical conditions.

For example:

On May 14, I followed the progress of the assassination of Palestinians on the borders with Gaza

Monday, May 14, 2018: It is 1:30 pm and the Israeli snipers and soldiers killed 18 Palestinians and already injured 500 with live bullets.  In the mean time, Ivanka and Husband extremist Zionist Kushner are celebrating in Jerusalem.

3:5 pm, May 14Israeli snipers and soldiers killed 28 Palestinians and already injured 1,500 with live bullets and toxic tear gas canisters.

6:15 pm, May 14: Israeli snipers and soldiers killed 52 Palestinians and already injured 2,500 with live bullets and toxic tear gas canisters.

Every single hour of this demonstration generated 6 killed martyrs and 420 injured. In the mean time, Ivanka and husband extremist Zionist Kushner are still celebrating in Jerusalem.

I watched a female reporter fall down as a poisonous “tear” gas fall in her vicinity. Apparently, England and France are experimenting with their chemical weapons on the Palestinians. Israel is bombing emergency Red Cross tents with tear gas too.

Fadi abu Salah (29), was handicapped during Israel pre-emptive war on Gaza. They finished him off Yesterday by an Israeli sniper

Israeli soldiers described why and how they assassinated the 8-month toddler girls.

Jerusalem: Israeli settlers invade the Muslim Al Aqsa and try to prevent the coverage of this aggression

Ivanka and Kushner celebrated in Jerusalem on the blood and suffering of 2,100 Palestinians injured in a single day. 55 already killed by live bullets

Tuesday, May 15, 2018: 2,200 Palestinian families in Gaza are mourning, wailing, tending to the injured member of the families. Among the 2,200 injured by live bullets from Israeli snipers and drones, 410 are in critical conditions. 55 were killed yesterday during the “March to return Home” and denouncing Trump opening the US embassy in Jerusalem and another 60 the day after.

3 days of mourning for the Palestinians? Like what? Lowering the flag half mast? Visiting the mourning 104 families who lost a member of the family? Visiting the 410 critically injured? Personally disbursing financial compensation? Opening the Rafa7 border with Egypt to transfer the critically inured?

There is a qualitative shift in covering the massive massacre in Gaza and West Bank in the western media: from focusing on a French stabbed in Paris for an entire week, and from nonchalantly claiming that just a dozen Palestinian killed to full exact numbers of 114 killed by live bullets and 2,100 injured in a single day.

Coverage is gaining momentum and the USA and Israel are isolated and the world community recalling Israel’s ambassadors. By South Africa, Turkey…

Why Israel uses live bullets on Palestinians in Gaza and indiscriminately kill them, while restricting itself with at most rubber bullets on Palestinians in the West Bank?

Most probably because Israel considers that the “higher standard of living” of Palestinians in the West Bank has tamed them and won’t take the risk of exacerbating tensions with mass murder?

Israel soldiers and snipers at it again for the 6th Friday: killing and shooting with live bullets at Palestinians marching for their rights to return Home: Hundreds of injured and maimed Palestinians on the borders with Gaza.

Note 1: For every dollar the U.S. spent on an African, it spent $250.65 on an Israeli, and for every dollar it spent on someone from the Western Hemisphere outside the United States, it spent $214 on an Israeli.

Just in fiscal 1997 alone, Israel received from a variety of other U.S. federal budgets at least $525.8 million above and beyond its $3 billion from the foreign aid budget, and yet another $2 billion in federal loan guarantees. So the complete total of U.S. grants and loan guarantees to Israel for fiscal 1997 was $5,525,800,000
Although Congress authorizes America’s foreign aid total, the fact that more than a third of it goes to a country smaller in both area and population than Hong Kong probably never has been mentioned on the floor of the Senate or House. Or that Israel standard of living is higher than Spain and Ireland. Yet it’s been going on for more than a generation.

Why USA never demanded Israel to conduct a single referendum  on any one of major issues in the Middle-East? Like retaining the Golan Heights, Jerusalem as Capital or building walls of shames?

The UN general Assembly declared by a crushing majority that Zionism is a form of racism in 1975. It abrogated it in 1991. Why? US congress has declared Jerusalem Capital of Israel in 1996

Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem on May 15 is the nastiest symbolic date for all Palestinians and nationalist “Arabs”: Date of infamy of the Nakba when State of Israel first displaced thousands of the Palestinians in 1948

Begun in 2005 by the largest trade union federations and organizations in Palestinian society, B.D.S. calls for ending Israel’s 1967 occupation, “recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality,” and the right of Palestinian refugees to return to the homes and lands from which they were forcibly displaced and dispossessed in 1948.

Note 2: I wrote many articles on this existential issue. As long as the extremist Evangelical Zionists in the USA believe firmly that the Second Coming will happens when Jerusalem is totally Jewish, reason and rational policies are irrelevant for any feasible strategy, except military re-conquest of Palestine.






Sign up to condemn Israel assassination massacres on Palestinians

Note: The number of assassinated Palestinians in May 14 and 15 is Not 60, it is 114 killed by live bullets. And the number of injured is Not 1,300, but 2,100 and over 410 are in critical conditions that hospitals in Gaza are Not provided for such cases: Every day, half a dozen of those injured Palestinians die or are permanently handicapped.

Since the pronouncement of Trump on Jerusalem, Israel killed 400 Palestinians and injured 10,000 during the Fridays marches to Return home.

Most of the Palestinians in Gaza have been transferred to this vast refugee camp since 1948 and successive pre-emptive wars

Ricken Patel – Avaaz

رتكبت قوات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي مجزرة بحق المتظاهرين الفلسطينيين العزل في غزة، حيث قتلت أكثر من ٦٠ شخص، فضلاً عن إصابة ما لا يقل عن ١٣٠٠ آخرين. وقد ارُتكبت هذه الجرائم بدم بارد بل ويمكن القول بأن الجنود *احتفلوا أيضاً* أثناء ارتكابها — يمكنكم مشاهدة فيديو حول حادثة قنص سابقة يظهر احتفال الجنود بجريمتهم هنا.

هي مجزرة حقيقية بكل المقاييس، ولكنها ليست سوى فصلاً جديداً من فصول الوحشية والعنصرية الإسرائيلية بحق الشعب الفلسطيني المستمرة منذ ٥٠ عاماً وحتى الآن.

تعرضت دول أخرى لعقوبات دولية قاسية لأسباب أقل من هذا بكثير. وقد ساهمت العقوبات على جنوب أفريقيا في تحرير شعبها بعد سنوات طوال من التمييز العنصري. حان الوقت من أجل فرض عقوبات على دولة الاحتلال من أجل تحرير الشعب الفلسطيني. حان الوقت لكي تقف جميع دول العالم إلى جانب هذا التوجه من أجل وقف هدر الدم الفلسطيني: 

وقعوا العريضة الآن: دماء الفلسطينيين ليست رخيصة.

استمرت انتهاكات الاحتلال لدرجة أن بعض أعضاء الكنيست دعوا إلى ضرب الفتاة الفلسطينية عهد التميمي التي صفعت جندياً، بعد أن تعرض ابن عمها لإصابة بالرصاص في وجهه كادت تقضي عليه. بينما هدد وزير الدفاع الإسرائيلي بمعاقبة جميع أفراد عائلتها!

يدعي جيش الاحتلال أن المظاهرة ليست سوى غزوة نظمتها حركة حماس، وأن بعض المتظاهرين كانوا يحملون الأسلحة. لكنها ادعاءات يعترض عليها الفلسطينيون ومنظمات المجتمع المدني العالمية، ولطالما كذبت إسرائيل بهدف تبرير انتهاكاتها. لكن حتى لوكانت هذه الادعاءات صحيحة فإنها لا تبرر سبب إطلاق النار على أكثر من ١٣٠٠ شخص وهم على بعد مئات الأمتار عند السياج؟ وما سبب استخدام الذخيرة الحية؟

وفي ظل تحكم إسرائيل بالجو وبالأرض من خلال التحصينات والخنادق التي غالباً ما تليها مساحة من الصحراء، فنحن نتساءل عن حقيقة الخطر الذي يمكن أن يشكله المتظاهرين على إسرائيل؟ إن خوف حكومة الاحتلال الهستيري ولعب دور الضحية لا يعرفان حدود، ويتخذ منهما جيش الاحتلال ذريعة لتبرير كافة انتهاكاته الوحشية.

تعتبر غزة بمثابة أكبر سجن مفتوح في العالم، حيث تستمر إسرائيل منذ سنوات في فرض حصار مطبق وتفرض حظراً على دخول جميع المواد الضرورية والأساسية للحياة. هذا الواقع المليء باليأس هو ما دفع الناس إلى المخاطرة بحياتهم في المظاهرة. ولكن عندما تجرأ المساجين على الاقتراب من أسوار السجن، قام سجّانوهم بإطلاق النار عليهم من مواقعهم الآمنة على بعد مئات الأمتار.

حلفاء إسرائيل سيردون على حملتنا باتهام آفاز باللاسامية وبكراهية اليهود، على الرغم من أن فريق عمل آفاز يضم أفراداً من كافة الأديان في العالم. لكننا لا ننظر إلى الشعوب على أساس دينها، نحن نقف مع جميع شعوب العالم بغض النظر عن خلفياتها الدينية والثقافية والعرقية. نحن نعترف بالهولوكوست، ونعلم تماماً كيف عانى اليهود من القمع الهمجي لوقت طويل، وهم لا يزالون يواجهون أعداء السامية في مختلف أنحاء العالم. ولكن هذا أبداً لا يعطي دولة الاحتلال الحق بانتهاك حقوق الشعب الفلسطيني.

كانت الدول العربية رأس الحربة في مقاطعة الاحتلال. لكن منطقتنا تعيش اليوم مرحلة خطيرة تتسم بالتطبيع مع الاحتلال وفتح علاقات اقتصادية معه، ما شجعه على زيادة وحشيته ضد الفلسطينيين وعلى محاولته الاستيلاء على القدس. لكن الفرصة سانحة لكي نقلب الموازين ونصحح اتجاه البوصلة.

عملياً، تمت تجربة جميع الوسائل الأخرى المتاحة على مدار عقود طويلة، بهدف إيقاف القمع الإسرائيلي للفلسطينيين دون أي نجاح يذكر. بل على العكس ازدادت وحشية الاحتلال بشكل واسع النطاق. قد تشمل العقوبات المحددة قطاعات معينة مثل تجارة “الألماس الدموي” الإسرائيلي، أي تورط إسرائيل في تهريب ماس غير شرعي من افريقيا والاتجار به، كما يمكن أن تشمل قطاع الأسلحة (من المعروف أن إسرائيل تبيع السلاح إلى بعض أكثر الأنظمة وحشية حول العالم) وقطاع التكنولوجيا، فضلاً عن المقاطعة الرياضية والثقافية (مثل حرمان إسرائيل من المشاركة في الفعاليات والمنافسات الرياضية وحرمانها من المشاركة في المسابقة الغنائية يوروفيجن)، ما سيؤثر حتماً على حسابات الحكومة الإسرائيلية.

يُعتبر دونالد ترامب وبنيامين نتنياهو اثنان من أخطر القادة غير الشرفاء في عالمنا اليوم. مثلهم كمثل المتطرفين الذين يحلمون بالعيش في عالم لا يسود فيه المنطق، وينقسم الناس فيه إلى قسمين أو جبهتين متحاربتين يقودان واحدة منهما. لذا علينا نؤكد لهم بأن جميع محاولاتهم ستفشل، وبأن الناس العاديين لن يتأثروا بدعواتهم للكراهية، وأننا نرفض العنصرية والوحشية وسنواجههما بكل ما أوتينا من قوة في كل مكان في العالم.

مع الأمل والتصميم،

ريكن، كويستوف، إيمّا، فادي، باسكال، روان، إيلانا، دييغو وكامل فريق عمل آفاز.

ملاحظة: صوت أكثر من ٨٥٪ من أعضاء آفاز لصالح إطلاق هذه الحملة، بينما عارضها ٨٪ فقط.

صدقوا أو لا تصدقوا، بسبب قوة جماعات الضغط التابعة لليمين الإسرائيلي فمن الممكن أن تعاقبوا قانونياً في عدد كبير من الدول مثل الولايات المتحدة وألمانيا وفرنسا، في حال مطالبتكم بمقاطعة إسرائيل أو بفرض عقوبات عليها.

ولكن إثر تصويت أعضاء آفاز الكاسح لصالح هذه الحملة، ستقوم آفاز، ولأول مرة في تاريخها، برفض إطاعة هذه القوانين التي تنتهك معايير الديمقراطية من خلال انتهاك الحقوق الإنسانية والدستورية الأساسية في حرية التعبير حقوقنا الإنسانية والدستورية الأساسية لحرية التعبير عن الرأي. وسنعمل على تحدي هذه القوانين في قاعات المحاكم.

لمزيد من المعلومات:

إسرائيل تقتل عشرات الفلسطينيين بغزة مع افتتاح سفارة أمريكا بالقدس – رويترز

استدعاء وطرد سفراء وتنديد دولي بالمجزرة الإسرائيلية في غزة – العربي الجديداستدعاء-سفراء-وتنديد-دولي-بالمجزرة-الإسرائيلية-في-غزة

إسرائيل: قتل متظاهري غزة عمل مدروس وغير مشروع – هيومن رايتس ووتش

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 199

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

White supremacist Richard Spencer finds his model in the state of Israel: “You could say I am a white Zionist, the Jewish state  of Israel is the most important and perhaps most revolutionary ethno-state that I turn to for guidance.”

What ethno-democracy means? Israel prime minister described the Arab citizens of Israel (Palestinians) as a “demographic threat”; the education minister who settled a cabinet debate by saying “I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life and there’s no problem with that”; or the justice minister who called Palestinian childrenlittle snakes.” It doesn’t matter what the nations of the world say.” And the public security minister said at the beginning of 2018. “The time has come to express our biblical right to the land.”

Before the two-state idea (Palestine/Israel), the early leaders of Israel’s left-of-center Labor Party did things like reward Jewish “heroine mothers” who had more than ten children and drafted “Absentee Property Laws” to make sure expelled Palestinians could never return to their homes.

The sinister solution is the term “peaceful ethnic separation” — an idea that has its roots in population “exchanges,” such as between Greece and Turkey in 1923, Muslims in India into the newly created State of Pakistan in 1948, the one-sided “transfers” like the expulsion of Germans from Central and Eastern Europe after the Second World War, the expulsion of the Muslim Rohingas from Burma and the vast transfer of Palestinians from their villages since 1948 and after each of the many pre-emptive wars. since then

Popular support for the most extreme form of “transfer” — outright expulsion — is widespread in Israel, often polling over 50 % among Jewish Israelis. particularly among settlers.

Is it just a Psychological Barrier between the Palestinians and Colonialist Israelis? The Israeli author and activist Amos Oz had organized the “Peace Now” movement 2 decades ago and the movement is currently not  doing well in Israel.  Amos published “Help us to divorce”; “how to heal a fanatic”; “A story of love and darkness”; and his latest “Scenes of village life”.

Amos Oz resumed his talk: “Israel cannot be but a deception since it is a State built on a dream.” A fictitious mythical dream. Particularly the dream of US Evangelical Zionists who believe firmly that Second Coming will happens when Jerusalem is Jewish

Israel’s Newest Allies: The US and UK White Nationalist Right, famous anti-Semitic movements have come to admire modern Israel’s “ethno-nationalism, ethnic cleansing activities.” Harry Blain


Gaza killings: Names and faces of those killed by Israeli forces this week


Note 1: Not 62, but 114 killed Palestinians in the 2 days of the Nakba marches, and many are in critical conditions with no hospital facilities. Actually, since Trump pronouncement on Jerusalem in April, every Friday witnessed mass marches on the borders with Israel. More than 250 killed by live bullets and over 10,000 injured.
Note 2: You’ll notice that those harvested by Israeli snipers are mostly youths
Note 3: Jared Kushner joined the chanting of the Israelis in Jerusalem: Burn them, shoot them, kill them’: Israelis cheer in Jerusalem as Palestinians shot in Gaza #Occupation
Note 4: Do you think Ivanka Trump Kushner was shielded from the news of the massacres a few miles away?

Eight-month-old Laila is youngest Palestinian killed in Gaza on Monday, the deadliest day since 2014 war

From left: Ahmed Alrantisi, Laila Anwar Al-Ghandoor, Ahmed Altetr, Alaa Alkhatib Ezz el-din Alsamaak, Motassem Abu Louley (screengrab)
MEE staff's picture
Last update: Wednesday 16 May 2018 22:43 UTC

Sixty-two people were either killed or died of wounds inflicted by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip on Monday and Tuesday as thousands of Palestinians demonstrated across the occupied territory to mark the 70th anniversary of the Nakba.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Gaza Ministry of Health released the names of 59 Palestinians killed:

1. Laila Anwar Al-Ghandoor, 8 months old

2. Ezz el-din Musa Mohamed Alsamaak, 14 years old

3. Wisaal Fadl Ezzat Alsheikh Khalil, 15 years old

4. Ahmed Adel Musa Alshaer, 16 years old

5. Saeed Mohamed Abu Alkheir, 16 years old

6. Ibrahim Ahmed Alzarqa, 18 years old

7. Eman Ali Sadiq Alsheikh, 19 years old

8. Zayid Mohamed Hasan Omar, 19 years old

9. Motassem Fawzy Abu Louley, 20 years old

10. Anas Hamdan Salim Qadeeh, 21 years old

11. Mohamed Abd Alsalam Harz, 21 years old

From left: Fadi Abu Salah, Motaz Al-Nunu, Jihad Mohammed Othman Mousa, Mousa Jabr Abdulsalam Abu Hasnayn, Ezz Eldeen Nahid Aloyutey, Anas Hamdan Salim Qadeeh

12. Yehia Ismail Rajab Aldaqoor, 22 years old

13. Mustafa Mohamed Samir Mahmoud Almasry, 22 years old

14. Ezz Eldeen Nahid Aloyutey, 23 years old

15. Mahmoud Mustafa Ahmed Assaf, 23 years old

16. Ahmed Fayez Harb Shahadah, 23 years old

17. Ahmed Awad Allah, 24 years old

18. Khalil Ismail Khalil Mansor, 25 years old

19. Mohamed Ashraf Abu Sitta, 26 years old

20. Bilal Ahmed Abu Diqah, 26 years old

21. Ahmed Majed Qaasim Ata Allah, 27 years old

From left: Mahmoud Wael Mahmoud Jundeyah, Ibrahim Ahmed Alzarqa, Musab Yousef Abu Leilah, Jihad Mufid Al-Farra, Saeed Mohamed Abu Alkheir, Mohamed Hasan Mustafa Alabadilah (screengrab)

22. Mahmoud Rabah Abu Maamar, 28 years old

23.Musab Yousef Abu Leilah, 28 years old

24. Ahmed Fawzy Altetr, 28 years old

25. Mohamed Abdelrahman Meqdad, 28 years old

26. Obaidah Salim Farhan, 30 years old

27. Jihad Mufid Al-Farra, 30 years old

28. Fadi Hassan Abu Salah, 30 years old

29. Motaz Bassam Kamil Al-Nunu, 31 years old

30. Mohammed Riyad Abdulrahman Alamudi, 31 years old

31. Jihad Mohammed Othman Mousa, 31 years old

32. Shahir Mahmoud Mohammed Almadhoon, 32 years old

33. Mousa Jabr Abdulsalam Abu Hasnayn, 35 years old

From left: Shahir Mahmoud Mohammed Almadhoon, Khalil Ismail Khalil Mansor, Mahmoud Saber Hamad Abu Taeemah, Mohamed Ashraf Abu Sitta, Mustafa Mohamed Samir Mahmoud Almasry, Obaidah Salim Farhan (screengrab)

34. Mohammed Mahmoud Abdulmoti Abdal’al, 39 years old

35. Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim Hamdan, 27 years old

36. Ismail Khalil Ramadhan Aldaahuk, 30 years old

37. Ahmed Mahmoud Mohammed Alrantisi, 27 years old

38. Alaa Alnoor Ahmed Alkhatib, 28 years old

39. Mahmoud Yahya Abdawahab Hussain, 24 years old

40. Ahmed Abdullah Aladini, 30 years old

41. Saadi Said Fahmi Abu Salah, 16 years old

42. Ahmed Zahir Hamid Alshawa, 24 years old

43. Mohammed Hani Hosni Alnajjar, 33 years old

44. Fadl Mohamed Ata Habshy, 34 years old

45. Mokhtar Kaamil Salim Abu Khamash, 23 years old

46. Mahmoud Wael Mahmoud Jundeyah, 21 years old

47. Abdulrahman Sami Abu Mattar, 18 years old

48. Ahmed Salim Alyaan Aljarf, 26 years old

From left: Mohammed Hani Hosni Alnajjar, Yehia Ismail Rajab Aldaqoor, Mohammed Riyad Abdulrahman Alamudi, Ahmed Adel Musa Alshaer, Fadl Mohamed Ata Habshy, Ismail Khalil Ramadhan Aldaahuk (screengrab)

49. Mahmoud Sulayman Ibrahim Aql, 32 years old

50. Mohamed Hasan Mustafa Alabadilah, 25 years old

51. Kamil Jihad Kamil Mihna, 19 years old

52. Mahmoud Saber Hamad Abu Taeemah, 23 years old

53. Ali Mohamed Ahmed Khafajah, 21 years old

54. Abdelsalam Yousef Abdelwahab, 39 years old

55. Mohamed Samir Duwedar, 27 years old

56. Talal Adel Ibrahim Mattar, 16 years old

57. Omar Jomaa Abu Ful, 30 years old

58. Nasser Ahmed Mahmoud Ghrab, 51 years old

59. Bilal Badeer Hussein Al-Ashram, 18 years old

60 – 62: Unidentified

Note: You can see the real stats on deaths at ifamericansknew. I read a few of the Hasbara (Zionist paid commentators on articles that are Not in favor of Israel policies) comments on this post such as: “But wait, Palestinians kill Jews”

Holocaust Is Fading From Memory, Survey Finds

Note: For seven decades, “never forget” has been a rallying cry of the Holocaust remembrance movement. Well, at least the Armenians and the Palestinians are Not about to forget, even the original Indians of the USA occasionally find it appropriate to remind the extremist Evangelical parties of their systematic genocide, the incremental type of genocide.

survey released Thursday, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, found that many adults lack basic knowledge of what happened — and this lack of knowledge is more pronounced among millennial, whom the survey defined as people ages 18 to 34.

31% of Americans, and 41 percent of millennial, believe that two million or fewer Jews were killed in the Holocaust. (The number extended by the Zionists and their allies want you to accept six million, no more, no less).

41% of Americans, and 66 percent of millennial, cannot say what Auschwitz was (or where this concentration camp was located. Actually it is in Poland).

And 52 percent of Americans wrongly think Hitler came to power through force. (Actually, strongly supported by the multinationals of the period, from around the world, and Stalin who gave the green light for the extermination of the German communists) 

“As we get farther away from the actual events, 70-plus years now, it becomes less forefront of what people are talking about or thinking about or discussing or learning,” said Matthew Bronfman, a board member of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, which commissioned the study.

“If we wait another generation before you start trying to take remedial action, I think we’re really going to be behind the eight ball.”

Photographs of prisoners at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.CreditJames Hill for The New York Times

Despite the gaps in the respondents’ knowledge, the study found an overwhelming consensus — 93 percent — that all students should learn about the Holocaust at school.

And Holocaust denial remains very rare in the United States, with 96 percent of respondents saying they believe the genocide happened. (Sure it happened, and million more of many ethnic minorities in eastern Europe)

“The issue is not that people deny the Holocaust; the issue is just that it’s receding from memory,” said Greg Schneider, the executive vice president of the Claims Conference, which negotiates restitution for Holocaust victims and their heirs. “People may not know the details themselves, but they still think it’s important. That is very heartening.”

The survey, conducted by Schoen Consulting from Feb. 23-27, involved 1,350 American adults interviewed by phone or online, and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points. Millennials were 31 percent of the sample, and the results for that group have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus five percentage points.

The questions were developed by a committee that included officials from the Claims Conference, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Yad Vashem, as well as a Holocaust survivor and a polling expert from George Washington University.

(In a strange footnote, the head of Schoen Consulting, Doug Schoen, is in the news this week for arranging for President Trump to give a speech during a (2015?) event in Ukraine.)

Worldwide, the estimated number of living Holocaust survivors has fallen to 400,000, according to the Claims Conference, many of them in their 80s and 90s. And Holocaust remembrance advocates and educators, who agree that no book, film or traditional exhibition can compare to the voice of a survivor, dread the day when none are left to tell their stories.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington collects comment cards from many visitors before they leave, and they underscore that “no educational experience that anyone has coming through here has as much of an impact as hearing from a survivor directly,” said Kristine Donly, interim director of the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education at the museum, who sat on the board that developed the survey.

And so, across the country and around the world, museums and memorials are looking for ways to tell the witnesses’ stories once the witnesses are gone.

At the site of the Monument to Six Million Jewish Martyrs, the Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation has been developing an interactive memorial plaza, scheduled to open in October. Visitors will use a new app that will, among other things, feature survivors’ recorded testimonies.

In one part of the plaza, train tracks that carried prisoners to the Treblinka death camp will be embedded in the pavement. When visitors step onto the tracks, the app, using geocaching technology, will pull up videos of Philadelphia residents “who were on those very trains that led to Treblinka,” said Eszter Kutas, the remembrance foundation’s acting director.

And at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, near Chicago, visitors can speak with one of seven holograms of survivors — a project also tested at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. Drawing on recorded testimony, the holograms can answer questions in real time.

Visitors to the Illinois museum’s Take a Stand Center first watch a five-minute film in which a survivor introduces him- or herself. In one, Fritzie Fritzshall describes being taken to a ghetto at gunpoint during Passover, and from there to Auschwitz.

“I have so much more to tell you,” she says. “So please ask me questions.”

Then the hologram appears, “so real that our audience typically gasps when they see it,” said Susan L. Abrams, the museum’s chief executive.

“It really was as effective as hearing from a live survivor, and that surprised us,” Ms. Abrams said. “When you sit in this theater and the lights dim, everything else melts away. Our visitors truly believe that they are having this conversation with a survivor. I don’t think even we realized just how powerful it would be.”

Note 1: This Friday of May 10, Israeli snipers injured 800 Palestinians marching “To return Home”. Every Friday since the pronouncement of Trump that Jerusalem is Capital of Israel, Israel army and snipers kill and injure with live bullets Palestinian demonstrators. The latest count: 9,000 Palestinians injured and 50 killed. A million march is being prepared on Monday and Tuesday as USA is getting ready to “officially” and symbolically move its embassy from Tel Aviv.

Note 2: Two third of the over 1 million Palestinians in Gaza, the vast concentration camp, are transferred people from various parts of Palestine since 1948.

Yes! UN Human Rights Council declares Israel world’s No. 1 human rights violator

Yes, What Israel Is Doing To Palestinians Is Actually Genocide.

In the Israel/Palestine conflict, is Israel guilty of genocide against the Palestinians?Yes– absolutely.

The other day I wrote a short piece on why the Bible does not command us to blindly stand with the modern state of Israel, and one of the points I made is that Israel is guilty of genocide.

There were no shortage of internet commentators who objected to my use of this word and felt it was over the top. However, I stand by my assertion that Israel is guilty of genocide, so allow me to expand upon that.

I believe the main reason many push back on the idea that Israel is guilty of genocide is because of a lack of understanding of the full nuance of the word, and what genocide can look like in a modern context.

While rounding up people for mass executions would be obvious evidence of genocide, the reality is that genocide can take place in ways that are more subtle– making it palatable for the masses, and even seem justified at times.

Some scholars have referred to the Israel/Palestine conflict as “incremental genocide” and I would agree with that term.

Instead of an overt, blatant attempt to eradicate a people group, incremental genocide involves actions and policies that are designed to slowly erode, break up, and destroy a specific population.

Think for example of early American history and the genocide of Native Americans. While it wasn’t always mass killings, genocide occurred by military conflict, expanding land holdings, resettlement, and creating conditions that were destructive for the indigenous population.

While it took many years to complete, and while it took many forms, what early Americans did to the indigenous people of North America was nothing short of genocide.

The same holds true for Israel.

The legal definition of genocide includes the following:

“Acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnically, racial or religious group such as:

(a)        Killing members of the group;

(b)        Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c)        Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

While A and B are both elements we find present in Israel’s approach to Palestinians, the key aspect of genocide being waged by Israel is found in C: the deliberate infliction of conditions that in part or as a whole will destroy a people group.

“Arab” (as Israel propaganda insist on calling the Palestinians) Christians and Muslims known as Palestinians have been undoubtedly the target of Israel and a desire to eradicate them from the land.

When Israel was created it resulted in an instant crisis for the Christian, Muslims and indigenous Jews who had lived together quite peacefully for hundreds and hundreds of years. Even today there are somewhere around 3.5 to 4 million Palestinian refugees who wish to have the right to return to their homes and land– a request that will never be granted by Israel.

(Most of the Palestinians in Gaza are transferred refugees from villages in Israel and in the West Bank and they want a better space than this large camp of Gaza)

For those who remain in Palestinian territory, they might as well be living in a massive open-air prison, because they live under the occupation of a foreign army. Children are routinely tear gassed on the way to school. Imports are severely restricted, with even basics like water being tightly controlled. Their rights of passage are severely curtailed– families have been broken up and people have died at military checkpoints because they were delayed or denied passage to access critical medical care.

To top it all off, what little land Palestinians have left is under systematic erosion by Israeli policy. Illegal Israeli settlements continue to crop up in Palestinian territory, in violation of international law. These illegal settlements, in addition to literally confiscating land from indigenous people, often bring violence to the Palestinians who live there. Even just a brief youtube search will bring up countless examples of women and children being assaulted by illegal settlers, or examples like Palestinian farms being attacked and destroyed at harvest time.

Let’s not be dishonest in the ultimate goal here: it is to rid the land of Palestinians.

Capture their land. Develop policies to evict them from their houses. Send in settlers and soldiers to colonize what land they still have. Refuse to let refugees back. Make them miserable under military rule. Limit their access to basic, life-sustaining resources.

The goal? Be not deceived: this is ethnic cleansing.

Do the Palestinians ever fight back and use violence? Yes, of course. This is equally wrong. It is also highly ineffective because it plays right into the hands of Israel, who uses this as an excuse to respond with utterly overwhelming military violence, such as arresting and incarcerating children accused of throwing rocks, or wiping out entire communities in the name of self-defense, such has been seen in Gaza.

So here’s where we’re at: Many of the indigenous people were displaced upon the creation of the modern state of Israel, and the number of displaced people has continued to grow. They are refugees who live in poverty and painful conditions at refugee camps. Israel has systematically expanded its borders to functionally capture more and more land that belonged to Palestinians.

Of what’s left, Palestinians have to suffer under a brutal military occupation where so many aspects of life are restricted or deprived. To top it all off, Israel continues to expand illegal settlements into Palestinian territory, further creating conditions designed to break up and destroy the will of Palestinians to even exist.

That folks, is genocide. It is incremental, slow-motion genocide. If the international community continues to turn a blind eye, it will do nothing short of ensure the complete destruction and or displacement of the Palestinian people.

Is calling this genocide over the top? No, it’s not. It’s genocide. Legally. Morally. It’s genocide.

It’s just happening in slow motion, so the world doesn’t see it.

(And it’s being done by the people we’re told are God’s favorite, so we don’t even want to see it.)

Dr. Benjamin L. Corey is a two-time graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and holds his doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary.

He is also the author of the new book, Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith, which is available wherever good books are sold.

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