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Sequelles des accidents vasculaire: Agraphie, alexie...?

What I am reporting is Not from any medical journal, but what the author Charif Majdalani described in his book “L’empereur a pied

The father Fayez Jbeili, a big shot in commerce and with vast relations with the trade industry and political people, suffered a vascular accident.

Months after this health problem, Fayez reported to his confident of drive Lotfi, and nobody else, Not even to his wife or children, what he remember:

“En sortant de son bureau, il avait eprouve’ de l’etourdissement, puis une violente douleur a la tete, et puis plus rien. Il ne se rappela jamais avoir pris la voiture, les urgences. Il avait ete’ ballotte’ dans des histoires sans noms, ou’ se metaient les figures de son frere Naufal et de son fils cadet Raed. ”

During 18 days, Fayez regained a semblance of consciousness, not comprehending where he is or what he was doing, or the direction of his bed and where he was sleeping. His perception of space was perturbed and he had to sleep it.

It was extremely hard to speak or do any gesticulation., it was as hard as moving a mountain, but he was angry. Fayez could no longer recognize letters, characters or numbers: he reverted to an analphabet.  All the languages that he was conversant in were foreign to him. And he could no longer write anything.

Any kinds of computation was out of his scope. Actually, when he looked at dailies, he felt terrible dizziness. A mirror that vibrated engendered dizziness.

Months later, Fayez took the habit of returning to his various enterprises: he faked to be busy and asked his directors to read and sign the documents. Ideas and thinking were exercises that involved all his body that he could Not shoulder.  Thus, instead of remaining in one place, Fayez would go on “inspection” tours, faking that he is pretty normal and aware of the difficulties of his business.

Many directors and comtables became rich at his expenses and the competitors were arranging and waiting to take over many of Fayez businesses.

One day, while being driven by Lotfi, Fayez recognized the big characters of a few shops. He then managed to read the big characters in the dailies, but Not the smaller ones.

By the by, Fayez got aware of what his elder son, his lawyer and the two mafia persons associated with him (Chalala and Johnny Isa) were fomenting to out him on the ground of senility.

The two mafia characters were beaten badly and the lawyer was precipitated from his building. One militia politician called him up to to express his disapproval and Fayez retorted that these are the proper punishment for setting a son against his father.


It is Not Alzheimer, but the memory confusion maybe worse

Are you afraid of having Alzheimer’s?

Probably your perception of memory loss is Not due to Alzheimer’s?

” if anyone is aware of his memory problems, he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s.

My memory difficulties with names of persons and objects and fruits and vegetables… is worrying me. The instances that I am excited, I feel that I can be a stand up comic and all words are fluent and coming quickly.

My mother condition is much worse: She cannot form an entire sentence and she get terribly frustrated and start to cry.

Yes, mother is aware of the deteriorating condition of her memory. Lately, the TV has become a live and living scenes: People on TV are actually talking to her, and any procession on TV is converging to her house. And she get busy arranging coffee cups… waiting for the arrival of the visitors.

Mother confuses names: her own daughter receives the name of her late oldest sister. Many times she calls me Georges, the name of my late father.

Note: I posted this article by Elie Bashour in July 27, 2018 and I am re-editing it.

In the following analysis, French Professor Bruno Dubois Director of the institute of memory and Alzheimer’s disease (Imma) at mercy-Salpêtrière – Paris Hospitals / addresses the subject in a rather reassuring way:

” There are times when I speak, I can stop and don’t know what I was talking about…
I was afraid it was a start of Alzheimer’s… but today, reading this article, I’m reassured.”

” if anyone is aware of his memory problems, he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. ” “

1. I forget family names…
2. I don’t remember where I tidied up some things…

It often happens in people aged 60 and over that they complain that their memory is lacking:
” the information is still in the brain, it is the ” Processor ” that is missing. ” ”

This is “the” temporary oblivion.

Half of the people aged 60 and over present some symptoms that are rather due to age than to disease.

The most common cases are:
– Oblivion of a person’s name,
– the fact that we went to a room in the house and never remember why we were going…
– a white memory for a movie title or an actor, an actress,
– a waste of time looking where we left his glasses or keys…

After 60 years most people have such difficulty. This indicates that this is not a disease but rather a characteristic due to the passage of the years…

Many people are concerned about these omissions and the importance of the following statement:

” those who are aware of these omissions have no serious problem of memory.

Those who really suffer from a memory disease, like in Alzheimer, they do Not realize what is happening. ”

Professor Bruno Dubois, director of imma, reassures the majority of people concerned by their omissions:

” the more you complain about memory loss, the less likely it is you suffer from a memory disease. ” ”

– Now a little neurological test.
Only use your eyes!

1-find the c in the table below!


2-if you already found the c, then find the 6 in the table below.


3-now find the n in the table below. Careful, it’s a little harder!


If you pass these three tests without problems:

– you can cancel your annual visit to the neurologist.
– your brain is in perfect shape!
– you’re far from having any relationship with Alzheimer’s.

So, circulate. Be reassure…

And why am I not reassured? The consequences are as bad. Better Not know what’s going around me.

You are not gluten intolerant, you are glyphosate intolerant

Study blames Roundup herbicide for gluten intolerance and celiac disease epidemic.

“Celiac disease, and, more generally, gluten intolerance, is a growing problem worldwide, but especially in North America and Europe, where an estimated 5% of the population now suffers from it,” researchers wrote in a meta-analysis of nearly 300 studies.

“Here, we propose that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide, Roundup®, is the most important causal factor in this epidemic,” they add.

The study, published in the journal Interdisciplinary Toxicology in 2013, was completely ignored by the media except for Mother Earth News and The Healthy Home Economist.

Now that glyphosate is getting the attention it deserves, being named as the culprit in a $280 million cancer lawsuit and labeled as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization and the state of California, it may be time to look at the chemical’s role in a related disease:

The symptoms of so-called “gluten intolerance” and celiac disease are shockingly similar to the symptoms in lab animals exposed to glyphosate, argue the study’s authors Anthony Samsel, an independent scientist who’s served as a consultant to the EPA on arsenic pollution and to the U.S. Coast Guard on chemical hazard response, and Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT.

They point to a recent study on how glyphosate affects the digestive systems of fish. It decreased digestive enzymes and bacteria, disrupted mucosal folds, destroyed microvilli structure in the intestinal wall, and increased secretion of mucin.

“These features are highly reminiscent of celiac disease,” Samsel and Seneff write.

Additionally, the number of people diagnosed with gluten intolerance and celiac disease has risen in tandem with the increased use of glyphosate in agriculture, especially with the recent practice of drenching grains in the herbicide right before harvest, which started in the 1980s and became routine in the 1990s:


While some suggest the recent surge in celiac disease is due simply to better diagnostic tools (which as you can see above happened around 2000), a recent study suggests it’s more than that.

In 2009, researchers looked for gluten antibodies in frozen immune serum obtained between 1948 and 1954 for gluten antibodies, and compared them with samples from people today. They found a 4-fold increase in the incidence of celiac disease in the younger generation.

As further evidence the researchers make the following points:

“Celiac disease is associated with imbalances in gut bacteria that can be fully explained by the known effects of glyphosate on gut bacteria.”

“Celiac disease is associated with the impairment of cytochrome P450 enzymes. Glyphosate is known to inhibit cytochrome P450 enzymes.”

“Deficiencies in iron, cobalt, molybdenum, copper and other rare metals associated with celiac disease can be attributed to glyphosate’s strong ability to chelate these elements.”

“Deficiencies in tryptophan, tyrosine, methionine and selenomethionine associated with celiac disease match glyphosate’s known depletion of these amino acids.”

“Celiac disease patients also have a known increased risk for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which has also been implicated in glyphosate exposure.”

“The incidence of non-Hodgkins lymphoma has increased rapidly in most Western countries over the last few decades. Statistics from the American Cancer Society show an 80% increase since the early 1970’s, when glyphosate was first introduced on the market.”

“Reproductive issues associated with celiac disease, such as infertility, miscarriages, and birth defects, can also be explained by glyphosate.”

Glyphosate residues in grain, sugar and other crops are increasing recently likely due to the growing practice of crop desiccation just prior to harvest, the researchers say. The secretive, illegal practice has become routine among conventional farmers since the 1990s.

Ironically, the practice increases yields by killing the crops. Just before the plants die, they release their seeds in order to propagate the species:

“It goes to seed as it dies. At its last gasp, it releases the seed,” Seneff told The Healthy Home Economist.

Moral of the story? We need to go glyphosate-free, not gluten-free. And that means going organic, especially when it comes to grains and animals who eat those grains.

Well, you might need to go gluten-free too for a while, until you’ve healed your gut.

And why Thyroid cancer is prevalent in women?

“The apron thyroid guard to to protect the thyroid region from X-rays? Yes, we have it. You have to ask for it”

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Best Development Cartoon Ever

And why before the discovery of penicillin and hygienic procedure for surgery and disinfecting and washing hands before eating…people barely made it to age of 30?

Why with all the medical knowledge and progress many people die before age of 20? Is it because of transport accidents, driving long distances, eating unhealthy fast food and increased number of cancer cases…?

What level of clean air and environment and food intake should we shoot for before we can secure a qualitative longevity?

20 Jun

Best Development Cartoon Ever

How tribes “clean up” without water?

I watched a documentary on a tribe in Namibia (south west Africa).

The land is flat, dry, and no running river or source of water are available.

In the wet season, people have to dig 3 feet in the dirt to extract water, mainly for the cow cattle consumption and the goats, and for malaxing (amalgamating) the cow dunk to form mortar in order to cover their huts...

In the dry season, people have to go deep 10 meters in the ground for water. How the members of this tribe clean up since water is taboo as a cleaning source?

They heat incense and the fume disinfects their cloths and all their bodies, sort of dry sauna custom.

The members spread mud over their body to protect the skin from the sun and the flies…And they are surviving and thriving on milk and occasional goat meat , as long as their cattle are not stolen and reduced to famine.

The sacrificial goat is killed by suffocation so that the blood is Not wasted on the ground…

Islam allowed ablution with sand when lacking water: Mohammad and his followers were stuck with this problem in one of the trips.

Note: What could be done in a rocky arid land? Should we grind a rock to reduce it to sandy powder?

Lebanon: Highest in cancer cases and highway robbery of wealth?

Pollution in all sectors and every district: sewage, waste disposal and burning in open air, bad potable water canalization, higher than New Delhi air quality deterioration, open air pollution of “energy” central exhaust, cement factories, excavation of mountains, imported outdated medication… and a political system “governed” by the militia/mafia “leaders” of the civil war for 3 decades.

عملولنا السرطان!

من فترة كان عندي موعد مع دكتور ” إختصاص جهاز هضمي” بالCMC , وبينما انا ناطر دوري، بشوف حركة غريبة بالكوريدور ،

عجقة وعائلة عم تبكي وتحبس دموعها ، وفجأة دكتور من عائلة ” ابو غزالة” من المالكين بالمستشفى بينزل خصيصا” ليحكي مع العايلة المفجوعة !!

هون انا نسيت مرضي وصرت عم راقب الاحداث وكانو صرت جزء منهم! بنت صبية عم تمشي رايحة جايي وترجف! ام منهارة! وخي عم يقول ” آخخخخخ يا خيي” !! قرايب واصحاب عم يوصلوا تباعا”!! شو القصة!

نتيجة الشاب الثلاثيني( اللي صادف انو من عمري) طلعت، والخبيث منتشر بأحشائه!

دموع، ضياع، ووجوه عم تبكي!!!! جربت اعمل شي بس كنت خجلان واسيهم او احضنهم ! انا غريب عنهم! بس موجوع متلهم! الموقف بشع كتير وهون بتحس مزبوط انو الدنيا ” فانية” وما في شي لنزعل او نندم عليه غير اعمالنا بالدنيا وبالآخرة !

الدكتور عم يجرب يواسيهم، الناس عم تراقبهم، وانا وحدي كنت خايف ع كل اللي بحبهم! وشو لو كنت انا المريض بكرا او واحد منهم!! وقديش صعبة المرض ياخد غاليين هيك بلحظة، نتيجة فحص بتغير كل العالم قدامك !

هون تذكرت المي “المختلطة بالمجارير” اللي منشربها ، المي اللي منفيق الصبح منشطف وجوهنا فيها؟

تذكرت االزبالة اللي منشمها! والكيماويات اللي مناكلها مع الخضرة والفواكه!

تذكرت السموم والفساد بالأكل!وما نسيت انو اوقات حتى الدوا عنا قد بيكون مزور وفاسد!
تذكرت الهوا الملوث واللحمة المستوردة والمجارير اللي منسبح فيها بالبحر!

السرطان يمكن خبيث ، وغالبية الأطباء بلبنان تجار مش اكتر ،والمستشفيات دكاكين بدها تربح!!! بس الخبيث الحقيقي والوحيد هوي الزعيم اللي سرقنا وهجرنا وغربنا عن ارضنا وقتل أحلامنا وتاجر بصحتنا

ودمر بلادنا وهوي بيتعالج وبيستجم برا واكل عايلته organic …
السرطان خبيث صح بس مش قدهم، عنجد عملولنا السرطان.

الصورة لضحية جديدة، مبارح كان دورها ، مين التالي ما منعرف ، بس الاكيد انو السرطان ضيف عم يجتاح بيوتنا وعائلاتنا والكل عم يتكتم عن النسب والدولة متآمرة بصمت.

لبنان في المرتبة الاولى من حيث الفساد والسرطان…
بقلم علي طالب
-أخبار لبنان-

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