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The critical mind of Voltaire could summarize an entire philosophical book into a sentence

I just read a tiny story called “Micromegas” of 15 pages that condensed Voltaire highly critical mind.

In short, two men from far away stellar systems, both at least a mile tall and can live over 10,000 years and are endowed with 3 dozen sensory organs… and still Not satisfied and banned from their huge planet, still worried about the nature of their souls…). They haphazardly landed on earth, after boarding comets and earth arboreal light.

They had to look into a microscope to discover that these insects of humans do exist. The two men are interested in figuring out if these “insects” have soul and how different is their understanding of what is “The soul”.

At first, the giants were convinced that earth had no living creatures since they walked it quickly and crossed its shallow oceans without seeing anything that moves.

Actually the giants comprehended French but Not Greek to communicate with these French adventures in the North pole.

The giants discovered that these human insects have vast knowledge in geometry, algebra, and enough adequate instrument to measure their length and the circumference of earth and the distance to the sun…

“Since you know many things of what is external to you, how good are you in knowing what’s inside you?

One French in the boat described the state of human cruelty, of the perpetual wars among the human. Thousands in turbans, under a Sultan who never stepped out of his palace, massacre and burn villages of thousands of soldiers in metal headgear, under another king named Caesar or King and with different religious mythical ideology. And vice versa.

These human Princes are meant to eradicate the human species. Wars that will kill far more humans from famine and diseases for a piece of muddy land. Those barbarous urban oligarchies, who have never knew or seen who is being killed, keep thanking their Gods for their war achievement.

On the definitions of the Soul of a few philosophers of the period, such as Descartes, Leibniz, Locke…

One philosopher mentions Aristotle and his “entelechie”, a reason that extends the power to exist as is, and he quotes in Greek the definition, a language he doesn’t master, but he has to quote in order to impress.

The Descartes disciple claims that the soul is a pure spirit that is formed in the womb, but the person loses its meaning as he starts attending schools. It is then useless to have a soul if we end up totally ignorant about it, as we go on living. “And what you say about the spirit?” It is Not matter that can be divided and measured and described… “You can describe a few attributes of a matter, but do you know the deepest structure of any matter and the consequences of lacking of it?”

A Malebranche disciple claims that it is God that thinks and do everything for him and he doesn’t have to worry about anything. “Then there is no point for your existence”.

A disciple of the British Locke said: “I think only at the instigation of my senses. That there are immaterial and intelligent substances, I have no doubts about them. I hardly doubt that it is impossible for God can communicate spirit to material elements, if He wishes it. I contend that there are far more possible events that can occur and which I cannot think about or fathom…”

Among these insects, there was someone wearing a square bonnet (a Jesuit?) who vehemently repeated St. Thomas claim in the “Somme”:” Every thing in the sky and on earth were created for the humans”. The giants laughed their heart out and had a great moment on hearing this.

The giant from star Sirius decided to write a philosophical book, with as small characters as it was possible for him to reduce, and offered it to the human insects. The scholars at Paris Academy opened the book and discovered it was mostly blank.

Note: I will be reading Zadig by Voltaire and might review this other short story.



What a Robot should and should Not say and how it should behave

Sure, life is complex, and the living is more complex.

And yet, the process is pretty simple.

We go on living with successive binary decisions at each moment: Go/ stay put, yes/no, get up/take a snooze.

Robot Should Not emulate living species behaviors: Robot is Not meant:

1. To procrastinate

2. To say: I quit

3. To say: I feel depressed. Leave me alone

4. To say: I need badly a vacation

5. To start his opinion or any of his activities by pronouncing: “In the name of God… By the will of God, Allah…

6. Your opinion is against the precepts of the multiple Bibles: You are an infidel…

7. To throw a tantrum and ruin the space

However, a well designed Robot should be able to say:

“I’m hearing new words, new technical terms, new slang, the kids are disturbing my knowledge… I definitely need a sabbatical or an update”

Your algorithm is faulty: the results are against standard humanism values and the consequences are outrageously exorbitant on human lives and standard of living”

Your algorithm is faulty: it is biased on genders, colors, living standards, neighborhoods.

Tidbits and Notes. Part 284

All “free” institutions are Not taken seriously: you also cannot enjoy any facility without a token of contribution.

Don’t contribute to institutions who claim to be “Not for profit“: someone is paying for Not paying your taxes. Only the relatives are being paid.

“Si tu ne trouve pas un mari… tu es stupid. Si tu perds un mari… tu es nulle”? D’accord, mais pas tout de suite: je dois reflechir encore.

L’echec de l’imagination commune? Si ca ne marche pas avec deux personnes qui “s’aime”, pouquoi cette imagination doit fonctionner dans une commune? Occasionnellement, les interets communs ne cherchent pas l’amour et ca marche. Au moins un interet, de temps en temps, pour la survie.

L’amour ne se crit pas: il se prouve pas les actions de compassion

“On n’abandonne jamais avant qu’un miracle ne se produise”? Est-ce pour cela que l’on ne se suicide pas? Parceque nous ne savons rien des miracles, pour les rencontrer?

The lesson from New Zealand on decriminalizing sex work: When it came to making sex work safer, they were ready to hear it straight from sex workers themselves. It was written in collaboration with sex workers; namely, the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective

On devient racist: la famille et la communaute’ nous ont coupe’ les ponts. Et l’ ecole n’est pas mieux avec son enseignement tacit. Comment peut-on communiquer si les questions fondamentales ne sont pas pose’ pour y reflechir dessus?

Opioid-maker Insys agreed to pay a $225 million settlement. The drugmaker admitted to bribing doctors to prescribe Subsys, a spray used to treat pain in cancer patients and which contains fentanyl.

Why USA never demanded Israel to conduct a single referendum on any one of major issues in the Middle-East? Like retaining the Golan Heights, Jerusalem as Capital or building Walls of Shames?

J’ etouffe quand j’entend une personne dire “je suis devenu un religieux Orthodox”. Et j’entend le message: “J’ai deja attent le point de la degraingolade morale. Je ne veux plus reflechir”

The main difference between human genders is: After sex, the male’s mind is blank, while the female’s is overcrowded. If the female fails to prime the silence with an opinion, without any questions, the conversation is declined. And you have people claiming that it is Not the woman who generates the ideas. I deduce that people who are denied sex, their opinions are Not shared and go unnoticed.

A combination of 400 kinds of olfactory receptors means each person smells things a little (or a lot) differently from the next.

40 million: Olfactory receptor neurons in the human brain. 1 trillion: Smells a human adult can distinguish

Using 34 odors and 35 descriptors we could individually identify each of the 7 billion people on earth. ”It took as little as 10 minutes to start separating one subject’s fingerprint from another, but it would take a few hours to get enough data to distinguish a distinct olfactory fingerprint from all the other noses on earth.


Idioms on the worth of having daughters instead of sons, delivered by my grandma

If you have no daughters, nobody will remember when you died

The mother is lucky when the first is a daughter

A life without a sister is like a non finished road

🥀🥀شوية امثال من ستي 🥀🥀

1 – يلي مالو بنات … ماحدا بيعرف إمتى مات🥀

3 – يلي حظها قوي بتجيب البنت قبل الصبي 🥀

4 – البنت هدية … والصبي بلية🥀

5 – الحياة بدون أخت متل الطريق بلا زفت 🥀

7 – عشر أصهرة ع باب داري ولا كنة تكشف أسراري 🥀

8 – خود المعجعجة وضمها وخلي السنكوحة لامها🥀

12 – يلي بدها يسعدها زمانها … تجيب بناتها قبل صبيانها🥀

14 – لو ما كان الطول مهیوب … ما اخترعو للقصيرة كعوب 🥀

15 – دللي كنتك واكسبي ودها لانو إذا نوت عالشر ما حدا بردها🥀

17 – سودة والخدم حواليها وبيضا وكل الشغل عليها 🥀

18 – قصي من لسانك وزيدي ع التنورة … منو بتدفي سيقانك ومنو بتضلي مستورة🥀

19 – سودا زرقا وقاعدة عالتخت … وبيضا شقرا مالها بخت 🥀

20 – خود التخينة وأوعى تخاف … منها مخدة ومنها لحاف 🥀

21 – ابن الأصل لو طعميتوا خبز حاف … بيصون وقليل الأصل لو طعميتوا لحم الكتاف بيخون🥀

22 – فكرناهن رخصوا … طلعو ببلاش🥀

23 – بنت الأصل بتخلي كوخها قصر 🥀

24 – دنيا ما عليها عتب … فيها المصدي وفيها الذهب🥀

لاتبخل علينا بخمس ملصقات كرمال *ستي الحلوه*

A question Mr. Islamic Moufti

💢 *يا سيدي المفتي سؤال..*

📝 بقلم الناشطة الأردنية “لارا الشميساني”

🔻يا سيدي المفتي سؤال..

🔻إذا دخل في حلق “الفلسطيني” دم من إصابته بالرصاص.. هل يفطر ؟

🔻إذا دخل غبار بيت “السوري” المقصوف بعبوة إرهابية في حلقه.. هل يفطر؟

🔻إذا غسّلوا أشلاء “العراقي” بإنفجار حزام ناسف ارتداه وحش في سوق… وصبوا الماء على وجهه المحطم ودخلت قطرات ماء في فمه.. هل يفطر؟

🔻إذا امتلأت رئة “اليمني” وعينه بالغاز المدمي القاتل وهطل عليه مطر القنابل المحرمة دولياً وأذاب جسده.. هل يفطر؟

🔻إذا لامست الدماء المتطايرة من صدر ليبي شفاه أخيه الليبي الذي طعنه في ظهره.. هل يفطر؟

🔻إذا اشتم ”البورمي” رائحة شواء لحمه حياً.. هل يفطر؟

🔻إذا اعتصر طفل صومالي ثدي أمه وسال دمها جفافاً وجوعاً.. هل تفطر؟

🔻إذا تجرع سجين الحق البحريني علقم الذل والتعذيب.. هل يفطر؟

🔻إذا انحرف منشار سياف سعودي على رقبة مجاهد كلمة حق سعودي فلم يقطع الوريد بالوريد وتركه كشاةٍ يتلوى ألماً.. هل يفطر؟

🔻هل يا سيدي المفتي إذا تطايرت الأشلاء وانتثرت الدماء ولم نجد للوضوء ماء ، هل نتوضأ بدمنا أم نتيمم بأشلائنا؟

🔻هل يا سيدي المفتي إذا اغتصبت النساء وسبيت الحرائر وبيعت بسوق النخاسة هل وجب اغتسال الجنابة؟

🔻هل يا سيدي المفتي إن بيعت الاوطان وسرقت المقدرات وارتهنت السيادة هل ندفع عنها نصاب الزكاة؟

🔻هل يا سيدي المفتي أخرج عن ديني إن ألقيتُ تحيةً على أخي إن ثلّث الشهادة؟

🔻ولكن تمهل سيدي المفتي
قبل أن تجيب على أسئلتي
عليك ان تسأل عن مذهبي
فأنا في كتبك التيمية الوهابية ومراجعك الفتنوية
مكفرٌ مذهبي
محاربةٌ ملتي
مهدورٌ دمي
مسبيٌ شرفي
مهتوكٌ عرضي
مغدورٌ ولدي
ملعونٌ والدي
مسلوبٌ مالي
ولا دولارات معي أستفتيك فيها
ولا جمال أقدمه لمُلك يمينك هدية
ولا منصب أهبك إياه ولا أملك لك عطية

🔻واعلم يا سيدي المفتي
أني لن أجد فتوى لأسئلتي
فقد اعتادت أمتي
على فتاويك الشهوانية
ونكاح حورية
وزواج قاصرة
و وطئ عورة
وإشباع غريزة
وفتاوي القتل الارهابية

🔻سيدي المفتي
لا بارك الله جمعتك إن أباحت أحدٌ دموي
ولا تقبل الله صيامك إن جاع طفل بصيام قصري
ولا سمع الله دعائك إن كان ضد أخي والعدو في قدسي

🔻يا سيدي المفتي قل لي بربك هل يفطر من خالف إرهاب الوهابية !!!

وإني يا سيدي المفتي استفتي قلبي وإن افتيتني

لارا الشميساني

Still Talking about Darwin?

I’m going around the world giving talks about Darwin, and usually what I’m talking about is Darwin’s strange inversion of reasoning.

Now that title, that phrase, comes from a critic, an early critic, and this is a passage that I just love, and would like to read for you.

Why are babies cute? Why is cake sweet?

Philosopher Dan Dennett has answers you wouldn’t expect, as he shares evolution’s counter-intuitive reasoning on cute, sweet and sexy things (plus a new theory from Matthew Hurley on why jokes are funny).

0:28 “In the theory with which we have to deal, Absolute Ignorance is the artificer; so that we may enunciate as the fundamental principle of the whole system, that, in order to make a perfect and beautiful machine, it is not requisite to know how to make it. This proposition will be found on careful examination to express, in condensed form, the essential purport of the Theory, and to express in a few words all Mr. Darwin’s meaning; who, by a strange inversion of reasoning, seems to think Absolute Ignorance fully qualified to take the place of Absolute Wisdom in the achievements of creative skill.”

1:09 Exactly. Exactly. And it is a strange inversion. A creationist pamphlet has this wonderful page in it: “Test Two: Do you know of any building that didn’t have a builder? Yes/No. Do you know of any painting that didn’t have a painter? Yes/No. Do you know of any car that didn’t have a maker? Yes/No. If you answered ‘Yes’ for any of the above, give details.”

1:38 A-ha! I mean, it really is a strange inversion of reasoning. You would have thought it stands to reason that design requires an intelligent designer. But Darwin shows that it’s just false.

1:54 Today, though, I’m going to talk about Darwin’s other strange inversion, which is equally puzzling at first, but in some ways just as important.

It stands to reason that we love chocolate cake because it is sweet. Guys go for girls like this because they are sexy. We adore babies because they’re so cute. And, of course, we are amused by jokes because they are funny.

2:31 This is all backwards. It is.

And Darwin shows us why. Let’s start with sweet. Our sweet tooth is basically an evolved sugar detector, because sugar is high energy, and it’s just been wired up to the preferer, to put it very crudely, and that’s why we like sugar.

Honey is sweet because we like it, not “we like it because honey is sweet.” There’s nothing intrinsically sweet about honey. If you looked at glucose molecules till you were blind, you wouldn’t see why they tasted sweet.

You have to look in our brains to understand why they’re sweet.

So if you think first there was sweetness, and then we evolved to like sweetness, you’ve got it backwards; that’s just wrong. It’s the other way round. Sweetness was born with the wiring which evolved.

3:32 And there’s nothing intrinsically sexy about these young ladies.

And it’s a good thing that there isn’t, because if there were, then Mother Nature would have a problem: How on earth do you get chimps to mate? Now you might think, ah, there’s a solution: hallucinations.

That would be one way of doing it, but there’s a quicker way. Just wire the chimps up to love that look, and apparently they do. That’s all there is to it. Over six million years, we and the chimps evolved our different ways. We became bald-bodied, oddly enough; for one reason or another, they didn’t. If we hadn’t, then probably this would be the height of sexiness.

4:38 Our sweet tooth is an evolved and instinctual preference for high-energy food. It wasn’t designed for chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is a super-normal stimulus.

The term is owed to Niko Tinbergen, who did his famous experiments with gulls, where he found that that orange spot on the gull’s beak — if he made a bigger, orange spot the gull chicks would peck at it even harder. It was a hyper-stimulus for them, and they loved it.

What we see with, say, chocolate cake is it’s a supernormal stimulus to tweak our design wiring. And there are lots of supernormal stimuli; chocolate cake is one. There’s lots of supernormal stimuli for sexiness.

5:19 And there’s even supernormal stimuli for cuteness. Here’ s a pretty good example. It’s important that we love babies, and that we not be put off by, say, messy diapers. So babies have to attract our affection and our nurturing, and they do. And, by the way, a recent study shows that mothers prefer the smell of the dirty diapers of their own baby.

So nature works on many levels here. But now, if babies didn’t look the way they do — if babies looked like this, that’s what we would find adorable, that’s what we would find — we would think, oh my goodness, do I ever want to hug that. This is the strange inversion.

6:03 Well now, finally what about funny. My answer is, it’s the same story, the same story. This is the hard one, the one that isn’t obvious. That’s why I leave it to the end. And I won’t be able to say too much about it. But you have to think evolutionarily, you have to think, what hard job that has to be done — it’s dirty work, somebody’s got to do it — is so important to give us such a powerful, inbuilt reward for it when we succeed.

Now, I think we’ve found the answer — I and a few of my colleagues. It’s a neural system that’s wired up to reward the brain for doing a grubby clerical job. Our bumper sticker for this view is that this is the joy of debugging.

Now I’m not going to have time to spell it all out, but I’ll just say that only some kinds of debugging get the reward. And what we’re doing is we’re using humor as a sort of neuroscientific probe by switching humor on and off, by turning the knob on a joke — now it’s not funny … oh, now it’s funnier … now we’ll turn a little bit more … now it’s not funny — in this way, we can actually learn something about the architecture of the brain, the functional architecture of the brain.

7:24 Matthew Hurley is the first author of this. We call it the Hurley Model. He’s a computer scientist, Reginald Adams a psychologist, and there I am, and we’re putting this together into a book. Thank you very much.

Philosopher, cognitive scientist
Dan Dennett argues that human consciousness and free will are the result of physical processes. His latest book is “Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking,” Full bio
This talk was presented at an official TED conference, and was featured by our editors on the home page.

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Manu Manjunath

The fact that we find puppies cute may be an artifact of wiring that has other purposes. We certainly don’t depend on chocolate cake for survival either. We are mistaken to think that all thought, feeling or action is *directly* related to survival. I’m not saying the following example is the explanation, but it illustrates the concept.

The video explains that babies are cute because we’re wired to find them cute, and offers a rationale. Perhaps as a result of this, we react to faces in the animal kingdom that resemble baby faces – round face, large eyes for example.

Even physiological mutation is not always subject to natural selection.

For example, fibrinopeptides are the fastest-evolving molecules – they evolve at the baseline mutation rate. Natural selection appears more tolerant of their variation – perhaps because the body has other ways of compensating. (note – other molecules may mutate at similar accelerated rates, but natural selection weeds the variations out so we do not see the variation in the gene pool: natural selection is not tolerant of their variation).

Big brains brought self-awareness and the ability for abstract thought; this opened the door to all kinds of complexities that may not be *directly* tied to survival.

I might appreciate a painting that you find hideous. I doubt that fact will determine which of us survives, but perhaps creativity will survive better in certain cultures, or perhaps some cultures will survive better with a certain mix of literal and creative minds. Natural selection has produced this mix.

I recommend Dawkins’ The Blind Watchmaker and The Selfish Gene. Fascinating and eminently readable – even for dummies like me.

Certain traits of babies, especially of mammals, repeat themselves: a big head, delicate body, big eyes etc. If you stop to think about it, kittens, puppies, human babies, and of primates in general, share these traits, which is why we find them cute.

This also explains, for example, why we don’t find bird babies or fish babies cute: they do not follow these standards. It’s not a question of evolving to find them cute, but evolving to find certain traits our own babies have cute, and extrapolating this response to other animals that have them too.

Víctor Chagas

I agree, there are similarities in features among ‘all’ kinds of infant mammals that would have evolved long before our species did. So what we find cute includes non-human mammals too, because we have evolved from previous ancestor species whose ‘cute babies survived better’. We (and dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, etc…) have all evolved from very cute rat-like things that outlived the last dinosaurs of the Jurassic.

Also, we’ve been domesticating dogs and cats for perhaps 10,000 years and there are many times throughout our species’ history where at least having close relationships with dogs may have been important for survival, so maybe we do a better job of finding puppies cute than say, baby rats.

A few quotes from Grandmoms

شوية امثال من ستي

1 – يلي مالو بنات ماحدا بيعرف إمتى مات
3 – يلي حظها قوي بتجيب البنت قبل الصبي
4 – البنت هدية والصبي بلية😊

5 – الحياة بدون أخت متل الطريق بلا زفت
7 – عشر أصهرة ع باب داري ولا كنة تكشف أسراري
8 – خود المعجعجة وضمها وخلي السنكوحة لامها

12 – يلي بدها يسعدها زمانها تجيب بناتها قبل صبيانها
14 – لو ما كان الطول مهیوب ما اخترعو للقصيرة كعوب
15 – دللي كنتك واكسبي ودها لانو إذا نوت عالشر ما حدا بردها

17 – سودة والخدم حواليها وبيضا وكل الشغل عليها
18 – قصي من لسانك وزيدي ع التنورة منو بتدفي سيقانك ومنو بتضلي مستورة👗👚
19 – سودا زرقا وقاعدة عالتخت وبيضا شقرا مالها بخت

20 – خود التخينة وأوعى تخاف منها مخدة ومنها لحاف
21 – ابن الأصل لو طعميتوا خبز حاف بيصون وقليل الأصل لو طعميتوا لحم الكتاف بيخون
22 – فكرناهن رخصوا طلعو ببلاش

23 – بنت الأصل بتخلي كوخها قصر
24 – دنيا ما عليها عتب فيها المصدي وفيها الذهب




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