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Late Oriana Fallaci visions are as senile as those of John’s

Posted on June 21, 2010

Note: I decided to abridge a previous article denouncing the rambling of late Oriana Fallaci against Muslims and comparing the new extremist factions behavior as resembling St. John’s apocalyptic vision.

Oriana Fallaci is an Italian journalist turned writer; she was dying of cancer when she published her last book “Fallaci interviews Fallaci” followed by “Apocalypse”. 

Fallaci was a very liberal personality most of her life, defending the oppressed, until she turned sour and dissatisfied with the state of affairs perpetrated by the slaughtering of foreign hostages by Muslim extremists in Russia, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Yes, Fallaci was furious that most of the recent terrorist activities in Europe such as in Spain, Italy, France, Holland and Russia were perpetrated by Muslims. (Until the far-right movements in these countries took over the terrorist activities)

Fallaci practiced selective amnesia in this book to avoid mentioning the genocides and terrorist activities in former Yugoslavia that were perpetrated by Christians, Catholics and Orthodox, and the daily terrorism in Iraq among the Muslims sects of Sunni and Shia.  

Fallaci went as far as supporting anyone, even Nazis or fascists, as long that the political program was to stop Muslim’ immigration to Europe and to never provide them with the legitimacy of a European citizenship. 

Fallaci ended her career by lashing out at legislations that permit homosexuals and lesbians to officially marry and adopt children “because it is a sin” and contrary to human procreation process. 

Oriana Fallaci had made up her mind that there are no moderate Muslims, lest they are Muslims by birth but are no longer practicing  believers: simply because the Koran is the Koran and there is no way to interpret the Sourates to coincide with civil laws in the western nations. 

The vehement attitude of Fallaci toward Islam stems from two premises:

First, all of the terrorist attacks in the World are perpetrated by Muslims, and

Second, the practices of Muslims’ behavior in the Western World are based on the teaching of the Koran which cannot be reconciled with the rational civil laws in the western countries they live in.

 I have responded on these two premises in my previous article and will focus on the alternative apocalyptic versions.

Fallacy used St. John’s apocalyptic vision to offer her version of Islam as the Monster and enliven her ejaculations and substantiate her stand, as if a flawed concept can be clarified by a more obscure premise. 

In St. John’s apocalyptic version a Monster with seven heads and ten horns would emerge from the sea and the Beast on land would execute all the Monster’s orders until the an angel descend from heaven and lock the Monster and punish the Beasts.

Thus, the Monster is Islam and the Beast is represented by the European liberals and leaders who are trying to appease Muslims and exhorting them to moderation by dangling carrots instead of raising the heavy sticks.

The Monster is to emerge from the sea, though the Muslim World is mostly a vast desert until now.  Either the 100-years old St. John was completely dehydrated, and thus seeing mirages, or he had a vision of another Ice Age period and thus, wet continents have exchanged climatic states, or Fallaci was getting out of whack and delving into uncharted territories.

For the time being, the USA is the only superpower located smack between the Pacific and the Atlantic.

The USA has waged two World Wars and invaded Asia and Europe and the only superpower to have landed troops in all continents and are still present, even after the end of the last “hot” world war more than 60 years ago.

The USA has many heads in finance, economy, technology, sciences, mass media, music and movie production, agriculture, and a military supremacy with extra three horns in space exploration, maritime hegemony, and genetic experimentation. 

The Beast can be represented by the world States leaders executing the US Administrations orders, then the intelligencia and educated people interpreting favorably the misinformation that the successive US administrations are propagating to spread democracy by pre-emptive wars.

Many leaders are emulating the Beast, either out of fear of economic embargo, sanctions, military reprisals, ordered terrorist activities, or because of local politics, or allegiance to the neo-conservative program. 

So far, many nations have joined the Bush Junior war on Iraq without the UN approval , and most of them have ended up retrieving their troops after seeing the light or their leaders failing in elections. 

The three main Beasts to shoulder this pre-emptive war were Blair of Britain, Saudi Kingdom and Israel. 

I will only focus on the Saudi Monarchy/Theocracy Beast.

Wolfowitz has said after the US troops entered Iraq: “Now, we can get our troops out of Saudi Arabia, after twenty years, without fear of destabilizing the region.” 

There is no doubt that Saudi Kingdom not only encouraged the US with its plan to invade Iraq but also financed this campaign directly and indirectly. 

The Saudi Wahhabi sect caste was first, getting revenge on the Iraqis for giving their supremacy over the other castes in Saudi Arabia, the scare of their life in 1993: Saddam  invaded Kuwait and approached the Saudi Kingdom and

Second, the Wahhabi caste was encouraging the US to get its troops out of Saudi Arabia because Bin Laden was recruiting heavily on the basis of the “infidel Christians” spreading their impurity in the land,

Third, because the Saudi Monarchy and Wahhabi caste are completely reliant on the US to maintain their social structure, and

Fourth to keep communist China influence out of the Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

The Monster can be named; it is the neo-conservatives, Evangelical “Christians” in the USA.  They are an amalgam of dozens of Baptist and Protestant sects with the single main belief in the process of how the Second Coming of their Messiah is going to happen.

The neo-conservatives are clamoring that all the Jews should be relocated in Israel and then, after the Jews re-build their famous Temple in Jerusalem, they will launch a targeted crusade toward Israel, with the intention of Christianizing the new heretics of Jews; this campaign would be effective and completed and only then the Messiah would feel comfortable to come back!

The odds are the neo-conservatives would repeat Titus’ feat of destroying the newly erected Temple and scatter the Jews all over the world.  If the Jews believe that the support of the USA is free of charge then they are under the spell of the demon; the Jews will have to pay back everything with high interest too.         

 Fallaci had a most striking interpretation of why the intelligent Oussama Ben Laden decided to televise an appearance a couple of days before the second Presidential US election of Bush Junior.  Ben Laden warned the Americans that if they re-elect Bush then he will have no option but to repeat another deadly strike. 

Bin Laden knew that his speech will galvanize the arrogant US citizens into shedding their apathy for voting and move in mass to voting heavily for Bush against the favorite Kerry. 

The Bush Administration needed Bin Laden alive to sustain their propaganda against Islam and linger a while longer in Iraq.  Bin Laden needed Bush in power to recruit heavily among the anti-American Muslims.

This is the ultimate deal between the staunchest extremist Beasts to wreak havoc in the world and create a definite cultural clash between the Christian West and the Islamic World.

The current generally rigid Islam is a major factor to the prevention of effective communication between the West and the Muslim World but it is not the only main factor. 

Most of the Muslim World is organized in Caste Systems (closed religious autonomous sects) due to the influence of India and the domination of the successive Mongol Empires to the whole region for over ten centuries. 

The most effective venue is not to lambaste mercilessly Islam but to aid our region to gradually break out of our caste structures so that we may communicate internally as a society and then open up to the West later on as people free to speak and publish our opinions without undue internal harassments.

This gradual change is not meant to impose democracy by pre-emptive wars but to allow our societies to invent alternative open systems that work in each Middle East States.

Currently, a substitute Beast will be propagandized: China.

I could not help but write a short poem related to the same theme.  Worst, I could not help but sharing it with you; it is titled “Redundant Prophets“:

Tormented youths, hearing voices, experiencing apocalyptic nightmares,

Seeking desperately a corner in a desert,

Preferably when available nearby,

In desolate locations, in complete isolation,

To exorcise their dark dreams,

Their oppressive loneliness, the demons in their soul,

And to find peace of mind.

Archangel Gabriel materialized to a few of them,

Talking to them in a centaur voice,

Vast and reaching the skies,

Or plainly in a human form, surrounded with blinding light.

Gabriel would not let them in peace,

He would harass them during their wretched life,

Urging them to fear the Unique God,

And pray and glorify God’s name, and proselytize in God’s name.

Most were not as lucky in fame,

And have never seen a divine apparition;

They did pass that critical phase in life, in good mental stability,

And reduced level of exacerbated anxiousness.

The difference between Prophets and young crazies

Can be traced to the genetic laziness of Gabriel;

Or most likely to the current glut in redundant prophets.

Swapping Punishment and counter Revenge at the expense of people in Lebanon, including the refugees, Palestinians and Syrians)

Note: This idea came to me in a flash and made plenty of sense given the many concording evidences, months and years after the events that happened in Lebanon. This conjecture is Never approached in articles and news, on the ground that the “active” feuds between Israel and US administration should be taboos.

The US embassy in Lebanon does Not need many secret agents: It receive intelligence pieces directly from the sources: ministers, deputies, Central Bank, private banks, and all its institutions.

The employees “agents” in every Lebanese institution are trained to recognize the kinds of fresh information that the US desire to obtain for the control of Lebanon “politics”

Most of the other embassies, with a few exceptions, receive the intelligence that the US wants to share with them, and in return they also share their intelligence with the US embassy.

Lebanon is ideal carrefour for collecting and swapping intelligence pieces in Lebanon and mostly of the “Arabic’ and Islamic States. That is why this pseudo-State is Not to erased from among the UN States.

Actually, most Lebanese “politicians” and in high level positions prefer to play double and triple agents, which is fine if they “register” as such with the US embassy, as long as they have “no direct contact” with the other agents without the approval for certain events and for a period.

Occasionally, and for local politics in Israel, Israel likes to forget that it is a tiny State and totally dependent on the US and has to plan a priori with the US in Lebanon politics.

In these circumstances, when Israel decide to play the strong partner in Lebanon or the adjacent States without the approval of the US, Israel is punished for tarnishing the “standing” of the US in this strategic turntable of intelligence swapping for the entire Middle-East, once Israel activities turn sour and it is the US that has to pay the dear price in the region.

Israel had deliberately targeted the US Liberty intelligence ship during the 1967 war, for 3 hours and killed 33 navy men. The US buried this bloody “accident” to the public, but I conjecture that is why the US didn’t build or sold any warships to Israel. It is the job of Germany to fund Israel war ships and submarine and built in France.

The US never forgot the heavy casualties it suffered in 1983 to its marines for the blowing of their headquarter close to Lebanon airport. Israel reneged on the deal to vacate Beirut and most of the occupied territories, and to quickly withdraw to the stretch of land in the south, a land that it occupied for 23 years.

The US responded by allowing Syria to get a mandated power over Lebanon politics in order to clip Israel control over many politicians.

And the resistance against Israel forces was launched that ended in Israel withdrawal in 2000 without any explicit pre-conditions.

The pre-emptive war in 2006 that lasted for 33 days is another tragic events.

I conjecture that the US was Not ready to launch this war on Hezbollah and Lebanon at this time, but Israel, for local politics, lied that it can destroy Hezbollah military forces.

A week into the war, Israel discovered that the morale of its army was Not at par with the goal of the war. Israel wanted to stop the war, but the US was outraged for being lead/dragged to this war and pressured Israel to resume the war, against all odds.

Israel ended up begging the US to quickly demand a cease fire.

In retaliation for this fiasco, the US got its revenge in 2008 by leaking the “safe havens” of Israel Mossad locations in Beirut to Hezbollah.

Within 3 days, Hezbollah had “closed” all of Israel spy networks in Lebanon and pressured the dual Lebanese political agents to desist from direct contact with Israel. And the US regained some of its standing with easy direct intelligence from Lebanon institutions.

Feeling safe, the nonchalance of the US control of Lebanon lead to the total bankruptcy of the State of Lebanon at all levels: US policies encouraged Lebanon civil war “leaders” to loot the wealth of Lebanon and its budgets since 2008.

Note: Israel is at odd with US policies in Lebanon. Israel has decided that “No more military pre-emptive wars on Lebanon, Not even on a smaller scale”. Israel desires a “stable” Hezbollah. Otherwise, Israel will be sucked into successive nightwares.

From troubled Florida youth to the Israeli army?

Palestinian child in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle : Instagram image

Posted on February 21, 2013

Ali Abunimah posted on The Electronic Intifada this Feb.20/2013  “Stoned, naked, armed and dangerous…

The Israeli army claimed that the photograph of Mor Ostrovski, the now infamous Instagram image of a Palestinian child in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle that generated disgust around the world, was “a severe incident which doesn’t accord with the IDF’s spirit and values.

It is understandable that an occupation army that markets itself as the “most moral army in the world” would attempt such damage control. Israeli soldiers’ use of social media has given a unique insight into an “army” that functions more like a rabble – with soldiers misusing weapons, breaking laws, and expressing violent and extreme views and posting images of themselves doing it online. What of the repeated and successive pictures posted routinely by Israeli soldiers?


Golani Brigade soldier Osher Maman, who came from a troubled youth in Florida, posts photos of himself breaking Israeli military law and playing with weapons in irresponsible ways. Source

Those who follow matters closely know that the photograph was an apt symbol for the Israeli army’s contempt for the lives of Palestinian children, as well as for the total impunity soldiers accused of crimes against Palestinian civilians enjoy. Even in terms of “misuse” of social media, it was no isolated incident.


Gun play Source

A case in point is Osher Maman, another 20-year-old Israeli soldier currently enlisted in the “elite” Golani Brigade.

Maman’s Instagram account currently includes 549 images which show, among other things, images of him mishandling weapons and breaking military laws.

The earliest date from April 2012 and the most recent from today. An illustrative selection – with tags where he included them – are used throughout this post. Maman also expresses deeply racist and even genocidal views towards Palestinians and Arabs.

Maman, who grew up in Naples, Florida after his family left Israel a decade ago, made the news in 2006 when as a 14-year-old he brought a BB gun given to him by his parents to school and used it to threaten two girls.

Maman also has an adult criminal history with records of arrests in February 2011 and inMay 2011 for “trespassing on school grounds.”


Osher Maman’s Facebook page, which features many of the same images that can be seen on his Instagram account but also goes back earlier, identifies him as a former student of Barron Collier High School in Naples, Florida, and uses the nickname “Eazybaby” which resembles the name of his Instagram account eazybaby310.

An Osher Maman was a member of the graduating high school class of 2010 according to the Naples Daily News on 5 June 2010.



Maman’s Facebook bio says: “From Israel to Miami to the I.D.F Kik: eazybaby310 An active assassin/hitman” and he identifies himself as a member of Barak, the 12th Battalion of the supposedly “elite” Golani brigade. This is corroborated by many images he has posted of weapons, uniforms and other military paraphernalia bearing the insignia of this battalion.

Maman wrote a message on Facebook on 13 August 2011:

“I’m leaving to the israeli army this monday, just wanted to say.. fuck the police, fuck barron collier high school and all the staff, fuck all the judges, fuck all you little hater faggots that blow up my fb and phone talking shit, fuck the bitches that cheated on me, fuck the virus i just got on my computer and whoever created it, fuck you fuck you fuck you, whos next…”

One year later, Maman celebrated the anniversary of his move in another Facebook status:

So one year ago i moved here to join the army… Im not gonna make up some bullshit glorious story to break your heart… I just did it to beat up terrorists and shit… Happy one year anniversary Mmmmmffffffckasss!!!



Not exactly a boy scout

An image he posted of its insignia indicates that Maman was recruited directly from the United States via “Garin Tzabar” a program that recruits Jews and Israelis from overseas into the army. Maman identifies himself as a Garin Tzabar member on his Google Plus account.

A comment made on a website dedicated to Garin Tzabar, from the Facebook account of Maman’s mother, Batya Sabag, a social media consultant in Naples, Florida, also identifies her son as a graduate of the program.

One of the requirements of the Garin Tzabar program is a “Certificate of Good Conduct (proof of no prior criminal record).”

This military recruitment program for the Israeli occupation army is run by the Israel Scouts.

According to an image posted by Maman, on 5 April 2012 his military service had begun 138 days previously (which would be November 2011) and will end on 19 November 2014.


A montage posted by Osher Mamam features a blindfolded and bound Palestinian prisoner, weapons, and tags that reveal fantasies of violence. Source

Misuse of weapons


Obscene Source

When Maman was arrested and charged in the BB gun incident – classified by authorities as a weapon, not a toy, his father, Zion Maman, told media that “the culture in Israel has a more relaxed view about toy guns.”


Basic rule of gun safety: don’t put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to shoot. Source

That relaxed view extends to real guns, mortars, grenades and all sorts of other heavy weapons that Osher Maman is seen handling, sometimes naked, and using as toys and props in disturbing images he posted online.

These images suggest that the Israeli army exercises little control or discipline over weapons.


Star of David formed with guns. Source


This gun appears to be loaded and it’s definitely not a toy. Source


Does the Israeli army just leave mortar shells lying around for use as Instagram props? Source


More weapons for Osher Maman to play with. Source


Playing God? Note the caption Osher Maman has attached to this image of what might be the controller of remote weapon system. Source









Maman posts images of himself breaking military law


A criminal offense under Israeli military law, Golani brigade soldier Osher Maman smokes marijuana in his uniform. Source

Images posted on Maman’s Instagram account show him smoking marijuana in uniform and on duty, in direct contravention of Israeli army order “33.011 – Use of Drugs – procedures for report, detention, and initiating a military police investigation.”


Osher Maman with a joint while on duty. Source

Military order 33.011 states that the use of drugs, including hashish, “constitutes a criminal offense and harms the army, so this order does not leave room for the commanders’ discretion.” It adds that, “All soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces are prohibited from possessing drugs, taking them, or trading in them.”


Osher Maman shows off his stash. Possession is a criminal offense under army law. Source

What does it mean that the Israeli army recruits a soldier, with a dubious history, who is stupid enough to post images of himself committing more criminal offenses?

Is this a man who should be handling – playing with – lethal weapons in any circumstances?

Or does it mean that this Most Moral Army so lacks discipline that soldiers like Maman can break the law without fear of consequences?

A lust for violence and genocidal hatred of Arabs

Osher Maman freely expresses his deep, even genocidal hatred of Palestinians and his desire to see them oppressed and killed. Responding to a comment on one of his images, for example, Maman told the commenter

“Lmao for all I care you can comment all my pictures, you’re still a fucking Arab pile of shit, you even smell like it. You’re never going to win over israel (the chosen people) bc you’re a bunch of slaves, shit I probably am the slave master of some Arab who’s related to you… 


An you all will stay trapped in gaza and every little shittt village that you Palestinians have inside of israel. And you will continue to go to our jails and to have your houses broken into. Basically your life will be shit until you all die, so go ahead and have fun commenting on my pictures of that’s going to make your death a little better…

The persecution of a female Palestinian University student Mays Abu Ghosh

Amjad Ayman Yaghi The Electronic Intifada 5 February 2021

More than 10,000 Palestinian women have been arrested or detained under Israeli military orders over the past five decades.

Mays Abu Ghosh, a journalism student at Birzeit University in the West Bank, has been persecuted because she refused to accept Israel’s occupation of her homeland.

Prison was an obstacle to my education and my career, but I am still going to work as a journalist. I will not allow my imprisonment to be a dark chapter in my life.”

Mays Abu Ghosh was revising for a college exam during August 2019 when Israeli soldiers broke into her home late at night.

Accompanied by dogs, the troops told her father to wake up the family and gather everyone in one place.

Then they entered Mays’ room and ordered her to switch on her mobile phone and computer. She refused to do so.

Mays Abu Ghosh was repeatedly tortured in the detention center known as the Russian Compound. (Photo courtesy of Mays Abu Ghosh) 

After she disobeyed the order, Mays had to get dressed in the presence of some female soldiers. Her bedroom and that of her parents were then ransacked by the troops.

Handcuffed, Mays was brought from her family’s home in Qalandiya refugee camp to the military checkpoint also in Qalandiya – an area separating occupied East Jerusalem from the remainder of the West Bank.

From there she was transported to the Russian Compound, an Israeli detention center in Jerusalem. Mays was held in that center for more than a month, during which time she was repeatedly tortured.


“The most severe thing was three days in a row without being allowed to sleep,” Mays, 23, said. “I had to stay in a chair and if I closed my eyes, a soldier would come over and shout at me. I was slapped in the face continuously.”

Mays was forced to stand and bend her knees, with soldiers pressing hard on her shoulders. She had to remain in such painful positions for long stretches of time.

Her shackles were so tight that her hands and feet started to bleed. When Mays got her period, the interrogators “deliberately delayed” giving her sanitary pads, she said.

“I still have various pains – in my back, feet and head – because of the torture,” she recounted.

As well as abusing her physically, Mays’ interrogators subjected her to psychological pressure by threatening that other members of her family would be arrested and that their home would be destroyed.

She was charged with being part of Qutub, a left-wing student group deemed “unlawful” by Israel.

Among the other charges against her were “contact with an enemy.” That related to her participation in a conference held in Lebanon on the right to return of Palestine’s refugees.

Around 50 people – mainly students – were arrested in the West Bank around the same time as Mays.

Some Israeli journalists rushed to label those arrested as “terrorists.” Press stories linked the arrests to a killing next to an Israeli settlement.

Yet as Gideon Levy, a veteran journalist with the Tel Aviv daily Haaretz, wrote, “almost none” of those arrested were suspected of having anything to do with that killing, “not even indirectly.”

“Huge sense of loss”

After spending 33 days in the Russian Compound, Mays was brought to Damon, a prison located in a forest beside the city of Haifa inside Israel.

She was kept in a cell with six other women.

When it was summer, the heat in the cell was unbearable. During the winter, Mays tried to endure the bitter cold by covering herself with three blankets.

Mays was determined that her imprisonment would not break her spirit. She kept her mind active by reading novels and books on sociology and culture.

Some of the books read by prisoners – particularly those considered political – were confiscated by Israeli guards in Damon.

Mays was held behind bars for 15 months. She was eventually released late last year.

Her release came a month before her 16-month prison sentence expired. But she had to pay a $600 fine in order to be freed from jail.

The Abu Ghosh family has suffered greatly at the hands of Israel’s military occupation.

In early 2016, Mays’ brother Hussein was shot dead by an Israeli security guard. It was alleged that he and another young man who was killed had carried out a stabbing attack, fatally injuring an Israeli woman.

A few months later, the apartment where the family lived in Qalandiya was demolished by Israel in an act of collective punishment. They had to move to an apartment on another floor of the same building as a result.

Another of her brothers, Suleiman, was arrested soon after the 2019 raid in which Mays was taken captive. He was placed under administrative detention – imprisonment without charge or trial.

“My family feels a huge sense of loss and instability,” said Mays. “Even my little sister – a 5-year-old named Iliya – wets her bed because she remembers the time the Israeli army came to raid our home and arrest me.”

Mays is fully aware that there is nothing unique about the way she has been treated. In prison, she met many others who have been locked up for far longer than she was.

Thirty-seven Palestinian women were being held in Israel’s prisons or detention centers at the end of January. is back studying now – although she has to follow her classes online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is hoping to graduate from Birzeit later in 2021.

“Prison was an obstacle to my education and my career,” she said. “But I am still going to work as a journalist. I will not allow my imprisonment to be a dark chapter in my life.”

Amjad Ayman Yaghi is a journalist based in Gaza.

Islam was founded on the dozens “Christian-Jewish” “Heretic sects” in the Near East

When the Byzantine Empire was established in Constantinople and adopted Christianity as an official religion, and later founded the “Orthodox Christian” sect as the religion of the empire in the mid of the 5th century, the hundreds of local based “christian sects” in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon were persecuted and had to transfer east of the Euphrates River (Persian Empire), the Arabian Peninsula, and further toward China.

The Prophet Muhammad was a member of one of those “Jewish-Christian” sect in Mecca and Islam was almost a copy/paste of the local Bible they used in Mecca, mainly most of the Jewish mythical stories, their prophets, and their customs.

The message of Jesus, his parables, his miracles…were barely mentioned in the modified/edited/transformed Koran assembled during the third Caliph Uthman bin Affan (From the Quraysh tribe of Mecca and one of Muhammad son-in-laws).

Many parchemins were discarded, buried, displaced or burned and the verses of the Koran were grouped according to length instead of their chronological order.

While the disciples of Jesus were trapped and huddled in Jerusalem after the crucifixion of Christ, St.Paul was touring Syria, Turkey, Greece, all the way to Rome, and founding “Christian” communities. St.Paul was flexible in the matter of circoncision and considered it was Not necessary for the new converts to be circumcised. The basic condition for St.Paul was that they believe that Jesus was resurrected, otherwise, there was no viable basis to be considered Christian.

The disciples in Jerusalem, and headed and guided by Jacob, the elder brother of Jesus and Not even a disciple, dispatched Peter to follow the trails of St.Paul and pressure the Christian communities to be circumcised…

As the Jews in Jerusalem started to revolt against the Roman Empire, the disciples fled in many directions. The first phase was to return to their hometowns in the Tyr region and Upper Galilee and off to Egypt, Turkey, Arabian Peninsula, Ethiopia, and even to current Pakistan (St.Thomas, Peter, Jacob, Bartholomew, Andrew, Marc… )

The disciples founded their own sect communities, with their own Bibles, customs, traditions and daily antics practised by the conservative Jews. The disciple of the community re-edited the message and stories about Jesus and crammed it with the stories of the Jewish mythologies.

For example, the women had their separate quarters, had to wear the veil, and Not participate with the males in the community events. Many of these communities wore the white robes, were vegetarians and never purchased any food from outside the community.

Basically, Bizantium decided to accept only 4 New Testaments and ordered the burning of the local Bibles used by these “heretic sects”. Essentially, bibles that smacked of plainly a copy/paste of the Torah/Jewish Bibles were burned and the sects persecuted out of the empire.

Consequently, when Islam conquered Syria, Iran, Egypt and expanded its territories, those “heretic” Christian sects didn’t find much variations between the Koran and their teachings. They converted to Islam easily, especially they would Not pay Taxes as Muslims (Jezyi), compared to the other “Orthodox” sects.

At the end of the Umayyad dynasty, the Non-Muslims diminished drastically and taxes collected were Not enough to replenish the treasury. Thus, various kinds of taxes were enacted that galvanized Muslims outside of Damascus to rebel.

The rebellious regions were far away from Damascus such as in Iraq, Iran, North Africa and also in northern Syria such as in Aleppo and Turkey.

Military campaigns were too costly to undertake and re-established the central control.

Note 1: We owe it to the Muslim Shia communities in South Lebanon and Jabal Amel to have maintained the “hometown stories” of Jesus, Mary, Peter, Jacob, Omran, Hanneh (Hanna)… where they were born, raised and buried. For example, the story spread by the Vatican of the martyrdom of St.Peter, crucified upside down, is probably a myth.

For example, The “hometown story ” says that in the year 64, Peter fled Rome after Nero escalated his persecution of the Christian, and settled in Babylon by the River Euphrates for a while.

Peter wrote a letter to the community of Karkisia by the Euphrates River.  Peter travelled to Palestine and when the Jewish revolt (66 to 70 AC) started persecuting the Christian, Peter fled to Northern Galilee (Tyr district) in 67, but the Jews followed him to his hometown of Shamaa and killed him by a blow on the head. Peter was 77 year-old, or in the year 67.

The community of his ancestors in Hamoul buried him there by his mother in the town of Shamaa, which is short for Shimon.  

Peter was born around 10 BC and lived in the town of 7amoul or (Hamoun) near the village of Naqoura in South Lebanon.  Peter’s father was Hamoun Bin Ama in the town still known as Hamoul where he is buried.

Simon, Peter…is also known as Shimon Safa in the town of Shama3 (Shamaa) near the city of Tyr. Safa means the lean stone in Arabic, Kifa in Syriac, and Peter in Greek. Thus, the Rock as Jesus is claimed to have named him to build his Church.

Hamoun had two sisters: Hanneh (Hanna) and Elizabeth. Hanneh married Omran and gave birth to Mary. The mother of Peter is the sister of Omran.

Note 2: If there were many “Christian” martyrs in the first decades, it is mainly because the converts were dead convinced that Jesus will resurrect them after their death, the third day of them passing away.

“One hundred fallacies on the Middle East (ME)”by Fred Halliday

Posted on October 22, 2008 and written in March 200

I read this book in Arabic and translated it as accurately as I could. I will try to enumerate as concisely as feasible what the author Fred Haliday considers as the 100 fallacies on the Middle East.

Most of the explanations are less than half a page of small format, so I would consider these fallacies as work in progress and sometimes indeterminate for lack of development, except the basic notion that we are no different than many underdeveloped people.

1.  The Middle East (ME) is backward; the coded terminologies used in the modern States should be understood differently in that region; three pages;

2.  The people in the ME lack the sense of humour; three pages;

3.  The current wars in the ME are extensions to previous wars; less than a page;

4.  The part of history that interests the ME is in the past; less than half a page;

5.  Social conduct could be explained through the particularities of each country; half a page;

6.  Specific European States have special relationship with the Arab World;

7.  The Arabs are desert people;

8.  The antagonism of the Arabs toward “colonial implanted” Israel is a continuation to the European anti-semitism attitude; barely a page;

9.  Since Arabs and Jews are both “semites” (whatever that means) then their enmity is different from the European racist behavior; one page;

10.  The Mossad (Israel CIA type) had previous warnings of the 9/11 attack and informed the Jews not to go to work on that day; half a page;

11.  The media coverage of the Arab World increased drastically with the launching of “Al-Jazeera” channel; one page;

12.  There is one Formal Arabic language spoken in the Arab world; less than a page; (actually, people in each State communicate in their slangs that are Not rooted in Arabic)

13.  The language of the Koran has displaced all the spoken languages in the ME; (The biggest fallacy of all)

14.  The Modern Hebrew language is a rejuvenated version of the Tora;

15.  The Kurds are one people and speak one language; one page;

16.  Variations in slangs are a good yardstick to differentiate nationalities; one page;

17.  A set of laws extracted from Islam govern the politics in the ME; half a page;

18.  The West had exhibited hostility toward Islam centuries ago; one page;

19.  We are witnessing an era where the struggle among cultures is displacing international relations; one page;

20.  Islamophobia is resultant from the switching from the communist threat to another scapegoat; half a page;

21.  The policies in the ME were the fruit of coordinated strategies by the West; half a page;

22.  The dilemma of the ME can be explained by the negative implications of the struggle with Israel on its democracy and social change; barely a page;

23.  The States of governance can be explained by the despotic Eastern or Asiatic traditions build around old fashion structures; half a page;

24. The ME societies seem immune to external transformations and whatever reforms are undertaken is purely nominal; half a page;

25.  The backward economic and political institutions in the ME can be explained by the policies of the West to plunder oil in the most convenient manners; title longer than explanation;

26.  Oil was the cause of modern conflicts in this region; half a page;

27.  The US and Gread Britain invaded Iraq for its rich reserves in oil; half a page;

28.  Iraq was invaded because Saddam had vast inventories of weapons of mass destruction; one page;

29.  It is feasible to reduce the reliance on the Gulf oil by developing the oil fields in Khasakistan, Azerbijan and the Kazween Sea; one page;

30.  The sources of fresh water will be the next struggle in the ME; one page;

31.  We can be fairly sure of the data produced in the oil industry concerning the ME even though there is lack of confidence in the data for everything else; barely a page and a half;

32.  The problem of the ME in this era of globalization can be summarized in the fact that this region has been alienated from the World Economy and needs further linkage; one page;

33.  The state of affairs in the ME must be explained through the impact of traditional values and its failure to mesh with the international laws; half a page;

34.  The ME is witnessing the emergence of civil society since the 90’s due to globalization; one page;

35.  Saudi Kingdom and Kuwait have feudal systems; one page;

36.  The ME States are supported by the outside powers while maintaining despotic systems internally, without any consideration for the people’s movements; half a page;

37.  There are no classes in the ME according to the definition of Marxism, which might have explained this region; one page;

38. Islam does not separate State from religion as understood by the West; one page;

39. We must view the economic performance in the ME as related to the religious laws; one page;

40.  The resolution of our problems can be solved by applying the “economics of Islam”; barely one page;

41.  The Islamic bank system is experiencing resurgence which forbit the believers taking interest on their deposits; a page and a half;

42.  We can explain the roots of the despotic States in the ME to the constant interference of the Western powers; half a page;

43. “Do not blame Arafat”; a page and a half;

44.  The Gulf Cooperation Council was created in 1981 to strengthen the complementarity among the Gulf States; half a page;

45.  The US encouraged Saddam to invade Kuwait in 1990, through its representative April Gillepsy; one page;

46.  “Peace” returned to Lebanon after the Taif agreement in 1989; less than half a page;

47.  It is possible to divide the States in the ME between the legitimate and deep rooted States from the created ones by the colonialists; half a page;

48.  The ME was divided among 20 States without the consent of the Arabs who explained these divisions by the policy of “Scater and Rule” adopted by the West; a page and a half;

49.  The Western policy in the Arab Gulf is based on Winston Churchil’s principle “Feed the Arabs and let the Persians go hungry”; less than half a page;

50.  We could interpret the policies of the States around the Caucasus and the Kazwin Sea as an extension of the “Big Game” that was played out in the 19th century by the powerful neighboring countries; half a page;

51. The ME is among the developing countries that suffered most from the “Cold War”; half a page;

52.  The Soviet Union conquered Afghanistan in 1979 in order to reach the warm Indian Ocean; barely a page;

53.  The Islamic Moujahideen defeated the Soviets in the eighties; one page;

54.  The lawlessness and disorganization that spread in Afghanistan in the nineties was due to the lack of interest of the West in that region, after the withdrawal of the Soviet troops; one page;

55.  We might interpret the interest of the Soviet for the Gulf in the seventies to its diminishing oil production; one page;

56.  The Palestinian Resistance Movement under Arafat was a tool that the Soviet used during the Cold War to acquire a strong presence in the ME; a page and a half;

57.  The Iranian revolution was the work of the the Soviet, the British BBC, the Afghanistani Mullas and the traders in the bazars; one page;

58.  The Shah of Iran was deposed in 1979 after the USA decided that he is no longer of good use to her interest in the region; one page;

59.  Israel received a critical aid from the US in the 1967 war in order to convey a strong message to al the Soviet allies at that time such as Indonisia, Ghana, Algeria and Greece; half a page;

60.  Egypt waged the 1973 war against Israel with the total support of the Soviet as a counter attack for the 1967 defeat and from which the Soviet managed to win the revolutions in Ethiopia (1974), Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, and Angola (1975), Afghanistan, Iran, and Nicaragua (1979); title longer than text;

61.  The Arabs used oil as a weapon in the seventies to support the Palestinian cause; one page;

62.  The 70,000 strong Egyptian army deployed by Jamal Abdel Nasser lost the war in Yemen (1962-1967); barely a page;

63.  The ME armies offered modern elite men in the fifties and sixties; half a page;

64.  The military coups that ended the Royal families in many States freed the people from political despotism; half a page;

65.  The Iraqi Baath Party was a radical and anti-imperialist movement; half a page;

66.  The ME people did not show any affinity to communism because of the “atheistic nature” of Marxism; a page and a half;

67.  Zionism or the establishment of a Jewish State in the ME was a Western strategy to partition the Arab and Islamic World; half a page;

68.  The Arab States created a Palestinian Idendity to pressure Israel; one page;

69.  Israel was established as “Light to the Nations”; one page and a half;

70.  Israel is Not a colonial or expansionist State; one page and a half;

71.  The Balfour pledge to establish a Jewish homeland in 1917 was a consequence of the pressures that the British Jews affected on its government to support Zionism; title longer than text;

72.  Zionism in 1897 did not intend to establish a Jewish State; half a page;

73.  The goals of the nationalist movements in Azerbijan and Kurdistan in the fourties were to seceed from Iran; one page;

74.  We need to recognize the importance of “Laurence of Arabia” for the consequences that befell the ME after the First World War; one page;

75. The Western States were against a stable and independent Turkey and they fomented separatist movements such as the Cypriote, Greek, Armenian, and Kurdish; one page;

76.  The Islamic World is adopting a political structure that was built during the prophet Mohammad and his Rashidine successors; title longer than text;

77.  We can understand the modern political and social evolutions in the ME through the ancient struggles such as the Median (Furse), Adnan, Kahtan, Sunna, Shia, the White tribes, and the Green tribes; half a page;

78.  The people and States in this region are still fighting ancient wars that are thousand of years old; half a page;

79.  Christianity, Islam and Jewdaism are considered “religions of peace” based on their Holy teachings; half a page;

80.  A second concept considers these three religions as “religions of war”; half a page;

81.  We can interpret the behavior of the ME States and their people by referring to a set of ancient holy stricptures verses; half a page;

82.  Ancient scriptures, considered as written by God, legitimize the contemporary political and social aspirations in governance and national identity; title longer than text;

83. We cannot logically consider the Land or the written words in the srciptures as holy; half a page;

84.  Jerusalem was for centuries a holy city for the three main religions in the ME and should have a separate status, or a variation that is related to historical legitimacy; one page;

85.  It is possible for laws extracted from divine scriptures to form clear basis and a workable one with modern laws; one page;

86.  The issue with Islam is that it needs reform; one page and a half;

87.  For religious reasons, the Muslims have hard time accepting or accommodating non-muslim governance; half a page;

88.  Islam is the religion of the desert; half a page;

89. Islam forbids alcoholic beverages; one page;

90.  Women must put the veil and cover their hair; a page and a half;

91.  The original religions and those interpreted in the right way provide equality to both gender and sometime a higher status to women; half a page;

92.  The Arab conquest of Iran in the seventh century imposed a religion not compatible with the one practiced in Iran; one page;

93.  The whole Arabian Peninsula before Islam was renowned to be typically backward and referred to as “Jahiliya”; one page (Actually, Jahel means someone who was Not exposed to the Bible)

94. Historical facts concerning Jesus are extracted from the four Evangiles; one page;

95. A Jewish State, according to the Tora, cannot admit living in a non-Jewish land; half a page;

96. The Bahai doctrine, created in Iran in the mid 19th century, is not religious but a political movement and thus, should not be given religious privileges in the ME; one page;

97.  Komeini made a “Fatwa” against Selman Rushdi in 1989 for his novel “The Satanic Verses”; three pages;

98.  A resolution for the cultural and civilization struggle could be found within the “religious dialogue” framework; one page;

99.  A new ME is about to be created in this century; a page and a half;

100. Force is the only means that the ME people comprehend; one page.

Note: There are a number of common expressions used lately by the media such as Arabicide, containment, the Akond of Swat, Bin Liner, Groupthink, slam dunk case, mouvance, Deobandi, towelhead, refusenik,

silver bullet, steganography, sexed-up information, cakewalk campaign, ground zero, corkscrew journalism, muscled behavior, imperial hubris, grief gap, fakhabochik or vahabochik (related to the Wahhabit sect of Saudi Kingdom),

mochila bomba, posse, smoking Saddam out, cojones, great game, brigade 005, blowback agents, Castle Catholic, West Brit, the Red Sea Terror Triangle, trenes de la muerte, Of ME appearance (OMEA), Operation Enduring Freedom, pundit or pandita and so on.

This hapless Buffer Zone of the pseudo-State of Lebanon.

Pseudo-citizens of Lebanon had to submit to all kinds of ignominious and murders for an entire century.

Mind you that Lebanon and Jordan Monarchy States were created before the State of Israel in order to become “buffer zones” for the “security” of the programmed creation of the colonial powers implanted colony of Israel in 1948. And both States delivered according to program.

At least Jordan is still in this program, but Hezbollah in Lebanon reshuffled the cards and became a mighty counter fighting power to Israel repeated aggressions on Lebanon.

Safia Saadi published her article in the Lebanese daily Al Akhbar and she is a university professor and one of daughters of Leader Antoun Saadi who founded the Syria National Social Party in 1936 and was executed in 1948 without even a trial.

لبنان المنطقة العازلة

دور «لبنان الكبير»: بداياته ونهاياته

لو لم تقرّر بريطانيا العظمى إقامة مستعمرة استيطانية صهيونية على أرض فلسطين، إبان الحرب العالمية الأولى، لما وُجد «لبنان الكبير» عام 1920.

دور «لبنان الكبير» الأساسي تمحور، آنذاك، حول كيان مسيحي يُفترض به أن يلعب دور «منطقة عازلة» بين دولة «يهودية»، ودول إسلامية مجاورة.

وأكثر ما صبا إليه المستعمران الغربيان إلغاء أيّ فكرة لبناء دول وطنية / قومية من رؤوس سكّان المنطقة، والحفاظ على المبدأ الديني / الطائفي كهوية لها الأولوية المطلقة على كلّ ما عداها.

ساعد تاريخ السلطنة العثمانية الملي في تعبيد الطريق أمام الاستعمار البريطاني الذي لجأ إلى استقدام عائلة آل شريف الحسيني من الجزيرة العربية، وتنصيب أبنائها على دول الهلال الخصيب باسم الهوية الدينية ومركز العائلة الديني، شرط تنازلها عن فلسطين، أي أنّه لم يتم تعيين رؤساء عراقيين، أو سوريين، أو أردنيين، لقيادة بلادهم، بل استُقدمت عائلة من خارج المحيط «السوراقي» وهي مدجّنة بالكامل، ومنصاعة للإرادة البريطانية كونها لا تمثل شعباً، بل مجرّد رمز ديني.

أمام قصر الصنوبر في أول أيلول/ سبتمبر1920: اللقطة الشهيرة التي وثقت إعلان «دولة لبنان الكبير»، وبدا المندوب السامي الفرنسي هنري غورو متوسطاً البطريرك الياس الحويك والمفتي الأكبر الشيخ مصطفى نجا
في موازاة ذلك،

ومنذ منتصف القرن التاسع عشر، تعلّق العرب المسيحيون بالهوية العربية وأعادوا إحياء اللغة العربية، بعدما كانت العثمانية اللغة الرسمية، وباشروا في ما بعد بتحديد معالم القومية العربية، وكانوا على رأس الأحزاب القومية التي تتبنّى التراث العربي،

فوجد الغرب أنّ هذه التيارات القومية / الوطنية تمثّل تهديداً لوجوده الاستعماري، وبدأ بمحاربتها عبر تقسيم السكان في لبنان إلى مسلم ومسيحي.
منذ إنشاء لبنان – المنطقة العازلة – بدأ تركيب أيديولوجيا خاصّة بهذا الكيان المسيحي لفصله عن محيطه، فإذا به فينيقي الأصل، غربي الهوى، يتكلّم أبناؤه المسيحيون اللغة الفرنسية في منازلهم ومع أبنائهم، ويفاخرون في عدم تمكّنهم من اللغة العربية التي يأنفونها ويعتبرونها أدنى مستوى،

كما تُظهر أسماؤهم تعلّقهم بالحضارة الغربية، فهُم بيار وريمون وبول وجانيت وكوليت… وساهمت مدارس الإرساليات في ترسيخ هذا المفهوم ومعاقبة كل من يلفظ كلمة باللغة العربية، فتلاشى التيار العربي الذي كان سائداً بين المسيحيين حتى نهاية الحرب العالمية الثانية وعمل الغرب على وأد هذه الفكرة،

ودعم التيار الذي يؤدلج إلى أنّ العربي هو مسلم بالضرورة، وبُتر تاريخ الحضارة العربية من جذوره الوثنية والمسيحية، وحتى الإلحادية، فلا هوية للعربي إلّا الإسلام،

ووقعت الدول العربية في فخ إلغاء نفسها وأصولها تماماً كما خطّط لها المستعمر الغربي. وها هي أعداد كبيرة من رجال الدين والحركات الإسلامية تنفي صفة العربي عن ما هو خارج دينها، وتحرّض على قتله، أي قتل الهوية الوطنية / القومية. وهذا تماماً ما حصل في خضم الحرب الأهلية عام 1975.
عمل الغرب الاستعماري، خلال الفترة الممتدة بين عامَي 1920 و1975، على دعم لبنان الكبير المسيحي والمنطقة العازلة التي هي بمثابة مساحة جغرافية تمتص ارتدادات المواجهة الإسلامية – اليهودية. ليس هذا فقط، بل أيضاً تحويل لبنان إلى منطقة ترانزيت وسوق عكاظ يتم عبر مصارفه الأجنبية تسييل النفط إلى دولارات، وتدجين أبناء النخب العربية عبر جامعاته الغربية، فيصبح المسلم متقبّلاً للغرب ومنقاداً له.

دور المدارس والجامعات الأجنبية
واكبت الإرساليات الأجنبية الهجمة الاستعمارية الغربية على المنطقة، وعملت على إثارة النزاعات الدينية المتطرّفة عبر التبشير الديني في المدارس، والتفرقة بين الطلاب المسيحيين والطلاب المسلمين كي لا تتبلور الأفكار والطروحات القومية التي تقود إلى اندماج المجتمع، وتهدّد الوجود الاستعماري،

فالوعي الوطني / القومي سيخلق وحدة بين جميع المكوّنات والفئات في ما يختص بالتمسك بالأرض واعتبارها مُلكاً لجميع المواطنين بمعزل عن دينهم.
كانت النتيجة أنّ الفئة الأكثر تعلّماً وتمرّساً في اللغات هي الفئة المسيحية التي انخرطت بكثافة في هذه الإرساليات، خصوصاً أنّ بعض هذه الإرساليات عمدت إلى التعليم المجاني لاستقطاب الطلّاب، كما أُنشئت جامعتان تبشيريتان أجنبيتان: الكلية السورية البروتستانية (الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت)، والجامعة اليسوعية التي أمّها الموارنة.

لن يؤدّي تمسّك السلطة التقليدية بالدور الذي لعبه «لبنان الكبير» في العقود الماضية إلّا إلى مزيد من الانهيار

بالرغم من أنّ غاية هذه المدارس هي التبشير، إلّا أنّ نوعية المواد والبرامج التعليمية كانت متفوّقة، ولا تزال، على كل المدارس العامة في دول المشرق العربي، ولهذا السبب تقاطر إليها المسلمون في ما بعد، كما المسيحيون.

هنا يبرز التناقض الأكبر: هذه مدارس وجامعات غرضها استمالة الطلاب لدولها الغربية، لكنّها في الوقت ذاته توفّر مستوى علمياً متفوّقاً، وفكراً يرتكز على المنطق والنقاش وهو ما ليس متوفّراً في المدارس العامّة، وبدلاً من أخذ الفكر العلمي وتبنّيه للتطوّر والتقدّم، نشأ تيار يرفض هذه المدارس الأجنبية، لكنّه في الوقت ذاته يشمل برفضه المنطق والعلم والعقل على أساس أنّه نتاج غربي!

الدور الاقتصادي
إنّ تركيبة الوفاق الوطني ما بين السنّة والموارنة، عام 1943، هي أيضاً صنيعة الغرب، وخصوصاً البريطانيين الذين كانوا يهدفون ليس فقط إلى إقامة منطقة عازلة تفصل بين المسلمين واليهود، بل أن يلعب لبنان دوراً اقتصادياً كمنطقة ترانزيت بين دول الخليج التي لا تزال في بداية تطوّرها العمراني،

فكان المرفأ والمطار والمصرف والجامعة، وكلّها في خدمة دول الخليج الثرية نفطاً، والمتخلّفة تنموياً.
وجد الغرب الاستعماري في لبنان واحة لتواجد استخباراته ولتدريب جواسيسه وتعليمهم اللغة العربية (مركز شملان مثلاً)، من دون أية عوائق أيديولوجية كون المارونية السياسية قد شدّدت في تعاملاتها الدولية على ترسيخ الهدنة بينها وبين إسرائيل،

كما عملت بعض النخب على الادّعاء بأنّ هذه الأخيرة ستأتي إلى نجدة لبنان في حال تعرّض لمضايقات سورية، وتأكيداً على حياده، رفض لبنان إلصاق أي هوية عربية به.
إنّ دور «لبنان الكبير»، المنطقة العازلة، والمهادِن لإسرائيل كما أراده سايكس وبيكو، عام 1920، انتهى مع بداية الحرب الأهلية عام 1975. حتى ذلك الوقت، كان الاعتقاد السائد بأنّ الأمور ستبقى على حالها في لبنان، وأنّ مآل القضية الفلسطينية هي التصفية، وأنّ الأردن سيكون الوطن البديل لهم.

لكنّ دحر الكفاح الفلسطيني المسلّح في الأردن عام 1970 في ما عرف بـ»أيلول الأسود»، وانتقال «منظمة التحرير» الفلسطينية مع مقاتليها إلى لبنان غيّرا دور هذا البلد، فلم يعد منطقة عازلة ومحايدة ومهادنة، بل أرض مواجهة وتحدٍّ، ما أدّى إلى انهيار دور لبنان المصرف – المرفأ – المطار – الجامعة، واختفاء أبناء وبنات النخب العربية الذين كانوا يؤمّون الجامعات والمدارس، واضمحلال الطبقة الوسطى المسيحية بعدما سارع شبّانها وشابّاتها إلى مغادرة لبنان بشكل نهائي.
قضت الحرب الأهلية على الدور الذي لعبه الكيان المسيحي كمنطقة عازلة، وتدخّلت الولايات المتحدة الأميركية من أجل مواصلة الهيمنة عليه، لكن هذه المرة عبر السُّنّة فكان الاتفاق الأميركي – السعودي – السوري، وإنتاج دستور جديد (اتفاق الطائف) ينزع الكثير من صلاحيات المسيحيين ويعادلهم بالمسلمين.

ومنذ عام 1990 وحتى عام 2005، أصبحت السعودية، عبر رئيس الوزراء رفيق الحريري، هي التي تقود البلاد بدعم أميركي واضح، لكنّ دور لبنان المسهّل للاندماج مع الغرب انتقل إلى الإمارات وعلى رأسها دبي، وافتتحت أهم الجامعات الأميركية فروعاً لها في دول الخليج لتأمين الكادرات التي ستعمل لاحقاً في بلدها.
ركّز رفيق الحريري سياساته على الدور السياحي للبنان، وعمل على تأمين كلّ المقوّمات المطلوبة من أجل هذه الغاية، وكان مؤمناً بأنّ الصراع العربي – الإسرائيلي قاب قوسين أن ينتهي بفضل السيطرة الأميركية على العالم إثر سقوط الاتحاد السوفياتي، وقبول الدول العربية المعنية بالمشاركة في مؤتمر مدريد، كما واعتراف «منظمة التحرير» الفلسطينية بإسرائيل في أوسلو.

اعتقد الحريري بأنّ الهيمنة الأميركية نهائية، وبنى سياساته على هذا الأساس، خصوصاً أنّ أهم مفكري العصر أدلَجوا للانتصار المطلق للولايات المتحدة الأميركية و»نهاية التاريخ».
لم يدم استقرار الوضع في لبنان أكثر من عقد من الزمن، ففي عام 2006، حاولت الولايات المتحدة الأميركية قلب الطاولة لمصلحة إسرائيل، لكنّها فشلت في كسر محور المقاومة، كما فشلت من قبل في العراق (2003)، ومن بعد في سوريا (2011)،

ومع تبوّؤ ترامب للرئاسة تغيّر التكتيك الأميركي باتجاه إقامة جبهة مكوّنة من دول الخليج العربي وإسرائيل في مواجهة محور المقاومة الممتد من إيران إلى لبنان، ما قضى على دور لبنان السياحي والمالي الذي كان ينشده الحريري. إنّ إقامة بعض الدول الخليجية علاقات طبيعية مع إسرائيل، أدى إلى النتائج التالية:
أولاً، نهاية دور «لبنان الكبير» كما خُطّط له عام 1920، فلم تعد الولايات المتحدة الأميركية بحاجة إليه، فحتى لو عاد لبنان واصطف مع دول الخليج كالبحرين والإمارات، كما يأمل العديد من المتمسّكين بدوره القديم، فإنّه لن يعود إلى وضعه السابق المميّز والفاصل بين «مسلمين» و»يهود».
ثانياً، إنّ الضغوطات والعقوبات التي مارسها ترامب على لبنان تهدف إلى تركيعه وانصياعه لإسرائيل، أسوة ببعض الدول الخليجية، إلّا أنّ الثمن الذي سيدفعه لبنان، بعكس تلك الدول، يمسّ سيادته، وأرضه، وماءه، ونفطه. فلإسرائيل أطماع في الأرض اللبنانية صرّحت بها علناً منذ إنشائها عام 1948؛ فهي تريد ضم الأراضي اللبنانية للاستيلاء على الماء،

ومع الانحباس الحراري أصبح هذا المطلب قضية حياة أو موت لها. كذلك الأمر بالنسبة إلى النفط والغاز والحدود البرية والمائية، المتداخلة مع فلسطين المحتلّة، ولولا وجود مقاومة شعبية لاستولت إسرائيل على الغاز وبدأت بإرساله إلى أوروبا.
ثالثاً، بما أنّ بعض دول الخليج أخذت دور لبنان الكبير وفاقته ترحيباً بالمستوطنين الإسرائيليين، لم تعد ثمة حاجة لمرفأ بيروت، ومن الأرجح الاستعاضة عنه بمرفأ حيفا السليب. كذلك، لم يعد من حاجة إلى تطبيع العلاقات بين الغرب والجزيرة العربية،

فالجامعات الغربية افتُتحت فيها، وأصبح أهل الجزيرة متعلّمين وملمّين باللغات الأجنبية، أما أولاد الأثرياء فما عادوا يأنفون من متابعة دراساتهم في الدول الغربية، كما انتفت الحاجة إلى توظيف أموالهم في لبنان.
رابعاً، حتى المهارات اللبنانية والمتخصّصة في الحقول شتّى أصبحت متواجدة في دول الخليج لثرائها، وإمكانية العيش برفاهية في أرجائها، ولا رغبة لها بالعودة إلى لبنان، بل أصبحت تنتقل من الخليج إلى الغرب للإقامة الدائمة،

وقد ترى في القريب العاجل منافسة شديدة لطردها من قبل الكفاءات «الإسرائيلية».
يقودنا ذلك إلى الاستنتاج بأنّ تمسّك السلطة التقليدية بالدور الذي لعبه «لبنان الكبير» في العقود الماضية، لن يقود إلّا إلى مزيد من الانهيار، لأنّ هذا الدور انتهى، ودوره اليوم بالنسبة إلى الغرب هو منع وصول أيّ دولة من الجبهة الشرقية إلى شواطئ البحر المتوسط، لأنّ ذلك يهدّد مصالحها. هو،

إذن، ساحة صراع قد يمتدّ لسنوات طويلة بين قوى متعدّدة الأقطاب، وفي خضمّ هذه المواجهة الشرسة سيقع على كاهل لبنان استنباط قيادات جديدة، واعية، تستطيع استشراف المستقبل لتبنّي خططها على هذا الأساس.

* أستاذة جامعية

Revolution will not be funded: NGO-ization of Palestine, Ford Foundation

Posted November 22, 2013

While NGO-ization is a more recent phenomenon, it is part of a legacy of outside interests attempting to shape a liberation struggle in a way that support imperial forces rather than the Palestinian people.

While many organizations have responded to such pressures by abandoning their principles for expediency’s sake, INCITE! instead responded in two ways:

1. it engaged in a revision of its fundraising strategies, looking for more grassroots sources rather than foundations; and

2. it organized an anthology of essays by activists and organizers that addresses the “deleterious effects foundations can have on radical social justice movements.

The essays are collected and published under the title, The Revolution Will Not be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.

YAMAN  posted in Kabobfest this JANUARY 21, 2010

The NGOization of Palestine

In 2004, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence received an e-mail from the Ford Foundation.

In the e-mail, the foundation rescinded a $100,000 grant it had awarded the group, explaining “that it had reversed its decision because of the organization’s statement of support for the Palestinian liberation struggle.”

The collection is a rigorous analysis and interrogation of the non-profit 501(c)(3) model of organizing. The political costs associated with such forms of incorporation and the loss of accountability associated with a duty towards large donors rather than the constituencies that organizers purport to care about.

The essays study how large foundations — like the Ford Foundation, which was funded in part by the CIA [Edit: To clarify the foundation itself was not funded by the CIA but some of its grants were. Moreover there was extensive collaboration between CIA and Ford Foundation during the Cold War.]– control social justice movements through the power of the purse.

The essays are an important and thought provoking read for all US-based activist concerned with social justice, and even those on the verge of graduation who believe that non-profit work is the most progressive route for change.

Having attended the Al Fakhoora Student Conference in Doha last weekend, I am posting an excerpt of the chapter The NGOization of Palestine, which includes interviews with Professor Hatem Bazian of American Muslims for Palestine, Professor Zeina Zaatari of the Global Fund for Women, and Atef Said an Egyptian human rights lawyer.

Having attended, I thought it worthwhile to consider the issues raised in these interviews and by the book in general.

How have non-profits impacted Palestinian and other Arab liberation struggles?

Hatem Bazian: NGOs control the purse strings. Through this funding or through the staff they hire, they assert their political agenda. For example, the largest coalition of organizations that work on Palestine do not insist on US divestment from Israel or devote organizing resources into achieving this agenda.

But look at the solidarity movements that developed around apartheid South Africa and Central America: they made divestment central to their struggle.

These movements recognized that economic sanctions and pressure are central to change a government’s policies. When it comes to Palestine, NGOs do not want to offend certain segments of the liberal Zionist community.

So they shift their focus to changing Israel’s mind without making Israel suffer. This kind of strategy was dismissed as ineffectual in the South African and Central American solidarity movements.

The Palestinian struggle (which does not differentiate between land stolen from Palestinians in 1948 and land stolen in 1967) has demanded the right of return for all Palestinian refugees and calls for Palestine to be a complete whole.

(Mind you the UN decision in 1947 divided Palestine into 2 States. While the Jews were barely 40%, they were given 57% of the land)

But today, almost all NGOs and foundations call for a “two-state solution” that insists Israel, as it’s currently constructed, must exist as is, and that Palestinians must learn to accept colonization and occupation.

The two-state solution defends Israel’s “right” to define itself on racially exclusivity criteria, and hence exist as a racially apartheid state.  

By proposing that Palestine exist as a divided, demilitarized state whose resources are fully controlled by Israel, this approach effectively eliminates the possibility of Palestinians having a real state that encompasses their historical and international rights. In other words, this “solution” would essentially dispense with the 6 million Palestinian refugees.

In other solidarity movements, there is often the understanding that they exist to support liberation struggles, not to dictate the terms of those struggles. However, when it comes to Palestine, NGOs feel they have the right to tell Palestinians what to do.

In their framework, the problem is Not Israeli colonization and occupation; the problem is that Palestinians need to be trained to develop “civil society” and learn to cooperate with Israel.

Consequently, funding is often focused on developing joint “Israeli-Palestinian” ventures and projects rather than address the issue of occupation.

The NGOization of the solidarity movement in the US has been so thorough that anyone who criticizes this position is silenced and marginalized.

(For instance, in the Bay Area there used to be an annual demonstration for Peace, Jobs, and Justice throughout the 1980s, and No speakers on Palestine were allowed to speak , Nor they supported the two-state solution.)

Without exception, every foundation that funds work on Palestine (from the most conservative to the most “progressive”) does so from the understanding that Israel, as it currently exists, should stay intact, and the solution is to change Palestinians aso that they will adapt to their colonial situation.

For instance, the [Open Society Institute] wants to bring Palestinian intellectuals to the US to “train them.Train them to do what?

Train them to see the situation in the way the US does and facilitate the continued colonization of Palestine?

Zeina Zaatari: Organizations that are able to operate and function and have enough resources to hire staff–these organizations are careful and strategic about what they say. There are lines they do not cross, or else they are penalized.

United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) has more foundation support than Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), although both coalition efforts organize against war.

A big  difference is that ANSWER includes Arab organizations with a clear political view, groups UPFJ doesn’t invite into its leadership.

Basically, it is not okay for organizations to address Zionism or historic Palestine. You can talk about occupation, but you cannot talk about discrimination within the Israeli state or the right to return.

For instance, San Francisco Women Against Rape lost funding when it started to address the issue of Zionism in its organization. On the issue of Lebanon, it is okay to send money for support services, but it is not okay to talk about liberation.

If you talk about violence, you must denounce the liberation movement in Lebanon; you cannot focus on the violence perpetrated by Israel. 

Follow the money track, and it’s clear that foundations are driving these and other political agendas.

For another example of how deeply foundation funding impacts this movement, compare the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) with the National Council of Arab Americans.

The ADC works with the FBI, supports US interventions in Afghanistan, does not take clear stands on Palestine, and works with US government officials (such as Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright) who are responsible for killing our people. Its focus is to make Arabs acceptable to the mainstream US, not grassroots organizing.

Meanwhile, The National Council of Arab Americans calls for an end to the colonization of Palestine, addresses Zionism, and does not support the two-state solution. Consequently, it has a much more difficult time getting funding. Additionally, as a result of the Patriot Act, even individuals are afraid to support Arab liberation organizations because they are targeted by the US government.

Atef Said: In Egypt, NGOization often competes with grassroots organizing  work. or instance, in labor organizing, NGOs encourage workers not to clash with business owners, thus pacifying labor struggles.

Sadly, most NGO leaders were previously involved in the country’s Left movements, but were seduced into the NGO world  because they can be funded (including personal benefits like travel and luxury hotel accommodations) and incur less trouble with the establishment.

A significant problem with this model, of course, is that NGOs depend on foundations for their resources, not the people.

Thus, they spend little if any time organizing and are instead accountable only to their funders. For example, since NGOs err dependent on foundation support, directors of NGOs focus on quantity rather than quality of work (that is publish  more reports in less time).

In 1997 and 1998, I started to observe from my work in these human rights NGOs that they are a bit isolated, and while they claim to defend people’s human rights, they are not invested in the question of social change and social justice.

For instance, if we look at the case of workers who are fired or o n strike–a labor organizer would work with them to continue their activism and organization. But the NGO legal aid staffer would ask to be authorized legally to sue the employer on the worker’s behalf. In other words, the NGO asks the worker to stop her/his activism: “Go home and just authorize me to sue him.

After 1998, I continued to work in these NGOs with no big hope that they will really do genuine human rights work. I started to work voluntarily with labor as well as the Palestine solidarity movement, and it  became clear that my work for human rights NGOs was just a paid job.

On the positive side, because of growing social movement that are not NGOized, particularly those in support of Palestine, some NGOs are focusing more on grassroots work, even if it impacts their funding.

Historically, how has the NGOization of the Palestinian struggle developed?

Hatem Bazian: Beginning in the 18th century, Christian missionary workers emerged in the middle East and set about influencing policy through education. Banking institutions also developed that became involved with Christian elites.

European countries, in turn, often claimed themselves as the protectors of Christians in the area to justify political intervention in the region. Using educational exchange programs, England, France, and later, the US aspired to create an elite within the region that would support their interests.

After Israel was created in 1948, the Palestinian liberation movement was often shaped by Arab states. They tried to control the movement and its interaction with Israel so that it would not negatively impact their diplomatic relations with Western countries.

The PLO, which was constructed from outside Palestine,  mirrored the authoritarian structure and corruption of the neo-colonial Arab states. However, since the uprising of the 1980s, the shaping of this movement has shifted from outside Palestine to inside of it.

It is now less susceptible to being co-opted into the Arab state structure and can assert a different vision for struggle. This vision, of course, is fluid and the movement has diverse sectors.

After the 1970s, NGOs emerged as key shapers of the movement. But they too attempted to influence the movement in ways that accorded with US and Western interests.

So, while NGOization is a more recent phenomenon, it is part of a legacy of outside interests attempting to shape a liberation struggle in a way that support imperial forces rather than the Palestinian people.

Zeina Zaatari: Oslo helped set the framework for what is and is not acceptable. Pre-Oslo, or during the first intifada, political movements were still strong, organizing within Palestine, and, to a lesser extent, in refugee camps outside Palestine.

But Oslo isolated the Palestinian issue as unrelated to larger Arab-Israeli conflicts, and transformed the movement by shifting its focus from liberation to statehood  and from decolonization to peace.

Funders supported the Oslo agenda by rewarding projects concerned with mutual coexistence, and forced the collaboration between Israeli and Palestinian groups.

Within Palestine, organizations previously concerned with a broader vision for justice — such as freedom for historic Palestine ,the right of return, and the land — turned their attention to smaller issues such as social services and other structures necessary for statehood, representational politics, and constitutional development.

Donors put much money behind this kind of work, and the work of liberation became much more compartmentalized: for instance, the issue of refugees became separated from the larger liberation struggle, its emphasis redirected in the post-Oslo political and funding climate from the right of return to humanitarian relief.

Israel destroys nature reserve, uproots 10,000 trees

January 28, 2021

The Israeli army yesterday destroyed a natural reserve and uprooted at least 10,000 trees in a military campaign in the northern West Bank in a move that Palestinians termed a “crime”.

Moataz Bisharat, who is responsible for monitoring Israeli settlement activity in the Jordan Valley, told Anadolu Agency that the occupation army pushed military vehicles and dozens of soldiers into the Ainun area in Tubas city in the morning and destroyed a nature reserve built on an area of about 400 dunums (98 acres).TUBAS, WEST BANK - JANUARY 27: Israeli forces intervene in Palestinians after trees were destroyed by Israeli forces in Tubas, West Bank, January 27, 2021. Israeli forces destroyed thousands of trees in the woods on the grounds that they were at the military exercise area. ( Nedal Eshtayah - Anadolu Agency )Israeli forces intervene in Palestinians after trees were destroyed by Israeli forces in Tubas, West Bank, January 27, 2021. [Nedal Eshtayah – Anadolu Agency]

The occupation army “chopped down and destroyed about 10,000 forest trees and about 300 olive trees,” he said.

Trees were planted in the nature reserve 8 years ago as part of the Greening Palestine project supervised by the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture and funded by the Venezuelan consulate in Palestine.

Bisharat stressed that the occupation alleged that the destruction of the reserve came as it was classed as a military zone even though it was Not more than 300 metres away from residential areas and it served as an “outlet” for residents.

In a statement, the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s Colonisation and Wall Resistance Commission said Israel “has formed a special unit whose mission is to wage war on the Jordan Valley.”

Caught between covid and settlers: How a West Bank school is struggling to survive

“A security apparatus has been formed to oversee construction and agriculture in Area C and it has undertaken to wipe out the Palestinian presence,” the statement read.

The commission described the incident as “a crime and a campaign of eliminating trees, buildings, livestock and sources of income.”

What is happening, it added, is “part of a war waged by a terrorist Israel State that is burning green areas.”

Caught between covid and settlers: How a West Bank school is struggling to survive

The Palestinian commission called for “international protection for the Palestinian presence in Area C,” calling on the international community to stop discrimination in dealing with the crimes of the Israeli occupation.




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