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USA left alone in OTAN to mend for her oppression of countries: Allies and Not “friendly”

Restructuring the Big Game? How to keep the domination of this infected world?

Has the Sumerian/Mesopotamian Curse (malediction) been forgotten? The land of Assyrian, Babylonian,  Akkadian

Iraq , Syria and Iran inflicted a long awaited defeat on USA power monger military presence

The successive dynasties of the Sumerians in current Iraq were the most civilized in Antiquity: sciences, laws, civil administration and economy/trade. Their wealth permitted them to expand militarily to all of the Middle-East region and beyond.

And then Persia put an end to that dominance. Even the Romans were checked in their expansion eastward by Persia.

The Chinese monarchs admitted that Iraq was the strategic center of the world, especially during the Islamic dominion: “Clouds can wander every which way, its rain will return its bounty to our coffer”

And then Bush Jr. got into a frenzy to dominate this Center.

And now the USA is trying to find a face saving mechanism to withdraw from Iraq.

Les forces US en Irak se retirent des bases militaires mixtes qu’elle partageaient avec les troupes irakiennes. Officiellement ce retrait est motivé par des mesures de sécurité et de confinement. Il intervient très peu de temps après la décision de retrait de l’ensemble des forces de l’Otan d’Irak.

Des roquettes Katyusha continuent de s’abattre sur le périmètre de l’ambassade US dans la zone verte de Bagdad et sur la base militaire de Taji.

La libération des agents secrets détenus au Moyen-Orient se poursuit.

Les français Antoine Brochon, Julien Dittmar, Alexandre Goodarzy et l’Irakien Tarek Maatoka, enlevés à Bagdad le 20 janvier 2020 alors qu’ils étaient en mission spéciale ont été libérés.

Ce qui met temporairement fin à l’activisme français en Irak, en Iran et en Syrie pour le compte de Washington. (The European military forces have already vacated Iraq and Syria)

Washington a renforcé les sanctions économiques et les mesures de sabotages à l’égard de l’Iran et du Venezuela.

Le président Nicolas Maduro est devenue la cible prioritaire de Washington, lequel promet 15 millions de dollars pour son arrestation dans le pur style de la tradition Western. Il est improbable que les Etats-Unis puissent refaire le coup du Panama en 1989.

Les États-Unis sont devenus le premier pays au monde affecté par le COVID-19 avec 125,000 cas recensés devant l’Italie et la Chine.

Au Royaume-Uni, le Prince Charles de Galles et le Premier ministre Boris Johnson sont tous les deux contaminés au SRAS-nCov-2.

Le système de santé britannique fortement dégradé par des années de néolibéralisme sauvage est incapable de faire face à la crise du COVID-19 sans l’appel aux volontaires.

Ces derniers ne manquent pas puisque plus d’un demi-million de britanniques se sont portés volontaires pour participer à la lutte contre cette menace biologique.

Cela n’a pas empêché les médias britanniques à s’intéresser à la hausse des activités navales et aériennes russes dans la Manche et en mer du Nord.

En réalité, on assiste à une recomposition du Grand Jeu.

La longue guerre dans la région centrale du monde qui a débuté sur les territoires de l’ancien pays de Sumer, de Babylone et de Ninive avant de s’étendre en Syrie n’ont rapporté que malheurs et malédiction à un Occident.

La malédiction Mésopotamienne existe.

Du moins selon les grands Rabbins juifs.

Et ses conséquences sont palpables: confinement, tentatives de triage face à la mort sur la base de l’âge, individualisme meurtrier, chute des structures socio-économiques, pestilence, effondrement économique et bientôt un début de disette qui ne dit pas son nom.

La boucle est bouclée.
Note 1: US is deploying fresh nuclear strategic bombers to Europe and landing in Portugal.
Note 2: During the Seljuk and the next Ottoman empires, the people in Iraq and Syria were left to mend for themselves: Even the Silk Route was diverted and Not to cross this region. Trade was to look southward (Egypt) and eastward toward India.

Almost all religions are practically copy/paste of previous ones, with small editing

Note 1: Let’s start from the end, shall we? Almost all religions are practically copy/paste of previous ones, with small editing to correspond to the myths, stories, customs and tradition of the society it was disseminated within, before going universal, once power was secured.

Notes 2: this article is a re-editing of a previous post written on May 15, 2008.: Foundations and history of the monolithic religions

Discovering the mysteries of life and the Universe might not be attainable: for the simple reason that any paradigm would not stick long enough to capture the mind of a few generations.

This article is intended for those who accept the validity of the hypothesis that

  1. Earth is billions years old and that a form of mankind emerged, at least more than a couple millions years ago;
  2. That human kind was on the verge of extinction several times, due to drastic climatic changes and the eruption of monster volcanoes.

Thus, prior civilizations, which may have been as developed as today, could have vanished with no traces left.

We need to accept the fact that if the number of the world population was far less than it should have been at the beginning of the 19th century, from simple mathematical computation in the last 2,000 years, it is because most of our ancestors were the product of incest and Not from couples of different families or tribes, even after accounting for the casualties of wars, pestilence, famine and climate calamities.

I also would like to state that mythologies were based on real events and the transmitted verbal stories accounted for their longevity:  the verbal communication of these stories extended the imagination and gave the various mythologies the religious power and the dimension that are interpreted nowadays.

When dealing with religions, people feel the need to contrast faith versus facts and logic.

People who have sincere faith must have experienced supernatural revelations or gone through a moment of irrational state of out-of-body exposure.

I believe that faith cannot be acquired by reason or logic and those who repeat frequently the word “truth” in their conversations are not sincere in their belief system because truth is plainly, simply and absolutely a subjective attitude: It means “do not bother using facts, science or logic. All those reasoning principles do not mean a thing and would not change my mind”.

Truth is for me the most dangerous term that man has invented:  Truth blocks any consensus or negotiation or meaningful conversation and it connotes an extremist disposition based on ignorance and lack of intellectual interactions.

Thus, the concept of truth is practically opposite to faith, although people positively correlate it with faith.

Logic is a construct, a system of the mind used to expose a coherent hypothesis, hopefully based on some facts, or a story that hold a convincing alternative.  Logic can be used in science, in rhetoric and as well in religion.

Institutionalized religions heavily make use of logic, though they hammer out the concept of faith because its concept is not founded on anything tangible or can be proved rationally.

Religion is basically a theological philosophy that has been manipulated to be grounded in myths, symbols, and secrecy to satisfy the initiated High Priests and generates its power through scare tactics within the psychic of man.

Let me offer a logical story, one of the alternative stories, of the monotheist religions of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions.

The root of these three religions is the religion practiced in the Kingdom of Sumer, in southern Iraq, 6,000 years ago.  This ancient religion believed in a trinity and its mythology stated that out of space creatures, arriving from the tenth dying planet, landed on earth to exploit gold and oil because the environment of their planet required abundant quantities of gold to be pulverized and injected in their outer atmosphere to rejuvenate the deteriorating environment of their planet. (Sound that saving the degradation of earth environment might require another drastic mythological story)

These creatures created human artificially (test tube for example) to serve as cheap and mechanical slaves in the mines.

After many centuries, the created human revolted against their masters and fled from the Eden of the super cruel creatures and had to fend for themselves to survive and develop their intelligence.

The Kingdom of Sumer and its far developed civilization that discovered the existence of ten planets (there is nine in our solar system so far, and lately this year the tenth planet was discovered) and their rotations; the Sumerians divided the day into 24 hours, the hours into minutes and minutes into seconds.

Ancient mythologies mention that this kingdom was destroyed by a natural calamity (resembling to an atomic explosion used by the outer space creatures).

The Sumerian mythology had ramifications into all the neighboring civilizations that came after it, when it was weakened.

Jewish “scholars” in 200 BC in Alexandria (Egypt) assembled faked stories and borrowed many myths in orde rto attach a faked history to their tribes. For examples:

It is narrated that Abraham left the Kingdom of Sumer with his tribe during a period of famine and carried with him the verbal mythology of the country.

Moses was a High Priest in Egypt and fled persecution because he adhered to the Akhenaton new religion of the one God the Sun and carried with him the ten laws and the secrets of the Egyptian religion.

Jesus was initiated by the Essen sect (indirectly related to Jewish religion), located in upper Galilee by Mount Carmel and had their Great Temple on the Mount.

The members of the Essen sect believed in knowledge and spirituality and shared the resources in common.

It is also narrated that Jesus lived for a time in Sidon (Saida) in this Lebanese southern City-State, teaching in its famous law school.  Mary, his mother and part of her family were from the town of Qana (closer to the main port of Tyr that was the administrative district of Upper Galilee) and lived there when Jesus was a lecturer in the law school.

It is no fluke of an incident that Jesus and Mary attended a wedding in Qana; it is also very rational that Jesus decided to start his message after Qana when his mother removed the cover of secrecy and exposed his supernatural gifts of turning water to wine.

Jesus was a high priest in the Essen sect and preached a message based in symbolism and fables and was highly spiritual and staunchly anti-Pharisee, this Jewish sect that believed that adhering to the Laws was sufficient to be saved.

The Jewish Cabala sect is a branch of the Essen sect and is founded on the Sumerian theology and myths.

Albert Schweitzer, a theologian, physician, thinker, organ player and Nobel Peace laureate offered his version on Jesus.  He said, based on the first two testaments of Mathew and Marc, that Jesus preached his message to the general public in the last year before his crucifixion.

Just six months, all in all, Jesus was accompanied by the public and the remaining months he spent them among his close disciple around Caesarea of Philippi.

In the beginning, Jesus accepted the label of a prophet among the prophets but then he reached the belief that he is the Messiah of the Jews.

Thus, he sent his disciples two by two to preach the message of the end of time (as all monolithic religions claim).  Jesus was very surprised when all his disciples returned safe and sound; he expected his disciples to suffer terribly and be put to death in order for the prophesy to be accomplished.

Jesus then decided that God would accept his sacrifice and save his close disciples from atrocious deaths before the first coming of the Messiah.

The apostles and disciples of Jesus believed that Christ would return to Jerusalem during their life time, and thus they stayed in Jerusalem for as long as they could before they were forced to leave that city out of persecution by the Jews.

The Christian-Jews would not relinquish the Jewish Laws and they harassed and even persecuted St. Paul for preaching to the gentiles and establishing Christian communities based on faith in Christ who came to absolve our sins and who was resurrected from death.

St. Paul insisted that without the belief that Christ resurrected there would be  no foundations for Christianity.  That is true because Christianity would be another extremist and salafist Orthodox Jewish sect.

The Council of Nicea in 325 adopted only four out of the hundreds of testaments that were written, and which accounted for more credible eye-witness testimonies before four testaments were adopted as Not apocryphal (teaching of wisdom).

The authors of the four testaments were biased toward the message of their respective gurus.

For example, Marc followed Paul for a while and then he proselytized with Peter and wrote the biography of Peter.

Lucas stuck with Paul for the longest parts of his trips and the foundations of Christian communities.

The Talmudic Mathew outdid himself forcing the genealogy of Jesus to descend from David.

The educated Jean was of a noble family and wrote his testament when he was already senile at the age of 95; he had acquired the Hellenistic culture and symbolism.

It is unfortunate that Jean had to write the apocalyptic hallucination that is wrecking havoc at the beginning of every millennium.  Apparently, the apocalypse is not from the same Jean the disciple.

The Arab Prophet Mohammad was not illiterate and he was initiated to the Jewish-Christian sect (the Ebionites) located in Mecca with his uncle as Patriarch of the sect.

Mohammad read the Books and listened to the proselytism of the Eastern Christian sects during his caravan commerce to and within Syria. 

These Christian sects believed in the mono-physism of Jesus (No divine spiritual identity), in contrast to other monophysist sects that believed Jesus was spiritual, for example the Orthodox Church of Byzantium. These Eastern churches staunchly adhered to the Jewish Laws, the Jewish prophets and their books.

Consequently, the religion of Mohammad during its first 13 years was almost a duplicate of these Eastern Christian sects with strong Jewish foundations in their religions.

At that period of his message, Mohammad had decreed that Muslims should face toward Jerusalem for prayer. When Mohammad had to fight the Jewish tribes in Yathreb  he changed the direction for prayer to facing Al Ka3ba (the Black Stone) in Mecca.

Mohammad had to flee to Medina after the Kureich tribe decided to terminate him; he then endeavored to establish firmly his community of Muslims in Yathreb (Medina).

The next phase of taking up the civil social responsibilities and politics for maintaining this community forced upon Mohammad to linking the spiritual dogma with the civil laws and regulations.

It was while strengthening the community of Islam in Medina that Mohammad had to wage many wars against a few Jewish communities who ended siding with Mohammad’s archenemy, the Kureich tribe in Mecca.

Mohammad thus learned to discriminate between the practices of the Jews and the Jewish religion and hundreds of Jews were displaced.

After Mohammad showed clemency twice with Jewish rebellions, he finally ordered the beheading of 700 members of the Jewish Khyber tribe.  For some reason, Mohammad selected his nephew and son-in-law Ali to have the honor of the decapitation; it is no wonder that the Jews have an animal hatred for Ali and his followers.

To comprehend the nature of Islam it would be beneficial to collect the revealed verses before relocating to Yathreb or Medina.

Most of the verses generated in Medina were generally rules and laws designed for managing the daily lives of the believers.  You will realize that most of these laws are identical to the desert and Bedouin customs of the Jews before and long after they got established in Palestine.

Personal hypothesis:

The ancestor of all the Gods that were created since antiquity is this scary total Silence before a coming major natural cataclysm.  It is the silence of death when the whole earth is still and the atmosphere suffocating, no breezes of any kinds, that generates in all living creature a terrible reaction of wholesome anger, of pure revolt against the sense of death in this universal silence.

It is the silence and quietude before tornadoes, cyclones, sand desert storms and all the kinds of whirling at great magnitude in the atmosphere, the seas, deserts and the bowel of earth in volcanoes.

There is no avoiding the silence of coming cataclysms as there is no avoiding death, a correlation that people noticed and prayed for their own God of Total Silence to keep chatting through winds, birds, animals, rains, thunderstorms, shouting, crying and anything that can be heard, lest miseries, devastation and evil spirits hovering over the land befall their region.

The same behavior is applied to the starting of wars and their ending.

It is no wonder that men shout stupid songs, curse loudly at fictional enemies like if drunk, bang on batteries and metals, light and heavy metals, blow on air instruments and all the hysterical trepidation at the announcement of a major war, an ancient psychic custom within our deepest pre-historic brain to ward off the cataclysm wrapped into maddening songs of patriotism and cursing at the evil enemies.

Indeed, heavy silence is the root of our fundamental fear, and dealing with fear should pass through learning to accept silence as a necessary step to investigating our soul.

Note 3: The Catholic religion, and most of its offshoots, were extremist and bloody organizations during most of their history. They were too the primary weapons in colonizing and subjugating other people.

Note 4: Every time, anyone of these monolithic sects mentions the faked stories in the “Bible”, they are providing ammunition to the Zionist movement and its head, creator and financier the western colonial powers.

How people lived in the Near-East and their terminology

حتى لا ننسى الوجع الطييب…..
الضيعة أيام زمان يا أهل الخير كانت تحكي قصص زواريبها ومزاريبها وبيوتها العتيقة…..

بوابة خشب مشققة وقفلها مصدي وانت وعم تفتحها بتزيزأ( صوت مزعج ) كأنها تحز(تشق) في القلب….والسقاطة( قفل) محكم ما منطالوا الا عربشة……

بتفوت عالدار بتستقبلك ريحة الكواير(طبقات لتخزين المونة) والدجاجات والحبق ودخان الموئدة والكل محوكم حولها عم يتدفا……

عالزاوية في قرورة(مخرج للمياه في زاوية الغرفة) مكووم حولها رغوة الصابون من زوم الغسيل ومزروع حدها جب ليف متعمشق عالحيط وهجمان(كثير الثمر ) ليف مدندلين بالهوا….

ربطات فلفل أحمر الب الطير معلقين حد شوية بامية يابسةوشمالة زوفيا (نوع من الأعشاب لمداواة الكريب) …..

تحت البرندا منجل معلق بالمسمار وحدو أدوم وشاكوش وكيس جنفيص بوحز أحمر مخييط بمسلة وحدن خرج وأنتل ووعسية معقود فيها لسان الوأش……

وشروال عربي اسود مبينة فقيشتو(فتحة في أسفله لقضاء حاجة) منشور عسلم خشب لي بودي عالسطح والسطح عليه محدلة وماعوس (شكل حديدي تسيير به المحدلة) منحدل فيهم سطح التراب أيام الشتا….

ونص المد (وعاء نحاسي يعتبر وحدة وزن للكيل) محطوط عالمصطبة (مكان للجلوس ارفع من الارض ) وحدو ميابر الدخان( يستعمل في شك التبغ) تحت السراج يلي فتيلتو سودا وازازتو مشحبرة……

عالزاوية التانية أوضة ( غرفة) البقرات وحدها التبانة كنت انزلها من الروزنة( فتحة في أعلى التبانة يرمى منها التبن إلى الاسفل) وأكاد اختنق وقت البدها لكن كنت انسى التعب لأني كنت اقبض ربع ليرة ….

عند أوضة البقرات عدة وآلة الفلاحة العود بكابوستو والناطح والبرك والاتريبة(قطع خشبية وحديدية لآلة الفلاحة؟) والسكة وفوقه المساس ( عصا طويلة رفيعة يساق بها الفدان خلال الحراثة) من قدام الو ناغوز ومن ورا الو نبوت….. وحدو النير( قطعة خشبية توضع على رقبة الثيران عند البدء في الحراثة) مع الشرعة الاسبلينات(قطع خاصة بالنير) …..

حطة(كوفية) وعقال بيي عالتعليقة باللوان ( الصالون حاليا) حد صورة جدي معكوف الشوارب وصورة جمال عبد الناصر بلزقو….وبالارض في حصيرة مخيطتها أمي عالاطراف احسن ما تفرط وعليها طراحة ومساند أصل قمح ( مصنوع من حصاد القمح دون سنبلة) وحدن شقعة فرش صوف غنم مغطايين بشرشف أبيض مغسول بزر نيل(قطعة مسحوق غسيل) ….

النملية (الفاترينة )خشب زين مفاتيحها مع أمي بتفح منها ريحة الزمن وزيت الزيتون ومربى السفرجل والتين المغلي واللحم المقدد والكشك البلدي…..

وهونيك مطرح صاجة الخبز وطبلية الرق والكارة وصبور من القشاقيش والبلان وعيدان التبغ اليابس ….
أرض البيت مروبة بالترابة بتلمع متل المراية بتتمنى تمشي عليها حافي كأنها عرش بلقيس……

آخ منا أيام…….يلا عالغدا…..عييط لأخواتك ….سدر المنيوم عليه صينية كبة بطاطا مغمورة بزيت الزيتون من موسم السنة وحدها كمونة حرة وسلطة زعتر دأة مع كبايات فخار فيها لبن وصطفة(طبقات) خبز مرقوق من تحت ديات الحجة…..طولو بالكن كلو الفجلات عكبة البطاطا…..
وبعد الغدا جابت أمي كيس ورق كانت مخبيتو بالنملية فيه حلو عربي اشتراه بيي يوم سوق الاثنين من عند ابو شقرا بالنبطية….

الحلو العربي كان طييب المشبك والصفوف واصبع إم خليل والعوامة والفرايك…..
فتناكم بالحديث الشاي غلا عموئدة الحطب عالجمر حملت الابريق حرقت ايدي حملتو أمي بالشيال وصبتلنا شاي والله دمعة شربناه تحت العريشة وبهالوقت اجو الدجاجات حدنا وبلشو كعكعة….. كش…..كش……فلو من هون….

تبقو مييلو صوبنا اشربوا شاي ……..
الرزق والدار راحوا مع صحابو وما بقيلنا الا الذكريات وكباية الشاي………

د. ناصر عليق.


My grandmother, the Palestinian

A Love Story or a faked narrative?

Note: Be warned. This article is written by an extremist Zionist far-right Jew. It was meant to state that the name Palestine and Palestinians were created to bring the names of Jews and Israel to oblivion. I don’t mind very controversial articles: it is an opportunity for me to try debunking these faked world views. Sentences in parenthesis are mine

Dvora Marcia, my grandmother, was a Palestinian. I have the documents to prove it.

Featured image
My grandmother – taken in Tel Aviv 1933

She went to school in Palestine. She grew up in Palestine. Got married, had two boys and worked with her (first) husband in Irgun Hashomer to protect Jewish land from being stolen by Bedouin.

My grandmother worked as head secretary in the Israel Diamond Exchange and served as a liaison between members of Israel’s different underground resistance units (meaning Jewish terrorist factions), helping them pass messages between each other – all for one purpose… to free Palestine.

From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free!

(That’s what we in the Middle-East call Greater Syria, one people, one nation: current Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq, including Cyprus)

Free from the British. Free to return to her natural state. To return to being what she always was – Israel, Zion.

My grandmother went to America to lobby for the foundation of the State of Israel. She distributed pamphlets and spoke on the radio. She spoke passionately in front of a number of different audiences, raising money and awareness for the plight of the people of Palestine.

My grandmother was a freedom fighter. Not a terrorist, she was a real freedom fighter, fighting for the right of her people, the Jewish people, to live freely in their homeland.

It was hearing my grandmother speak on the radio that compelled my grandfather to seek her out. He felt he had to meet her. Once I asked him why he, born in to a non-practicing Christian family, was interested and so moved by my grandmother’s plea to free Palestine and help the Jewish people rebuild their homeland.

He is answer was: “Because I thought that Jewish blood was worth more than Arab oil.”

(“Arab” is what the Israelis have been trying hard to define the Palestinian identity, so that they implicitly give the idea that the Palestinians can be safely transferred through successive wars of expansion to other ‘Arab” land. That’s what exactly Israel did since 1948. Palestinian families have been transferred 6 times, whenever they managed to survive) 

He then went on to tell me that, when he finally found her, it took him a total of 3 seconds to realize that he had to marry her. It wasn’t long before he did, becoming her second husband.

My grandparents danced in the streets of New York celebrating their joy over the end of the British Mandate and the official establishment of the State of Israel. Shortly afterwards, they left America and moved to Israel. My mother was born in Jaffa.

My grandmother, the Palestinian, had an Israeli daughter.

In a time when the world seems to have gone insane, everything is topsy turvy. Black is white, up is down and facts that were once understood by all have now become extremely confusing and too complicated to comprehend.


Palestine is a name given to the Land of Israel for the sole purpose of disconnecting the Jewish people from Judea, from Israel, from Zion. This was done in the 2nd century CE, when the Romans crushed the revolt of Shimon Bar Kokhba (132 CE), and gained control of Jerusalem and Judea which was renamed Palaestina in an attempt to minimize Jewish identification with the land of Israel.

(The name Palestine was coined 12 centuries before the existence of any sect called Jewish. The Palestinians occupied the stretch of land from El Arich, Gaza and Eshkelon. The remaining land was called Canaan and Jerusalem was the Capital of the Canaanite Kingdom. The Jews were mere Bedouins south of current Judea and never reached any kinds of seas. Later, their warrior God Jehovah was used by the Canaanite during period of wars to incite the mercenary tribal Jews to cooperate and a tiny idol temple for Jehovah installed in Jerusalem close to their main temple. Mind you that Israel means “Isr El” or the land of El, the highest God among the gods of the Canaanite and Phoenician Gods. The same as the Idol Allah was the highest among the “Arabic peninsula” gods before Islam)

After World War I, the name “Palestine” was applied to the territory that was placed under British Mandate; this area included not only present-day Israel but also present-day Jordan. Leading up to Israel’s independence in 1948, it was common for the international press to label Jews, not Arabs, living in the mandate as Palestinians.

Words give meaning and form to reality, thus names are of vast importance. It is obvious that Jews belong in Judea, but who belongs in Palestine?

Palestine is and always was, a politically motivated name. It is a name that is meant to denigrate and destroy the Jewish connection to her homeland. If you will – calling Israel, “Palestine” is the original hate speech. (As calling Palestinians as “Arabs” is another hate speech)

And today, out of nowhere, there suddenly is a new people called “Palestinians” and they are demanding “Palestine” for themselves. And most people in the world go along with this story, furthering a narrative that is a perversion of history and one that steals and makes a mockery of the efforts my Palestinian grandmother and thousands of others like her to reinstate Palestine to her rightful status of being recognized for who she really is and always was – Israel (Meaning Palestine or Canaan?).

It’s probably the biggest media stunt in the history of the world. And everyone has accepted it. The world has recognized that there is a “Palestinian people” and they no longer mean what this term always meant – Jews.

Any people, the world agrees, has the right to self-determination (unless they are Kurds or Tibetan). Suddenly it becomes reasonable to give “Palestine” to the “Palestinians.”

When Palestine, Texas was named, its founders were not thinking about an Arab nation. Neither were the people of Palestine, Illinois. They were thinking of Zion, the country who America’s founders modeled her after. (Fake conjecture. Palestine is Palestine and Not Zion)

The “Palestinian narrative” is one big commercial that the world has swallowed, hook, line and sinker. This is based on the premises that if you repeat a lie enough times people begin to believe it. If enough believe it becomes fact. (The same mantra that Zionist Hasbara is applying: keep lying through your teeth and start believing your faked narrative)

But the facts are that there are Jews and there are Arabs. There are Israeli Arabs, Jordanian Arabs, Syrian, Lebanese and Egyptian Arabs. There are Muslim Arabs and Christian Arabs.

(A very confused mind trying to make some logic. Arab refers to the language Arabic, one of the slang of the Aramaic main language, as Hebrew is. The expansion of the Islamic Arabic tribes was done through the original people in each land, far more cultured and united: it is basically an Islamic expansion)

Arab “Palestinians” are a nationality invented to facilitate and justify cleansing Jews from Israel.

The “Palestinians” are stealing my history in order to steal my land. Stealing my land is one step before my annihilation. Without Israel there is no Jewish people. The “Palestinians” are claiming my history as their own. Denying my roots, to deny my future. (It is the way around. The Jews who immigrated to Palestine in the early 20th century called themselves Palestinians.)

Words are powerful. Every single person who uses the terminology as defined by the Arabs who wish to establish the State of Palestine is complicit.

You are literally, wiping Israel off the map. (As Google wiped Palestine from the maps?)

We have all been complicit. It is time to change our language and return to the factual, historical definitions. Before it is too late.

It’s really not that complicated. Palestine was always Israel. Palestinians were Jews. (It is the way around. Read note #2)

For the love of Zion, my grandmother was a Palestinian.

Note 2I conjecture that all the minority people in the Middle-East are one people (Armenians, Kurds, Syriacs, Assyrians, Keldans, Yazidis, Sunnis from Syria and Iraq, Shias from Iraq and Syria, Greek Orthodox in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, Maronites from Lebanon, Druzes in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine…) we are One people. Let’s Not get hung on names that were attached to us in periods of foreign aggression on our land to divide us and control us. 

As a warrior empire invade our land, a few of us allied to the invaders and other resisted. The end result is that many flee, are transferred or stay and eek out a living. Let’s negotiate win-win deals among ourselves to re-start a civilization that we exported westward and eastward, our land, this hotbed for civilized nations for thousands of years.

Notes 3: The western colonial powers coined terms Semitic and Arian in the 20th century to differentiate their white racist ideology from the rest of the world. The Middle-East people and Islamic world were labelled Semitic. How a Jew likes to be labelled? According to color of skin or colonial passport he carries?

From a dying Secret cult member: Wikileaks uncovered what he thinks is the real reason for US invading Iraq

Note: Secret cults members are denied the deeper secret of their belief system: Wikileaks documents is just describing the outer reasons of this member for his lack of knowing the core material project.

All the secret or cult organizations are inter-related: They are offshoot of one another. A founder, or founders, add a layer, a mythical story, a side objective to hide the fundamental reason for instituting the organization.

Lamis Bejjani posted on FB  a few documents of Wilileaks on the Not known reasons for invading Itaq by Bush Jr. 12 hrs · 

Apparently, Wikileaks uncovered documents of a dying member of this International Federal Brotherhood (IFB) organization

Anyone heard of this International Federal Brotherhood IFB organization? (Any link with Muslim Brotherhood? Evangelical “christian” sects? Jehovah witnesses? Tom Cruse sect? The Free Mason (Builders) that fomented countless uprising)

Apparently its members think that Iraq is this ancient location where outer space civilizations ruled it and left symbols  of cosmic knowledge for how to materially rule the world.

(The IFB relied on Gilgamesh epic story, and the Jews relied on it also and on the customs of the Near-East to fabricate a history they never had) 

Egypt is the other location, but since Egypt’s history proved to be Not that expansionist and spiritual in its belief system, then Egypt was Not considered the nemesis for the USA and the western colonial powers.

Consequently, physically controlling the reserves of oil and gas to blackmail the nascent superpowers of China and potential India was a convincing leitmotif for the US administration to invade Iraq.

The other objective was to use Iraq as the center for fomenting the Sunni-Shia feud between Iran and Saudi Kingdom.

This member divulged that Saddam Hussein was the ideal agent for the US since he acceded to power and delivered on all the orders he received from the USA.

Saddam assassinated all the Baath leaders who favored unity with the Syrian Baath party during late Hafez Assad. (The leaders of two parties had fine tuned the clauses for the unification). He attacked Islamic Iran to weaken and destabilize this nascent regime. He invaded Kuwait. He tamed the Kurds in northern Iraq when the US needed a cease fire with the late Shah.

Saddam was willing to sell all the oil Iraq produced to the US and the colonial powers. He was willing to allow the US to establish military bases in many regions in Iraq. Consequently, invading Itaq for the oil was Never the real reason. Or to establish a democracy after a dictatorship.

Since Iraq has a diversity of religious sects and the Shias are a majority, it made sense to frighten the neighboring Sunni States and Turkey to ally with the USA against the rise of the powerful Islamic Shiite Iran.

This member said that it was no coincidence that Bush Sr, declared in 1991 his desire to establish a New Middle East, to replace the bipolar status during the Soviet Union dominance.

The first activities of the US troops was to install their headquarters in the ancient Iraqi cities of Babel and Sumer in order to thoroughly excavate their sites for artifacts that could guide the IFB to deepen their knowledge on how to rule the world materially.

This new empire ruthlessly acted, as ancient Iraq empires did, from Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Alexander the Greek, the Sassanian who had their Capital in Ctesiphon (Al Mada2en), and lately the Abbasid Caliphate that ruled half the world at the time.

(This member was never told that the Mogul, coming from the steps, ruled lands far larger than the Abbasid dynasty or the Roman or China in its apogee)

The US established the largest embassy in the world in Baghdad that host 1,000 employees in 20 buildings, and invested $1 billion on it, in an areas 6 times larger than the UN compound and 10 times larger than its embassy in China. (Actually, the US didn’t build anything: they were already constructed by Saddam Hussein in the Green Zone)

Mind you that the US is also investing $1 billion on its embassy in Lebanon in Awkar, which means the US is planning to move most of its personnel in the Middle East to Lebanon.

This member divulged also that the IFB created the terrorist factions of ISIS and Al Nusra to totally devastate Iraq historical sites and reduce its people to misery.

A reminder for our people in the Near-East (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine):

  1. We constitute one people in one nation that the Western colonial powers call it Greater Syria, the hotbed of all ancient civilizations and the most strategic region between West and East
  2. That Israel was implanted in our region to prevent any daily trade and communication among the same people (in the Near East and an expansion to the Middle-East as a strategic geopolitical region).
  3. Israel was created to fail any sustained development among the same people who were divided into “independent” States to foment civil wars among themselves as any kinds of development emerged in any state
  4. . Israel and the colonial powers of USA/France/Britain are existential threat to our future well-being. Their goal is to hinder and prevent any facilitation of daily interconnection.
  5. This region was linked by train before the establishment of Israel, and when any part experienced economic difficulties, they simply transferred to another part.
  6. We are One people and One Nation with same language (different slang obviously), same tradition, same customs same culinary system…
  7. The colonial powers didn’t want this One people to resume their progress since the discovery of Oil and Gas in abundance could be used as a  strategic weapon.
  8. Israel was used as a colonial implant to effectively separate this One people. Consequently, each State is behaving in isolation of the common interest and denying the refugees (consequence of the Machiavelli plans of the colonial powers) permanent residency that would satisfy Israel requirement of transforming itself into a purely Jewish Homeland, which it blatantly confirmed it in its recent constitution. 
  9. The US “christian” Evangelical Zionist provided the religious background as excuse to fulfilling the colonial powers interest in a divided region. Trump is simply ratifying what Congress has already proclaimed 2 decades ago and the process is being quickened.
  10. Thus, No other alternative to the people in this region but to resist this advanced and hurried process of re-transferring everybody for the nth time.

Note 2: This wish of dominion of the Middle-East is kind of evaporating given the current development.

Though the million of handicapped people and dismembered born babies left behind in Iraq and Syria are Not accounted for.

Though the pollution of rivers, lands ans sea are never broached by western medias.

ويكليكس باخطر وثائقه يكشف السبب الحقيقي لاحتلال العراق
الوقائع الاخبارية ​ ​: بعض الوثائق السرية الموجود في موقع وكليلكس …هذه هي الأسباب السرية لأحتلال العراق
امريكي، وهو على فراش الموت، احد زعماء(فيدرالية الاخوة العالميةIFB )، المنظة السرية العالمية التي تتحكم بامريكا وغالبية الدول الغربية:
لا احد يدرك كم(العراق) مهم بالنسبة لنا نحن في (IFB). لقد نجحنا بالتضليل على السببين الاكبرين لاحتلالنا له، من خلال التركيز على السببين المعروفين الذين اتفق عليهما الجميع:

1ـ ان العراق، جغرافيا هو مركز الشرق الاوسط. السيطرة عليه تعني السيطرة على قلب الشرق الاوسط، جغرافيا وعسكريا وحضاريا.
2ـ وهو كذلك اقتصاديا يمتلك اكبر خزين نفطي، بالاضافة الى النهرين والكثير من المعادن المهمة المكتشفة وغير المكتشفة.

لكن بالحقيقة ان هذين السببين ثانويين في استراتجيتنا الخفية. فلو كانا هما الاساسيين كما اوحينا للجميع، لما اضطررنا ابدا لاحتلال العراق، لأن صدام حسين كان مستعدا لتقديم كل التنازلات لنا، يمنحنا حق استثمار البترول كما نرغب، وكذلك التعاون العسكري الكامل معنا بما فيه انشاء قواعد عسكرية مشتركة في انحاء العراق.

لكن طموحاتنا ازاء هذا البلد اكبر من امكانات صدام مهما اراد التنازل لنا، اذ تتجاوز الى حد بعيد المصالح النفطية والعسكرية، الى مصالح استراتيجية سياسية وعقائدية وتاريخية تعتبر هذا البلد من اخطر المناطق في استراتجيتنا الكبرى للسيطرة على العالم، وبالتالي تتطلب حضورنا المباشر في ارض العراق:

1ـ سياسيا ـ دينيا، وهذه نقطة مهمة جدا : ان شعب العراق يتنوع الى شيعة وسنة(بالاضافة الى الاكراد والتركمان والمسيحيين وغيرهم)، ويقع مباشرة وسط القطبين الاسلاميين المتصارعين: القطب الشيعي الايراني والقطب السني السعودي. وهذا يعني انه البلد الوحيد المهيأ جغرافيا وسكانيا، لأن يكون ساحة للصراع بين القطبين المتحاربين وتعميق الشقة في العالم الاسلامي اجمعه بين الشيعة والسنة.(سنفصل هذه النقطة بعد قليل).
رمزيا وباطنيا، وهذه النقطة تعتبر واحدة من اكبر اسرارنا التي نجهد لاخفائها : ان للعراق اهمية روحية تاريخية خطيرة بالنسبة لنا نحن اعضاء (IFB)، لحسن الحظ لم ينتبه لها احد غيرنا. ليس صدفة ابدا ان رئيسنا بوش اختار يوم اعلان الحرب الاولى على العراق عام 1991 ليعلن عن نهاية نظام القطبين المتنافسين وانبثاق (النظام العالمي الجديد) أي ميلاد اول حضارة عالمية موحدة في التاريخ.

القيمة التاريخية والباطنية العظمى للعراق
اننا نؤمن من خلال قناعاتنا الباطنية السرية المورثة بأن الكون تتحكم به قوى جبارة خفية مجهولة، لغتها هي الرموز الكونية المعروفة، من اهمها ابراج النجوم. ان هذه القوى الجبارة منذ خلق الارض قد اختارت بعض المناطق لتكون مقرات ثابتة لها. يبدوا انها قد اختارت الشرق الاوسط ليكون موطنها وارض نشاطها وابداعها التاريخي والحضاري. وقد اختارت عاصمتين لها: (العراق) ليكون مركز الابداع الناري الفعال والاجتياحي والتوسعي. و(مصر) لتكون مركز الابداع المائي الانكفائي والمستقر. لهذا فأن هذين البلدين بقيا مركزا حضارة وتاريخ الشرق الاوسط وعموم العالم القديم، طيلة آلاف الاعوام. ليس صدفة ابدا انهما كانا مقرا لاولى واعظم حضارات البشرية، لأن تلك الحضارات كانت من صنع تلك القوى الجبارة المجهولة.

من المهم التوضيح: أن الحضارة المصرية لا تخيفنا لانها طيلة التاريخ ظلت حضارة مسالمة، لم تنبثق فيها دولة توسعية ولم تمارس الغزو الخارجي الا لاسباب دفاعية، اذ ظلت دائما معتكفة على ذاتها وعلاقتها مع الجيران قائمة على الحماية والدفاع وليس التوسع والغزو. انها حضارة روحانية أخروية جوهرها تقديس الحياة الاخرى، لهذا فأن اعظم رموزها هي (الاهرام)، اتي هي اساسا قبورا للملوك، وكتابها المقدس هو(كتاب الموتى) الذي فحواه كيفية تجاوز يوم الحساب وبلوغ الآخرة!

بينما الحضارة النهرينية هي النقيض تماما، انها مادية دنيوية لا تؤمن بالحياة الاخرى ولا بجنة موعودة، بل غايتها الدنيا والمتعة، لهذا فأن اعظم رموزها هو (برج بابل والجنائن المعلقة) وهي رموز دنيوية غايتها العظمة والمتعة، اما كتابها المقدس فهو(قصة كلكامش) الذي اعلن صراحة استحالة بلوغ الخلود وان غاية الانسان هو التمتع بالدنيا. نعم أن الروح العراقية نقيض الروح المصرية، لأنها نارية استحواذية توسعية، فكان العراق مقرا لامبراطوريات كبرى توسعية منذ البابلين والآشوريين، وصولا لأخطرها امبراطورية العباسيين التي حكمت نصف آسيا وشمال افريقيا طيلة قرون. بل ان هذا البلد كان كذلك مقرا وعاصمة لامبراطوريات اجنبية كبرى، مثل امبراطوريتا الاسكندر المقدوني ثم الساسانيين الذين اختاروا المدائن عاصمة لهم.

لهذا فأننا في (فيدرالية الاخوة العالمية) قد آمنا بأن الحضارة المصرية لا يمكنها ان تنافسنا، فبقينا دائما في علاقة ايجابية معها بل جعلناها ركنا مقدسا في عقيدتنا الباطنية وتبنينا الكثير من رموزها الدينية. ونجهد دائما لتسليط الاضواء عليها في وسائل الاعلام والمؤتمرات والجامعات والمتاحف والمكتبات.

اما الحضارة العراقية فهي منافسنا الاكبر لأنها الاقرب الينا، فحضارتنا الغربية هي صورة محدثة عنها، أي ذرورة الحضارة المادية الدنيوية. أننا نعرف ونعترف بأن جذور حضارة الغربية ترجع الى بابل، ونحن لا نتنكر لها، بل نخشى ان نعلن عن ذلك صراحة لألا تسرقنا هذه الحضارة وتستولي علينا، فتصبح (بغداد) هي (باريس ولندن ونيويورك). انها الروح التي نحتاجها ونقدسها في اعماقنا، لكننا لا نريد ان نعترف بها، الا بعد التيقن من قدرتنا على السيطرة عليها. نحن مثل الابناء اليافعين، نحتاج الى الكثير من النضج والاستعداد لكي نتصالح مع معلمنا الاول ونتمكن من التفاهم الايجابي معه والاستفادة من خبراته وثرواته. ان العراق حضارة خطيرة بقدرما هي جبارة وغنية وعظيمة.

انه اشبه بالحيوان الحيال المفترس الذي يحتاج الى الكثير من القوة والسيطرة والمراوغة والتركيع والتجويع من اجل تدجينه وترويضه. ان أي ضعف من قبلنا ازاء هذه الروح العراقية النارية المتحفزة سوف يمنحها الفرصة التاريخية المنتظرة لكي تثب علينا وتلتهمنا مثلما التهمت غيرنا من قبلنا. انظرو الى صدام، كان يكفي بعض الغفلة والدعم والتساهل من قبلنا، حتى يشرع فجأة بتنفيذ مشروعه الامبراطوري الشرق الاوسطي، من خلال التوغل في ايران ثم احتلال الكويت للسيطرة على العربية السعودية لينفث حلمه الامبراطوري الموروث والمتجذر في ارض موطنه!

لهذا فأننا منذ سنوات طويلة تمحورت سياستنا ازاء هذه الحضارة الخطرة في ناحيتين:
ـ التعتيم عليها في جميع وسائل الاعلام والمؤسسات المعنية، رغم تقديسنا السري لها. بل العمل على تشويهها من خلال التركيز على الموقف التوراتي منها ومسألة(سبي اليهود) ونقمة الله على بابل وتدميرها. والتعتيم ايضا على دور العرب والمسلمين والحضارة العباسية في تنوير اوربا. وجعل(الف ليلة وليلة) وحكايات العبيد والجواري هي الصورة الاعلامية الوحيدة الشائعة في الاعلام العالمي.

ـ بنفس الوقت، فأننا نجهد بكل امكانياتنا للتعمق في معرفة تواريخ وتفاصيل وخفايا هذه الحضارة من خلال النبش والتنقيب والدراسات السرية، على امل فك اسرارها والسيطرة عليها والاستعداد لمواجهة كل مفاجأتها الغير منتظرة. أننا نؤمن ان هنالك اسرار كبرى تحت الارض تركتها القوى الجبارة المؤسسة لها والمتحكمة بالكون. بل ربما هنالك ادوارا مفترضة لقوى معينة قادمة من كواكب اخرى قد ساهمت بتأسيس الحضارة في سومر وبابل. لهذا فأن من اهم غايات اجتياحنا العراق والسيطرة عليه، ان نستحوذ على آثاره المهمة وننقب بصورة سرية عن بعض الآثار الخاصة التي تقودنا الى تلك الاسرار المخفية الخطيرة. ليس صدفة ان اولى خطواتنا في اول يوم لسيطرتنا على العراق،

اننا هيئنا لسرقة المتحف العراقي وتدميره من اجل التعتيم على استيلائنا على بعض الآثار المهمة. كذلك قمنا بالسيطرة على الموقعين الاثريين لمدينتي (بابل) و(اور)، وحولناهما الى معسكرين خلال عدة سنوات من اجل التغطية على عمليات التنقيب السرية بحثا عن بعض الآثار الهامة التي ستساعدنا على فك اسرار هذه الحضارة الجبارة والسيطرة عليها.

نعم صحيح تماما ادعائنا بأننا اتينا لكي نبني العراق، ولكن ما لم نقله بوضوح، اننا سوف نبنيه بعد ان ندمره ونفكك مفاصله وندرسه ونفهم اسراره ونضمن تماما كل مفاجأته ووثباته الغادرة. فبسيطرتنا الروحية التاريخية على العراق نضمن سيطرتنا الفعلية على الشرق الاوسط كله، وبالتالي عموم العالم.

القيمة السياسية ـ الدينية للعراق
في مطلع الالفية الثانية اقتضت المرحلة الاخيرة من مشروعنا التدميري القائم على التقسيم الطائفي للعالم الاسلامي، ان نفرض الممارسة الفعلية لهذا الصراع أي بلوغ مرحلة الحرب الدامية بين الطرفين. وقد وقع اختيارنا على العراق حيث تتوفر فيه افضل الشروط الملائمة للصراع الشيعي ـ السني. فهنالك طائفة شيعية قوية عدديا ومظلومة تاريخيا ومجاورة للقطب الشيعي الايراني، يقابلها طائفة سنية قليلة عديديا لكنها فعالة ومتمرسة بالحكم ومدعومة طائفيا من الجوار العربي وخصوصا من قبل القطب السني السعودي. اذن موقع العراق الجغرافي المجاور لايران والسعودية خصوصا ثم باقي المشرق العربي بالاضافة الى تركيا، وانقسامه الطائفي الواضح جعلنا نختاره كأفضل ساحة للصراع الشيعي الايراني ـ السني السلفي السعودي!

طبعا هنالك اسباب مكملة داعمة اخرى، فهو ليس فقط ملتقى القطبين الطائفيين، بل ايضا ملتقى التنوعات القومية لبلدان الشرق الاوسط: عرب ، اكراد، تركمان، مسيحيون، وغيرهم..

هكذا، اننا بعد ان قمنا باضعاف وخنق العراق حربيا واقتصاديا وبشريا طيلة اعوام التسعينات، نجحنا بفضل دعم اصدقائنا القادة الاكراد والاسرائيليين والايرانيين والسعوديين، ان نقنع قادة شيعة العراق وباقي الناقمين على صدام من السنة، ان يكونوا اداة طيعة في مشروعنا التدميري للعراق وللعالم الاسلامي بأجمعه، بحجة مكافحة الدكتاتورية وبناء الديمقراطية!

يتوجب التنويه بدور صديقنا صدام، فهو قد خدمنا منذ صعوده الى السلطة عام1979 ، اذ قام باعدام القادة البعثيين المناوئين لسياستنا وتخريب الوحدة مع سوريا، ثم دخول الحرب التدميرية مع ايران، ثم اجتياح الكويت، وتوفير كل الحجج لنا بضرب العراق وحصاره وتجويعه واذالاله حتى اجتياحه واحتلاله. بل ان المسكين قد خدمنا دون قصد حتى بعد اطاحتنا به، اذ نجحنا من خلال مسرحيات محاكمته التلفزيونية ان نخلق منه بطلا عربيا سنيا راح ضحية المتعصبين الشيعة، وهذا الامر لعب دورا حاسما في تغذية الصراع الطائفي!

منذ عام 2003 تمكنا بصورة تفوق التوقع ان نجعل من العراق ساحة مكشوفة ومثال فاضح لكل المسلمين للصراع الدامي المحتدم بين القطبين الشيعي ـ السني. بل جعلنا منه ارضا لعذابات المسيحيين والصابئة وباقي الجماعات، بلالاضافة الى اسطورة عذابات الاكراد قبل ذلك. نعم طيلة عقدين من الزمان جعلنا من العراق ارض الخراب ومركزا للظلام الذي ينتظر المنطقة بأجمعها. آملين ان نجعل منه فيما بعد ارض النظام والاستقرار والبحبوحة ومركزا لشرق اوسط ديمقراطي منسجم تماما مع مصالحنا.

استراتجيتنا الحالية في العراق
ان خلاصة سياستنا الحالية في العراق، ان يبقى لسنوات طويلة قادمة تحت سيطرتنا الكاملة(مباشرة وغير مباشرة) سياسيا وعسكريا. والعامل المهم الذي نجحنا بتأسيسه ونعمل على ابقائه، اننا جعلنا الدولة العراقية منقسمة طائفيا وقوميا، بحيث لايمكنها ان تكون دولة مركزية قوية، وهي عرضة سهلة لتفجيرها والتحكم بها. فترانا دائما عندما يستقوي الاكراد ويضعف العرب نبادر الى خلق الخلافات بين الاكراد وتسهيل ضربهم من قبل دول الجوار. وما ان يستقوي العرب حتى نبادر الى تأجيج الصراع الطائفي بينهم ونعطي المجال لبروز الدور الكردي واستخدام ورقة كركوك.

واذا ما لا حظنا توحد الاطراف العراقية كلها وبروز نوع من الثقة بالدولة والشعور بالاستقرار وبروز ميول الوطنية المعادية للامريكان، حتى نبادر بتحريك عملائنا وتسهيل الامر للارهابيين للقيام بعمليات تدميرية تزعزع هيبة الحكومة وتحيّ الاحقاد الطائفية وتشجع هجرة الشباب والكوادر، وبالتالي تبرير الاعتماد علينا من اجل حمايتهم من الارهابيين!

هل تعلم، بأننا نحن من يشجع التغلغل الايراني في العراق ونعمل اعلاميا على تضخيمه اضعافا اضعاف، من اجل اخافة الدول العربية وتركيا ودفعها لكي تتصارع في ارض العراق، وايضا اخافة العراقيين ودفعهم للتمسك بنا لحمايتهم من الخطر الايراني.

خذ مثلا، مسألة تأخير تكوين الحكومة خلال اشهر طويلة. كان يكفي منا بعض الضغوط البسيطة على قادة الاطراف المتنازعة لكي يضطروا للاتفاق والموافقة على تكوين الحكومة المناسبة. لكننا تقصدنا الحيادية ولعب دور الاب الناصح الطيب الذي لا يمتلك سلطة حاسمة ازاء الضغوط الايرانية والسعودية والسورية.. كل هذا من اجل ان يدوم ضعف الدولة ويفقد العراقيين ثقتهم بنخبهم وقادتهم ويدعم شعورهم الطفولي بأنهم بحاجة لدورنا الابوي الناصح والحامي لأمن البلاد!

ومن اكبر دلائل نجاحنا الكبير في التحكم بعقول العراقيين وباقي العالم، اننا اوهمناهم بأننا عازمون على ترك العراق بعد ان فشلت سياستنا به. وبين حين وآخر نجري مسرحية اعلامية عن انسحابات عسكرية خداعة. بينما يكفي القليل من الحكمة للتفكير بالامر التالي:

اننا شيدنا في المنطقة الخضراء في بغداد اكبر واضخم واقوى سفارة في تاريخ البشرية. مساحتها 104 هكتارات وتعد أكبر بستة إضعاف من مجمع الأمم المتحدة في نيويورك، وبعشرة أضعاف من سفارتنا في بكين. كلفتها حوالي مليار دولار وتكلفة إدارتها السنوية مليار دولار. فيها 20 مبنى و1000 موظف، وهي تعتبر مدينة مستقلة حيث تضم السكن والاسواق وكل وسائل الترفيه ومولدات الطاقة والتنقية والتصفية، حتى يمكنها العيش مستقلة تماما لعدة اعوام!

فكيف يصدق انسان حتى لو كان له عقل طفل، اننا نشيد مثل هذه السفارة الاسطورية في بلد ندعي بأننا في الطريق لمغادرته؟

“The most beautiful History of Man”

Apparently, we are not permitted to look at our ancestors, 100,000 years ago, with condescendence:

we are the same in nature, in heredity, in intelligence, in behavior, in mode of life, in our imaginary,…

We have the same identity and we didn’t change much from prehistorical mankind, before he moved up one step in the ladder toward settling down in urban centers (the neolitic phase, 10,000 years ago)

Note: “The most beautiful History of Man” is a French book, a collection of three interviews with Andre Langaney, Jean Clottes, Jean Guilaine, and Dominique Simonnet…

Note 2:

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 218

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

Democracy was developed in the City-States of Byblos, Sidon, Tyr, Ugarit and Mary several centuries before Athens existed.  These City-States had democracy within their city limits as Athens and Rome emulated later on.

Why within city-State limits?  Because communication and transport were limited and the administration of such a complex democratic system was not feasible at a larger magnitude at the time; thus democracy was not translated to the colonies as Greek Athens also failed to do.

We can confirm that the Near East Mediterranean region was the bedrock of all civilizations of the Mediterranean Sea in religion, philosophy, sciences, literature and arts. Regardless of genetic sources, which are an amalgamation of many nations, anyone from current States in the Near East should take pride in their ancient civilizations and their original identity as the forefathers of contemporary modern democratic civilizations in Europe and the Greater Mediterranean Sea regions.

“Young people should prove to be good sons in the family, polite and respectful in society, prudent and loyal, liking the company of good men.  After learning and applying these moral values, you feel you have energy to acquiring knowledge, then study and read.”

60 is the Number of fragrance producers (which employ 13,000 workers) based in Grasse, France—known as the “Silicon Valley of perfume.”

5% of the global population with anosmia, the inability to smell.

How to train your smelling nose? Ugo Charron: “It’s a long journey.  Aspiring perfumers typically have an undergraduate degree in chemistry, and go through 5–10 years of training and professional apprenticeships. The curricula includes advanced chemistry classes, blending, raw materials, safety regulations, storytelling, and of course, a lot of smelling. At the end of the training, a perfumer must be able to ID around 500 scents within seconds.

Electronic noses are used to detect spoiled food, gas leaks, or even knock-off perfumesNASA’s ENose is so sensitive it can sniff the difference between Pepsi and Coke.

C’est la vie qui est lourde: demandez a une femme enceinte quand le bebe appuie de ses pieds sur son diaphragm.

On Dec. 27, 155 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln ordered 38 Dakota Warriors to be hung. It was the largest mass execution in U.S. history, but this will never be talked about in any history class #Dakota38 #NeverForget

“Conveyor belt” Civilization: Tribes bordering urban and rural regions. transmitters of cultural differences, prime “intelligence gatherer or front-line intelligence agencies” for the powerful neighboring empires. They are the guides in time of wars; they guard the security of caravans crossing regions and extend facilities in water and supplies.

Le monde est plein de choses tres belles. On passe sa vie sans les connaitre. Sans un passport colonial, c’est difficile de voir toutes ces beautes: On doit se contenter des beautes locales

Les adolescent males n’aime pas la vie: la mort les comprend mieux que tout

L’histoire appartient a ceux qui la vie: tous les autres s’invitent et la raconte a chacun leu leu (fake news?)

I saw a news report from England that showed some doctors were aborting babies because they were baby girls! This shocked me so I looked into it and realised this is far from unusual, it is the norm in some countries.

Girls are targeted for abortion just because they are girls and seen of as lesser value. Abortion is wiping out thousands of girls and pro choice feminists won’t say a word. As a #prolifefeminist I speak up for girls at all stages of life. #LoveBoth #Savethe8th ( 20 year-old Celine Murray)

UN was concerned only with the 74 White Helmets in Al Ghouta, trained by Britain and USA for fabricating fake videos

Zaman intikhabaat wa kol al ma3aassi masmou7a, ellah banaat raakissaat fi malha. Yalla, tzakaro shame3 a7mar, a7mar min woujouh al “mas2ouleen”




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