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Part 12. How Israel in 1948 committed Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians, about 400,000 within days in first stage

The Fallacies of Morris’s Arguments


Part 11. How Israel in 1948 committed Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians, about 400,000 within days in first stage

The Expropriation of Palestinian Land

Resolution 181 and the Early Phases of the 1948 War

Part 9. How Israel in 1948 committed Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians, about 400,000 within days in first stage Israeli historian Benny Morris might deny the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, but Jeremy R. Hammond own research shows that this was indeed how Israel came into being. The Israeli historian Benny Morris has been very vocal of late in denying that Palestine was ethnically cleansed of Arabs in order for the “Jewish state” of Israel to be established. In a series of articles in the Israeli daily Haaretz, Morris has debated the question with several of his critics who contend that ethnic cleansing is precisely what occurred. Not so, argues Morris. So who’s right? It’s worth noting at the outset that, while such a debate exists in the Israeli media, the US media remains, as ever, absolutely silent on the matter. The Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination The Struggle for Palestine and the Roots of the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Jeremy R. Hammond An overview of the crucial period from the rise of the Zionist movement until the creation of the state of Israel. Those were questions the British occupiers asked themselves and conducted inquiries to try to answer. The inquiry into the outbreak of violence in 1921, the Haycraft Commission, determined that “there is no inherent anti-Semitism in the country, racial or religious. We are credibly assured by educated Arabs that they would welcome the arrival of well-to-do and able Jews who could help to develo

Posted on: July 13, 2018

Part 9. How Israel in 1948 committed Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians, about 400,000 within days in first stage

Israel Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination

Decision backed by US “Christian” Evangelical Zionist movement

And Zionist Mandate for Palestine

The Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination

The Struggle for Palestine and the Roots of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

by Jeremy R. Hammond

An overview of the crucial period from the rise of the Zionist movement until the creation of the state of Israel.

Part 8. Ten Myths on Israel: Not how a “Democratic State” behave (by Ian Pappe)

No, Israel Is Not a Democracy

Crushing Palestinian Resistance Is Not Democratic

Destroying Palestinians’ Houses Is Not Democratic

Imprisoning Palestinians Without Trial Is Not Democratic

By lan Pappe

From Ten Myths About Israel, out now from Verso Books.

June 12, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –  Israel is not the only democracy in the Middle East. In fact, it’s not a democracy at all.

In the eyes of many Israelis and their supporters worldwide — even those who might criticize some of its policies — Israel is, at the end of the day, a benign democratic state, seeking peace with its neighbors, and guaranteeing equality to all its citizens.

Those who do criticize Israel assume that, if anything went wrong in this democracy, then it was due to the 1967 war.

Crushing Palestinian Resistance Is Not Democratic

Under the “enlightened occupation,” settlers have been allowed to form vigilante gangs to harass people and destroy their property. These gangs have changed their approach over the years.

During the 1980s, they used actual terror — from wounding Palestinian leaders (one of them lost his legs in such an attack), to contemplating blowing up the mosques on Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem.

In this century, they have engaged in the daily harassment of Palestinians: uprooting their trees, destroying their yields, and shooting randomly at their homes and vehicles.

Since 2000, there have been at least 100 such attacks reported per month in some areas such as Hebron, where the five hundred settlers, with the silent collaboration of the Israeli army, harassed the locals living nearby in an even more brutal way.

From the very beginning of the occupation then, the Palestinians were given two options: accept the reality of permanent incarceration in a mega-prison for a very long time, or risk the might of the strongest army in the Middle East.

When the Palestinians did resist — as they did in 1987, 2000, 2006, 2012, 2014, and 2016  (Intifada, civil disobedience)— they were targeted as soldiers and units of a conventional army. Thus, villages and towns were bombed as if they were military bases and the unarmed civilian population was shot at as if it was an army on the battlefield.

Today we know too much about life under occupation, before and after Oslo, to take seriously the claim that nonresistance will ensure less oppression.

The arrests without trial (administrative detention inherited from Britain laws during the mandated period) , as experienced by so many over the years (every night, a dozen Palestinian youths are detained for months) ; the demolition of thousands of houses; the killing and wounding of the innocent; the drainage of water wells — these are all testimony to one of the harshest contemporary regimes of our times.

Amnesty International annually documents in a very comprehensive way the nature of the occupation.

The following is from their 2015 report:

In the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Israeli forces committed unlawful killings of Palestinian civilians, including children, and detained thousands of Palestinians who protested against or otherwise opposed Israel’s continuing military occupation, holding hundreds in administrative detention. Torture and other ill-treatment remained rife and were committed with impunity.

The authorities continued to promote illegal settlements in the West Bank, and severely restricted Palestinians’ freedom of movement, further tightening restrictions amid an escalation of violence from October, which included attacks on Israeli civilians by Palestinians and apparent extrajudicial executions by Israeli forces. Israeli settlers in the West Bank attacked Palestinians and their property with virtual impunity.

The Gaza Strip remained under an Israeli military blockade that imposed collective punishment on its inhabitants.

The authorities continued to demolish Palestinian homes in the West Bank and inside Israel, particularly in Bedouin villages in the Negev/Naqab region, forcibly evicting their residents. (Two of these cases are currently under way)

Let’s take this in stages.

Firstly, assassinations — what Amnesty’s report calls “unlawful killings”: about 15,000 Palestinians have been killed “unlawfully” by Israel since 1967. Among them were 2,000 two children.




Cathy Sultan blog

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 passed on November 29, 1947 provided for the full territorial internationalization of Jerusalem.

“The City of Jerusalem shall be established as a corpus separatum under a special international regime and shall be administered by the United Nations.”

Jerusalem holds unique spiritual and religious significance for the world’s Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Following WWI, the victorious Principal Allied Powers recognized these as “a sacred trust of civilization,” and stipulated that the existing rights and claims connected to them should be safeguarded in perpetuity under international guarantee.

The United Nations General Assembly, therefore, does not recognize Israel’s proclamation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

U.N. general Assembly Resolution 623/30 of 2009 states that “any actions taken by Israel, the occupying power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are illegal and therefore null and void and have no validity whatsoever, and calls upon Israel to cease all such illegal and unilateral measures.”

Although the General Assembly cannot pass legally binding resolutions over international issues, the U.N. Security Council, which has the authority to do so, has passed a total of six Security Council resolutions on Israel on the matter, including UNSC resolution 478 which affirmed that the enactment of the 1980 Basic Jerusalem Law declaring unified Jerusalem as Israel’s “eternal and indivisible” capital, was a violation of international law.

The Security Council, as well as the U.N. has consistently affirmed the position that East Jerusalem is occupied territory subject to the provision of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The International Court of Justice in its 2004 Advisory opinion on the “Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Territory” described East Jerusalem as “occupied Palestinian territory.”

This bizarre situation exists, in part, because most Palestinians in “undivided Jerusalem” are legally classified (by Israel) as “permanent residents,” rather than citizens of Israel, despite the de- facto annexation of East Jerusalem by Israel in 1967, deemed illegal by international law.

As such, they do not enjoy the right to vote in national elections. Only an estimated 3,500 Palestinians of all ages, out of a total of East Jerusalem’s Palestinian population of 320,000 (37% of Jerusalem’s total population, have received Israeli citizenship between 2002 and 2012.

On every social, economic and legal indicator there is a huge, purposeful disparity between Jewish West Jerusalem and Palestinian East Jerusalem: Education, health, opportunities for professional employment, resource allocation from the municipality, the right to build, welfare spending (just 4.4% of Jerusalem Municipality welfare spending is allocated and spent in East Jerusalem yet Palestinians bear a heavier tax burden.) More on these issues can be found in Israeli and Palestinian Voices: A Dialogue with Both Sides.

Thus, the Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the indigenous population under illegal Israeli control, are treated as non-Jewish immigrants to Israel. And why aren’t these Palestinian residents given Israeli citizenship? To do so would weaken the Jewish majority and the carefully gerrymandered political constituency of the state, and make them harder to expel.

The only place where Jerusalem is “the undivided capital of Israel” is in the fertile imaginations of ideologues like Netanyahu and his ilk. Nowhere else is there a prime minister so utterly detached from the realities of a city that he claims to be his nation’s “exclusive” capital. And when Netanyahu says he supports the two-state solution, but opposes anything less than an undivided Jerusalem under sole Israeli sovereignty, he is really saying: “I reject the two-state solution” (which as a solution is already dead in the water because of the extensive settlement expansion in both East Jerusalem and the West Bank making a contiguous Palestinian state now impossible.

But just when the myth of “undivided Jerusalem” was collapsing under the weight of its own fiction, President Donald Trump has stepped into the fray by announcing that his administration will move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

That this move would effectively contravene the recent UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which condemns all measures aimed at altering the status of the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, is apparently of no concern to President Trump.

It seems unlikely that Donald Trump’s new pro-settlement ambassador to Israel has explained the catastrophic implications that will be seen as deliberately inflammatory by the Palestinians and by the Islamic world, this making Trump’s chances of brokering the “ultimate deal” as he’s called it, impossible to achieve. Rather than endorse a united Jerusalem, his policy will only serve to intensity gargantuan divides and make the establishment of a Palestinian state impossible.

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 216

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

By removing the promise to redeem the note in lawful money, the Federal Government in cooperation with the Federal Reserve, eliminated the monetary system of the United States as established by the Constitution and replaced it with something totally different.

If you are holding a one dollar Federal Reserve Note, the question is: “what is one dollar?” The answer is absolutely nothing. The number measures no substance. The only thing that give paper money value is the confidence people have in it is stated in chapter 30 of our textbook.

”I can promise you this, political leaders will never take risks if the people do not push them to take some risks. You must create the change that you want to see. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.” Obama? And the “third world countries” are Not included and should be devastated and plundered?

Since a lion lives on average to be 10 year-old, while the lioness can outlive him by 7 years and manages to diffuse many progenitors of her owns, then the survival of these mammal carnivores is mainly due to the survival of the lionesses.  The lionesses chase and bring meat to the clan and care for the cubs. (So is the case of the Non-warrior nations)

Almost all the ancient civilizations in the Middle East, the Nile River of Egypt excluded, were established along the Fertile Crescent longing the main Rivers of Litany, Al Assi, Euphrates and the Tiger (for example, the people inhabiting Lebanon, Syria, the southern part of Turkey, the Western part of Iran and Iraq). The warrior Empires were Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Pharaonic Egypt, Hittite, Greek, Seleucid, Roman, and later Byzantium, Sassanian Farsi, Arab (Omayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid), Seljuk, Crusaders, Mameluke, and Ottomans.

The Near East people (Syria, Lebanon and Palestine) were bringing the food to the tables of the invaders, their artistic and cultural know-how and caring for the glamour and wants of the occupation forces, whose sole job was to making war and killing on their war paths.

The impressive horse track and humongous amphitheater in Tyr (500 by 200 meters) was built before 500 BC according to Herodotus. If this amphitheater was the work and style of the Romans, then why did the Roman wait another three centuries to build their Coliseum?

Euclid, Zeno, Plotin, Tales, Homer, Pythagoras and scores of great thinkers were born and lived in our coastal City-States stretching from Palestine to Turkey such as Akka, Tyr, Sidon (called the eldest son of Canaan in the Bible), Beirut, Byblos, Ugarit, Antakya, and so on and yet they were labeled as Greeks because they were under Greece dominion at one period.

Is it simply because we were under Greek dominion that our famous thinkers should be Greeks, simply because they learned the Greek language, even if they didn’t enjoy the privileges of Greek Athens citizens?  Scores of our famous people were labeled Romans simply because we were under Roman hegemony.

“How these sons of bitches became Calif of Islam?”. By Ussama Anwar Akkasha

Note: It was common in Mecca during the “Jaahiliyat” period (Before Mohammad spread his message of One God) to have many taverns and Whore houses for the thousands of pilgrims and traders. Thus, many of the known Muslim leaders and Calif were descended of women running these houses.

This article is sort of historical account and names of women who generated many Emirs in early Islam.

Late Ussama Anwar Akkasha is an Egyptian author and scenarist

قبل سنوات كتب الروائي والسيناريست الكبير الراحل أسامة أنور عكاشة مقالا أثار ضجة كبيرة وقتها، بعنوان:-
“أبناء الزنى كيف صاروا أمراء المسلمين”، ووصل الأمر إلى أن أصدر الأزهر بيانًا، يرفض فيه ما جاء فى مقال عكاشة، إلا أنه رفض التراجع عما كتبه، مؤكدًا أن رأيه لا يعنى كفره بما هو معلوم فى الدين.
*إليكم نص المقال :::*
_*أبناء الزنى كيف صاروا أمراء المسلمين*_

أنه ليس من الصدفة أن يبدأ الصراع فى الجاهلية بين أولي الشرف من العرب كبنى هاشم ومخزوم وزهره وغيرهم، وبين من اشتهر بالعهر والزنا مثل بنى عبد شمس وسلول وهذيل، والذى امتد هذا الصراع إلى مابعد دخول كل العرب فى الإسلام.

ولم تكن من قبيل الصدفة أن أغلب من التحق بالركب الأموى كانوا ممن لهم سوابق بالزنا والبغاء، فهذه المهن تورث الكراهية والحقد لكل من يتحلى بالعفة والطهارة، إضافة إلى أنها لاتبقى للحياء سبيل وهى تذهب العفة وتفتح طريق الغدر والإثم والعهر.. لنرى بعض ما أنجب البغاء:

*1- حمامة أم أبى سفيان وهى زوجة حرب ابن امية بن عبد شمس، وهى جدة معاوية، كانت بغيا صاحبة راية فى الجاهلية.(الرايه)علم تضعه العاهره على دارها دلاله على البغاء، يعني مثل الملهى بتسمية وقتنا الحالي*

*2- الزرقاء بنت وهب، وهى من البغايا وذوات الأعلام أيام الجاهلية، وتلقب بالزرقاء، لشدة سوادها المائل للزرقة وكانت أقل البغايا أجرة، ويعرف بنوها بنو الزرقاء وهى زوجة أبى العاص بن أمية، أم الحكم بن أبى العاص (طرده الرسول من المدينة)، جدة مروان بن الحكم، يقال إن الحسين بن علي رد على رسول مروان بن الحكم قائلا، ” يابن الزرقاء الداعية إلى نفسها بسوق عكاظ“*.

*3- آمنة بنت علقمة بن صفوان أم مروان بن الحكم جدة عبد الملك بن مروان، وكانت تمارس البغاء سرًا مع أبى سفيان بن الحارث بن كلدة… وهذا مروان هو الذى أتوا به بعد ولادته الى رسول الله (ص) فقال الرسول ”ابعدوه عنى هذا الوزغ ابن الوزغ الملعون ابن الملعون ”وهذا الذ ى يلعنه الرسول يصبح أميرًا للمؤمنين..!!!!!*

*4- النابغة سلمى بنت حرملة، وقد اشتهرت بالبغاء العلني ومن ذوات الأعلام وهى أم عمرو بن العاص بن وائل، كانت أمَةً لعبد الله بن جدعان، فاعتقها فوقع عليها فى يوم واحد أبو لهب بن عبد المطلب وأمية بن خلف، وهشام بن المغيرة المخزومى وأبو سفيان بن حرب، والعاص بن وائل السهمى، فولدت عمرو، فادعاه كلهم لكنها ألحقته بالعاص بن وائل، لأنه كان ينفق عليها كثيرا…*

*5- سمية بنت المعطل النوبية، وهى من البغايا ذوات الأعلام، وكانت أمة للحارث بن كلدة، وتنسب أولادها ومنهم زياد مرة لزوجها عبيد بن أبى سرح الثقفى فيقال زياد بن عبيد ومرة يقال زياد ابن سمية ومرة زياد ابن أبيه، حتى استلحقه معاوية بأن أحضر شهودا على أن أبا سفيان قد واقع سمية وهى تحت عبيد بن أبى سرح، وبعد تسعة أشهر ولدت صبيا أسموه زياد. ولم يستلحقه معاوية حبا وكرامة ولكن لأن زياد بن أبيه كان عامل سيدنا على على فارس والاهواز فأراد استمالته.*

*ويستمر البغاء فى إنتاج رجال الرذيلة ليكونوا سادة العرب.*

*6- مرجانة بنت نوف وهى أمة لعبد الرحمن بن حسان بن ثابت، كان يصلها سفاحا العديد من الرجال، من بينهم زياد ابن أبيه فباعها عبد الرحمن وهى حامل من الزنا، فولدت عبدين هما عباد وعبيد الله ابنا مرجانة لا يعرف لهما أب، فاستدعاهما زياد واستلحقهما به… فكان عباد والى سجستان زمن معاوية، وعبيد الله بن زياد واليا على البصرة، حيث يبدو أن أمة العرب قد خلت من الأشراف لتنصيبهم فى هكذا مناصب، فلم يبق إلا أولاد الزنا، ولكن الطيور على أشكالها تقع؛ فرجل كمعاوية لا يمكنه استعمال رجل ذو فضيلة. وبعد أن كان عبيد الله ابن زياد واليا على البصرة زمن معاوية ولاه يزيد الكوفة، حيث قاتل الإمام الحسين حفيد نبى الأمة، حيث خاطبه الإمام بالدعى ابن الدعى.*

*وقيل للحسن البصرى: يا أبا سعيد قتل الحسين بن على، فبكى حتى اختلج جنباه ثم قال (واذلاه لأمّة قتل ابن دعيها ابن بنت نبيها)…*

*7- قطام بنت شحنة التيمية، وقد اشتهرت بالبغاء العلنى فى الكوفة وكانت لها قوادة عجوز اسمها لبابة، هى الواسطة بينها وبين الزبائن، كان أباها شحنة بن عدى وأخاها حنظلة بن شحنة من الخوارج، وقد قتلا معا فى معركة النهروان، فأصبحت والغل يأكل قلبها لهذا طلبت من عبد الرحمن ابن ملجم عندما جاء لخطبتها أن يضمن لها قتل سيدنا على (ع) ويصدقها بثلاثة آلاف درهم وغلام وجارية، فلم يشف غليل هذه الزانية مقتل الإمام بعدما سمعت بمقتل ابن ملجم أيضا، لهذا بعثت إلى مصر من وشى على جماعة من العلويين هناك عند الوالى عمرو ابن العاص، ابن البغى سلمى بنت حرملة، ومن هؤلاء الجماعة خولة بنت عبد الله وعبد الله وسعيد أبناء عمرو بن أبى رحاب.*

*8- نضلة بنت أسماء الكلبية وهى زوجة ربيعة بن عبد شمس وهى أم عتبة وشيبة الذين قتلا يوم بدر. يذكر الاصفهانى فى كتابه الأغانى أن أمية بن عبد شمس جاء ذات ليلة إلى دار أخيه ربيعة، فلم يجده فاختلى بزوجة أخيه وواقعها. فحبلت منه بعتبة.*

*ويروى أن أمية هذا ذهب الى الشام وزنى هناك بأمة يهودية فولدت له ولدا اسماه ذكوان، ولقبه أبو عمرو وجاء به إلى مكة داعيا أنه مولى له، حتى إذا كبر اعتقه واستلحقه، ثم زوجه امرأته الصهباء، قال ابن أبى الحديد إن أمية فعل فى حياته ما لم يفعله أحد من العرب، زوج ابنه ابو عمرو من امرأته فى حياته فولدت له أبا معيط ظدد جد الوليد بن عقبة بن أبى معيط، الذى ولاه عثمان الكوفة؛ حيث كان يأخذه النوم بعد أن يقضى ليلته فى شرب الخمر ولا يصحو على صلاة الفجر… هكذا كانوا ولاة أمور المسلمين!!!!*

*يروى أن عقبة بن أبى معيط لما أسره المسلمون يوم بدر أمر الرسول (ص) بقتله فقال يا محمد ناشدتك الله والرحم فقال الرسول ما انت وذاك انما انت ابن يهودى من أهل صفوريه.*

*9- هند بنت عتبة، وقد اشتهرت بالبغاء السرى فى الجاهلية هى زوجة أبى سفيان، وابنها معاوية يعزى الى اربعة نفر غير أبى سفيان، مسافر بن ابى عمرو بن امية، عمارة بن الوليد بن المغيرة، العباس بن عبد المطلب، والصباح مولى مغن لعمارة بن الوليد…*

*يروى أن، أمير المؤمنين علي، على (ع) قال فى كتابه إلى معاوية (… وأما قولك نحن بنى عبد مناف ليس لبعضنا فضل على بعض… فكذلك نحن… لكن ليس المهاجر كالطليق ولا الصريح كاللصيق…). وهى إشارة واضحة بإلصاق أصول معاوية بعبد مناف.*

*10- ميسون بنت بجدل الكلبية، هى ام يزيد بن معاوية، كانت تأتى الفاحشة سرا مع عبد لأبيها ومنه حملت بيزيد، ويروى أن معاوية خاصم ميسون، فأرسلها إلى اهلها بمكة وبعد فترة أرجعها إلى الشام وإذا هى حامل……!!!! قال يزيد للإمام الحسن ( يا حسن إنى أبغضك) فقال الإمام (ذلك لأن الشيطان شارك أباك حينما ساور أمك فاختلط المائان).*

*قال الامام محمد الباقر، (قاتل يحيى بن زكريا ولد زنا وقاتل الحسين ابن على ولد زنا ولا يقتل الأنبياء والأوصاء إلا أبناء البغايا).*

*11- آمنة بنت علقمة بن صفوان هى أم مروان بن الحكم كانت تمارس الزنا مع أبى سفيان فولدت مروان. اخرج ابن عساكر من طريق محمد القرظى قال (لعن رسول الله الحكم وما ولد الا الصالحين وهم قليل) وقالت السيدة عائشة (رض) لمروان (لعن الله اباك وانت فى صلبه، فانت بعض من لعنة الله ثم قالت والشجرة الملعونة فى القرآن).*

*هؤلاء هم الرجال الذين أسسوا الدولة الإسلامية، فلا غرابة أن نرى الدماء تلون كل أوراق تاريخنا!!!.*




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