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Elegant Niggers in white masks Society? Who are these SAPE members?

There was this trend in the 80’s in Congo Brazzaville, a former French colony, when the expatriates from the Congo to France would return for the Summer vacation season.  These fresh comers would be dressed in the latest European fashion such as made by Cerruti, Gian Franco Ferre, Gianni Versace, Enrico Coveri,  Francesco Smalty, Yves St. Laurent, Armani, Guy Laroche…Weston and Church…

(I wonder, how they managed to earn enough to bring so many fashionable dresses and shoes… in order to “save face” toward their countrymen who didn’t get the opportunity to leave yet?)

Tchicaya U Tamsi from Togo wrote:

“One day, we have got to walk

With the high winds,

A wandering tree leave landing

On a heap of dung, a bonfire…

I inhabited a country of music

Inaccessible to the ear,

What went wrong in my life

Blame it on my legs, never on my heart… 

The general idea of this “Clothing religion” (Ya kitendi religion) was that “No matter how elegantly the European try to dress, if the Africans didn’t try on the latest fashion designed by Europeans, it will never look elegant on the White people...”

The ideology of “authenticity of the African Black customs and the rest…” was not in the program: What counted was: “Have you been away from your home State, have you visited part of the world, the triumphal return to the homeland, transformed in a white mask…

Looking elegant is an entire program of initiation, learning, practising, and keeping at it all the way.  For example, the black skin had to vanish in thin air, to be replaced by the color of yellow banana (the best that “skin de-blacking” products could reach)…

For that end, the young “Ambiance elegant persons society” SAPE members had to descend to the economic Capital of Point Noire in Congo and purchase the color “de-niggering” chemical products such as Green and Red Ambi, Diprosone, Dop, Venus…

What was the process?

The member of SAPE was not to take any shower or wash for an entire month, and he had to wear two to three layers of clothes in order to sweat profusely, and experience the skin breaking down, and wait for the lesions to heal slowly… Plenty of suffering and patience before the skin turns banana yellow…

Most of theses individuals in older age witnessed skin cancer and saw black blotches disfiguring their faces and skin: Once used, you had got to continue using the dangerous products if you wanted to maintain the yellowish skin color…

It was a must for the SAPE addicts to converge to a place called “Total Market” to exhibit their elegance: The King of the SAPE was elected there. Who the French magazines (Paris-Match, Le nouvel Observateur…) elected didn’t count: The real election test had to take place at Bacongo (the birth place of SAPE movement). For example, Djo Balard (in the movie Black micmac), had to face-off with Pechard (wearing Scots tunic),  Guy Freddy, Thomas Mbongoque…

It was no longer “Black is beautiful”, but rather how elegantly Blacks of Africa carry their stature, move, walk, talk… A SAPE famous member would shave on the front porch, in front of his admirers (ngembo), and relatives would be shining his shoes, and suggesting the “must locations” to visit in order to show-off their illustrious relative coming from France…

The famous singers in Congo relayed and disseminated the SAPE “ideology”. Papa Wemba (Viva la Musica), Emeneya Kester (Victoria Eleison), Koffi Olomide (Quatier Latin)…spread the culture of the SAPE proclamation…

Who emulated who? The SAPE or the drug leaders and rich rap musicians in the USA?  

It is to be noted that the Rep. of the Congo at the time was a communist State and the SAPE trend degenerated into mafia groups dealing in almost everything and terrorizing the citizens in the major cities of Congo Brazzaville.

Elegance has nothing to do with wealth discrimination: The wealthiest White American Anglo-Protestants didn’t display their arrogance and racism through ostentatious attires, but rather wearing cloths a little nicer than the  common people…The worst kind of devilish smokescreen display of commonality…Until liberal capitalism of the 90’s broke down all the red lines in decency…

Note 1: Topic extracted from a chapter in “Writers and migrating bird” by Alain Mabanckou from the Rep.of the Congo

Note 2: During the long reign of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko over Zaire (The Belgium former Congo colony), he coined the useless currency Zaire. The people flocked to communist Congo Brazzaville, just to be paid in real money, the French CFA.  

Do Currency rules over political systems? Is that how the former colonial powers maintained their positions in the newly independent African States?

Note 3:  In the 80’s, Zaire tried an incursion into Congo Brazzaville and the troops were repulsed.  It was not easy to round up the remaining troops since the citizens in both States speak the same language, look the same, and are from the same tribe.  

The pronunciation of a stupid vowel “u” uncovered the people from Zaire who pronounced the French vowels “u” as “i”:  For example saying “sicre” instead of  sucre (sugar).  The same would happen during Lebanon long civil war: To differentiate between the Lebanese Moslems and the Palestinian Moslems, you had to say “banadoura” (tomato) instead of “bandoura”, for example.

Quotes by “famous” women? Part 2

Katia Chapoutier published a French book on 100 “Unforgivable women”. I am interested in the few quotes of famous women.

Pearl Buck (1892-1973):  “Everything is possible as long as it was not proven to be otherwise. Even in this case, what is impossible is just temporary.  If there is no other life after death, this life gave me the opportunity to be born as a human being.”  Pearl Buck receive the Nobel Prize of literature in 1938.  Have you read “The Chinese Land”, “East wind, west wind”…?

Anais Nin (1903-1977): “Eroticism is one of the bases for self-knowledge, as indispensable as poetry.” Her diary of 15,000 pages was published integrally in 1986.  She was elected member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

Anna de Noailles (1876-1933):  “Dream and love are the only real elements. A sleeping remembrance ceases of being guilty as long as it keeps a stable face: Lie is a noble secret.”  Anna founded the Fermi Prize in 1904 (exclusive to women authors) and was a model for the famous sculptor Rodin.

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962): “Little spirits discuss of people, average spirits discuss of events, and great spirits discuss of ideas. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Wife of President Franklin Roosevelt, she was the dynamo in the first session of the UN in San Francisco of 1946, and read the universal declaration of human rights in 1948.  She headed the presidential commission on the status of women in 1961.

Hattie McDaniel (1895-1952):  “I prefer being paid $700 a week playing house servant rather than receiving $7 per day as a real servant” said this black actress who got the Oscar in 1940 for her role in “Gone with the wind”.  Hattie acted in Show Boat in 1936 and in the radio program “The Beulah Show” (1947 to 1951)

Greta Garbo (1905-1990): “I was pretty naive to think that I could travel without being discovered and followed up close. Why can we not live without supervision?  People love Anna Karenina, Anna Christie, Queen Christine and not this Garbo that you are currently seeing.”  Greta received an Oscar for life achievement in 1954.  Have you seen “The Torrent”, “The legend of Gosta Berling”…?

Mother Teresa (1910-1997): “Poor people need us, but we need the poor even more.  The biggest poverty is for feeling not being loved.”  Mother Teresa created 610 missions in 123 States. (My own quote: “I decided to be consistent in my life.  My life was emotionally poor; should work to be materially poor as well”

Hannah Arendt (1906-1975): “It is in the void of the thought that evil is inscribed. If you manage to appear the way you wish to be viewed, that is all that judges require of you.”  Have read “The origin of totalitarianism”, “The condition of modern man”…?

Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962): “I know that I will never be a big artist. I can with hard work be a good one.”

Grace Kelly (1929-1982): “I didn’t like Hollywood.  It is a heartless city. I am not aware of any other location in the world where so many people suffer nervous depression and alcoholism.  There is no happiness in Hollywood.”  Grace married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956, a prince Estate crumbling under heavy debts.  Have you seen the Hitchcock movie “The crime was almost perfect”, “Window on courtyard”, “A suburb girl” for which she received an Oscar in 1955?

Romy Schneider (1938-1982): “Talent is a question of love.  I always had in horror the word “Star” and the noise generated around it. A life has to be overflowing with passion.  Life is too short to feel contented of living but one life”   Have you seen “White Lilac”, “Sissi”, “Le proces”, “The importance is to love”…

Brigitte Bardot (1934-): “And my ass? Do you love my ass?” One of the replies in the movie “Le Mepris”.  Bardot said: “I am not one to faking. I do not compose. Never. If I have to say something, I just let it out.  With me, there are no surprises: You know who I love and who I don’t like…” Bardot created the Foundation for animal defense.  Have you seen “Le Trou Normand”, And God created the woman”…? She filmed 48 movies and 80 songs within a 20-year career.  Bardot withdrew from the celebrity scene in 1973.

Edith Piaf (1915-1961): “Even as we lost our lover, love that we have known keeps the taste of honey.  Love is eternal”  Have you listened to “Non, je ne regrette rien”, “Les Momes de la cloche”, “C’est la rose l’ important”, “La vie en rose”…? The French boxer Marcel Cerdan was her life love.

Jane Fonda (1937-): “Man can feel pleasure all the seasons in life, woman only in springtime”

Francoise Giroud (1916-2003): “A woman will be really the equal to man, if one day, an incompetent woman is designated to an important position.”

Wangari Maathai (1940-): “If we want to safeguard nature, we better start safeguarding mankind: They constitute part of the biodiversity.” She founded the “Green Belt Movement” in 1977 and received the Nobel Prize of Peace in 2004.

Aung San Suu Kyi (1945-): “It is not power that corrupt, but fear: Fear of losing the power by those who exercise power, and fear of being beaten for those that the power-to-be oppress.  Truth and justice are the sole defenses against heartless power…”  Aung received the Nobel Prize of Peace in 1991.

Rigoberta Menchu (1959-): “Man is far worth than his diplomas.  I want to remain a student all my life.”  Rigoberta published her autobiography “Yo Rigoberta” in 1983.  She defended the autochtone (indigenous) minorities and safeguarded their rights in Latin America and Guatemala.  She received the Nobel prize of Peace in 1992.

Margherita Hack (1922-): “We all have a common origin: We are the product of the universe evolution and of the stars. The stars are democratic: they are accessible and the show is free to all. Nature is the utmost liberal: Nature never oppose your will to know and your intellectual faculties. Why seek miracles and dwell on superstition, while there are so many poems and fascination outside?”  She founded the magazine Astronomy in 1979 and discovered an asteroid that carries her name in 1995.

(Margherita Hack said it all poetically.  I had written: “Is one eternity not good enough for us?  We are all, animate subjects and inanimate objects, constituted of the same fundamental basic elements.  We are constantly transformed in this vast universe”)

Note: Link to first part:

Quotes by “famous” women?

Katia Chapoutier published a French book on 100 “Unforgivable women“. I am interested in the few quotes of famous women.

Marie Curie (1867-1934): “We never pay attention on what has been done.  We see but what is left to be done.  In life, nothing is to be scared of, everything is to be comprehended.”  Marie received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1903 for discovering two new radioactive elements the polonium and radium.

Isadora Duncan (1877-1927): “Nudity is the truth, the beauty, and the Art.”  She created a new dancing school: bare feet, nude body, an ingenious pedagogical contemporary method that endures.

Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919 assassinated in Berlin): “Liberty:  It is always the liberty of the one thinking differently”  She was jailed during WWI in Germany for being engaged against the war.  Rosa founded the non-violent Spartacus movement after the war and the movement took to the streets.

Coco Chanel (1883-1971):  “The mode is outmoded, style never! Luxury is not anathema to poverty, but to vulgarity!”

Josephine Baker (1906-1975): “I have two love: My country and Paris.  Since I personify the savage on the scenes, I try my best to be civilized in life.  One day, I realized that I was living in a country (USA) that made be afraid of being black.  I suffocated in the USA.  Many of us left, not because we wanted to leave, but because we could no longer suffer this climate of discrimination.  I felt liberated in Paris”

Virginia Woolf (1882-1941, suicide): “Life is a dream.  It is being awake that kills.  Each one of us has his past locked inside, as old pages of a book he memorized, but close friends only read the title.  There is a solitude between wife and husband, a chasm that we have to learn to respect.  I have this certitude that I am becoming mad: I feel that we will not be capable of suffering one of these terrible periods…I am hearing voices and can no longer take it.  Thus, I am doing what is the proper good thing to doing.”  Have you read “Mrs. Dalloway”, “The Years”…

Anna Freud (1895-1982), daughter of Sigmund Freud: “The first years of life are like the preliminary steps in a chess game arrangement. Those first years guide our orientation, the style of the game.  But, as long as we are not cornered Checkmate, there are still many good fights in the game.  Creative minds always survive bad treatments.”  Anna was also a qualified psychoanalyst and founded a specialised therapeutic clinics for children.

Alexandra David-Neel (1868-1969): “Dogs bark, cats miau:  It is their nature.  My nature is to doing philosophy.  Select a star, never quit it from your eyes.  This star will advance you very far, without pain or feeling fatigued.”  At the age of 18, she rode her bicycle and toured Spain without warning her folks.  Alexandra kept exploring remote countries, with obsession.  She visited Tibet, the Gobi desert, China, Mongolia…and wrote diaries of her adventures.  At the age of 100, Alexandra renew her passport for another long trip.

Louise Brooks (1906-1985): “The grand art of films is not composing facial and body movements, but the movements of the thoughts and soul that are transmitted in intense isolation. There are no other occupations that resemble closely slavery as the career of a movie star.”   She quit acting in 1937.  Have you seen “Loulou”, “A girl in every seaport”…?  She wrote her autobiography “Lulu in Hollywood” in 1982.

Clara Zetkin (1857-1933).  Engles (the early theoretician of communism) said: “In the family, man is the bourgeois; the woman plays the role of the proletariat”.  Zetkin adopted that quote as the basis of her struggle for equal rights to women.

Note: Second part of quotes:

Any news of Soha Tawil Arafat?  Wife of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat?

This article describes the life of Soha Arafat from the day she met Yasser Arafat to the day she entered Gaza, in company of her husband Yasser.  You may read of Soha Tawil Arafat upbringing in the link attached to the note.

In 1987, the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip started the first Intifada, known as the “The war of stones” against Israel occupation forces.  This summer, the entire family of Tawil are in vacation in Amman (Jordan) and pay a visit to Arafat:  Diana, the eldest sister, is the wife of the PLO representative Ibrahim Souss in Paris.

The PLO had moved from Beirut and Lebanon to Tunisia as Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 and surrounded Beirut.  After the Palestinian militias vacated Beirut, Israel forces entered Beirut and committed the genocide in the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Chatila for three nights and two days on unarmed civilians.

Soha meets Arafat again in Algeria in November 1988 during the National Palestinian Council (parliament), a critical assembly because Arafat has to defend his status against many opposition factions.  Arafat speech satisfies the pre-requisites of the US and European States for starting a dialogue to the establishment of a Palestinian State.

Consequently, Arafat is on official visit in Paris, in May 1989, to discuss procedures with President Mitterrand.  The PLO bureau designate Soha to be Arafat translator and host, taking care of all protocol details. Arafat falls in love with Soha, and it is reciprocated.  When Arafat opens his eyes in the morning he demands: “Where is Soha?” and wanted to meet with her immediately.

Soha is aware that her closeness with Arafat as “economic advisor” will force Israel to denies her visits to her family in Jerusalem. Soha visits to Tunisia were frequent and Arafat allocated her a small house, one among many that belonged to Arafat on Tozeur Street in El Menzah.  Arafat barely visited that house, but when he did for occasional dinners, it was a horrible security undertaking.. Soha was 24 of age and accompanied Arafat to Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, and Belgrade…

One day, Arafat was taking a second look at the preparation for an official visit when he popped up the question: “Soha, I want to marry you. My intentions are pure and honest.”  Soha, 27 of age, accepted, but Arafat warned her: “Our wedding must remain a secret for a while.”  “What about my parents?’ replied Soha.  “In due time.  With the Intifada going and the Israeli repressions, the Palestinians will not swallow a happy event.”  Thus, Soha was married in secrecy on July 17, 1990 in Tunisia in the presence of two witnesses and an Imam:  She had to keep the role and image of advisor to the outside world.

Soha, a Christian Greek Orthodox converted to Islam, but kept going to church.  Arafat was the only Arabic leader to decree Christmas an official holiday, as well as January 7, because it is Christmas for the Greek Orthodox.

The irony was that, while married, many important Arabic and African leaders and personalities would approach Arafat to demand his approval for the hand of Soha.  When the airplane of Arafat vanished from the screen as he was returning from Sudan to Tunisia, the Palestinian leaders kept Soha in the dark, with no feedback on his whereabouts.  The two pilots sacrificed their lives by deciding to dive, so that Arafat, sitting in the back of the plane with his bodyguards, might have a chance to survive.  Arafat survived with serious concussion that requited urgent surgery a month later.

It is September 1993 and Soha is readying to leave with her husband to Washington DC for the signing of the “peace treaty”.

A Palestinian minister, at the headquarters of the Palestinian Resistance Movement (PLO) in Tunisia, summons Soha to his office: Arafat insisted that Soha was to join him, but the jealous Palestinian leaders, especially Mahmoud Abbas (current Palestinian President), refused to validate their visas at the US embassy until Soha desist from joining the team.

Soha has to bow down this first time and agrees to call off her invitation to the First lady Hillary Clinton.  Reporters flocked to Tunisia to interview Soha, and she watched the ceremony on TV.

Arafat will never forgive his ministers for the slap and will take Soha everywhere he goes on State visits from then on.

It is July 1994 in Gaza.  A small building of two floors, on the coast by Gaza City, was selected in July 1994 to be Yasser Arafat’s headquarter as he is expected to return to Palestine after the Oslo Agreement.  The building was an old Israeli military post attached to the navy.

The upper level is for the private use of Arafat and his new wife Soha.  The lower floor is for receiving the stream of people for requests, recommendations, and checks signed by Arafat.  In a few hours, Arafat is to fly to Norway and receive the Nobel Award for peace, along with Rabin (Israel PM) and Peres (Foreign affairs minister).

In this July 1994, Soha is pregnant, and Arafat already has this piece of intelligence from the physician Tibi, before Soha breaks in the news.  Arafat is generally one step ahead of most Arab State leaders in receiving pieces of intelligence. The couple rides a Mercedes at 5 am heading to the airport of Al Arish in Egypt.  It is a two-hours drive in bad roads to the border post of Rafah (by Egypt, and barely a 50-kilometers from Gaza City), passing by angry Israeli colonies, and the accompanying security vehicles are moving full speed: Arafat had skipped an attempt to his life a few weeks ago.

Eleven hours later, the couple lands in Oslo and are welcomed by a committee of the Nobel Institute, along with a sworm of journalists and photographers. Arafat jokes to Soha: “You are attracting the photographers and eclipsing me.”  The Institute is composed of 9 academics, including two women. The first official dinner was served at the 12th floor of the hotel. Soha is allocated a place facing Lea Rabin, while Arafat is on the right side of Lea.

“Lea is suggesting that I give birth at Hachomer hospital in Tel Aviv.  I swore that my first priority was to create a quality clinic in Gaza for pregnant Palestinian women.”  During the official ceremony, Rabin and Peres deliver true propaganda speeches, talking of the Jewish character of Jerusalem… Arafat reads a poetic speech, written by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwich.  Arafat speech focused on the zeal that Norway foreign minister Holst spent during the hard negotiation, and Arafat received a long ovation from the audience.

When Sharon PM of Israel prevented Arafat from getting out of his headquarter in Ramallah, Palestinian personalities started a wave of rumors that Soha is leading the great life in Paris and spending plenty of money…Do you have any news of Soha? What are her occupations and interests?

Note 1: In a previous article I wrote about Raymonda Hawa Tawil, the mother of Soha Arafat, and provided an overview of Soha’s upbringing

Note 2: I just read in the Lebanese daily Al Nahar that Suha (this Tuesday Nov. 1) is living in the island of Malta since 2007.  The Tunisian government wants to prosecute Soha for establishing a university in Tunisia with the help of the wife of former dictator Ben Ali.  Suha replied that she had sold all her shares in 2007  to the daughter of the dictator’s wife Trabulsi.

Types of Macho behaviors: What about types of Wacho’s?

Apparently, macho behavior is a matter of generational change.  It is society of males that try hard to impose patriarchal traditions and the privileged males in the world of professionalism.

The image of males being the hunters, attaching the photos of their wife’s side by side with their hunting trophies, and flaunting how much they earn… is typical man-made custom, but not inherently a male behavior.  There are several kinds of machismo and their counterparts “wachismo” (my own coined term).

1. Macho-Bull would say: “She is back to be kissable: She lost 30 kilos.  Losing weight sends the message that she is being very gentle.”  Macho bulls want to preserve the “right” of cracking rude jokes against women.

For example: “I pay my players higher checks than my mistresses, still, my mistresses lick my penis”.

Or “Why marry a stupid girl?  A mother has to be smart enough to raise my kids.  Stupid girls we get fun out of them.

Ex-French President Jacques Chirac joked: “A toast to our women, to our horses…and to all those who ride them.” The typical macho-bull loves the integral Max Pecas.

The counter wacho-bull would retort: “Sex position have changed:  We are the ones riding men and horses.  Rough men are reduced to riding mules“.

2. Macho-reactionary are nostalgic of an ancient period when the custom was for women to say: “Let him talk. His subjects of conversation are more important than yours.”  Macho-reactionary  would states: “It is very plausible that women were used as domestic pets: Domestic happiness was pretty handy.”

Or: “In this feminist society, natural predator men are practically castrated

Macho-reactionary  prefers the series “Mad Men”

Counterpart wacho would say: “One of my professor secured me a training job.He invited me to lunch and I accepted.  He then invited me to dinner and i declined.  The prof. started harassing me with phone calls calling me “une allumeuse“.  I dared not report him for fear of ruining my professional career.  I questioned myself: “Did I unconsciously lead the prof to think that I am an easy prey?”

3. Macho-power status focus on his testosterone as the material evidence of his power.  He must wear a big Rolex, purchase large yacht, vast villa…

He never got over the puerile game of “Who got the biggest?”  Macho-power status are recruited from the circles of political, financial, and economic spheres: He has this secret wish of constituting a personal harem like Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi’s bunga.

For example, the alpha male said: “France has this huge urge (sexual) and wishes to be taken.”

The Macho-power status prefers the movie series of  James Bond and the Audi Ad: “He has the money, he has the power, he has an Audi: He will get the girl

The counterpart wacho would say:”The financial circle is pretty much a macho environment: Too much money is circulating, and money signifies power.  When I ask for a promotion, my superiors tell me “Do not be so ambitious; you have the time; care more for your kids.  I suggest you conceive a fourth child.”

“Males are feminist till the age of 35.  The male society encourages husbands with kids to accede to higher positions so that males earn more than their working wives.  After the age of 35, most males don’t mind inequitable promotions.”

For example, a self-made independent business woman was told: “You don’t need this lucrative contract: Isn’t your husband a surgeon?”

4. Macho-mondaine is constantly exquisitely courteous: He behaves as if he was still living during the French monarchy of Louis XV. For example, he would say: “Traditions, like women, are created to be respected and mishandled.”

Or about a female politician: “She is not simply very attractive: She is also a Star.  An unattractive female politician cannot become President.”

President Jacques Chirac used to kiss the hands of powerful ladies: The lips of this rascal left imprints on hands, meaning: “I want you!”.  Galant males would never let their lips touch hands, it is the gesture that count.

The favorite book for Macho-mondaine is “The dangerous liaisons” by Choderlos de Laclos.  Yes, Valmont is a rascal, but always behaving with “class”!

The counterpart wacho would say: “I heard this male politician describe me as “all bones and no flesh“. I didn’t think this remark was of the violent kind, it was simply not funny.  I cannot figure out how to describe this physically ugly person.”

5. Macho-Gangsta loves to play the pimp: “”Girls are essentially made to shaking their booty, pole dancing…Make sure to swallow my dick well: You want a big car…Don’t you?” Macho-Gangsta fetich work is “Scarface”

6. The most worrisome aspect is the new macho-type among adolescent: They are dealing with the duality of “Is my girlfriend a mother or a call-girl?”.  The wacho adolescents of 15 of age ask about the best sexual techniques to satisfying their boy-friends. “Society is becoming hypersexual, fraught with strong injunctions:  A girl has to behave a feminine, seduce. Otherwise, she does not Exist.”

Thus, learning how to be presentable (sexy) at interviews is the best suggestion you can get!

Women are represented in 15% of the greatest French enterprises in administration councils:  The French government has set a quota of 40% by 2017.

Women are the main victims in precarious jobs:  For example, over 30% of women compared with 6% for men occupy temp-work jobs.

Over 82% of temp-work are women.

A woman dies every three days from husband maltreatment.

Only 10% of rape victims officially complain.

Women spend 5 hours per day on house works, while men barely put in 2 hours

What about the latest flap of the chairman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Strauss-Khan?  This rascal has been at it for decades and abusing his power status.  I conjecture that the FBI has been keeping tabs on Strauss-Khan and waiting for the proper timing to get him.

It is very probable that the FBI and the US government preempted the case with the Guinea immigrant woman, but Strauss-Khan got what he deserved, since France was too lenient with his macho habits.

An eye witness said: “I saw Strauss-Khan during a convention making a 20 year-old trainee cry:  He insistently was proposing to her to joining his bathtub in the hotel

Do you know that you need to lower your pitch voice one tone?

Barytone voices are far more credible and taken seriously.

Suggestions in soprano are totally ignored!

Smile or laugh? Frown or get outraged? What chocolate bars have to do here?

Smiling is good, by default.

A speaker on TED got hot on the benefits of smiling.  He mentioned something like a single smile is worth 400 chocolate bars in exciting our brain; I am pretty sure he said 4 thousand bars, but I blocked it out of my mind!

A few numbers are downright ridiculous, and we are better off reflecting a bit more before believing that outrageous numbers are necessary to making our speech credible.

Suppose an individual is on a tight diet:  Would he ever attempt to smile?  Wouldn’t the person imagine that smiling is fattening?

Suppose someone loves to eat chocolate, and he experienced the benefit of a chocolate bar in several occasions during his hectic life, wouldn’t he feels apprehensive smiling? Knowing how high he felt after eating a chocolate bar, and how much miserable he felt after the effects wore down?

If a single smile can have such a powerful effect on the brain, how down may we feel after we got tired to attaching a smile for 5 minutes?

I read somewhere that smiling involves far more muscles than frowning.

I try to keep a smile for two minutes and I inevitably fail: Smiling is a very tiring exercise.

Frowning is so much easier and seemingly a normal behavior for adults.  The speaker said that children smiles 400 times a day, while a jovial adult barely make number 20.

Even the ever jovial Dalai Lama could not revert to childhood habits:  Those Chinese occupiers ruined his good humor. Actually, the Dalai Lama preferred to retire from this exhausting exercise of smiling to reporters and interviewers and quit his responsibility as representative of the Tibetan people.

I wish that I am surrounded with laughing people.

Since both smiling and laughing are contagious, I had rather get more occasions to laughing:  Laughing is a real energy recharging exercise and I feel a new person during and after a good laughter.

Smiling is good, by default:  I had rather contaminate surrounding people to responding with smiles.  Why not:  I am generous distributing thousands of chocolate bars for free!

I have demonstrated that frowning is not necessarily a sign of intelligence:  Have you seen another animal specie smile?

Frowning is a sure proof that the individual is taking the easy way out in life:  He hate to reflect and exercise undiscovered muscles.

The frowning person believes that smiling is childish and people would fail to respect him.  Most probably, he frowns so that no one tries to challenge his deficient intelligence:  He likes to be left alone and to resume his drama acting.

There are so many issues to be indignant about, and the more “developed” we are, the worse it gets.

Getting outraged is another “energy recharging” exercise, similar to laughing frankly and gorgeously, as long as we learn to get engaged non-violently and resist oppressors and those in power treating us like stupid kids.

I have read somewhere that a prisoner got it in his mind to laugh for each physical  blow and insult he received.  I think that he got away from constant beating:  How can a laughing executioner do the beating if he has to hold his waist from laughing?

I doubt that secret services in Libya, Syria, and Bahrain have any sense of humor.  So many problems could have been temporarily resolved and most infamous regimes could have been saved to resume their wrongdoing, simply because a martyr generates thousands of outraged demonstrators.

I like to eat chocolate bars and also laugh: They are both energizers to looking at life from a positive perspective, the mind wide open to the harsh reality.

I have set my mind. If I ever stumble on a single friend who can make me laugh, I’ll quit smoking: It is impossible to laugh wholeheartedly and choke on your coughing.

It smelt the beast; it felt primitive

Their eyes met in a flash;

A pair of old acquaintances:

They recognized the event.

They made one step forward and ran into one another arms.

They are embracing; they are sniffing one another,

Slowly, softly sniffing, reminiscing youth.

They are smelling rapidly, inhaling big gulps of body whiffs,

Smelling energy, the wild life.

They fell on their knees, smelling of the beast.

They are clutching hands, kissing fingers, finger nails,

One finger at a time, slowly and respectfully.

Kissing fingers haphazardly, mindlessly, distractedly.

It felt of heart beating wildly;

Of life marching on: timeless.

Misty eyes blinding sights;

No need to observe details:  They knew.

Primal, primitive senses made it all clear and comprehensive.

“I feel stupid” he said

“I smell awful” she said.

“I feel so lucky:  I am experiencing falling in love” he said

“I smell terrible; I look tragic” she said

“I love you; I love it all; I love everyone; I love me” he said

Two expanding stupid smiles

Redesigning two plain, very wet, intelligent faces.

Tits sucking: Global brotherhood Fatwa

There is this Imam in Saudi Arabia called sheikh Al Obeikan; he is not a non entity:  He is a member of the Council of Great Imams and a counselor to the Monarch Abdullah, mind you.

Al Obeikan has recently vomited a fatwa: “Women can give their tits to be sucked by their chauffeurs and thus, permit their favorite chauffeur to mingle with the family as part of the extended brothers and sisters and sons”

That women desire to have their tits sucked, now and then, for whatever reason is not the problem. That a fatwa is needed, I start seeing red.

This fatwa might have been an alternative to the growing pressures of women for rights to drive.  Al Obeikan must have received many queries and detailed clarifications in order not to infringe on any “religious” rules and regulations of the Wahhabi sect obscurantist doctrine.

For example:

“Can women offer their tits in the presence of husbands and brothers?”;

“If I had no milk to even feed my own kids, would that count if the chauffeur sucks on air?”;

“Will all females employees where my husband work and my husband tasted their milk become my sisters?”

Al Obeikan was overwhelmed and revisited his fatwa:

“The fatwa stands as is, with this minor correction due to misinterpretations… women should press in a cup their milk for the chauffeur to drink.

Sucking directly from tits of strangers to the family might be tantamount to pornography and you might be beheaded publicly, I think.

If people could be sure of anything in this lousy hell hole of a Kingdom then, tourism of “tits tasting” could generate far more wealth than oil pretty soon, and for much longer duration.

I would suggest that shapes of tits be publicized as well as the quality of milk produced.

Note 1:  The Saudi monarch met with Barack Obama yesterday.  Obama must have asked  for clarification about this landmark fatwa that promotes global brotherhood better that the billions of dollars spent to iron out the lousy image of the USA in the Middle East.

Note 2: Wahhabi terrorists playing soccer with heads they chopped

نعتذرعلى نشر الصورة بس لازم يشوفوها طلاب الفورة والحرية الملعونة
هذه هي الحرية على طريقة أبو جهل وأحفاد الجهل والجاهلية الوهابية من حيوانات آل سعوود وأسيادهم . شاهد ايها المطالب بالحرية والدمقراطية الى اين وصلنا بمنجزات ثورتكم المباركة ! هزلت هزلت 
مقاتلى "جبهة الصرماية و داعش" يرفهون عن انفسهم بلعب الكرة 
ولكن برؤوس السوريين... لننعم بالحرية المنشودة !؟

Henry Miller’s purely porno book

I am reading a French translation of “Opus Pistorum” by Henry Miller and I still don’t know what opus pistorum means but the book is plainly porno.  (A comment reminded me that it means The Work of the Miller).

The epilogue explains how this book came to be published.

Henry Miller visited Larry Edmunds’ library in Hollywood (California) in 1940. Miller had spent many years in Paris and knew very few people in California.

Milton Luboviski was partner in the library and used to offer Miller some money and places to bunk.  By 1941 Luboviski started selling porno manuscripts for clients in the movie industry such as Joseph Mankiewicz, Julian Johnson, Daniele Amfitheatrol, Billy Wilder, Frederick Hollander, and Henry Blanke

Henry Miller proposed to write short porno stories that should sell for one dollar per page; Luboviski was to keep the rights of the stories.

After a few months the stories were gathered in a book that Miller titled “Opus Pistorum”.  Luboviski typed 5 copies in 1942 and sold four of them and he saved the original.

When in need of money and had multiple exotic personal experiences and can write with humor then writing porno manuscripts is a legitimate business.

I will offer a few excerpts and will skip the porno details. Miller calls his tail or prick John Thursday (Jean Jeudi).  The opening pages set the tones of the porno short stories.

“I have been living in Paris for so long that I’m no longer surprised of anything.  Paris is not like New York; you don’t need to deliberately seek adventures. Life flushes you out in unbelievable locations and all kinds of incredible surprises track you down. I am visiting a shop and the 13 years old girls is masturbating her dad and then sucking ravenously his tail…”

“Billie and Jean are American Lesbian living in Paris.  Billie dresses as men and act like one; she does second rate aquarelles to maintain Jean and relax her nerves.  Billie allows Jean to have sex with men because she is not purely lesbian.

Billie visits Henry (Alf in the stories) to get to an understanding with respect to Jean; she knows that Jean has been visiting Alf. Alf satisfies Billie’s worry that his intention toward Jean are not honorable; in return Billie sign an agreement by satisfying Alf’s sexual desires.

Billie refuses categorically the anus way because it is pervert.  Alf is fucking her vigorously the normal way but Billie is showing signs of boredom: Billie is drawing on the wall during the intercourse with a pencil and her rouge stick. Alf is upset and use force to enter Billie in the anus.  Alf managed this feat because Billie adopted man reactions instead of showing her claw or attempting to kick in the balls.  Billie threatens Alf with calumnies and hollering, but to no effect. Alf did not manage to get Billie to reach orgasm but at least Billie will no longer visit him without female bodyguards.”

“Her asshole agitates; it is alive; it contracts and breathes. You might not discover the secret of the universe through that path, but it is far more exciting than observing your own navel.”

“Alexandra converted into Catholicism and her priest confessor initiated her to worshiping the devil too.  Alexandra got deeply involved in mysticism and exotic cults and confessed to Miller that devils would appear in her dreams pretty alive. All the devils were gorgeous young men; a few had three sexual functioning tails; one would be inserted in the mouth, another in the cunt, and the third would enter the rectum and extends to sniff the tail in the mouth…

Miller or (Alf in the stories) participated as witness to one of the devils’ worshiping sessions. The priest entered in his normal ceremonial attire; he was also wearing a red hat with two corns.

A lady undressed and lied on the officiating table; the priests slaughtered a coq and let the blood drip and smear the naked body.  A wood statue of the devil was carried inside with a tail ejecting red wine when activated by sucking. An orgy followed and led by the priest.  It was not outrageous or out of the normal since no human sacrifices was offered.”

“Toots confessed that she was initiated by a Chinaman.  Toots is very articulate and precise in her language: I figured out that the man was an old tiny Chinese who owns a Laundromat, leg bowed, chest curved inside…I even pissed in her asshole

“You cannot take a walk with Arthur without incredible events happening.  Arthur usually tones down his stories to sound credible but the realities are far more hallucinating.

I am trolling with Arthur and he picks up a woman wallet off the street. It contains no money but a picture of a beautiful blonde lady called Charlotte.  We decided to knock at her door nearby: we needed a free drink and whatever other sexual freebies that might come along.  A kid’s voice answered.

We are facing a midget woman. She works in circus and is taking a well deserved rest.  Charlotte brings us whiskey and we serve from the bottle as we need.  Charlotte is beautiful; her thighs are “pawable“; her behind and bosoms are normal with respect to her stature; I look at Arthur and I realize that he is having the same thoughts…

One day Charlotte visited Arthur; he was not home and she left him a note.  Arthur joined me and he was very agitated. He is curious how midget woman are, but he is apprehensive of going solo.  We visited Charlotte; a monster German shepherd, big as a house attacked us; Charlotte attached the molosse in another room.

Arthur wants to know all the particularities of midgets and how different they are from normal people. It turned out that they are as different among themselves as normal people are among normal people; the hardest problem is finding tiny shoes.

The tails of the giant men were as big as the baseball bat that Charlotte uses. They had sex with Charlotte with exaggerated fever; Alf kept apprehensive that his tail might do serious damages, but Charlotte was pretty flexible and accommodating.  The monster dog got too excited and got released from his prison and chains. The dog raped Charlotte as a piston sliding at 100 miles an hour. The two men watched for a couple of minutes and then they figured out that the dog will be very famished after the exercise and they left in a hurry”.

Sam Backer is a rich American businessman trying to conquer Paris openness to sex.  Sam has already experienced with Tania, an adolescent with plenty of expertise but he doesn’t know it.  Alf present Sam to Alexandra, Tania’s mother. Sam would like to meet the mother and he hits off with Alexandra.

Now Sam is confused; he is worried about this innocent Tania and how to arrange things.  Tania is playing her big game as the totally passive inexperienced girl.  Alf had plenty of sexual parties with both mother and daughter and knows all about them but he is not going to inform Sam and exacerbate the situation.  Sam had told his wife Ann (intent on playing the tourist all the way), that he was playing poker with Alf while Alf was polishing Ann that night in his apartment.  Now Ann has rented a “garconiere” to meet people; she is falling for Billie who has been selling Ann erotic aquarelles.

Alf and his friends Sid and Ernest made Ann drunk and took nude pictures of Ann fornicating with them and with half a dozen strangers.  Tania had enticed Sam to have sexual intercourse with his own daughter Snuggle who has become a very experienced bitch by associating with Tania.  Sam got hold of Ann’s horny pictures and has lost it.  Sam is fucking simultaneously his wife and daughter and planning to invite Paris to an orgy party. After the party, Sam intends to beat up harshly Ann and Snuggle and send them packing to the good old USA.

Note: One night, I got up at 1 a.m. and could not go back to sleep because of a bout of sneezing. I read “opus pistorum” for three hours. I did not finish the book that morning. For 24 hours, I lived with a hard on and could not sleep, though I felt weak and needed to get some sleep. Miller would have described my walk as “a limping gait” throughout the day.

Love Passion Stories: Juliette & Rene; (August 25, 2009)

The French Juliette Recamier, during the period of Napoleon, was one of the most beautiful of the ladies to sit for painters.  Juliette barely talked: she was the mute goddess , but she was highly literate and a famous actress that posed for many painters.  The beauty of Juliette reached the confines of Siberia where natives had her picture painted on glass.

Princes, bankers, generals, poets, and famous authors were after the favors of Mrs. Recamier.  She never repulsed anyone, but never welcomed anyone at her residence. She was the sultana of “one thousand and one mornings”. The sharp critics Saint-Beuve wrote: “Mrs. Recamier wants everything to stop in April”.

There were many rumors on her physical sexual impotence for her lack of varied encounters; the author Merimee used to raise his arms and say “it is a case of force major”.  Deeper analysis is showing that Mrs. Recamier suffered from a major psychological handicap: Juliette believed that she married her own father at the age of 15, the boyfriend of her mother. Her first husband may or may not be her genetic father, but what people believe is what counts in practical life.

The French giant writer Rene de Chateaubriand fell passionately in love countless of times; he even traveled to the Near East and Palestine as an excuse to land in Spain where he was to meet another one of his conquest.  Rene was visiting Venice for the second time; he was 65 of age and he wrote a name on the sand.  Rene said “What am I doing around the steppe of the Adriatic? Follies of age closer to the cradle: I wrote a name close to the dying waves; the waves kept eating up the name ,one character at a time, to the sixteenth character; I felt that they were erasing my life.”  The name was Juliette Recamier.

Juliette was madly in love with the literary genius of Rene de Chateaubriand and wrote to him: “It no longer depends on me, or of you, or of anyone to prevent me of loving you; my love, my life, my heart, everything is yours”

Chateaubriand replied “I have but one feeling and but one joy: finish my life by you…There will be a great charm going protected by your looks, your words, and your attachment. And then God, the sky, and you beyond life…” Rene died in the arms of Juliette who was already blind.  Juliette survived Rene a few months.

Intelligent women of the 18th century described seduction processes grandly.  Mrs. de Stael said of one of her male suitors “Talking is not one of his languages”.  Julia Talma said to her boyfriend Benjamin Constant “If only you could give the impression of existing”




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