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Things to do in Beirut that are free or really cheap

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Beirut is arguably the greatest city known to humanity but sometimes it can become a bit pricey, especially with the reality of low salaries and high rent prices.

Around the middle of the month, it’s all too common to find yourself staying at home, avoiding social interaction, to ensure your money lasts.

But really, there is no need to shun all social activity just because you’re running low on cash. Beirut offers a lot of free and very affordable activities.

You just have to get creative. (Creative or Bold?)

Here’s a list of 18 free or really cheap activities to keep you entertained until you get your next paycheck to blow in less than a month.

Here’s a list of 18 free or really cheap activities to keep you entertained until you get your next paycheck to blow in less than a month.|By Jason Lemon
Gilbert Doumit's photo.

Gilbert Doumit. Name of candidates to the municipal council of Beirut

‫#‏بيروت_مدينتي‬ تطلق ‫#‏لائحة_الأمل‬ للإنتخابات البلدية 2016! Beirut Madinati – بيروت مدينتي… فيك تروح تشجع ناس ينتخبوا، فيك تنظم لقاء ببيتك وتعزم الناس وتخبرهم، فيك تنظم مبادرة لتمويل الحملة، فيك تتطوع للحشد أو لتكون مندوب… فيك تعمل أي بخلي بيروت ترجع تصير مدينة بتشبهنا!
رئيس اللائحة المهندس ابراهيم منيمنه
نائب رئيس اللائحة طارق عمار
احمد قعبور
امال شريف
ايمان الحسن غندور
حسام حوا
رنا الخوري
ريتا معلوف
سيرج يازجي
عبد الحليم جبر
فرح قبيسي
كارول شبلي تويني
ليفون تلفزيان
مارك جعاره
ماريا مانوك
مروان الطيبي
منى الحلاق
مي الداعوق
نادين لبكي
نجيب الديك
ندى الدلال دوغان
ندى صحناوي
وليد العلمي
يوركي تيروز

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Politics aside, I really can’t get over the photographs and esthetics used in the Beirut Madinati campaign.

(People in Beirut forming a municipal list of candidates for the next election, away from the traditional political parties)

Never in my lifetime have I seen images as true to Beirut as these. This is the Beirut I know. Messy, dark, but so incredibly warm.

Karim A. Badra's photo.

The Word and the Intelligence?

L’Intelligence et les Mots

Les mots, tout le monde en convient, sont l’agent circulant de la communication quotidienne.
L’intelligence dont je veux parler, est la plus basique. Elle est la fille unique de « l’intelligible » c’est à dire ce qui est du domaine du compréhensible.

On me parle. Je comprends. J’adhère ou je n’adhère pas. Là, n’est pas mon propos.

Mon propos est celui de pointer du doigt la distanciation pas toujours visible entre les mots et l’intelligence. Laissons à part, je le répète les intelligences mathématiques, et autres scientifiques ou même celles littéraires, des techniques linguistiques.

Ces intelligences ont une efficacité redoutable mais les mots peuvent à leur tour avoir un Pouvoir non moins redoutable.

Certaines personnes j’en conviens sont plus sensibles aux mots que d’autres. Ceci n’est nullement un jugement de valeur car parmi les personnes « sensibles » aux mots, il y en a qui ont fait le choix de se blinder et qui se sont volontairement injectées des antidotes confectionnés par elles, pour elles.

Ce sont les personnes sensibles aux mots qui m’interpellent.
Parce que:

Elle ont fait le choix délibéré ou pas de ne pas s’injecter d’antidotes. Ou parce qu’elles n’ont pas pu faire autrement.

Toujours est-il que les mots cheminant dans leurs cerveaux sont vite dirigés vers le cerveau droit. Celui des émotions.

Elles sont capables d’une biochimie pour ne pas dire alchimie qui leur fait entendre de véritables sons, bruits, ou musiques suggérés par les mots.
Qui leur fait sentir des odeurs passées ou présentes, et leur en donnent les sensations.

Qui leur fait voir au plus près du réel la scène décrite par les mots

Ces personnes là, lorsqu’elles vous disent « ce que tu me dis là, me touche »;

Ces personnes croient parler au sens figuré du terme, mais au fait elles s’expriment un sens propre , car elles ressentent inconsciemment le pouvoir TACTILE des mots…
Il y a distanciation véritable de l’intelligence par rapport aux mots.
Leur superposition est supercherie.

Tout pouvoir tactile, sera agréable ou douloureux.
Il sera caresse, pince, ou morsure et sera fidèlement vécu comme tel…


Note: Writing style? Taking the risk of Not hurting the intelligence of the reader by letting him comprehend your opinion with the fewer sentences possible. Taking the position that your readers can understand you with minimal development.

Saudi Kingdom using white phosphorus in Yemen

And US drones still very active in Yemen and in bombing humanitarian aid going to East Aleppo

Thomas Gibbons-Neff. Monday 19 September 2016

Saudi Arabia appears to be using US-supplied white phosphorous munitions in its war in Yemen, based on images and videos posted to social media, raising concerns among human rights groups that the highly incendiary material could be used against civilians.

Under American regulations, white phosphorous sold to other countries is to be used only for signaling to other troops and creating smoke screens. When the munition explodes, it releases white phosphorous that automatically ignites in the air and creates a thick white smoke. When used against soldiers or civilians, it can maim and kill by burning to the bone. (Why Saudi Kingdom need tons of that stuff? Too many Saudis lost in the desert?)

It is unclear exactly how the Saudis are using the munitions, but the government has already received widespread condemnation for its indiscriminate bombing in civilian areas since its campaign against rebel forces in Yemen began in 2015.

Andrew Bossone shared a link.…

US officials confirmed that the American government has supplied the Saudis white phosphorous in the past but declined to say how much had been transferred or when. After reviewing a social media image taken from the battlefield that showed a white phosphorous mortar shell, a U.S. official said it appeared to be American in origin but could not trace it to a particular sale because some of the markings were obscured

.”The United States expects any recipient of US military assistance to use those items in accordance with international law and under the terms and conditions of any US transfer or sale,” said a State Department official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss politically sensitive issues.

The official said the department was looking into reports of Saudi forces’ improperly using US-supplied white phosphorous munitions. “If a country is determined to have used U.S.-provided weapons for unauthorised purposes, the US will take appropriate corrective action,” the official said.

The United States has grown increasingly wary of its material support to the Saudi military. In May, the Obama administration halted the sale of roughly 400 cluster bombs to the Saudis after human rights organizations documented the weapons’ use in civilian areas.

This week, lawmakers on Capitol Hill moved to delay a $1 billion arms deal that would replace some of Saudi Arabia’s US-supplied tanks that have been damaged in the conflict. (As if the administration has Not the habit of circumventing all these laws destined for the public)

Since coming to office in 2009, the Obama administration has facilitated more than $115 billion in 42 different arms sales to Saudi Arabia, more than any other US administration, according to a report in the Security Assistance Monitor. Batches of the equipment are likely to be delivered for years to come.

International humanitarian law does not ban the use of white phosphorous outright, but there is a strict requirement that it be used only in areas clearly separated from civilians. Even using it against enemy combatants has raised concerns, given that the munitions can cause particularly horrific injuries.

“The United States must not provide or sell white phosphorous munitions to Saudi Arabia or any other military that would use them in the Yemen conflict,” said Sunjeev Bery, Amnesty International’s advocacy director for the Middle East and North Africa. “As a major arms seller to Saudi Arabia, the U.S. risks being complicit in Saudi Arabia’s likely war crimes in Yemen.”

A spokesman from the Saudi Embassy in Washington did not respond to requests for comment for this article. The Saudi government has repeatedly denied claims about unlawful bombings and civilian casualties, pointing to its military’s Western support as validation of its practices.

According to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, more than 3,700 civilians have been killed and 2.8 million have been displaced during the now nearly two-year-old war.

“The United States is concerned by the high number of casualties resulting from this war,” the State Department official said. “We are prepared to work with the Saudis to deter and confront any external threat to their territorial integrity, and we stand by that assurance. However, that does not mean we refrain from expressing our concerns about the war in Yemen and how it has been waged.”

The Pentagon provides midair refueling for Saudi aircraft and limited intelligence resources to Saudi forces. In addition to short-term military assistance, the Pentagon and the State Department, as well as other Western countries, have facilitated the sale of billions of dollars worth of arms to the Kingdom, everything from hand grenades to attack helicopters.

A Pentagon spokesman, Navy Cmdr. Patrick Evans, said that “as a matter of policy,” the Pentagon office responsible for overseeing foreign military sales “does not disclose specific deliverables or the details” of the final transfer agreements.

The United States has used white phosphorous against fighters, including in 2004 in Fallujah, Iraq, and sporadically in Afghanistan over the course of the war there.

In 2009, Israel used the weapon in populated areas in the Gaza Strip. (And no one complained of these illegal usages)

Images on pro-Saudi Twitter and Instagram accounts show that Saudi forces are using several systems for firing white phosphorous munitions, including tank rounds, mortars, howitzers and rifle grenades.

Footage and images and social media posts showing the munition indicate that it is being used near the Saudi-Yemen border — in Najran province — and around the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

The most recent footage — posted Sept. 9 — shows a U.S.-developed M198 155mm Saudi howitzer with the telltale sea-foam green white phosphorous rounds nearby ready to be loaded and fired.

Many of the images posted to social media show white phosphorous rounds from a distance, leaving any writing or identifying features blurry or ill-defined. The shell’s color pattern is the most telling, as the greenish-hue interrupted by yellow bands and red writing is internationally recognized as indicating white phosphorous munitions.

The picture reviewed by the U.S. official was first posted in November 2015 on a Saudi Instagram account and shows the shell with the words “Martyr Jamil Hadi” written on it.

The only company with the rights to sell to the U.S. government the white phosphorous round pictured in the image is General Dynamics Ordnance Tactical Systems, according to Marine Corps Systems Command documents distributed in 2015. The shell’s design is owned by TDA-Armaments of France. Both TDA-Armaments and General Dynamics manufacture the munition, although it is unclear which country manufactured the round pictured.

When asked about the image, General Dynamics spokeswoman Laurie VonBrocklin said “it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to comment” and deferred further questions to the Pentagon and the State Department.

Comments and titbits that I posted on my FB

J’ai decide pour un PhD in engineering, a un age ou plusieurs de mes professeurs avaient des enfants au college. J’ai du travailler a 4 jobs pour payer mes etudes et survivre. Et j’ai persiste pendant plusieurs annes pour obtenir ce certificate/ diplome. Le problem: Je ne me sente toujours pas confidant pour insister que les gens m’attache la mention Docteur ou professeur. L’Enfant precaire qui ne sait pas comment devenir un adult hypocrite and suffisant

When teaching in universities, the students often forgot my name: They opted for Sir. Queen Elizabeth was obfuscated

Se constituent une bande de jeunes (a gang)? Oui: le chomage, la concentration des exclus, le regroupement ethnique, la tyrannie des marques, la famille mono-parentale, le developpement d’une economie parallele, les traffics en tout genre… Et surtout: la solitude et la honte des jeunes qui ne comprend pas, perdu dans un monde ou tous les autres comprennent.

Cette solitude du cancre (mauvais eleve en matieres scolaire) dans la honte de ne jamais faire ce qu’il faut. Je n’existais pas pour mes camarades qu’a la recreation. Quand on se sent nulle part, on a tendance a se faire des serments a soi- meme

Les panteres peuvent etre apprivoiser? En les norrissant proprement? Comme les prisoniers qui savent leur droits. Le pire est de relacher les panthers et les prisoniers qui sont blesses avant de les avoir traites

The idea that “I will comply with the tax code, if and only if I can be sure that others comply” requires a high level of transparent information about the tax obligations of others and the extent to which they are meeting them. In Lebanon, the TVA is simply targeting the honest productive citizens, with a sharp two-sided sword, including faked errors to intimidate the honest payers. And productivity is suffering.

A Minister who wants to be protected in the future of wrong doings, would see to it that former ministers are like-wise protected. And that’s the main job of Nabih Berry to sustain this archaic thieving political system.

Ruling by a simple majority leaves the rest of the community in deserved suspicion that the majority will rig the next election laws in their favour. Unless the majority must earn its power by at least 5% difference from the second party that will Not scare it off into drastic election law reforms.

Ruling by a simple arithmetic proportional law has proven to lead to gridlock as in most European governing systems. Some kinds of a cascading discrete levels of permitted proportions must be  carefully studied

Chaque individu a des appartenance multiple: Religion, sect, ses langues, tribue, nation, province, education, voyage, statu financier, urbain/rural, famille (large, petite, eparpillee…) C’ est bien si chaque citoyen peut assumer ses appurtenance multiple. Ce qui est necessaire c’ est que les parties politiques et institutions (public et privees) exhibe ces multiple identitees. I y aura des dechrement pour tout etre, meme les plus informes, mais au moin que le potential d’education est mis en marche

I know all about les accents graves, aigues, legeres, tenors, soprano… They are just too tedious to type. I chose English for my blog. I prefer an expanded set of alphabets to accentuation

Sure, many lonely and tight people manage to succeed, at least in external appearances. But those who manage to transform their world into a world of laughter and enjoying company… barely fail. Especially, at an advanced age.

Ce cancre a l’ecole est un point extreme qui echape a la routine sociale Darwinienne qui doit produire des elites publiques

Les majescules des noms Propres sont des digues tetanisantes. Ces majescules doivent etre voues a l’oubli, si on veut apprendre a acquerire un esprit reflective dans les discussions.

Je te rendrais ton garcon quand il aura son certificate, monsieur pere esclavagiste qui laisse ses fils secher les cours pour la cuillette des chataignes

La douleur de ne pas comprendre et ses degats collateraux: les chagrins d’ecole (Daniel Pennac)

If I was born a young Moslem and felt trampled by the western global domination and controls, most probably I would have worn a kamikaze belt. Not to kill my citizens, but targeting the institutions that are controlled by the occupiers.

The deadly sin of Da3esh strategy is that it forgot that islam was meant to transcend ethinicity, languages and race. Al Qaeda was left to die in Syria and be used in every society that the new colonial powers decided to destabilize.

What people confess to a priest? Mostly benign sins that the priest knows they are common daily behaviors. The serious sins that hurt people and humanity are wrapped in stories packed with lies. The problem is that all benign sins are the basis and the web-net around which we plan and commit all the serious sins

Athlete gene pool? Tight body shape selection
Seven inches difference in height between Michael Phelps and Hicham El Guerrouj, the world record holder in the mile. These two men have the same length legs.
Swimmers are selected for long torso and short legs. Runner for their long and skinny legs

I am all for endurance sports. With the slowest pace possible. The person who can endure to cross last the finish line wins the trophy

Les interactions des chagrins d’ecole parmi les etudents, professeurs, famille, directeurs…Peuvent-ils changer avec de nouveaux programme scolaires? Les invariants de l’incarceration administrative des jeunes

You may graduate in engineering or natural sciences, but acquiring an experimental mind is Not in the educational program. Students in social sciences, psychology, sociology… study experimental design, learn to control and run experiments…They have a far better experimental mind than those in natural sciences, those supposed to be la crème de la crème in intelligence. Unless the educational programs are reformed to include design of experiment and running sophisticated experiments… it is an illusion that the engineers and natural scientists will make a significant reform in society.

C’est le prof qui la dit; les fractions, faut les reduire au denominateur commun” ( Pour pouvoir comparer les grandes fractions. Les petites ne comptent pas). Et si on n’a qu’une seule fraction? Comment circonvenir  a ce que le prof a dit au pluriel? Ces bois flottants que le cancre, mauvais eleve a l école, s’accroche pour se tire d’affaire.

The flux of immigrants and migratory workers to colonial Europe received a strong boost from enterprises after WWII. Business needed cheaper workforces from North Africa, the Subsahara, Turkey… Did the former colonial powers managed to swallow and overcome their sense of humiliation after being defeated in war? Did they treated the new comers with a decent level of dignity? During the economic booms, these immigrants/autichtone probably obtained higher levels of life security than back home: better pay, health care, schooling… Did integration stopped here? Do these autochtone of different colors, race…have to return back home, reverse migration, after decades of settling in the new nation, simply because the economy  is bad? Or to cajole these far-right parties who claim losing their existential character?

And if the Jews in Israel are forced to return to their country of origins, simply because we believe their colonial behaviour is trampling on our existential characters?

Is it true that Lebanon is closed til Thursday?
How about the government double the monthly pay for public employees and eliminate all kinds of holidays, kellon ye3neh kellon, and don’t pay for work-off days?
And let the private sector keep working at normal pace, with increased minimum hourly pays?

Sheihk min hawn, sheikh min hawneek, motran min hawn, motran min hawneek, Beik min hawn, Beik min hawneek, Mo7taram min hawn, mo7taram min hawneek… Yala, yalla, etdabdabo. Fatsho 3an masla7a btenfa3 al mouwaten

Civil disobedience? The hardest movement citizens can undertake. Just take a minute and figure out how this government is still surviving. If you don’t care about participating in demonstrations, marches, expressing your frustration… At least don’t pay. Honest people stop paying TVA. Drivers stop driving and paying for gasoline. Stop paying traffic tickets… Drive slowly and let these elite fanatics horn and bypass you and get the traffic tickets instead of you. Rob this government from ready cash and then demand your rights as a citizern

La spontaneite n’est pas une affaire mentale: c’est un style de vie. Toujours apprendre avec joie.

Il faut apprendre a recevoire les critiques reflechies, et reflechir avant de critique. Ou bien jouer le fou de la communaute. Je prefere le second choix: ca demande plus de reflection que le premier.

La grande consession globale: Aux lieux de travailles, aux institutions publiques… ne prier pas, n’exige pas un lieu consacre a la priere, ne preacher pas ton soi-disant religion. On s’en fout de tes abstractions et de tes genuflexions… Khafef te2l dammak

Bon, je comprend: quand on debarque dans un pays pour y demeurer, il vaut mieux apprendre et respecter la langue, les lois civiles et les droits civils. Ce que je ne comprend pas: Pouquoi dois-je  respecter l’Histoire monsongere et les coutumes qui ne valent pas mieux que les notre?

A la retraite? Nous ne somme meme plus des acteurs, ils nous ont ote le role.

Ah, j’ai completement oublie de te dire: le suicide est une imprudence

Le malaise est plus que palpable: meme lorsque la planete entire est menace, on trouve toujours des excuses d’aller vivre ailleurs

Desire d’apprivoiser le patrimoine artistique, intellectuel, materiel et moral? Et qui nous initient a ce patrimoine? Les sectaires et isolationists?

Does the USA Federal Reserve Note interest set the price of national debt?
If that means drastically under-valueing the US sovereign debt, then Yes.
Just an accounting gimmick.
Since the US decided to forget what is its total sovereign debt, or tried to account for it.
And doesn’t care.
Rou7ou balto al ba7r

Il y a toujours, faute de mieux, la passion de l’echec. Avec un brin approprie de philosophie, ca peut etre la plus reconfortante des passions. Le malheur, ca arrive un peu au tard. Mais bien, une passion est une passion et vaut mieux que nulle

Chagrin disproportionne: Utiliser le beton comme caisse de resonance. “Je n’arrive pas a comprendre la proposition-subordonnee-conjonctive-de-concession-et-d’opposition”. Le vrai problem de cette fille: “J’ai 12 ans et je n’ai rien fait”

Pas de tolerance sans concession. Les conjonctions qui introduisent cette subordonnee: Bien que, quouique, encore que…

Il faut apprendre qu’a un certain temps il va faloir faire rire ton Dieu: Lui racontait tes projets

Que veut tu prof? Que ca reponde un pere? Le maximum. Mon fils sera President d’une Republique.  L’avenir, cette etrange menace

Indicatif present: Pour que la connaissance ait une chance de s’incarner dans le present d’un cours, il faut cesser d’y brandir le passé comme une honte et l’avenir comme un chatiment

Il en est mort de chagrin: le cordonnier n’a pas trouve repreneur. “Alors ma vie ne vaut rien? Tout ca pour rien?”

3awwed bi salamtak. Shou, meen maat? Ma ba3rfo. Fi wa7ad maat bi hal 3alam. Wa ze3laan? No. Moush za3laan. 3am bojbor bi khater al 3abseen 7awlet. Tfarraj 3ala hal orta 7awalayyeh bi wojouh 3abseh. Ma byed7akko lal rgheef al sokhn

Ya emmeh. Esma3eneh. Ass, lam wa t7e7osh al hatab kenet shaghlet jdoudeh. E3fini.

Late Mansour Ra7bani: When my brother 3assi passed away, people paid their condolences to both of us. When I die, consider me a worker who just got paid his dues.

Comment motive negativement d’advantage les enfants pour l’avenir?  You tell them : “Fini les vaches grasses. Chomage et Sida pour tout le monde, voila ce qui vous attend”. Ce qui est le plus dure pour le chomeur, c’est de ne pas avoir ete habitué des l’enfance.

Il y a la mere furieuse, (la seule a comprendre son enfant?), qui est contre son enfant: qui a tout et ne fait rien. Qui fait rien et veut tout, pour qui on a tout fait et qui jamais ne…Qui est si different de l’autre fils… Et toutes ces meres et peres inquiets et honteux. L’avenir pour les inquiets est une representation qui est une projection du present sur ume toile, un mur… des images agrandies de la desolation du present.

Un adolescent installé dans la conviction de sa nullite est un proie facile.

Manque de base? La patate chaude que les parents et institutions scolaire fait sauter d’une main dans l’autre

L’imprimerie, la poudre a canon, et la boussole. La dissemination de la culture, la resistance avec des armes et moyens apropries, et une idee de soi: “who are we as a people? What do we want to be as a unified nation?” We lack all these necessary tools to confront the assault of the new world order. And we persist on romancing our weakening status among the nations and societies.

Don’t apologize for what you did. Better, no need to apologize for what you failed to do. You lived and assumed as best you tried.

I desisted to ponder on the intricacies of love relationship, a long time ago: There are no answers

Should my tears be phosphorescent for the others to notice how much I’m in pain and suffering?

Les caracteres comiques demande un caractere tragique pour que l’ hilarity fonctionne. Ca n’a rien affair avec les oppositions, mais mettre la realte en relief

Etre plus instruit que les autres ne veut rien dire. Il faut y attache un facteur attrayant pour que la connaissance devienne necessaire et suffisante. C’est un de ces traits attrayants que l’on cherche vaillamment a mettre en relief.

Il faut apprendre a recevoir les critiques reflechies. Et reflechir avant de critiquer. Ou bien jouer the role du fou de la communaute. Je prefere le second choix: ca demande beaucoup plus de reflection que le premier.

If you have talent in attracting positive opinions and large audience, a few truthful positions may compensate for the dozens of lies you disseminate: No attraction of the public, no roots for any valuable position.

Darbeh 3ala 7afer, darbeh 3al mosmar. I’m reading “7eber wa mele7. Mar2i Maktoub” by Zahi Wehbeh. Typical Arabic essays on late famous cultural personalities. Loaded with tenuous romantic apologies. Sort of, each chapter could be summarized in a couple of short paragraphs to convey the entire meaning.

Je m’en moque. Qu’est ce que “en” veut dire? Sais pas Sir. Je n’y arriverai jamais. Qu’est ce que “y” veut dire? Mais Sir, ce sont ces “en et y” qui me gonfle  Je mens moque de l’avenir.

There is a small cat, dead by the roadside. It has been there for an entire week. Mashed rats are never picked up: they mesh and blend with the asphalt

A l’age quand le souvenir d’une vie se ramasse si serre

Toute une vie se deroulant sans heurts, une existence ordinaire… ne suffit pas pour comprendre la decision d’un jeune de s’en aller tres loin, avec tous les accidents potentiels qui peuvent s’en suivre

Bon, nous devenond. Vaille que vaille. Ne soyez pas stupid pour suivre mes devenons ou mes derrierons

Why I take cigarette breaks? I copy literary gems. During these breaks, a few of these gems are edited out and transformed to become idioms of mine. I’m contemplating publishing these idioms of mine, which I sincerely consider mine.

We are bound to Hope. Whatever happens today can never be the end of history

Ce concept Invariable de necessite (Maitre/ Escalve) a ete maintenu au fils des temps, par toutes les institutions, civiles, religieuses et locales. Les classes d’elites, celles qui echappent aux lois, survivent parceque ce symbol d’invariabilite doit etre preserver.

Cet horizon en deca duquel nul n’a de compte a render: tentations naturelles de tous les abandons

Les gestes qu’ils reproduisent en commun. La communaute des gestes ou des gens? La progression de l’humanite a transformee nos entites concretes en un symbol abstrait que l’on defend avec acharnement au moyens de lois, discutes en abstraction et appliquees selectivement.

Meme les elites sont defendus par toutes les institutions comme des symbols precieux pour maintenir la cohesion de la communaute d’Elite/Esclave.

Le conflit permanent entre Maître et Esclave? Est-ce que cette these compresse l’eclipse d’une civilization au detriment d’une autre? Il faudrait changer la definition de civilite et de civilisation pour recouvrire notre humanite. Et pourtant, en politique, c’est la meme soupe qu’on nous sert en tout temps.

Il vaut mieux de chercher a connaitre le monde et trebucher sur un tresor, que de la connaitre pour faire une fortune? En tout cas, fortune ou tresor, if faut changer de perspective pour vivre heureux.

Si vous n’aver pas l’habitude de lire beaucoup, vous ne comprendrez rien a ce que j’ecris, sans ces machins de punctuation.

Le temps: les enfants doivent vieillir pour avoir une perception logarithmique de son ecoulement. Pour les enfants, a chaque jour suffit sa peine.

La plupart des eleves mauvais a l’ecole, ces carrottes deja cuites, sont perdus a vie. Les rare recapes s’ en vantent: On ne subit pas 20 ans de cancreries sans laisser sa peau. Les cancres apprennet a identifier l’avenir a “jamais” et “toujours”… comme unites de mesure du temps.

Bon, les profs. n’aiment pas le film Americain “Le cercle des poetes disparus (late Robin Williams). Mais c’est notre film respondent les jeunes, specialement ceux des pensions. C’est pas le votre. And yet, the students were Not duped: they recognized the bad faith of prof Keating and didn’t appreciate his burning of the school book. Why Not burn all the books that he didn’t like?

“Khaleek bil Bayt” ma3 Zahi Wehbeh. Mounassabaat Zahi lel taba7or bi mawadee3 thakafiyya shatta. A very lucky man who found a niche that pleases his passions for culture and literature. These interviews with talented artists and authors are the kinds of archives that we are going to need, once we feel that our culture in what define us as people. Mind you that the interviews with the poet Adonis were burned down in the TV station of Al Moustakbal archive room.

Le lot du cancre etudiant est qu’on ne le croit jamais. On croit qu’il deguise une paresse vicieuse en lamentation commodes. Le bonnet d’ane se porte volontier a posteriori, quand un cancre succede dans la vie. Et pourtant, on ne guerit jamais des douleurs de jadis et les cicatrices ne veulent pas nous faire oublier ces blessures.

Chaque generation d’etudiants epreuve l’envie de se former en s’opposant a l’air du temps, a l’esprit du lieu et le desir de s’epanouir d’un Maitre juge exemplaire (sauf au liban). C’est que la Presque totalite des profs sont trop fatigues et ne sont pas payes pour prendre le role d’un maître, surtout quand les classes sont bondees.

Peut-on elever le niveau des critiques literaires? En premier lieu, livrer des manuscripts sans faute d’orthogrape: les critiques pourraient s’en prendre a d’autre aspects plus serieuses?

Ya7ya Jaaber, Ghassan Jawaad, Nazem Al Sayyed, Mouhammad Barakaat, 3abbass Baydoun, Kassem 7addad, 3abd Mon3em Ramadan, Rasheed Da3eef…? About time I start reading these poets and authors. Those authors whom we could like are Not necessarily the most famous.

This Sunday, May 18, 2 busloads departed from Beit-Chabab, destination 3abbassiyyeh, near Sour. Teams of boules, supporters and cheerleaders, Not the kinds you see on US games. It was a very long day: we lost. All our teams lost, in no time. Though we had to wait till 6 pm for our journey home. Chadi, our bus driver, decided to circumvent Khaldeh by opting for the Shouf trajectory, a 2: 30 hours additional trip. But we enjoyed a couple of ice-cream stops on hungry stomachs. About time for different types of excursions out of Beit-Chabab. No boules trips. And no competition on who is the Funniest. I held the trophy for an entire month and I’m out of competition: I loath competitions that I was excluded from most of my early age.

Parler poliment: une attitude qui donne l’impression d’etre present pour l’autre. “Qui es-tu? Veux-tu parler avec moi? Comme j’ai le plaisir a etre avec toi”

I changed procedure: I used to read for 2:30 hours, excluding breaks. Now, as I fill 4 small pages of notes that I like… it is time to go home. Editing, typing and deciding what to post for the day on FB is hard work, enjoyable work that doesn’t count as working.

My backlog of articles to post on my blog is running in the hundreds: I had decided to post on 3 a day, at most. The same routine is taking roots for my notes, destination FB. I decided to post 6 a day, and the backlog is increasing exponentially

Urgent. Ceux qui prennent l’intelligence pour une fin: ils ont un serieux bug a reperer et reparer le plus tot possible

If you want to make a deal to lose in a game: let it be an individual game. That’s your negotiated and consented deal. When it comes to negotiate a team losing games, it is very wrong at any level and no excuses are admissible. A team must have a tacit oath of loyalty that every member is to perform at best he can, and enjoy the friendship of the members. Otherwise, morale is chattered for a very long period: better search for another team

All in a dream. I’m reading this Arabic caption in my siesta dream today: “Bless the way you’re enjoying your walk on. It was built by your forefathers a century ago” And funny: signed in English President Zimer14. Go figure

Pronoms adverbiales? Comme les y, en, ca, tout… Comme dans: Je m’en moque, ca me gonfle, je m’en batte les coquille, je n’y arriverai jamais… Ces pronoms adverbiables sont utilise comme des planques que nous ne revisitons jamais, des poisons a long term. Savoir si l’ecole est faite pour les etudents ou pour retenir les profs. je n’y arriverai jamais? Mais vour arrivez quand meme: vous frimez,  vous deprimez, vous derivez, vous gueulez, vous cognez… Des nuls fourvoyes dans un univer absurd.

Si on ne peut pas concevoir un future radieux, on ne s’installe pas non plus dans un present frais, enjoue et fructueux

Les maux de grammaire se soignent par la grammaire? Wa dawini bellati kanat hiya al da2ou? Je n’y crois pas. Il y a une exception: la peur  de lire se soigne par la lecture. Je ne vois pas d’autre remede.

La verite? Dans les religions, ou une religion? Dire qu’il doit y avoir un Dieu abstrait qui detient toute la verite qui doit etre relacher? Et que les homes on ecrit en son nom, l’absolu mutist? Comme si on nous empeche de rechercher la verite ailleur. Comme si on ne pourrait atteindre a aucune verite que lorseque les religieux de tout genre et confession concluent a un consensus sur leur affaires temporelles et politique?  Vous vous moquez de tout le monde, messieurs les religieux?

Il y a des emballages trop rustiques, mais le raffinement et le soin apporte nous font pense aux emballages de soie. L’elaboration des concepts nobles se fait a partir du trivial le plus frustre. (Un reffinement a la wabi Japonais?) (Muriel Barbery dans L’Elegance du Herisson)

Avec l’age, ce qui est adequat dans la societe s’oublie: on deviant trop ferme et inebranlable dans nos idee-fixes.

Comment apprendre que je ne suis rien et que pourtant je suis digne de vivre? (en nous comparons aux arbres?). N’apprend pas l’impossible: apprend a devenir quelque chose au moins.

Je ne vois que la psychoanalyse pour concurrence les religions dans l’amour des souffrances qui durent. On ne fait pas le lien entre la psychoanalyse et les anti-depresseurs qu’on prend au fils du temps. Si on veut etre honnete, le plus probable est que nous prenons les anti-depresseurs pour supporter les sessions analytiques.

Grabbed my balls relentlessly

The most horror stories are retired army officers finally settling at home.  The dementias activities an officer goes about around home drive the family members crazy.  It is tough for everyone around, who start suspecting that the officer is losing his mind pretty quickly. It is urgent that retired officers are forced for a week-long retreat of what to expect in civilian life and how to change behaviors.  The first item in the agenda is: Before undertaking a project, secure the agreement of the family members and get a willingness to cooperate. Otherwise, find out if you can afford a day worker to do tasks the family is unwilling to perform

Je ne peut me resoudre a negliger les appels (les noms des eleves), surtout le matin. Le son que fait votre nom a des vibrations de diapason. Better, welcome your students as they enter the classroom (as in Protestant churches?) and imitate their responses, particularly the variations on “Present”.  Other teachers demand that the students wait in ordered line and in silence before the teacher opens the door of the classroom: Acquerir un peu de politesse  n’a jamais fait mal a personne. In the afternoon, let the exhausted students listen for a couple of minutes to the noise outside and compare it to the noise inside the classroom, and proceed to speak at a lower volume.

Existe-il la possibilite de devenir ce qu’on n’est pas encore? Saurai-je saisir cette possibilite et faire de ma vie un autre jardin que celui de mes peres?

On s’epuise vite des monos: On veut de la diversite d’adoration. Ils sont des menteurs endurcis et chevrons, ceux qui prechent le monotheism ou la loyaute sexuelle des couples.

Quoi? Emporter les cloches de Saint-Jacques- de Compostelle par une razzia musulmane au 11 eme siècle est la plus grande catastrophe subie par la Chretiente Iberique? Ces coloniaux sont scandaleux.

Quoi? Toute invasion au nom d’ un Dieu prend une dimension inhumaine et sauvage? Et les invasions aux noms de la finance et l’ economie pour recuperer des dettes souvereignes, sont- ells classes comme humaine et rationelles?

Les homes de la Renaissance Europeenne? Mais durent l’ empire Arabe, la plupart des intellectuels etaient des hommes et des femmes  de Renaissance dans la diversite de leur connaissance multiple et leur talents artistiques.

Today, my eyes got wet: I read beautiful passages. I don’t recall ever crying: lack of imagination or feelings? Better late than never: I think that I’m recapturing some of my lost capacity for imagination and feelings.

Le sens de l’adequation: C’est ainsi que cela devait etre dispose.

Que fait l’Art pour nous? Il met en forme et rend visibles a nos senses nos emotions et appose ce cachet d’ éternite qui incarne l’universalite des affects humaines. L’Art immortel genere l’emotion sans le desir ou la convoitise.

Qu’est ce que cette histoire de centaines de noeuds que forment la psychologie des hommes? Vous croyez que les psyanalystes savent quelque chose a la topologie?

The children of Palestine and those living in shantytowns of refugee camps, are systematically denied the basic rights of happiness, and of enjoying periods of laziness and boredom. The occupiers made sure to rob these kids of the basic feelings and their innate innocence. They are more mature than other children, and yet, more receptive to all kinds of feelings and emotions.

Les grands (princes and presidents…), que les moins grands dedaignent, sont poutant heureux s’ils deviennent leurs gendres.

Qu’il y a peu d’humains et que le monde est desert? Mais pouquoi les gens sont mechants? Ou pretend l’etre pour qu’on leur fiche la paix?




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Try designing more performing wings instead of more horsepower.
All birds have specially designed wings for their purposes.
Wings use finesse more than sheer force.
Wings work with the surrounding environment, not against it.
Wings are elegant, not brutal.
The problem is that mankind wants to design planes for all purposes

There is a village in Iraq, close to the borders with Iran. Touzarkoun is inhabited by Kurdish Chiaa and lived there for many thousands of years. In 2003, after the invasion of the US to Iraq, Abou Abdallah The Soumalian entered the dancing circle in his mobilette and detonated himself, wiping out entire families.

This Abou Abdallah started his journey from Mauritania, crossed Mali, took a boat in Benghazi to Lattaquieh in Syria. He made over 5,500 km by deserts and seas. He entered Lebanon, returned to Syria and back to Lebanon before being shipped by a container to Mossoul in Northern Iraq.

He and 3 other new extremist nousras, total strangers to one another, from different countries (Algeria, Palestine and Lebanon) experienced 3 gruelling days and nights in this suffocating containers. Abou Abdllah was anxious to meet with Allah.

If you had a choice in WWII between

1. 400 B29 carpet bombing a city for several attempts and an atomic bomb? Or
2. Dropping an atomic bomb kills everyone in a few seconds.

The incendiary bombs and bombes a retardement leave exactly the same amount of casualties, mostly burning agonizing people for several months and orphans roaming haphazardly until they die of famine.
I’m Not asking to pick a choice.
I’ am interested in the opinions of those US military when they decide to exterminate entire population

Plan versus commitment:
a 10-year plan is great on paper and a good exercise.
a ten-year commitment is precisely what’s required if you want to be sure to make an impact.

Israel declared that it prefers that Da3esh kinds of terrorists remain in north Syria and Iraq.
What is surprising is that Da3esh has its own rationale: The perfect place for it to survive and prosper and spread its brand of Wahhabi religious ideology is indeed Turkey.
Da3esh is keeping and installing its cells in the Turkish cities along the Syrian border, including Antakya where most remaining Christians are seeking to emigrate.

Savoir et pouvoir: c’est le desire de tout homme, le plus souvent pendant nos reves diurne.
Power is material, but knowledge is mostly a point of view.
Since acquiring knowledge takes long time, by the time we are old, the crazy decisions on the lame folks, of the combination of power with knowledge, having serious consequences, diminish with the slowness of the mind and the taming of strong emotions

Combien d’amours n’ont pas pus prendre racines: quand la premiere fois, on ejacule prematurement

There are individuals destined to do the good, or mostly, the intention to do good.
But to feel the source of our ephemeral happiness that need to be seen.
Sources of truths, our truth, is hermetically hidden, very deep in our consciousness.
Have to be content with small rivers, from a varieties of sources

Le Grand Pasha en Egypt dit au rich entrepreneur Cheikh Azzam: Le poucentage de 25% sur vos profit s’applique a toutes les grandes affairs. En echange, nous te protegerons contre le fisc, les charges sociales, les regles de securite, le controle administrative et les mille bureaux qui peuvent te mener a ta perte. Lit ton dossier preparait par les enquetes de la Securite d’Etat. On sait tout de tes sales activites.

Abu Samir barged into the HQ of the Lebanese Red Cross in west Beirut (Kuntary?) at the start of the civil war in 1975 and whispered in the ear of nurse Nayla Hachem:

“We are about to counter attack the hotels Phoenicia and Holiday Inn and oust the Lebanese Forces. I need Maxiton for my guerrileros that will add their performance. Tous doivent y passer.

Nayla assured him that she will add the Maxiton in the cup of teas because they is observed and it is illegal.

She saw the bottle of valium and added a few drops instead of the “performing” medicine and the fighters left in Indienne file.

At 4 am, Abu Samir was trying to break down the iron fence of the HQ with his truck. He was mad and saying “The more I repeated Attack, the deeper was the sleep of my fighters”

From “Beirut, comme si l’ oubli… “by Nayla Hachem and Hyam Yared

Steve Jobs was ousted 20 years ago from Apple and Gilbert Amelio was the current PDG. Amelio had negotiated with Bill Gates to write an updated exploitation program for the Mac. A few months later, Jobs convinced Amelio to buy NeXT. Jobs was PDG of Pixar at the time, but NeXt was not received well and not selling. Gates and Sun Microsystem had the lion shares of the market.

Amelio called Gates and cancelled the deal. And Gates went berserk: “Steve Jobs n’a rien sous le capot. Je connais la technologie de son system. Ce n’est que Unix avec un joli habillage. Jamais tu ne pourrais le faire tourner sur tes machines. Steve ne connait rien a la technologie. C’est juste un super VRP. C’ est une bille en informatics et 99% de ce qu’il dit est faux. Amelio a paye une blinde ($250 million) pour rien: Le system d’exploitation de NeXT n’a jamais ete utilise.

Sans le savoir, Apple venait d’acheter a prix d’or son future chef, alors que personne de sense n’aurait parie un dollar sur lui. Mais Steve etait un type brilliant, avec un sens de design et le gout des beaux objets. Il parvint a refrener suffisamment sa folie pour etre nommer PDG par interim…

“Quand Amelio a ete bouté dehors, il a dit “Ce n’etait q’une leure, l’une des multiples facettes de la personalite complex de Steve Jobs”

Le mari peut supporter la pauvrete a la fleur de l’age, mais a 60 ans, c’est une tragedie (et vice versa)

One of the plans of the genes is to decide which species you should belong to, including one of the bacteria

The smell is the only sensorial impression that we cannot sense in our dreams:
Smell is Not controlled in any path that lead to our conscious brain.
When I dream of dirty WC I cannot smell anything: I learned that it is urgent to wake up and go piss
Are you itching like crazy?  Probably you have worms (Enterobius vemicularis or oxydure)
Use a few adhesives papers on and around your anus and let the physician observe the kinds of egg of worms you have.
One out of 2 people suffer this ailment at least once in a lifetime

Parasite Toxoplasma gondii is the host of cat intestine.
Pregnant women should worry of young cats inside the house and their garden because foetus might die when the parasite is transferred through cat’s urine and faecal product.
Pregnant women with blood rhesus negative are of high risk.
This parasite prefers specific areas in the brain such as the amygdala, the olfactive brain and the part that decides of choices every second.

Lebanese politicians think that they are poets: They are allowed rights to flaunt election processes that dictators insisted on having even a nominal reaction from the people all over the Arabic world

As long as Palestinian youths in Lebanese refugee camps are forbidden to work in their disciplines or included in the Lebanese army… They’ll always be the best and easiest resource for extremist movements to lure them in

But the lesson from New Zealand decriminalizing sex work, it was written in collaboration with sex workers; namely, the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective. When it came to making sex work safer, they were ready to hear it straight from sex workers themselves.

What a depressed woman would like that happens:
You kick your shoes off (husband) and crawl into bed next to me, holding me if I let you and just being there if I won’t.
After a little while I might pick up my phone or my Kindle, seeking distraction, or I might just sort of stare into space. You browse the Internet on your phone and sit quietly with me. I’m sure you’re hungry, or could be working, or maybe catching a game with the guys, but instead you sit. If I talk, you listen. If I don’t, you don’t force it.
You might ask if I want to watch something on Netflix or offer to get some dinner for us. More likely I will fall asleep with my head nestled against your shoulder, and you will refuse to move because you know I need you there. You will do everything you can to let me sleep because you know there I will find peace. You will be quiet and still, you will pray tomorrow is a better day, and you will be there.

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they have been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”
‪#‎Muhamad_Ali‬ ‪#‎Respect

Traditional Lebanese house in the mountainside?

ma7daleh, kabou, mra7, madd, 3elliyyeh, stay7a, 3aricheh, tin, 7uwwara, youk, mawkad, madkhanneh, soubya, jurn, mehbej, barjat, khabieh, 7assireh, tabliyyeh, tazar, namliyyeh, 3erzaal, mantara, jlal, natour, neyeh, ta2a, mandaloun, liwan, al midane, kabis, kechk, borghol, charab el tout, charab al ward, mazaher…

Les cepages (vigne) importes au Liban: Cabernet sauvignon, Grenache, chardonnay, viognier, merlot, cinsault, carignan, syrah… Les cepage locaux sont: merweh, obeideh, mariami

Dalai Lama says ‘Refugees should return [be sent back] to rebuild their country’, a Noble thought if it were not for the fact he himself has not returned to rebiluild anything!
He said that Europe has accepted more refugees that it can handle

The only usage of the brain is to keep control and activate movements: Physical, signal sending and reception, facial expressions, speech, writing, communication of messages…
Otherwise, thinking without creating movement is less effective than a contraption that just absorb plankton

99% of all bacteria (good and bad) in our body are located in the intestine (mostly the large one) and they weight 2 kilos!
95% of serotonine (the happy mood) is produced in the intestine.
80% of the immune cells are located in the intestine.
What we smell (good and bad) is generated by bacteria
Well-being is a consequence of a good composition of bacteria that produce all the B vitamins
“Je ressens, donc je suis”

There are at least 3 different kinds of intestine in predominance of bacteria or enterotypes:

1. Bacteroides that produce plenty of biotine (B7 or B8 or H) which the foetus consume a lot and are dedicated to carnivorous specimen

2. Prevotella that produce vitamin B1 or thiamine that is used mainly by the brain and the lack of it generate beriberi (deficiency in movement)

3. Ruminococcus that manufacture blood through the heme

Each of these families of bacteria have common characteristics for splitting the food, manufacturing substances and neutralizing varieties of toxin.

Syndrome de Crohn (intestine irritable), colite ulcereuse, muqueuse intestinale: pendant une longue phase de stress, l’intestin cesse d’obeir au cerveau pour conserver de l’energy, pour produire moin de mucus et de diminuer son irrigation sanguine

Constipated? Let’s see:

1. You are travelling and you abhor the states of the encountered WC  and refuse to get any comfort until you reach destination

2. You are anguished with your painful haemorrhoid condition

3. You are a globe trotter and forget the habits of your intestines, its second nature

4. You are a procrastinator and save what should be done to much later time

Get the habit to sit when pissing: the frequency of letting go of the big one increases to 2 to 3 times a day.

I can conjecture that females have less problems with constipation than males


1. Osmosis method: 2 mixed liquids (one rich in salt and the other in sugar ) equalizes in concentration

2. PEG (polyethylene glycol) of the large molecule (PEG3350) cover the commission and facilitate the faecal progress

3. Lubrication materials such as paraffin oil: avoid Vaseline

4. Stimulation method (GIGN) of the intestinal nerves: aloe vera, sene, suppositoire

5. Prokinetic effects: new medications

6. Rule of 3 days: a laxative may totally empty the large intestine (the ascending, transverse and descending portions) and you need not worry if you ‘shit for 3 days until the the descending part is filled


3/4 of babies born by sterilized caesarean surgery have high risks for allergies and asthma.

The natural bacteria received from natural birth are lacking, such as lactobacilli’s and womb germs, especially if they don’t sucks their mom’s milk or are severed prematurely. It is like they were Not immersed in the magical potion at birth.

Cholesterol? (khole or bile and sterres or closed)

Our body and its bacteria produces up to 95% of needed cholesterol.

Low level of cholesterol and lipids generate memory trouble, depressive states and aggressive behaviour.

Low level of cholesterol weakens the sexual hormones and the stability of the cells and renders vitamin D irrelevant

Our bacteria produce propionic acid that blocks the fabrication of cholesterol while producing acetate to stimulate the fabrication.

Bacteria with BSH genes (Bile salt Hydroxylase) make it difficult for the bile to transport cholesterol molecules

Sure, life is complex, and the living is more complex.
And yet, the process is pretty simple:
We go on living with successive binary decision at each moment:
Go/stay put, yes/no, get up/take a snooze, Resume/Stop

Robot Should Not emulate living species behaviors: Robot is Not meant:

1. To procrastinate

2. To say: I quit

3. To say: I feel depressed. Leave me alone

4. To say: I need badly a vacation

5. To start his opinion or any of his activities by pronouncing: “In the name of God… By the will of God, Allah…

6. Your opinion is against the precepts of the Bible: You are an infidel…

7. To throw a tantrum and ruin the space

However, a well designed Robot should be able to say: “I’m hearing new words, new technical terms, new slangs, the kids are disturbing my knowledge… I definitely need a sabbatical

Suppose a Robot was Google-dumped of all the community laws, new and old in the law books of Congress, those laws that have Not be removed or revisited or re-edited or upgraded, in order for the Robot to behave as a “Good Citizen of the Land” and offer judicious recommendations…what could be its reaction?

Total impotency. Maybe burn a few fuses?

We are how our brain and intestine cooperate and coordinate their communication and activities.
Le nerf vague that communicate the intestine signals to the brain is of the most important part of our well being.
This nerve tells the brain of the molecules of the meals, the hormone in the blood, the immune cell concentrations and the types of bacteria…

 Taking the IELTS (English proficiency exam)? Like in any exam: It is the laws that govern the exam. Go back and study how they expect you to answer. For example, Accounting has nothing to do with arithmetic to pass

Dam of Janneh? I mean sadd janneh on this small river of Ibraheem. A tiny dam of only 37 million.
A deputy said that this river is the hotbed of Lebanon history to be preserved.
I trekked on this river twice, and I can testify that I saw no history, even in the deepest trek on it. And the river is a puny one, even at the height of the rainy season.
Another environmentalist critic linked it to Brazil oil Petrobras and other dams the size of all of Lebanon…

Henry Seyrig (1895-1973) was appointed directeur general du service des antiquites de Syrie et du Liban in 1929.
Il confie Byblos a Maurice Dunand et Ougarit (Ras Shamra) a Claude Schaeffer.
Baalbak, Palmyre et le Krak des Chevaliers sont degages et fouilles.
Il cree lÍnstitut Francais d’archeologie de Beyrouth et forma Maurice Chehab
Il a publie 270 articles dans la Revue Syria et reunie dans ses Antiquites Syriennes

Beware of consuming too much fructose (supposedly the sugar in fruits)
Are you eating 8 bananas or 6 apples a day? That is more than 50 g, a high number.
The western nations a the well to do consume about 80 g of fructose, added in ketchup, salad sauces, fruity yogurt…
Fructose overdose generate many ailments in the stomach, terrible gases, allergies, and depressive mood due to blocking the serotonin

Election law mokhtalata? khalteen meen bi meen?
I suggest for a first version, 2/3 nisbiyya kamilat wa 1/3 dawa2er sa5eerat la zo3amaa2 al tawa2ef

Mid-30s, female, single, no children and living in the western world: I’ll tell you what I’m really missing. What I’m really missing is a society that stops telling me what I lack in happiness.”

Any one think that any political party in Lebanon has interest in electing a president? (either Christian or Muslim?)
In the last 2 years, all the mafia leaders have split their shares (mou7assassa) and they have no interest in introducing another party in the deal.
Unless foreign States decide to infuse fresh financial resources for a President and his associates.
Internally, all the resources have been exhausted
7alabo al namleh

Militants in East Ghoutah of Damascus claimed they are Not responsible in targeting the Hezbollah arm depot near the airport, where the Hezbollah military leader was killed by a strong explosion. Israel claims Not to be involved. . From where could any canon shot or a missile  originate? The mystery is still open. A perpetrated in-house assassination?

Today and every day I remember all those Iraqis I helped kill. I didn’t serve my neighbors, family or friends,
I served only empire and the oil, arms and infrastructure firms that got rich.
I didn’t protect anyone, least of all Iraqis, and certainly not any U.S. citizens who were never under any threat.
Those we murdered were mostly civilians.
Lose the vet fetish and remember what we actually did and do which is kill people for empire.

Britain voted out of EU. Good riddence. And The City of vampires.
For 3 centuries, Britain’s foreign policies were to distabilize and divide Europe with countless wars and financial blocades.
Europe is now united and pretty light from this grounchy unappetizing partner

Shall we expect an emerging federal nation among Ireland, North Ireland and Scotland?
England will do its best Not to quit EU in the near future, until the EU figure out a way to rescue the Brits, as it did to Greece.

What differentiate the good and less good students in schools?

Same goes for teachers?

The toughest skill you may ever master in life is: Train your mind to focus for 55 minutes to the subject matter in class. Have control over your mind Not to wander away.

This is valid for both students and teachers.

Ideas extracted from “Chagrins d’ecole, by  Daniel Pennac)

When a teacher enters a classroom, he must be totally ready and focus to teach for 55 minutes. He must demonstrate that he is present, physically and mentally, look at the individual students and make sure they notice that the teacher is focused and want them to do the same.

La vitesse d’incarnation d’un sujet a l’autre, la capacite de changer de peau d’une classe a l’autre (un chameleon) et de se concentrer pleinement au sujet enseigné.

Une classe ne se dirige pas comme un regiment en marche et au pas.

Une classe doit etre conduite comme un orchestre: chaque eleve joue son instrument et travaille la meme symphonie.  Ce concentrer pendant 55 minutes au sujet enseigne.

Ce qui compte c’est savoir comment faire les eleves progresser au bon moment et avec harmonie.

Ne jamais parler plus fort que l’eleve.

Ne jamais faire croire aux eleves que les premiers violents dans l’orchestre sont les seules que comptent au monde

Je ne peut me resoudre a negliger les appels (les noms des eleves), surtout le matin. Le son que fait votre nom a des vibrations de diapason.

Better, welcome your students as they enter the classroom (as in Protestant churches?) and imitate their responses, particularly the variations on “Present”.

Other teachers demand that the students wait in ordered line and in silence before the teacher opens the door of the classroom: Acquerir un peu de politesse  n’a jamais fait mal a personne.

In the afternoon, let the exhausted students listen for a couple of minutes to the noise outside and compare it to the noise inside the classroom, and proceed to speak at a lower volume.

Transformative power of classical music?

“I have a definition of success. For me, it’s very simple. It’s not about wealth and fame and power. It’s about how many shining eyes I have around me.”

Feb. 2008

Probably a lot of you know the story of the two salesmen who went down to Africa in the 1900s. They were sent down to find if there was any opportunity for selling shoes, and they wrote telegrams back to Manchester. And one of them wrote, “Situation hopeless. Stop. They don’t wear shoes.” And the other one wrote, “Glorious opportunity. They don’t have any shoes yet.”

00:35 Now, there’s a similar situation in the classical music world, because there are some people who think that classical music is dying.

And there are some of us who think you ain’t seen nothing yet. And rather than go into statistics and trends, and tell you about all the orchestras that are closing, and the record companies that are folding, I thought we should do an experiment tonight. Actually, it’s not really an experiment, because I know the outcome.  

Before we start, I need to do two things. One is I want to remind you of what a 7-year-old child sounds like when he plays the piano. Maybe you have this child at home. He sounds something like this.

01:23 (Music)

01:41 (Music ends)

I see some of you recognize this child. Now, if he practices for a year and takes lessons, he’s now eight and he sounds like this.

Benjamin Zander. Conductor. A leading interpreter of Mahler and Beethoven. Full bio

Benjamin Zander has two infectious passions: classical music, and helping us all realize our untapped love for it — and by extension, our untapped love for all new possibilities, new experiences, new connections.|By Benjamin Zander

He practices for another year and takes lessons — he’s nine.

02:01 (Music)

02:06 (Music ends)

02:07 Then he practices for another year and takes lessons — now he’s 10.

02:10 (Music)

02:15 (Music ends)

At that point, they usually give up.

 if you’d waited for one more year, you would have heard this.

02:26 (Music)

02:33 (Music ends)

 what happened was not maybe what you thought, which is, he suddenly became passionate, engaged, involved, got a new teacher, he hit puberty, or whatever it is. What actually happened was the impulses were reduced. You see, the first time, he was playing with an impulse on every note.

02:52 (Music)

And the second, with an impulse every other note.

02:57 (Music)  

The nine-year-old put an impulse on every four notes.

03:06 (Music)

The 10-year-old, on every eight notes.

03:10 (Music)

And the 11-year-old, one impulse on the whole phrase.

03:16 (Music)

I didn’t say, “I’m going to move my shoulder over, move my body.” No, the music pushed me over, which is why I call it one-buttock playing.

03:30 (Music)

03:32 It can be the other buttock.

03:33 (Music)

You know, a gentleman was once watching a presentation I was doing, when I was working with a young pianist. He was the president of a corporation in Ohio. I was working with this young pianist, and said, “The trouble with you is you’re a two-buttock player. You should be a one-buttock player.”

I moved his body while he was playing. And suddenly, the music took off. It took flight. The audience gasped when they heard the difference. Then I got a letter from this gentleman. He said, “I was so moved. I went back and I transformed my entire company into a one-buttock company.”

04:05 (Laughter)

the other thing I wanted to do is to tell you about you. There are 1,600 people, I believe. My estimation is that probably 45 of you are absolutely passionate about classical music. You adore classical music. Your FM is always on that classical dial. You have CDs in your car, and you go to the symphony, your children are playing instruments.

You can’t imagine your life without classical music. That’s the first group, quite small. Then there’s another bigger group. The people who don’t mind classical music.

you’ve come home from a long day, and you take a glass of wine, and you put your feet up. A little Vivaldi in the background doesn’t do any harm. That’s the second group.

Now comes the third group: people who never listen to classical music. It’s just simply not part of your life. You might hear it like second-hand smoke at the airport … and maybe a little bit of a march from “Aida” when you come into the hall. But otherwise, you never hear it. That’s probably the largest group.

And then there’s a very small group. These are the people who think they’re tone-deaf. Amazing number of people think they’re tone-deaf. Actually, I hear a lot, “My husband is tone-deaf.”

05:14 (Laughter)

Actually, you cannot be tone-deaf. Nobody is tone-deaf. If you were tone-deaf, you couldn’t change the gears on your car, in a stick shift car. You couldn’t tell the difference between somebody from Texas and somebody from Rome. And the telephone. 

If your mother calls on the miserable telephone, she calls and says, “Hello,” you not only know who it is, you know what mood she’s in. You have a fantastic ear. Everybody has a fantastic ear. So nobody is tone-deaf.

 It doesn’t work for me to go on with this thing, with such a wide gulf between those who understand, love and are passionate about classical music, and those who have no relationship to it at all. The tone-deaf people, they’re no longer here.

But even between those three categories, it’s too wide a gulf. So I’m not going to go on until every single person in this room, downstairs and in Aspen, and everybody else looking, will come to love and understand classical music. So that’s what we’re going to do.

you notice that there is not the slightest doubt in my mind that this is going to work, if you look at my face, right? It’s one of the characteristics of a leader that he not doubt for one moment the capacity of the people he’s leading to realize whatever he’s dreaming. Imagine if Martin Luther King had said, “I have a dream. Of course, I’m not sure they’ll be up to it.”

06:42 (Laughter)

So I’m going to take a piece of Chopin. This is a beautiful prelude by Chopin. Some of you will know it.

06:52 (Music)

Do you know what I think probably happened here? When I started, you thought, “How beautiful that sounds.”

07:27 (Music)

“I don’t think we should go to the same place for our summer holidays next year.”

07:43 (Laughter)

07:46 It’s funny, isn’t it? It’s funny how those thoughts kind of waft into your head. And of course — if the piece is long and you’ve had a long day, you might actually drift off. Then your companion will dig you in the ribs and say, “Wake up! It’s culture!” And then you feel even worse.

08:05 (Laughter)

But has it ever occurred to you that the reason you feel sleepy in classical music is not because of you, but because of us? Did anybody think while I was playing, “Why is he using so many impulses?” If I’d done this with my head you certainly would have thought it.

08:19 (Music)

08:25 (Music ends)

And for the rest of your life, every time you hear classical music, you’ll always be able to know if you hear those impulses.

So let’s see what’s really going on here. We have a B. This is a B. The next note is a C. And the job of the C is to make the B sad. And it does, doesn’t it?

08:44 (Laughter)

Composers know that. If they want sad music, they just play those two notes.

08:50 (Music)

08:54 But basically, it’s just a B, with four sads.

08:56 (Laughter)

Now, it goes down to A. Now to G. And then to F. So we have B, A, G, F. And if we have B, A, G, F, what do we expect next?

09:10 (Music)

09:14 That might have been a fluke. Let’s try it again.

09:16 (Music)

09:20 Oh, the TED choir.

09:21 (Laughter)

And you notice nobody is tone-deaf, right? Nobody is. You know, every village in Bangladesh and every hamlet in China — everybody knows: da, da, da, da — da. Everybody knows, who’s expecting that E.

Chopin didn’t want to reach the E there, because what will have happened? It will be over, like Hamlet. Do you remember? Act One, scene three, he finds out his uncle killed his father.

He keeps on going up to his uncle and almost killing him. And then he backs away, he goes up to him again, almost kills him. The critics sitting in the back row there, they have to have an opinion, so they say, “Hamlet is a procrastinator.” Or they say, “Hamlet has an Oedipus complex.” No, otherwise the play would be over, stupid.

10:06 (Laughter)

That’s why Shakespeare puts all that stuff in Hamlet — Ophelia going mad, the play within the play, and Yorick’s skull, and the gravediggers. That’s in order to delay — until Act Five, he can kill him.

It’s the same with the Chopin. He’s just about to reach the E, and he says, “Oops, better go back up and do it again.” So he does it again. Now, he gets excited.

10:28 (Music)

That’s excitement, don’t worry about it. Now, he gets to F-sharp, and finally he goes down to E, but it’s the wrong chord — because the chord he’s looking for is this one, and instead he does … Now, we call that a deceptive cadence, because it deceives us. I tell my students, “If you have a deceptive cadence, raise your eyebrows, and everybody will know.”

He gets to E, but it’s the wrong chord. Now, he tries E again. That chord doesn’t work. Now, he tries the E again. That chord doesn’t work. Now, he tries E again, and that doesn’t work. And then finally … There was a gentleman in the front row who went, “Mmm.”

11:16 (Laughter)

It’s the same gesture he makes when he comes home after a long day, turns off the key in his car and says, “Aah, I’m home.” Because we all know where home is.

So this is a piece which goes from away to home. I’m going to play it all the way through and you’re going to follow. B, C, B, C, B, C, B — down to A, down to G, down to F. Almost goes to E, but otherwise the play would be over. He goes back up to B, he gets very excited. Goes to F-sharp. Goes to E. It’s the wrong chord. It’s the wrong chord. And finally goes to E, and it’s home. And what you’re going to see is one-buttock playing.

11:50 (Laughter)

Because for me, to join the B to the E, I have to stop thinking about every single note along the way, and start thinking about the long, long line from B to E.

we were just in South Africa, and you can’t go to South Africa without thinking of Mandela in jail for 27 years. What was he thinking about? Lunch? No, he was thinking about the vision for South Africa and for human beings. This is about vision.

This is about the long line. Like the bird who flies over the field and doesn’t care about the fences underneath, all right? So now, you’re going to follow the line all the way from B to E.

And I’ve one last request before I play this piece all the way through. Would you think of somebody who you adore, who’s no longer there? A beloved grandmother, a lover — somebody in your life who you love with all your heart, but that person is no longer with you. Bring that person into your mind, and at the same time, follow the line all the way from B to E, and you’ll hear everything that Chopin had to say.

13:09 (Music)

14:56 (Music ends)  

You may be wondering why I’m clapping. Well, I did this at a school in Boston with about 70 seventh graders, 12-year-olds. I did exactly what I did with you, and I explained the whole thing. At the end, they went crazy, clapping. I was clapping. They were clapping. Finally, I said, “Why am I clapping?” And one of them said, “Because we were listening.”

15:35 (Laughter)

Think of it. 1,600 people, busy people, involved in all sorts of different things, listening, understanding and being moved by a piece by Chopin. Now, that is something. Am I sure that every single person followed that, understood it, was moved by it? Of course, I can’t be sure.

15:57 But I’ll tell you what happened to me in Ireland during the Troubles, 10 years ago, and I was working with some Catholic and Protestant kids on conflict resolution. And I did this with them — a risky thing to do, because they were street kids. And one of them came to me the next morning and he said, “You know, I’ve never listened to classical music in my life, but when you played that shopping piece …”

16:20 (Laughter)

He said, “My brother was shot last year and I didn’t cry for him. But last night, when you played that piece, he was the one I was thinking about. And I felt the tears streaming down my face. And it felt really good to cry for my brother.”

So I made up my mind at that moment that classical music is for everybody. Everybody.

how would you walk — my profession, the music profession doesn’t see it that way. They say three percent of the population likes classical music. If only we could move it to four percent, our problems would be over.

16:59 (Laughter)

How would you walk? How would you talk? How would you be? If you thought, “Three percent of the population likes classical music, if only we could move it to four percent.” How would you walk or talk? How would you be? If you thought, “Everybody loves classical music — they just haven’t found out about it yet.” See, these are totally different worlds.

I had an amazing experience. I was 45 years old, I’d been conducting for 20 years, and I suddenly had a realization. The conductor of an orchestra doesn’t make a sound. My picture appears on the front of the CD —

17:33 (Laughter)

But the conductor doesn’t make a sound. He depends, for his power, on his ability to make other people powerful.

And that changed everything for me. It was totally life-changing. People in my orchestra said, “Ben, what happened?” That’s what happened. I realized my job was to awaken possibility in other people. And of course, I wanted to know whether I was doing that. How do you find out? You look at their eyes. If their eyes are shining, you know you’re doing it. You could light up a village with this guy’s eyes.

18:09 (Laughter)

So if the eyes are shining, you know you’re doing it. If the eyes are not shining, you get to ask a question. And this is the question: who am I being that my players’ eyes are not shining? We can do that with our children, too. Who am I being, that my children’s eyes are not shining? That’s a totally different world.

we’re all about to end this magical, on-the-mountain week, we’re going back into the world. And I say, it’s appropriate for us to ask the question, who are we being as we go back out into the world?

And you know, I have a definition of success. For me, it’s very simple. It’s not about wealth and fame and power. It’s about how many shining eyes I have around me.

I have one last thought, which is that it really makes a difference what we say — the words that come out of our mouth. I learned this from a woman who survived Auschwitz, one of the rare survivors.

She went to Auschwitz when she was 15 years old.  And her brother was eight, and the parents were lost. And she told me this, she said, “We were in the train going to Auschwitz, and I looked down and saw my brother’s shoes were missing. I said, ‘Why are you so stupid, can’t you keep your things together for goodness’ sake?'”

The way an elder sister might speak to a younger brother. Unfortunately, it was the last thing she ever said to him, because she never saw him again. He did not survive. And so when she came out of Auschwitz, she made a vow. She told me this. She said, “I walked out of Auschwitz into life and I made a vow. And the vow was, I will never say anything that couldn’t stand as the last thing I ever say.”

Now, can we do that? No. And we’ll make ourselves wrong and others wrong. But it is a possibility to live into.





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