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Justice for late Sandra Bland: Anonymous collective claims she was murdered

By AnonIntelGroup

The Anonymous collective is enraged at the failed attempt by Waller County PD and the Texas Trooper Association to mask a blatant act of crime against an innocent woman.

And we will not stand as Sandra’s death becomes another hashtag and then a statistic.
We, Anonymous, are calling on the citizens of the United States to commit to a day of rage for Sandra Bland and all who have been murdered at the hands of ruthless law enforcement officials who know no honor.

Cities around the United States will rise up in unison and call for Sandra Bland’s justice.
We, not as Anonymous but as citizens of the United States, are tired of the cycle of murders and coverups made by police departments across the nation.

We demand that each police chief at each protesting city to come out to the crowds and renew their pledge to protect the people they serve.

We also demand the immediate arrest of Brian Encinia and the resignation of both Waller County’s District Attorney and the Waller County’s Sheriff.
If you do not take Brian Encinia into custody, we will come after all of you.

All your secrets will be leaked. You will all be vulnerable.

We all know where you live.
This is for Sandra Bland. No mercy for murderers.
Operation Rage for Sandra, engaged.
We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Waller County law enforcement, it’s too late to expect us.

Note: Isn’t she that the police said hanged herself while in custody? According to the news, Sandra was stopped by a police officer, beaten and arrested because her car taillight was deficient?

Best Cheap (And Free) Beaches In Lebanon? How clean and safe?

Everybody loves a day well spent at the beach, and the good news is you don’t really need to break the bank to enjoy your time!

Here are our top five picks for free or cheap beaches from all around Lebanon.

1. Tyre (Sour) Coast

This is, without a doubt, the most perfect beach in Lebanon.

The coast is gorgeous and sandy, the water is perfect and clean, and the administration is extremely friendly and organized.

Though it may be a little bit far from Beirut, it is well worth the drive.

Head down there on a sunny morning to be met with golden sand and colorful umbrellas, the best part? There is no entrance fee, it’s free! You just pay for what you order drinks/food wise.

Tyre Public Beach
On the coast of Sour

2. Pierre & Friends

This notorious Batroun spot has become a favorite for most Lebanese people!

You can enjoy the music and a gorgeous bar on the rocky shore – all for free entrance.

Don’t forget to eat at the restaurant; time it right and you get to enjoy your deliciously fresh seafood with a killer view of the beach at sunset.

Pierre & Friends
Seaside Road
Mob.: +9613352930

3. Ô-Glacée

This cool sailor’s school and beach bar is located in Batroun, and managed by the Lebanese Yacht Club.

You get the benefits of a clean pebble and sand coast, as well as the chance to give your wallet a rest. It is free entrance, just pay as you order!

Be sure to try their delicious food, including their fresh caught fish and Lebanese mezza.

Batroun Shore
Tel.: +9616741841

4. Benny Beach

Located in Chekka, in the North of Lebanon, this beach is somewhat of a hidden gem. The entrance fees are extremely low (10,000 LL for adults; 5,000 for children,) and the coast is sandy and gorgeous.

It is a terrific place to spend some low-key beach time with your friends and family.

5. White Beach

As the name suggests, White Beach has a gorgeous white sandy coast. Located in Batroun, this local treasure is clean, relaxed, and doesn’t overcrowd.

The entrance fee is low (around 10,000 L.L) and there is a restaurant so you can enjoy a lunch during your day at the beach.

White Beach
Thoum, Batroun
Tel.: +9616742404
Tel.: +9616742505
Mob.: +9613732404

Patsy Z shared this link

Time it right and you get to enjoy your deliciously fresh seafood with a killer view of the beach at sunset.

Here are our top five picks for free or cheap beaches from all around Lebanon.

93GBps High-Speed Tor-Like Encrypted Anonymous Network

(Let us  safeguard ourselves from centralized illegal tapping in our data by chains of encryption tools and knowledge).

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s quite hard to maintain anonymity on the Internet using the slow Tor network. Or is it?
Well, it turns out, you may soon boost your online anonymity dramatically with the help of a new high-speed anonymity network.
A group of six academics have developed a Tor network alternative for users that allows high-speed anonymous web surfing, reinforcing the privacy of Internet users worldwide.

HORNET: High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer

Many anonymous networks, including The Onion Router (or TOR) network, are often slow because the data passing through the networks is encrypted a many numbers of times.
However, the high-speed onion routing network HORNET is capable of handling anonymous traffic at speeds of more than 93 Gbps while maintaining privacy.
The new anonymous network is built by researcher Chen Chen of Carnegie Mellon University, along with Daniele Enrico Asoni, Adrian Perrig and David Barrera of the Zurich’s Federal Institute of Technology, and George Danezis of University College London.

The security researchers’ ultimate goal is “Internet-scale anonymity.”

In a paper (PDF) titled HORNET: High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer, the team says Hornet is a low-latency onion routing system that enables end-to-end anonymous channels with a quicker and more secure alternative to Tor.
Tor network, which handles over 2 Million user on its network daily, is currently used by journalists, activists, law enforcement and hackers to disguise from where they are browsing the Internet.
However, Tor has its faults.
It is often slow and frustrating because its performance is based on the number of systems that make up the network. HORNET aims to resolve this issue.

“[HORNET] is designed to be highly efficient,” reads the paper, “instead of keeping state at each relay, connection state (such as onion layer decryption keys) is carried within packet headers, allowing intermediate nodes to quickly forward traffic for large numbers of clients.”

High Speed with High level of Security

Researchers say that unlike TOR-like systems, HORNET does not keep per-session states or “perform computationally expensive operations for data forwarding,” allowing it to scale as required without any limitations.
Moreover, the changes done by the team made HORNET less susceptible to confirmation attacks that have been used to unmask users of Tor by monitoring traffic streams and packet flows.
HORNET raises the security bar since spy agencies or hackers would need to control “a significant percentage of ISPs” across multiple geopolitical areas, while keeping their whole surveillance operation quiet and spying on HORNET’s users effectively.
The new Tor-Style networks could be of great help to users who are currently relying on Tor and other onion routing systems.
You can download the paper PDF for full technical details on HORNET.
Andrew Bossone shared this link

Fyi net safety

HORNET offers 93GBps High-Speed Tor-Like Encrypted Anonymous Network|By Mohit Kumar



Was it always been this way? And is there an alternative to believing in yourself?

“Because it has always been this way”

That’s a pretty bad answer to a series of common questions.

Why is the format of the board meeting like this?

Why do we always structure our annual conference like this?

Why is this our policy?

Why do we let him decide these issues? Why is this the price?

The real answer is, “Because if someone changes it, that someone will be responsible for what happens.”

Are you okay with that being the reason things are the way they are?


Occidentalist Stories I // Tea is a million miles away when the British begin to party

This article is a spoof on a terribly poor piece of journalism published by the Daily Telegraph here

London notebook: Vomit, bare feet and cosmetic dentistry – there’s a side to England you don’t often hear about.

It wasn’t even 9pm and already the crowd had given itself to wild abandon.

Slaloming through the patches of vomit all over the pavement, pasty chubby girls in mini skirts clutched their high heels as they walked barefoot, struggling not to get groped by an endless stream of drunken men offering to take them home.

Having spent up to three hours working on their makeup – in addition to hours of tanning salon for the elite and a dozen showers of spray tan for the working class – the ladies strived to maintain a noble figure, as the humidity in the overcrowded pubs inevitably lead to excessive sweating.

But when they’re not able to beat the heat, the girls of London make up for it by showing off their legs and cleavage. In the upper echelons of British society, the most important thing is to see and be seen. Which reminded me of home because that’s also the way it is in the upper echelons of Lebanese society.

And then it hit me that it’s actually the case in the upper echelons of pretty much every country in the world, which made me realize how dumb the point I was trying to make was.

Beauty is paramount: newly designed and whitened teeth gleam on British Instagram accounts.

Having grown tired of the Brits’ bad dental reputation around the world, the elite of London have taken it upon itself to never save a penny until their smiles were California-perfect. And together, they throw parties worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is also what pretty much all super rich people around the world do.

It is a lifestyle that few can realistically afford. So they rely on credit.

It is said that most of the country’s big spenders sustain their lifestyles using bank loans they cannot obviously repay. But don’t ask me who told me that because I don’t really know, although I know it sounds stupid. But hey, that’s what I heard somewhere and well, I guess it could make sense if we explained that phenomenon by linking it to a major need to overcompensate the harsh times the Brits had to go through during World War I and World War II.

By taking bank loans and buying cars and houses, they show the world that they have finally moved on.

(My room mate Betsy just told me that pretty much half of the world’s population lives on bank loans they cannot repay, but I don’t care. It’s MY article and fuck Betsy.)

Scratch below the surface, and it is clear that the gaping social wounds caused by centuries of colonisation and imperialism are far from resolved.

In English classrooms, I don’t really know what happens because I’ve never been to one.

However, I’m pretty sure that teachers manage to find ways to justify the Empire’s ruthless dominance, subordination and slavery over African and Eastern countries, and English kids grow up thinking everything happened for a good cause.

Society remains divided. Most Brits put origin before country.

London is a patchwork of separate cantons (in white Chelsea, the men wear polos, while 15 minutes tube ride west, in the mostly Pakistani district of Newham, the prevailing fashion is the long beard and the turban.)

The communities rarely interact.

Rushing through the city’s Irish quarter one night, on my way to the chic Kensington, I was stopped by an elderly redhead who warned me not to go on. “There are too many foockin Brits there,” he cautioned.

With the government thriving to impose a one dimensional version of past events, most children who are too smart to buy it (and who have internet access) turn to their relatives for information about the momentous and ruthless history of this country. But in so doing, they mostly hear a one-sided version.

The “us” and “them” of colonisation and immigration transfers to the next generation, and empathy, so critical for the fostering of true and lasting peace, falls by the wayside. (I’m very proud of that previous poetic sentence. Take that Betsy!)

A British businessman told me recently how he struggled to persuade a Lebanese colleague to come to London. For years she refused to visit, until it became a necessity for her work.

Convinced she was flying into a land of raves, techno and date rape drugs, her hands shook with fear as she checked in at the Rafic Hariri International Airport.

On the plane she broke into floods of tears. And I’m hoping my Lebanese readers will start crying here too.

England’s vital signs – fish and chips, royal weddings and football – often yield news headlines that predict a country where everything is seemingly great.

But the country has proven supremely more fucked up, and it remains, for the most part, a pretty racist place to be.

Sure, there’s 24/7 electricity and the summers are practically inexistant because of the shitty weather.

But rather than hiding from daily unexpected showers and bumping into streetlights because of the fog, the biggest risk to non-white foreigners in England is to be a victim of prejudice, exoticism and xenophobia.

For now, sadly, even the royal family is moving out of Buckingham Palace for tax reasons.

A royal guard, dressed in a red military suit and a funny black hat, gazes into the distance and cries a little at the idea of potential unemployment.

The businessman’s friend may well have been the last customer at Burger King Soho this afternoon

Note: My 84 year-old is visiting London for 45 days and residing at her married  granddaughter. I had no phone calls and rely on a few Facebook pictures for pieces of intelligence.

Andrew Bossone shared this link

Funny parody of the UK based on a terrible stereotype article about Lebanon

Thoughts and News Occidentalist Stories I // Tea is a million miles away when the British begin to party July 21, 2015 admin Leave a comment
This article is a spoof…

Posters And Charts That Graphic Designers Will Relate To

We at DS come across a lot of memes, comics and artworks that offer a hilarious look into the life and mind of a graphic designer.
So we thought, why not collate a…

We at DS come across a lot of memes, comics and artworks that offer a hilarious look into the life and mind of a graphic designer. So we thought, why not collate a few good ones into one cool post? Who knows, it might even drive some sense into an unreasonable client and make him/her change his/her attitude? Wishful thinking, we guess. Enough talk, check them out below.


How would you like your graphic design? Pick two - fast, cheap, great or free (venn diagram)


The Designer Vs The Client


Designer Vs Regular People


The Creative Process = Work Begins > Procrastination > Panic > Crying > Deadline


Life of a graphic designer - what everyone thinks I do


Every time you stretch a font, somewhere, a designer cries.


Walked into a very expensive restaurant, sat down, was handed a menu. Comic Sans. Got up and left. Life is hard.


Everything looks official with tiny leaves around it. False, it only works if you use a good serif font.


Things aren't always #000000 and #FFFFFF


How to piss off your designer friends and give them a migraine.


Don't use that tone with me (Pantone)


What kind of a client do you want?


Yo Momma is a shitty designer


Keming - The result of improper kerning


I shot the serif


This is for using comic sans


I'm very font of you because you're just my type.


If you're having font problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 fonts but Comic Sans ain't one.


When you can select all the feathers of a morning sparrow without missing a single one, only then will you be able to be a true Photoshop master.


There is always someone willing to do it cheaper


I like my coffee how I like my type: Black


My next tattoo will be "Helvetica" written in Arial. When a woman corrects me on it, I will marry her.


Corporate Graphic Design Guide


Graphic designer parking only. Violators will be Photoshopped.


You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.


Please keep the door closed - Please don't use Comic Sans. We're a Fortune 500 company, not a lemonade stand.


What's thrilling about graphic design?

If we had to pick three, it would be tough, but no. 6, 22 and 26 would be our favourites. What about you? Share this post with a fellow designer and voice your views in the comments below.


John Peter shared Nassim Nicholas Taleb link this July 23, 2015
We can look at supersitions as x% useless and 1-x % with survival benefits.

Except that it is hard to know beforehand what is useless and what is not, what is “irrational” and what has a hidden implicit rationality that helps navigate opaque systems.

But it suffices that a tiny proportions, say only .01%, of superstitions protect collective or individual survival for these superstitions to be necessary.

And for the very notion of superstition to be rational.
Beware of the probability-fool scientist a la Pinker judging superstitions with primitive tools

In fact we can show that some of these superstitions are most sophisticated in complex systems.
Clearly superstitions might have calming effects in helping us make sense of uncertainty (I never fight harmless superstitions), allowing us to be rational elsewhere.

But let us ignore these functions, just focus on survival. Recall that rationality is survival.

To prove the point that superstitions are risk management tools, extremely “rational”, all we need is

1) show that superstitions do not increase risk of ruin ,

2) show only a few seemingly “anecdotal” examples (they are not) of risk-mitigating superstitions that we only understood ex post, such as the belief that ghosts haunt coastal areas ending by protecting people against tsunamis and pushing indigenous populations to settle in elevated areas.




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