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Are we sure we are Not seeing an inverted world? The law of physics will Not change after all

I am told that the newborn needs an entire month to see a re-inverted world and adjust to it. Isn’t that an assumption that we like to believe in that we are looking at the real world?

Has any experiment been done to prove the contrary? That we are actually Not seeing an inverted world?

The law of physics will Not change after all. Gravity is still at work. Same for the other forces, and the cosmos will not change.

Suppose we adjusted to the inverted the world, how much visual mass brain was required for this job?

Suppose another species with the same visual characteristics as us (acuity and color vision and all) but with a lower brain mass, do you think we have to work with proportions of visual mass to total brain mass? I think Not. The visual brain mass would be the same at the expense of other faculties and sensory brains.

For example, if we select chimpanzees with the same visual characteristics as us, and we insert a lens when born that inverts the world, and thus don’t need to re-adjust, how much visual brain mass is saved and diverted to other faculties?

If blind born people have far better hearing and touch acuities, better senses of people movement, and better verbal communication, isn’t that the cause that the saved visual brain mass was allocated to those sensorial faculties?

There are always trade-off  for visual capacities. For the same visual brain mass, higher visual acuity would give way to deteriorated peripheral vision, less color perception and contrasts…

Since most products rely on vision in their design, if we need any more development in our brain, we better start designing for the other senses.

This is my theory and hypothesis.

Scariest Trail In The World:

This Might Be The Scariest Trail In The World. But You’ll NEVER Guess Where It Leads. Unbelievable.
Where ever you think it goes, you’re wrong.

So, either these people really like dangerous climbing, or they really like tea.

Either way, you should probably check out the teahouse at the top of Mt. Hua Shan.

January 6, 2014 Stories

We hope you’re not afraid of heights, because this even made our palms sweat. What you see below is a mountain in China called Mt. Hua Shan. At its base, you’ll find a gigantic set of stone stairs, called “the Heavenly Stairs.”

These stairs go so high up the mountainside, it’s hard to see where they end. If that wasn’t enough, the precarious stairs lead to the world’s most dangerous trail, the Hua Shan plank path.

The plank trail leads high up the Hua Shan mountain just outside the city Xi’an. No one will force you to wear safety gear, although it’s strongly encouraged.

The trail itself is dangerous and stunning, but what is at the top will really shock you.

What is this  “4th Amendment Exemption Zone”? Two-Thirds of Americans Live in… 

Josh Sager, The Progressive Cynic, posted on January 6, 2014 (and selected as one of today’s posts)

Two-Thirds of Americans Live in the 4th Amendment “Exemption Zone”

Last week, Judge Edward Korman—a Reagan appointee to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York—confirmed that federal authorities can search the electronic devices of any American within 100 miles of any border without the need to obtain a warrant.

The Abidor et al v. Napolitano et al case, which Judge Korman just dismissed in favor of the government, focused upon warrantless searches of laptops without suspicion at the border.

In this case, an American student was stopped at the border after traveling to several Middle Eastern countries and was forced to unlock/surrender his laptop computer.

Despite the fact that nothing illegal was found on the computer, it still took nearly two weeks for Abidor to recover his laptop (which held the only copy of his thesis paper).

While dismissing this case, Judge Korman conceded to the government’s assertion that there is a 100 miles zone inland from every international border where federal authorities to have the ability to search and seize digital devices without warrant or cause—his only caveat to this concession was that

“if suspicionless forensic computer searches at the border threaten to become the norm, then some threshold showing of reasonable suspicion should be required.”


In short, if you live in or are traveling through the orange-shaded portion of this map, it would be legal for federal authorities to stop you, force you to give them the password for your laptop, and seize your files—no warrant would be needed and there would be no certainty that you would ever recover your files or your digital devices.

Due to the geography of the United States, the 100-mile exemption zone for searches has the potential to circumvent the 4th Amendment protections for a significant majority of the American people.

In addition to the fact that many major population centers lie within 100 miles of the coast, several states are entirely covered by this zone (ex. Florida, Maine, Vermont, and Connecticut).

The Border Exemption

Federal authorities have the ability to search people who wish to enter the United States—this authority is written into federal law and has been confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Border Biometrics

Under the provisions of federal law which outline the powers of border officials (8 USC § 1357), federal agents have the power to perform warrantless searches within a “reasonable distance” of the US border.

The term “reasonable distance” is defined under Attorney General’s regulation 8 CFR § 287.1 as “within 100 air miles from any external boundary of the United States.”

Several Supreme Court cases (ex. Almeida-Sanchez v. US and US v. Montoya De Hernandez) have upheld this “border exemption” to the 4th Amendment as a function of national sovereignty.

In 1979, the Supreme Court decision Torres v. Puerto Rico included a succinct explanation of the justification for the border exemption:

“The authority of the United States to search the baggage of arriving international travelers is based on its inherent sovereign authority to protect its territorial integrity. By reason of that authority, it is entitled to require that whoever seeks entry must establish the right to enter and to bring into the country whatever he may carry.”

In 2008, this exemption zone was expanded by the Supreme Court to include the search of digital devices in addition to physical baggage by the US v. Arnold ruling.


When past case law is synthesized with current federal law, the result is the federal government asserting the right to search the digital devices and vehicles of any American within 100 miles of a border, without having to get a warrant or show reasonable suspicion that the person in question is committing a crime.


Judge Korman’s ruling in Abidor v. Napolitano et al is just the most recent manifestation of creep in the federal government’s ability to circumvent constitutional protections.

By classifying entire states and cities as border zones, federal authorities are able to get around the 4th Amendment in a way that would likely horrify the authors of the Constitution—after all, at the time of this country’s founding, almost everybody lived along the coasts and this 100-mile “exemption zone.”

The search and seizure powers that the government is asserting (and the courts are confirming) create the perfect situation for abuse. It is unlikely that large numbers of random people will have their digital devices seized by the government, but it is highly likely that this power will be used to target those who challenge the status quo.

Theoretically, the federal government could seize the digital devices and data of a reporter like Glenn Greenwald if he was visiting a coastal city like New York for a conference with other reporters or a meeting with sources.

Federal agents could stop Greenwald in his hotel lobby, take his computer, and mine it for information on sources, contacts, and future stories. Because of the border exemption, neither the 4th Amendment protection from unreasonable searches and seizures, nor the 1st Amendment protections on the press would help Greenwald.

In addition to threatening journalist, these searches and seizures are a threat to political activists (ex. people protesting corruption), academics who have ideas that are not popular to those in power (ex. Professor Juan Cole during the War on Iraq) and even political candidates who threaten the already powerful (Joseph McCarthy would have loved these searches).


Unless the courts side with civil rights groups over the national security apparatus, we will wake up one day and face the fact that our constitutional protections are just words on a page that no longer have any real meaning.

Today, the government may claim that the 4th Amendment must be circumvented in these zones for security and expedience, but what about tomorrow?

If it is okay to curtail the 4th Amendment in these zones, then what is stopping the same argument being used to attack the 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments in these zones tomorrow?

Put simply, the assertion that entire cities and states are “exemption zones” for constitutional protections is nothing more than an end-run around the Constitution and something that no honest jurist should support or condone.

Have you turned lazy?


En présence du paresseux, nous exprimons toujours une opinion, une désapprobation, une révolte ou à un degré moindre, une irritation.

Cela nous prive ( ou nous protège) de l’observation silencieuse du personnage, et donc de sa véritable compréhension.

Le paresseux se confond avec la nature.

Sa nature, et hormis son soi propre il ne se préoccupe de plus rien ni de plus personne d’autre autour de lui.

N’est pas paresseux qui veut.
On ne nait pas paresseux, on le devient.

La paresse, apparait ainsi comme une post maturité; une étape suprême indépendante de l’âge, et qui transcende tous les autres stades de la réflexion humaine.

Imprégné du côté éphémère des choses, le paresseux est un courageux métaphysique qui affronte à sa façon, sa prise aiguë de conscience de sa mortalité, condition sine qua non de son existence.

Partant de là, tout lui paraitra futile, stérile, et inutile.

Le paresseux s’est tellement projeté, qu’il n’a plus de projets.

Sous son apparente nonchalance, c’est un révolté contre la condition humaine.

Il est végétarien du temps : le côtoie sans le consommer.

Sa paresse, est une grève de la vie, refus d’un don qui lui sera repris.
Un suicide singulier par sa non violence.

La prochaine fois que vous vous trouverez en présence d’un paresseux … Observez le en silence, ne le jugez pas, ne cherchez pas à le changer car vous n’arriverez jamais à le contaminer de votre fuite en avant

( Jamil BERRY )

Marie Magdalena

Khalil Toubia shared this link. 3 hrs · Beirut · 

Elle… qui fut le premier témoin de sa résurrection.

Elle… à qui il apparut en premier pour lui annoncer son retour.

Elle… qui aura le rôle d’annoncer sa résurrection aux apôtres….

Elle… qui reçoit la mission de faire découvrir aux disciples où il se trouve et où ils doivent le rejoindre.

Elle… à qui il a permis ce très beau geste d’amour «elle n’a pas cessé depuis que je suis là de pleurer, d’essuyer ses larmes sur mes pieds avec ses cheveux, d’embrasser de sa bouche mes pieds, d’y déposer ce si précieux et si fin parfum »

Elle… qui ne trahira et ne reniera, comme l’ont été certains de ses plus fidèles apôtres.

Elle…. qui, avec Marie-mère, sera au pied de la croix.

Elle…. cette « pècheresse »… possédée par sept démons… symbole du mal absolu… a été « libérée » par le Nazaréen….

« Tes péchés te sont remis… ta foi t’a sauvée »… rémission qui lui a rendu sa dignité de femme… « …car les péchés sont pardonnés quand il y a beaucoup d’amour »…. paroles de Christ !!!!

Elle… pour qui … il demanda a Simon… « Oh Simon, ne sois pas si dur avec elle….regarde comme cette femme aime… » …

Elle… la femme… que Marie-mère a présentée aux soldats romains comme “elle est aussi de la famille”.

Elle… cette femme… qui a souffert d’amour…

Elle… cette amante dépossédée à qui les premiers chrétiens lui décerneront le titre « d’apôtre des apôtres ».

Elle… par qui et avec qui les « deux natures »… elles se sont le mieux exprimé.

C’est cette chrétienté, celle qui tolère, qui accepte, qui pardonne même, au « fils de l’homme » son instant de doute, exprimé sur la croix…. est celle-là même qui refuse de reconnaitre à ce même « fils de l’homme » ses instants d’amour dont il a été capable avec cette « noble dame ».

Women With Balls? Who Do Give a F*ck

This one is for you.

For the dream seekers and the rebels, the ones who not only don’t fit into the mold—they fucking break it as well.

This is for the women who do give a fuck.

We give a fuck about ourselves, our lives and those that matter most to us—but mostly we give a fuck about making a difference in this one amazing life.

We know that we weren’t born to play life small, and while life has tried to smack us down at times, we stand right back up asking—is that all you’ve got?

This is for the women with the balls to be themselves—unapologetically.

Yes, the balls.

Because having balls isn’t about what’s hanging between the legs of a man—but what we are willing to risk, to go after what we love.

This is for the women who stay up late chasing dreams, and are up early with the sun making them a reality.

This is for those women with thirsty hearts and messy hair—the ones who march to the beat of our hearts and often find ourselves alone because of our choices.

This one is for you, for me, and for all the women who often wonder if they are alone in their individuality.

You’re not.

And although we are as unique as they come, we all are linked because of the desire to break free from the expectation that we need to be well-behaved women in order to be loved.

We can’t follow the rules for the life of us.

When given the choice we always choose the most difficult road, because that is where we often learn the most.

This is for the women who take care of themselves.

We are masters at keeping our shit together, even when it seems we can’t take one more step.

This is for the women who tuck themselves into bed each night. It’s not because we don’t want a lover with us, but because we know that, unless it’s genuine, solitude is so much sweeter than putting on an act.

This is for the women who just won’t conform no matter how many times people shake their heads at us.

These are the women who drink moonshine underneath the stars with their bare feet dirty, and their eyes wild dreaming of their next adventure.

The women who prefer to be untamed. We don’t care about letting our crazy show because we know it’s just as seductive as the pull of our eyes.

This is for all the women who’ve had people ask why we can’t just be like everyone else.

Why can’t we stay in unhappy relationships?

Why can’t we just stay with the secure job?

Why can’t we just suck it up because we are adults? That is what adults are supposed to do.

But we were born differently. Where others see stability, we see stifling.

“We dream of a life that fills us with inspiration, and we dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for.”

~ Alice Hoffman

We don’t know how to give up on the desires of our hearts.

And while we may seem to wander aimlessly at times, it’s all part of our un-plan. Because some are just born to be the movers and shakers in this life—to rattle and shake things up a bit.

And while we may drive you crazy at times, and scare the shit out of you at others, life would be boring without us.

For we are the wild ones—the ones who make life worth living.

Patsy Z shared this link via Kate Rose on Jul 29, 2015

“And while we may seem to wander aimlessly at times, it’s all part of our un-plan.”

“You licked my scratches climbing…”

A man, a woman, a desire, some hope, and the detour along the way

Je me rappelle encore nos escapades sur les talus épineux. Tu me tendais la main et essuyais de ta langue mes égratignures..

.Nous nous juchions sur le tertre, la main dans la main, admirions le soleil se couler dans l’eau…

tu me regardais de tes yeux si bleus que je nageais de bonheur…

Goéland qui a survolé mon ciel. Assis sur le bord de l’eau, nous buvions du rouge à la rasade et faisions fondre du chocolat amer sur nos langues encore chastes quand tu te penchas pour lécher de tes papilles la goutte de vin qui trempa ma jambe…

moment sacré…nos bouches fondirent dans un tumulte agité de sens….J

e buvais l’eau claire de tes yeux….le rivage de tes lèvres où j’ancrais ma féminité….

tes mains câlines qui s’ immisçaient timidement dans mon corsage pour effleurer le bouton de mes roses fleuries par ton toucher…

j’aimais ton souffle effréné sur le lobe de mes oreilles…
Tes doigts embrasaient mon être si transi, pianotaient le grain de ma peau qui se hérissait sous les saccades du désir intense de nos deux corps enlacés…

tu me promis l’éternité de ta présence, tant que la mer côtoie le rivage, ton amour pour moi sera sans limites

Une silhouette s’érige dans la pénombre de nos caresses…une silhouette qui s’engouffre dans la grotte du rocher, moite par les passages saccadés du jusant, exultant de tes caresses rageuses la cavité féminine d’une déesse, d’une sirène sacrifiant son existence pour son bien –aimé.

Je fus la déesse de tes songes, le temps d’une escapade autour des îles lucifériennes de la jouissance ….

je fus ta déesse, cette femme que tu as tant voulu côtoyer des nuits entières…je fus ton songe, ta rêverie, ta lubie .

Soyeux moments exaltant nos deux corps fusionnés, moments édéniques d’un échange de sensations, sensations de deux corps entrelacés dans les aléas d’une vie, vidée de ses sens qui enflamment les nôtres.

Moments extatiques, partagés dans les draps froissés, façonnés par nos entrelacements, nos enlacements labyrinthiques

Un éclat de joie retentit, mêlé aux murmures d’amour.

Les draps blancs, pureté du moment, crissaient de bonheur sous les coups de bélier qui s’incurvaient dans les dédales de la voûte.

Des rires timides dévoilaient les actes qui se succédaient….
Un Homme…une Femme….un désir….une Espérance et puis un détour de chemin….

Histoire d’ELLE ( un roman inachevé ) …Éternel Féminin….




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