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Pictures of last indigenous people by  Jimmy Nelson

“Whilst making pictures of the worlds last indigenous people, for many years I was only busy with the superficial aesthetic of their ritualistic customs and dress.

Perhaps a romantic and idealistic way to preserve their cultures past.
Although, maybe the real search was one of a more deeper personal questioning, curiosity and loneliness as to my own identity and that of human beings in general.

Now, having started on part 2 of my worldwide search for the iconic indigenous cultures and rituals of the world, it is for the fist time in my life of 48 years, (thanks to the Mundari in South Sudan) that I truly feel I am beginning to address this question.

The Mundari, forgotten and hidden for years behind a curtain of war and poverty.

Yet in their own accidental isolation they represent the antithesis of human harmony. A true equity of dignity, proportion, grace and pride.

All of which I had to privilege to live, share breath and ultimately photograph.

The real journey has begun…….

Keep watching to see the pictures and the 360 films we made, the foundation we are about to launch and find out about some of the answers I found.”

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Jimmy Nelson's photo.
Jimmy Nelson's photo.

Jimmy Nelson. April 28 at 6:25pm ·

One last pose, one last breath, one last sunset as the dust settles over the ‪#‎Mundari‬ of ‪#‎SouthSudan‬.

The eyes, the touch and the laughter seal the day. ‪#‎Mundari‬ ‪#‎Southsudan‬

Jimmy Nelson's photo.




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