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Typical pronouncement to “A new team”?

By Dan Rockwell?

To the new team:

Thank you for accepting a seat at the table. I’m writing to you because you’re young and I’m counting on your new team to lift our organization to new heights.

Learning to work on a team is a powerful opportunity for you. Seize it with gusto. However…

There’s nothing natural about working on teams.

Independence is normal and easy. “Leave me alone and let me work on my own.”

Working together takes work.

Dysfunctional teams – all are dysfunctional at first – frustrate, distract, and de-motivate. Avoid self-destructive behaviors.

On the other hand, team work is your path to maximum, meaningful impact in career and life.

Prepare yourself. All new teams go through four stages.

Stage one – forming: Let’s get to know each other.

  1. Impression management.
  2. Conflict avoidance.
  3. Administrative focus. When do we meet? What responsibilities do members perform?
  4. Directive leadership. Newly formed teams require more direction than mature.

Stage two storming: Let’s figure out how to work together.

  1. Openness, tenstion, and, conflict.
  2. What are we here to do?
  3. What can I do?
  4. What can you do?
  5. What must we do?
  6. When and how do we function as a team?
  7. When do we work independently?
  8. Directive leadership. Teach members the four stages of team development.

Know: Storming is normal and necessary. Don’t skip or short-circuit the process.

Warning: Some teams spiral into permanent ineffectiveness during storming.

  1. Immature members continue impression management. The only time they speak up is in the hall, after the meeting, to complain or criticize.
  2. Members never move from self-interest to team-interest.
  3. Success requires clarity but finding clarity feels confusing.

Stage three and four next time.

Three team-forming tips:

  1. Accept the process.
  2. Express yourself kindly. Courage born in anger or fear is ugly.
  3. Support others aggressively.

“The more decisions a leader makes, the further he or she is from leading a high-performance team. … Make too many command decisions, and you’ll doom yourself and your team to mediocrity,” Mark Miller in, “The Secret of Teams.”

Everyone serious about success is serious about teams. Great teams lift organizations. Lousy teams drain everyone.

Mark Miller explains three pillars of successful teams.

First, success begins with selection. Every member must possess, “Attitude and aptitude for the job.”

Always begin with attitude, not skills. I’ve made the mistake of becoming enamored with skills and abilities.

Bad attitudes ruin teams.

People with bad attitudes:

  1. Expect perfection from the beginning. They respond to imperfection by complaining or quitting. They can’t grow and improve.
  2. Hate it when others do well.
  3. Complain about others while excusing themselves. They blame.
  4. Explain why things can’t be done. They’re “can’t do” rather than “can do” people. Favorite words include, “We can’t do that because …”
  5. Gossip. Rather than supporting, they tear down.

Additionally, attitude without aptitude results in frustration and failure. If they can’t perform, can they learn?

Second, success requires constant training. “Become a training machine,” Mark Miller.

Training topics include:

  1. Teamwork. Teach people how to work together if you expect them to work together.
  2. Decision making.
  3. Problem solving.
  4. Leadership.
  5. Management.

Third, successful teams develop and enjoy esprit de corps. Mark says it’s the “secret sauce” of high performance teams; the essential ingredient. “This is the heart stuff.”

“Your team will never perform at the highest possible level if the members of the team don’t exhibit genuine care and concern for one another.” Mark Miller

Surprising benefit:

Great teams mean you’re not alone.


What are the essential ingredients for high performance teams?

What prevents teams from performing?


The Secret Of Teams


*Bruce Tuckman is the originator of forming, storming, norming, and performing.

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