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What direct advantages “Arab Spring” infused in the region?

This article will focus on the first and biggest advantage that the “Arab Spring” infused in the Arab/Islamic States: It is the serious pitting of the three other Sunni sect (Chafi3i (Egypt), Maliki (North Africa), and Hanafi (Syria)) against the radical, salafist, and obscurantist Wahabi sect called Hambali (7ambali) in Saudi Arabia.

Before the Arab uprising, Saudi Arabia had undertaking a vast campaign since 1980 of exporting its obscurantist brand of religious sect (Wahhabi Hanbali) to all the Arabic and Islamic States, infusing billion of dollars, constructing mosques, and hiring its brand of clerics to preach on Friday prayers.

The States of oligarchies and dictatorship cared about the money coming in and the support of the USA…

After the revolutions, the people in all the States with relatively moderate Islamic sects, not compatible with the Saudi Arabia brand, woke up from this serious infiltration and are vehemently confronting Saudi Arabia meddling in their religion and with determination.

The various Moslem Brotherhoods in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria are counter-attacking Saudi Arabia absolute monarchy that is buying off the spirit and soul of their Islamic belief system.

For example,

1.  Abd Fattah Moro, the leader of Tunisia “Al Nahda” Moslem Brotherhood in power said: “In Tunisia we have the Maliki religion, unifying our country, and it is a destabilizing factor for the foreign Hanbali sect to try to proselytize here…”

2. In Egypt, Sheikh Al Azjar said: “We have to keep a large distance with this “desert sect” imported from Saudi Arabia by the radical salafist movement of Al Nour…”

3. In Syria, the insurgents in Aleppo said: “We have scores of jihadists coming from everywhere to support our revolution. We were impressed of their initial large aura of valiant fighters from Al Qaeda. At the first bombing of the jet fighters and salves of tanks from the army, they instantly fled to Turkey, leaving us to fend for our life. Good riddance. They were of no value to us in Syria…”

And what the Wahabi sect is based on?

1. Moslems are prohibited to undertake any pilgrimage, except to Mekka, and to a lesser extent Medina. Pilgrimages to Holy figures and tombs (awliya2, makamat…) are apostasy and counter to true Islam faith… Consequently, all Islamic salafist movements who came to power (Libya, north Mali in Tombouctou, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan…) have undertaken to destroy the tombs of the Holy figures in Islam.  In Iraq, Tunisia and Egypt, both Shia and Sunni Holy tombs have been desecrated and bombed to the ground by the Wahhabi Moslems, even though the local inhabitants had protected these Holy places for centuries…

2. No pictures of Holy figures are to be hanged in homes or public places…

3. The focus is on detailing the bodily punishments inflicted on the non-orthodox Moslems, and particularly the women

4. Daily activities are detailed and programmed, as in all strict religious ideologies…

If the Arab Spring generated a wave of vigorous counter-attack on Saudi Arabia hegemony, that is sufficient advantage for years to come…

Mind you that it was Saudi Arabia that initiated, ignited, funded the Al Qaeda jihadist movement in the 1980’s, supposedly to counter the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan.

Since then, Saudi Arabia had been pitting the Sunnis against the Shia in the Moslem world, tacitly propagating the urgency for demolishing all pilgrimage sites of tombs and mazarat.

Bandar bi Sultan, the everlasting Saudi ambassador to the US, is currently the chief director of funding and dispatching Al Qaeda members to the various “Hot Spots” in the Arabic and Islamic States. Obviously, all these managing and planning activities are ordered by the CIA

Note 1: There are documents from 1807: The Emir of Najd, Saud bin Abd el Aziz, dispatched letters to the Emirs in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco demanding that they switch from their Maliki sect to the Wahhabi hambali sect.  The replies were: “Thank for the offer. But No…”

A few years later, the Ottoman sultan ordered his viceroy in Egypt, Muhammad Ali, to send a military expedition to quell the uprising in Najd.  Ibrahim pasha (elder son of Ali) managed to enter the stronghold of the Saud fief in Saudi Arabia, destroyed and burned the large city and dispersed the followers of  preacher Abdel Wahhab. The British Empire was the main supplier of weapons and funds to this radical Wahhabi sect, and the British had to fall back to the port of Adan in Yemen.

The British came back and restored the power of the Al Saud in all of Saudi Arabia, including Mekka…

Note 2: In the 1920’s, scores of US politicians and oil explorers invaded Saudi Arabia and were awed by the similarity of the Wahhabi sect and their Protestant belief systems.  Kind if the Wahhabi agreed for Jesus to be at a par as a prophet with Mohammad, thing will be a total match…This was a minor disagreement: as long as the US got the exclusive exploration for oil in Saudi Arabia, the US was willing to sell its soul to the devil…

Afro-Ashkenazi: “Arab-Jews”?

The Israeli movie director, Haim Bouzaghlo, is of Arabic origin (possibly from North Africa) and he received awards for his film “Living one more time”.

The documentary story is about the boat “Yehuda Halevy” that was carrying Arab-Jews from North Africa to Palestine in 1947. Apparently, the story of  “Yehuda Halevy” boat carrying Moroccan Jewish refugees was cancelled out from Israel school history as many stories relevant to “Arab-Jews”.

The State of Israel will be recognized by the UN in 1948 by a simple majority of a single vote.

The British mandated power blocked the boat and the refugees were diverted to Cyprus.  Ashkenazi women Jews from Europe refused to stay in the same tents with Arab-Jews on the basis of dirty Arabs.  At the end of the show, a Canadian director told Haim: “So, you are an Afro-Ashkenazi?” in reference to Afro-Americans living in ghettos in the US cities.

As Arab-Jews landed in Palestine, the Ashkenazi Jews were ready to discriminate against them.

Arthur Rosen, Zionist leader who was responsible for establishing colonies in Palestine, never denied his schemes, he said: “The European Jews will bring culture, knowledge, and education while the Arab-Jews will be hired as menial labors to build Israel

Rosen was supported in his discrimination ideology by Jabotenski, Menahim Begin, Golda Meir, and the Labor Party.

The Israelite activist Shira Ohayoun (of the movement “Arrow of Oriental democracy” that was instituted in 1996 by oriental intellectuals (read Arab-Jews) claims that the elite Ashkenazi did a thorough job, within the last 60 years, to erase and abolish Arab-Jews culture, music, literature, and history.

Now, the Afro-Ashkenazi are revolting against the persistent discrimination they have been maliciously subjected to and how Israel history was written solely by Ashkenazi Jews.

The Arab-Jews wants now to know more about their history, their culture, and want to pay tribute and respect to their ancestors who never landed in Palestine and know more about their previous motherland and roots.

The Arab-Jews were relegated to the suburbs of cities and their original language prohibited to be spoken outside their homes.  

Listening to famous Arab and Egyptian singers such as Um Kulthum and Abdel Wahhab was deemed shameful.  Arab-Jews could speak more than two languages such as Italian, Spanish, French, Arabic and Hebrew because they lived under colonial mandated powers.

They have attended good universities, but endemic European racism was the lot of the “European” Jews who mostly came from the shtetl or poor rural regions in Russia, Ukraine, and Easter Europe and lacked any culture.

Being relegated to suburbs, Arab-Jews were reduced to attending lower quality of schools and education. Many of them got into drugs and crimes prevalent in poorer quarters.

Lately, Ashkenazi in the colony of Emanuele prevented Sephardic Jewish kid girls from attending in the same class room in “Beit-Yaacoub school”  

There is heated debating battles in Israel on the causes of these discrimination.  But first, you need the Ashkenazi to admit that they purposely had discrimination policies since before the establishment of Israel.

The Ashenazi dialogue is the same and uni-directional: Basically, they claim that Zionism ideology was European in origin, planning, and execution.

They wrongly claim that Arab-Jews were rare before the establishment of Israel State and the Arab-Jew were located in tiny apartment “Ma3brout” while the Ashkenazi had to suffer living in tents in colonies; and that any discrimination was not intentional but because of lower educational standards, and on.

If Arab-Jews didn’t participate in the establishment of Israel then how can Ashkenazi explain the political jobs of the hundreds of wealthy and educated Arab-Jews who were hired in the Arab nations and in the Ottoman Empire to promoting Zionism?

Why most of the Israeli secret agents in the Arab nations were of Arab-Jews?

Were they destined to play the dirty works of the State of Israel against their own citizens in the motherlands?

What modern State the Ashkenazi wanted to establish?

How can you expect from a State to progress into a secular society when it imposed a religious archaic language such as Hebrew to be the language of the State?

Israel failed so far to have a civic Constitution on the ground that the Pharisee 650 laws should do to govern the daily behavior of citizens in a modern State.




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