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“Diary of a revolutionary: Nude Art”: Who is Aliia Magda Elmahdy?

Aliia Magda Elmahdy is an 18 year-old Egyptian girl: She took pictures of her nude body in her parent’s room and decided to publish her nude picture on the net.

The pictures made the round of the world. I am looking at her picture in the French weekly Courrier International, and the issue that reached Lebanon has submitted to censorship:  Several pages have been torn away and the pubis hair smudged with black ink…but the nude picture is there!

One of my nieces commented: “Why she insisted on wearing red ballerina?” I think, seduction must go all the way to shock the spirit into attention?

The Moroccan author Abdellah Taia and the Lebanese Bissane El Cheikh have supposedly written their opinions, but the corresponding pages have disappeared.

Aliia Magda Elmahdy wrote an Arabic text relative to the picture:

“Start by judging the models who posed nude at the Art Schools in the early 1970’s.  Hide all the art books. Break all nude statues in Museum. Take off your cloths, contemplate your nude body in the mirror.

Burn the body that you despise and trample your sexual frustrations.  You do that first, then send me your insults, your racist comments, and deny me my free expression…”

An entire program, an invitation to asking serious questions, getting out of theory, of ignorance, of the veil, looking straight at yourself so that you could see the other.

A free act, a free body, a free voice, louder than all the debates and discussions among specialist of the Arab Spring uprising, defying interrogations.

Another revolutionary program in the making, stronger than your run of the mill feminist discourse.

A visionary program, an audacious sacrifice, assuming responsibilities for displaying her nude body to all to judge and reconsider old-fashioned views, and telling the real name associated with a real body…

A free body for a free spirit: How can you beat that courage?

Note 1: Aliia is now living in Sweden and continuing her education. She is studying film making. Recently, with two other Swedish girls, they posed nude in front of the Egyptian embassy in Paris.

Note 2:  I accessed the Courrier International electronically and the piece on Aliia was “locked”, as many other articles, unless you are a subscriber…Hope all pieces get unlocked after a couple new issues are out.


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برهنه شدن دوباره علیاء ماجده المهدی این بار در اعتراض به پیش نویس قانون اساسی مصر.




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