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Heaven: Earth exempt of Religion…

And “Mon Doudou Divin” by Norwegian Katarina Mazetti

We are bombarded with religious expressions and causes for religious persecution, annihilation, and ostracizing behaviors.

I shortened this essay: I had to state my position on Religion, now and quickly…

Religion, any religion, is not worth the peel of an onion, or of any vegetable.

All these varieties of peelings that the religious clerics throw on your path, from birth to death, and we ending up slipping and falling in this calamitous world they created.

Religion is the worst catastrophe that mankind invented since rulers realized that mankind long for the Absolute and the Eternal.(See link in note 1)

Religion was invented to efficiently and absolutely control society.

And the institution of religion was tightly linked to the power-to-be, supporting and aiding one another for the control of communities, into total submission to the absolute monarch, emir, military leader, the highest priest, the lower ranked clerics…

And when rulers try to dampen the power of religion on the citizen’s mind and spirit, the religious structure counter attack ferociously: Many communities keep slipping on the peelings and civil wars ensue.  No institution will voluntarily restitute its earthly power, unless a substantial financial and economical advantage is extended in return.

Nothing ever came out of religion, and the mind of mankind has been dwarfed ever since religion was structured into daily rituals and customs.

Daily practices and training on rituals and ceremonies meant to nail down the habits of total submission to a set of abstract notions that never brought bread on a table or soothed by urinating on bleeding fingers… or resolved any difficulty in this process of survival to natural calamities, and human cruelties…

I am against religion and the concept of religion,  Period.

And I’m not impressed of all these illusions spread around that religion is fundamentally necessary for mankind peace of mind and mental stability

You do have a variety of faith, and not restricted to religion: A wide range of living according to sets of acts of faith. (Read link in note 2)

1. You have the “normal” and regular faith of people going about their daily rituals in order to fit nicely into a community and blend in and considered normal people who can be trusted to maintain the tradition…

2. You have “The Dog” faith of a person in search of a community, a pack, a gang, and constantly looking around for a leader and a hierarchy to blindly summit to…

3. You have the faith of “The Perpetual Kid” who needs the care and attention of his parents. The older they get, the more bigoted: The substitute parent must be an “All Compassionate God”

4. You have the faith of the Artist, a person willing to invest time and energy to beautify religious Temples, Cathedral… with ostentatious and fantastic monuments in order to attract faithful to religious gathering. Artists who sing, compose, and perform for the religious hierarchy. These artists are the preferred Idiots of the clerics.

5. You have the faith of “The Exceptional Penitent” who will never settle but to a compassionate God for forgiveness and absolution. Hidden crimes, real or fictitious, to survive this Valley of Darkness...

6. You have the faith of The Savior who cannot imagine a life without leading, a position in the pack that should lead to establishing a new sect, cult…

7. You have the faith of The Inquisitor who fakes Not to believe in anything, and tacitly doing everything to reach a situation of total belief in a “religion” and feeling in a position of answering any kinds of query and questions

8. You have the faith of The Idiot who long for the supernatural in order to fathom the notion of God and relying on his feeble mind to satisfy his longing…

All these examples of faiths are human characteristics and attitudes and are not necessarily related to a religion, but religion is an easy daily presence to cling on as a pertinent and relevant target to manifest our behavior.

Religion was a substitute to our longing for the Absolute and Eternal, and religion was structured to satisfy our longing and chain us as slaves for a powerful and lasting form of control and dominance.

Heaven is Earth exempt of Religion. As long as religion exists, we have to experience and witness Hell on Earth. Let us just observe and feel what is hell, instead of reading what hell would be like after death.

Note 1: The absolute and eternal yearning

Note 2: Acts of Faith




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