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East of Eden (Aden) and West of Allah?

Too powerful a condemnation of 1400 years of ignorance by late poet and playwright Muhammad Maghout

Having in mind the Wahhabi Islamic sect of the Arabian Peninsula and the Muslim Brotherhood religious ideology

Apparently, a religion targeting the people of the deserts, people who abhor abstract concepts and dogma, when adopted by other more urban empires, they revert to their original habits and belief systems.

1400 later, the people of the deserts came 360 degrees around and what was developed in their life-style in urban surrounding didn’t change much in their belief systems, and they ended up reverting to their original desert habits and in their mentality.

يقول محمد الماغوط في كتابه “شرق عدن غرب الله“:
١٤٠٠ عام .

منذ ١٤٠٠ عام عاشوا في البراري ناموا في المضارب
أضاؤوا لياليهم بإشعال الزيت والحطب ..
لم يعرفوا غير الرعي والسبي والغزوات ..
تيّمموا بالتراب ..

تقاتلوا .. تحاربوا .. تناحروا .. تزاوجوا

منذ ١٤٠٠ عام تركوا لنا قصصاً وسيراً ذاتية وأحاديثاً ونصوصاً …

قالوا أنها مقدسة كما قال الذين من قبلهم ..

وبعد ١٤٠٠ عام يتوّجب علينا
أن نفكّر كما كانوا يفكرون ..
أن نلبس كما كانوا يلبسون ..
أن نعيش كما كانوا يعيشون ..

أن نتقاتل كما كانوا يتقاتلون ..
أن نتزوّج كما كانوا يتزوّجون ..

١٤٠٠ عام من التزوير والمطلوب أن نصدّق كل ماوردنا …….

ونحن نشهد تزوير الحاضر ..

١٤٠٠ عام من التمترس خلف شخصيات وحكايات ……..

لا نعرف شيئاً عن حقيقتها ..
ويتوجب علينا
أن لا نخرج من عباءاتهم ..
أن نقتدي بهم ..

أن نمتثل لهم ..
أن نتعلم منهم وأن ننتقم لهم وأن نبكي عليهم ..
وأن نسير في مواكب تشييعهم وأن نزور أضرحتهم حتى اليوم ..

١٤٠٠ عام ونحن نفسر ماذا قالوا ولماذا قالوا وماذا كانوا يقصدون ..

١٤٠٠ عام من الصلوات والدعاء على اليهود والنصارى
لتشتيت شملهم .. ولم يتبقى لنا شمل ..
لتدمير أوطانهم .. ولم يتبقى لنا أوطان .

لسبي نسائهم ولم تُسبى إلا نساء المسلمين

١٤٠٠ عام من صلوات الإستسقاء ..

والأمطار تغمر العالم إلا بلاد المسلمين ..

١٤٠٠ عام من الزكاة وعدد الجياع والمحرومين يزداد كل يوم في بلاد المسلمين ..
١٤٠٠ عام من الصيام والبطون تكبر والأوزان تزيد عند شيوخ المسلمين ..
١٤٠٠ عام من رجم الشيطان .. والشيطان يتكاثر في بلاد المسلمين ..

أيتها الأمة النائمة :
إن من تصلّون وتدعون عليهم وصلوا إلى الفضاء وناموا على سطح القمر وشطروا الذرّة وجزّأوا الثانية واخترعوا الثورة الرقمية وأنتم لم تفلحوا إلا ……..بثورة الأعضاء التناسلية

وتتدارسون حتى اليوم طريقة دخول المرحاض ……..وماذا يفسد الوضوء غير المرأة والكلب الأسود ..

وعندما اجتهد العلماء توصلوا إلى جهاد النكاح وسفاح القربى وإرضاع الكبير ووداع الزوجة الميتة ……..

وكتبوا كتباً في الطريقة النبوية السليمة في نكاح المرأة والبهيمة ..

أيتها الأمة النائمة ..
ألا يحق لعقولنا أن تتأثر بهذا الفيض من المعارف والعلوم والتكنولوجيا التي تحيط بنا ……..

.وهل يتوجّب على عقولنا أن تبقى رهينة منذ ١٤٠٠ عام

وتنهل منها كلّ العلوم لطالما كانت صالحة لكل زمان ومكان ……

كما تدّعون ولو كانت صالحة لماذا بقينا على تخلفنا .
..ولماذا لم يأخذ منها الغرب .

عندما نضع الحصان لفلاحة الارض …والحمار للسباق ……
فلن نجني خيرا ولن نكسب الرهان ..!!

الماغوط العظيم

The religions of the people of the desertic regions

The peoples living the nomadic lifestyle in the desertic regions could Not appreciate abstract concepts, especially with religions that insist on including abstract dogma in their “belief systems

If my current idol does Not satisfy my desires, I destroy it and replace it by another more convenient idol.

“J’étais toujours frappé’ quand je voyais les cheikhs tomber a genoux au milieu du désert, se tournant vers l’Orient et toucher le sable du front. Qu’était ce que cette chose inconnue qu’ils adoraient vers l’Orient?’ (Napoleon Bonaparte).

En fait, Mohammad avait ordonné’ de se tourner vers Jerusaleme les 13 premiere annes de son prosélytisme, avant de changer d’avis quand il a fondé’ son City-State in Yathreb.

Et  Mohamed ordonna de se tourner vers la Mecque. Mohammad ne voulait plus une religion de “continuit锑 mais une religion à Soi. Une religion pour les peuple des déserts. Les peuples qui n’avaient cure des dogmes abstraits.

Le Judaïsme aussi est une religion du désert: Ces bédouins du désert du sud de la Palestine et du Sinaï ne voulaient pas faire parti des peuple civilisé de la “Syrie”, avec une culture écrite très élevé et développe’.

Chateaubriand a été’ invité en 1802 par Julien, le frère de Napoléon, a un gala.

Bonaparte fit son chemin directement vers Chateaubriand qui essayait de se faire invisible derrière des invités

Napoléon éleva la voix “Mr chateaubriand”. La foule se retira et se reforma en cercle autour des interlocuteurs

Napoléon qui avait peut être lu “Le génie du Christianisme” souflat:

“Les idéologues du Christianisme n’ont-ils pas voulu en faire un système d’astronomie? Si le christianisme est l’allégorie des mouvements celeste… les esprits forts ont beau faire, malgré eux ils ont laissé assez de grandeur a l’infâme (Les Voltairiens?)”

En fait, tous les religions antiques relève d’astronomie, même en ce jour des religions des peuple isolés.

Note: Mohamad Christian sect (Ebonite)  borrowed more from Judaism (daily rules) than from Christianity. Though Mohamad had a devotion for the “Virgin” Marie who raised the prophet Jesus (Issa). That was natural since  the 3 most powerful idols in the Arabian peninsula were women, each one with special tasks.

Allah was an all general idol that could not generate profit to the monopoli of the Umayyad tribe. This tribe made its wealth from caravane trade that extended from Yemen to Damascus, and Bassora (Iraq) and Palestine through the Nabataean Kingdom toward Egypt

As he took control of the City-State of Yathreb , Mohammad changed his mind and ordered to direct prayers toward Mecca instead of Jerusalem. And this Islam became the religion of the desertic regions.

The devil is NOT in the details; (October 16, 2009)


            Details are what bring people together to communicate, dialogue, and negotiate to reach compromises.  The main wall that separate among communities is the concrete wall mixed with myths, general concepts, and abstract notions.  Strong with draft details each organization can start to sort out the differences and comprehend the big picture; it is never the way around in social behavior. I will discuss two cases, one religious and the other of political nature.

            After the crucifixion of Jesus many Christian sects were born in the Near East in the first four centuries.  Fundamentally, these sects were almost identical in applying the Jewish daily rituals or the Jewish 650 laws of “correct” conduct. What separated these sects were abstract concepts that did not harm their peaceful coexistence in separate communities of believers: they never attacked by force one another; military persecutions started when the Church acquired central power in Constantinople; whole “heretic” sects and entire communities had to flee to safety. 

            Thus, The Mighty Wall was erected after 325 AC when Byzantium Empire decided to adopt Christianity as the main religion of the Empire.  Thus, the central power concept of the Empire dictated that church should be centralized.  Instead of focusing in negotiating on the details that split the various sects an upper abstract super-structure on concepts was imposed; concepts such as the dual nature of Christ, the deity of the threes (the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit), the virginity of the mother Mary and on.  This time around, the sects were to join the Orthodox Church by force if need be: a central Empire cannot permit disunity, even on totally nonsense abstract conjectures!

            Consequently, the labeled “heretic” sects had to flee beyond the eastern shores of the Euphrates River (to the Persia Sassanide Dynasty).  The Nestourian sect reached China and translated “their” Bible into the Chinese language. Many other “heretic” sects settled in the Arabic Peninsula; the Christian-Jewish “Ebionite” sect was firmly entrenched in Mecca; the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad, Ain Warkat, was the Patriarch of this sect and Muhammad learned to read in the Aramaic Ebionite Bible; Muhammad aided his uncle in the translation of this specific Bible into the Arabic slang of Mecca.  Thus, Islam is originally a common denominator “heretic” Christian sect, one of many Christian sects in the Arabic Peninsula; the Prophet had to delete all the abstract notions to unite the sects; it was named Islam or the belief in the One and only God.

            The strong animosity of the Catholic Church of Rome against Islam was not directed at a religion such as Buddhism or Mazdean but at a new “heretic” Christian sect usurping its central power in the Near East. The Orthodox Church in Constantinople was more lenient with Islam because it understood its genesis and the causes for the need of this new “heresy”; for Constantinople Islam was the oriental counterpart of Protestantism to Rome when Islam became the dominant religion in the region. 

            It is said: “the enemy of my enemy is my ally”; this Machiavellian principle was lost to obscurantist Catholic Church. Rome was too far away and fought Islam with the ignorance of abstract concepts. For the Catholic Church in 1,000 AC, Islam was doubly “heretic” instead of just the counterpart to the central Orthodox Church of the Byzantium Empire: it failed to realize that if Islam spread so fast and so widely it is mainly because most the labeled Christian heretic sects quickly converted to Islam as representing their system of belief against the monopole of Constantinople.


            The other case is the concept of a Syrian Nation with well delimited natural borders including Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and part of Iraq to the west of the Tiger (Dujlat) River. This concept was highly widespread among the people of the region as the Ottoman Empire was dying during WWI.  It was still even more alive during the mandate of France and Britain to the region (Near East) after WWI. The people in the Syrian Nation speak one language and have the same customs and tradition.  This nation was as natural as ABC; the immigrants were first called Turks during the Ottoman Empire and then they were all called Syrians regardless of location or religion.

            The main problem is that the political parties spent two critical decades proving the evident (according to the newer definitions of the West for a Nation) instead of making the effort to developing draft detailed programs on the type of political administrative structure for this nation, the social representation, and election laws; (for example, is it a Federal structure like the USA where each mandated State is fully autonomous with local government and local parliament, or provinces tailored made to religious, ethnic, and sectarian majorities, or loosely united States with open borders, common money, central army, or centralized foreign affairs; is Syria to be a monarchy and what kind). 

            Instead of discussing detailed programs, political parties mushroomed with abstract concepts not based on facts or pragmatic long-term goals. The colonial “mandated powers” of France and England had field days of “dividing to rule”.  Every sect established its political party in every potential State claiming either total independence, or seeking a pan-Arabic Nation of Arabic speaking majorities in States, or Islamic Nation.  We watched the emergence of communist parties disclaiming the notion of affiliating to a nation, to sectarian parties claiming democracy, socialism, and progressive. The worst propaganda that was encouraged by the colonial powers is to incite citizens against the Syrian people with the objective of discrediting the word Syria and giving it a bad connotation.

              Natural borders of chain of mountains, desert, or large rivers do not necessarily protect from invasions; natural borders certainly encourage people to trade and interact inside the borders.  It is the internal rough geography and terrain that protects from outside military incursions.  Once a force crosses the border then Syria is an open land all the way to Egypt. Syria, or the Near East, was continuously occupied by foreign armies: these foreign invaders had to retreat quickly or get absorbed culturally. Whatever monuments, constructions, temples, sport arena, or scholarly works that were attributed to invading nations (Persia, Egypt, Greek, Rome, or Arab) are basically the work of the Near Eastern civilization, their scholars, their craftsmen, and their adventurous business acumen.

            The City-States in the Near East (Tyr, Sidon, Byblos, Ugharit, Mary …) competed in commerce and trade but never attacked one another militarily.  In Greece, City-States frequently waged military wars against one another.  The Near Eastern people adopted defensive strategy; even Carthage in its apogee refrained to antagonize Rome militarily.

            Egypt and Persia frequent invasions in the Near East did not last long.  The Greek were absorbed: what Europe claim as Greek civilization is nothing less than the civilization of the Greek writing Syrians who spoke Aramaic.  Rome was finally absorbed: the Roman Laws are of the legal minds from the school of Beirut and the latest Emperors were born, raised, and educated in Syria. The Byzantium Empire was fundamentally a Near Eastern Empire.  The Arabs from the Arabic Peninsula were absorbed when Damascus was selected as Capital during the Umayyad Dynasty; the Arabs were absorbed by the Persian civilization when the capital shifted to Baghdad.  The Mogul retreated quickly but established long lasting Empires in India and Afghanistan. The Ottoman conquered this land and could not be absorbed: the Syrian people were already exhausted from many years of successive invasions, religious obscurantism, and immigration by scholars to greener pastures.  France and England retreated within two decades.  Israel failed to retreat on time and is now being absorbed as Near Eastern regardless of Israel attempts to seeking European image.

            Consequently, failing to writing a draft on a possible administrative program for the Syrian Nation opened the door to abstract concept instead of working out negotiation and dialogue on pragmatic matters that concerned the people.




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