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Any reason for a large standing army? No way out to find jobs for adolescents?

Any sane society should keep a core of trained soldiers and officers, but a large standing army is tantamount to expressing a complete impotence for providing jobs to adolescents and a structure to assimilating them usefully in society.

A career in the military that extend beyond 7 years is robbing the soldiers and officers the potential for  integrating society as productive civilians and recreating a second life that may satisfy their longing and dreams as imaginative and creative individuals.

Keeping the trained soldiers and officers on reserve when the Nation demands their expertise and discipline is a much better alternative than locking them in barracks for pittance and encouraging indolence and sapping any initiatives and taking daily decisions to caring for their families and kids and themselves.

There is no doubt in my mind that our instinct to hate is much more powerful than to love; our instinct for jealousy much more lethal than friendship, and in general, our negative tendencies much easier to express than our positive attitudes that need to be sculpted and refined.

The ancient civilizations have found a better alternative to atone for their negative sentiments; they used to sacrifice a first born son or the most beautiful virgin in the community at a major festival in the year so that they may comprehend the cruelty of their behavior.

Unless we discover what is of the highest value for us to offer a sacrifice, every now and then, war and killing for ridiculous excuses would be the rule of the game.

So, what could be of the utmost value for modern man, as specie, that its sacrifice would atone for our hateful instincts?

Would it be disintegrating a ton of pure gold?

Sacrificing a Nobel peace laureate?

Destroying the highest tower in the world?

Burning the most prized painting?

Pulverizing the most valued original manuscripts?

Killing the most powerful man in the world?

Stoning the most saint person?

Crucifying the highest priests of the major religions?

Hanging the highest ranking Generals in the G8 States?

Investing the budget of an average developed State in the poorest State each year?

Imploding the Holy Cities and sites of pilgrimage?

I am running out of ideas.  What is of the utmost value for us that need to be sacrificed once a year that would prevent our specie to advance to war?

Let us think of a basket of precious values that would satisfy the idiosyncrasies of the major civilizations.

This is a sermon.  If you deign to reply then let your passion flow.  I am interested to learn clearly where you stand currently on this subject.

Adolescents manipulating a camera for interviewing their gang members

C’est le group (gang) des adolescents qui empeche le member de se reconstituer, qui le tue.

J’isole individuellement le caid ou les petits chefs et je leur colle une camera.

Je leur confie un de leur potes a interviewer. Ils font l’interview loin des regards.

Puis on visionne le filme avec le group. A la 6 éme projection, une vraie gene s’installe entre leur publique et eux.

Et ils commencent a comprendre après la 8 éme projection sans que je leur explique quoique se soit.

Ils comprennent que se qui remonte a la surface de ce film, c’est la frime, le ridicule, le faux, leur comedie ordinaire, leur mimiques de group.

Ils comprennt que tout cela n’a aucune realite.

Puis je les renvois refaire l’interview.

Il ya cette fois des silences, ils cherchent leur mots, ils reflechissent… et on voit apparetre l’adolescent de leur ages, et les vetements redeviennent des accessoires, et les zoomes sont instinctivement concentres au visage.

C’est deja le visage qui compte, l’effort de comprendre.

Ils font connaissance avec la complexite

Note: An edited passage of “Chagrin d’ecole” by Daniel Pennac. 

Hypnotized reasoning (December 27, 2008)


This article has nothing to do with hypnosis or its techniques or about subject (people) susceptible for being successfully hypnotized. 

The need to be creative in formulating titles to draw attention is a commendable attitude since the other objective for writing is to disseminate our individual reflection on matters that we think are important to be discussed.

My original title was “logic versus faith” which could be catchy enough since people associate faith as the counterpart for reasoning which is not correct in my view.

I had to rethink my title because this “versus” smack of philosophy (read boring essay) but it should not be boring as you have already realized.


Having “faith” is used by adolescents to shirk the effort of using their brain when faced with despair and the complex world of comprehending new realities. It is as if they have been hypnotized and their brain was locked on a restricted manner of comprehending the environment, human conditions and world view.  Thus, adolescents have always been susceptible to extreme positions and have been used as logs to burn in the incinerator of martyrdom.


The quality of “Faith” is positively related to the diversity and width of our reasoning efforts through reading, reflecting, discussing, and writing.  Faith is the consequence of a lifetime effort to knowing ourselves as we try to know our environment and the human conditions. 

In my mind, the opposite of faith is logic and not reasoning, even though many would like us to believe that logic is the foundation for sane reasoning, as if a technique is to define a concept and not one of the many means to comprehend.


Logic to me represents the whole set of the elements that lead us to accept an existing paradigm or way of thinking as the only true reality of the environment and human conditions. 

Example of paradigms, think of Galileo (it is the earth that rotates around the sun) or Einstein (time, duration, and locations are relative to the universal system you live in) or Heisenberg (you cannot measure simultaneously the location and the speed of a particle) or the many spiritual messages of the various religions, or how to raise children, how to educate children, how our subconscious affect our behavior, the Big Bang on the creation of the Universe, the creation and development of man, and on and on.


Every paradigm shift to viewing the environment and human conditions, in physical sciences or human sciences, is the bold attempt of comprehending by focusing on a different angle outside the predominant “faith”. It is fundamentally a call for another kind of “faith” and for apostles and disciples to disseminate the new faith. 

It does not mean that the new paradigm is the definite “truth”, it should not or we are back to being hypnotized, but that faith undergoes a qualitative jump each time human spirit reaches a level of critical threshold for development, seek and want more knowledge; quality faith is enriched when we decide to critic the existing status quo because the thrive for expanding our knowledge is backed by a healthy spirit for taking risks and exposing our limitations.


When we say “truth is the result of individual reflection” and not what society boxes us in, we are fundamentally calling to critic any ideology that wants us to delegate our mind and spirit to a set of constraints. 

We do exist because we are a reflecting species; everything changes when we decide to invest time and effort to understanding ourselves and our conditions. 

Even when we sit to contemplate and reflect we are making decision to change the environment and human conditions.

You have a higher chance for receiving “grace” when you take frequent breaks to seriously reflect.  The basic of all human rights is to be permitted to reflect, encouraged to reflect, and offered the facilities to reflect.




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