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The Days of Pardon; (June 29, 2009)


            On the first Tuesday evening of each month, Adonai reserved a secluded quarter to meditate and write two lists.  Each list was divided in three categories.  First, Adonai would read his diary of the past month and take notes.  In the first list he would list the acts that he felt were unjust to his neighbors and individuals he dealt with; then the acts that he felt were unjust to society as a community, and then the acts that did not correspond to the commandments “Do not do to your neighbor what you don’t want him to do to you” such as do not steal, do not kill, do not arouse his jealousy, respect your parents, and the rest…  The second list contained what individuals, the community, and God did wrong to him in acts and calumnies.

            Early the next day of Wednesday, Adonai would seek an isolated place in nature, preferably a hill, and would read aloud the two lists.  Adonai would finish his ritual by saying with complete confidence: “I have been unjust to you God and you have been unjust to me.  This is my day of pardon. God, you forget my faults and I forget your faults.  Let us meet next month for another conversation”

            Adonai speech to God is the easier part on Wednesday: the hardest acts are to visiting his neighbors and communicating his candid and naïve habits.  Adonai knew that it is these visits and his candor that exacerbated the community wrath against him: he was stepping out of bound and drying the dirty clothes of the community to God without their assent. Adonai is repeating these mockeries 12 times a year; as if once a year should not be enough.  Adonai would not mind reducing the number of “Days of Pardon” but reading his diary would take longer and the lists might grow longer and more tedious without frequent homework. 

            A consensus might be appropriate: Adonai will resume his habit with the uncomplaining God once a month and he would visit his neighbors once a year.




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