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This impossible mission of raising a baby to adulthood

It is impossible for me to contemplate that a baby can be raised to adulthood.

It is done every second around the world, and more frequently in impoverished States with scores of babies for each couple.

The fact that many human babies got to live passed 5 years blow my mind

Sure, it is the grand parents, mainly grand-mothers who sustain this impossible mission, when still around and the couple is close by.

What about couples who decided to start their journey far away from their original community? What about the single family, single for many reasons, individual, civil war, natural calamities, collateral damage…?

What of father working overseas in “greener pastures” in order to sent some money to the toiling mother, and barely visiting the family, except to making the mother pregnant again?

Can we call him a “father”? How about an employee, in public or private institutions, hired to maintain the procreation process, but never playing any role is raising the babies?

Has any father ever spent an entire week, just to observe and participate fully in taking care of the babies? An entire week totally focused in the upbringing of the children?

It is impossible to raise babies to adulthood.

It is far easier to believe in the existence of an abstract God: it does Not engage sustained frustration and labor.

Just believing of the possible of raising babies is beyond my mental and emotional capabilities: it is too rough, too down to earth, to irrational to contemplate.

This every second task of maintaining and sustaining a baby’s life.

The other impossible fact of life is how an adult person manages to get so upset with his parents that he leave them and never show up for years.

Worst, this impossible word to utter “Thank you for raising me

This “adult person” must be totally brainless Not to appreciate what it took to raise him to adulthood. And give him a chance to live his life.

It used to be the community responsibility to raising kids, by varied forma of organization and sets of values and myths.

And you find organizations coming down on women and girls contemplating to abort. Those girls who had to participate in raising younger siblings, this impossible foul mission that all eau de cologne will never get rid of its stench for a lifetime

Who is raising the kids nowadays? Schools for part of the day, but for the remaining of the day and night?

Mothers are No fools. It is Not the occasional stupid smile of the baby that can substitute to the toil of every second.

Boobs, where are the boobs cries the baby.

That’s all that count for the baby. And the other members and relatives can live their illusions that the mother is fulfilled and in a state of grace

How mother manages to recharge enough when given a few minutes of reprieve? That’s the main question that biologists have to focus their research upon.







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