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Crazy History: Dress it any which way you desire, (April 16, 2009)


            Find me any hot spot in this Globe, among any belligerent populations, then scratch a little the surface and you will discover that the main grievance of the feuding parties is a crazy history of telltale, and dressed up with myths that remount to thousands of years with no sound foundations.  What the belligerents need is a plausible re-writing of history that satisfies their chimerical dreams of the brave ancestors who fought for just causes. 

It stands to reason to re-invent history since implicitly, the weakest parties strongly believe that history was written by the vanquisher. 

That should be a fun job for any astute diplomat with juicy imagination to assemble a gory and chivaleresque fiction story that would drive all the parties nodding in gleeful agreement. In no time the arms would be dropped and hugging ceremonies would make the tour in the troubled locations because no level-headed people would rather have war instead of stability and comfort. 

You will always hear that external forces had interests in fueling internal discords on the basis of “divide to govern”; a notion that stands to reason since that is how fictitious power rules, on fiction stories and calumnies.  The trouble is, as external forces desist and leave the scene, the feuds tend to rejuvenate and rekindle with vigorous hotter bloods and far shriveled brains.

You may refer to my post “Cursed Cities: Kars” and you will figure out how nationalists have this tendency to forget the biggest chunk of the history of their region in order to focus on a tiny portion that satisfy their sick ego and their immediate ideology.

One dangerous case is spreading havoc in the Middle East and Lebanon.  The culprit is religious messages being high-jacked and distorted for political ends.  This recurring phenomenon is not restricted among different religions, but mostly among the schisms within a religion. 

For example, you have centuries’ old struggles among Moslem sects such as Sunni and Shia.  The telltalers would recount secret meetings to selecting Caliphates such as when the Prophet Muhammad died without arranging his house, though he knew of his coming death because his ailment lasted ten days.  The whisperers would like you to believe that an unorthodox meeting in (Al Sakifat) took place that elected Abu Bakr for Calif while Ali was busy arranging for the burial of the Prophet.

The story would resume of how Caliphate Muawiyat promised Al Hassan (the eldest son of Ali) to succeed him and then poisoned him.  How Al Hussein, the second son of Ali, marched from Mecca in order to reclaim the promise as Yazeed, the son of Muawiya, ascended to the Caliphate. As if the promise of Muawiya was the main contentious point, as if Muawiya went to so much trouble instituting a dynasty in order to relinquish it on a promise.

Then, how Al Hussein was betrayed by the citizens of Kufa and lost the battle of Karbala and was humiliated for ten days before being executed. And how the people in Kufa regretted their decision of not aiding Hussein and mourned Hussein the next year by performing mass flagellation (Ashoura) in repentance.

The story continue on how political Shias, after the Iranian Ayatollahs came to power, has transformed “Ashoura” into vindication ceremonies against the Sunni.

This is one long story, spreading for over 14 centuries of sect warfare that boils down to dominance of one clan over another, within the larger tribe of Kureich.  That is the sort of politics that earned it the worst negative of connotations.




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