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Is US State affairs separate from religious ideology? Candidate Santorum claims: “No clause in Constitution…”

I have to re-check the US Constitution: Possibly there is no “iron clad” clause for the separation of State and religion in the Constitution, though the spirit was to be the law of the land? The extreme Catholic candidate Santorum claims that there is no such thing as this separation in the Constitution…and the speech of John Kennedy on the topic of separation makes him vomit…

Many US Presidents and candidates wrapped their campaign in religious coat, like Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan (who never set his feet in a church), Bush Jr…, but this time around this trend is taking on an overtone verging on the absurd

Santorum has lost the vote of the majority of the Catholics in the US: They are in no mood to revert to the Dark Medieval Age of church supremacy…Catholics in the US do not recall having appointed Santorum as their ultra conservative Bishop…

The women in the US want nothing to do with this Neanderthal Santorum.  The wife of Santorum (mother of seven) admonished her husband to cut out the abortion issue from his speeches…

Mind you that over 70% of the decline in violent crime rate since 1990 was due mainly for the abortion law of 1973:  Unwanted kids of single poor mothers were not to be born in a violent neighbourhood…and women had a second chance to change their life and move out of unwarranted quarters…

Santorum wants nothing to do with contraception…He told his wife: “I believe that I was called by God to submit my candidature to the presidency…” as Bush Jr. also claimed to hearing voices…

The Mormon candidate Romney was clever enough not to bring his religious sect into the fray:  Most US “Christians” do not even consider the Mormon church as another heretic Christian-Jewish sect, but plainly “not a Christian” at all…

The move of Romney is emulating the military during Clinton tenure: “Don’t ask, don’t say…” concerning homosexuals in the army…

It does not matter: The Mormon Church is still dispatching young girls to proselytize in the four corners:  The male audience is focused on the homogeneous beautiful, elegant, and stylish Mormon preachers.  The content or doctrine of this church is left for future sessions: At first, the girl insists on  “How healthy is your life-style? Would you do me a favor and stop smoking for just two weeks…?”

Barak Obama wants nothing to do with Islam, not anymore: He said he converted to Christianity. It does not matter what Christian sect he converted to, and I don’t think he cares that much about religion…Most probably, he secretly  re-converted to Judaism, if the US Jews can secure his re-election…Just more Palestinians being killed, humiliated, and kids summarily jailed by Zionist apartheid Israel

Obama started recalling “Al Salam 3aleicum” and “La Illah elle Allah” while delivering speeches in his first year and touring Egypt and Indonesia…, and then quickly forgot the name of Islam prophet…

It makes no difference: Religions are not just abstract belief-systems:  They are the most pervasive, obscurantist, and lethal political ideologies…




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