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US military operations a disaster.  Congress: “Contracting out low-paid mercenaries hurts our reputation…”

Yoweri Museveni is Uganda dictator for over 20 years: He mortgaged his citizens and soldiers to serve as low-paid mercenaries in the US Iraqi invasion.  Over 20,000 Ugandan mercenary soldiers (called Kyeyo) were paid less than $300 per month in 2009 in order to be at the beck of US security services organizations such as Torres, DynCorp, Triple Canopy, Sabre, and Special Operations Consulting (SOC).

The White mercenaries from South Africa, Israel, England, France, Serbia…are paid about $10,000 per month, not including side benefits.  The mercenaries from the Third Countries Nationals (TCN) have to submit to the arbitrary, indignities at work, humiliating kinds of jobs, and bad treatments at all levels.

For example, the TCN mercenaries need winter gloves, and receive them during the hot season. They need masks for the frequent malefic and infection leaden sandstorms, and the TCN have to cope bare-faced and get aspirin for infections of the nasal and throat diseases…The TCN wait months before they are issued Chinese second-hand outfits…The TCN are not pais for the months of training: They are simply fed…TCN are allowed vacations after a year, but even these unpaid vacation days, are postponed indefinitely…

The kyeyo is paid $300 per month, but the security company is paid $1,700 per head and per month by the Federal government…and the Ugandan recruiting company is paid $200 per head dispatched in Iraq or Afghanistan

In 2008, the US forces in Iraq was composed of about 150,000 regular soldiers and 70,000 mercenaries TCN (mostly from Uganda, sub-Sahara States, and the sub-Indian continent who can comprehend English).  In 2009, the two components were about equal in numbers: 47,000 regular to 40,000 TCN mercenaries, and this is why the pay dropped from an initial of one thousand to $300 per month, and from ingenious tactics executed by the hiring local companies in Uganda, such as Askar and Dreshak International.

For example, the Ugandan applicant receives two months of “military training” for free and are simply fed. After the training period, the applicant is sent home to wait for the call. The applicant thinks the call is coming in any day now, and he is spending all his savings, selling his furniture…Three months later, he is summoned to come and  sign a 22-page contract…in just 15 minutes to read and agree on whatever this mass of “legal” paperwork means…and not even accepted by the US legal system in the US…

The applicant has no choice by to sign and be shipped to Iraq, and later to Afghanistan… The recruiting company Ashkar is owned by Kellen Kayonga, sister-in-law of General Salim Saleh (a brother of the dictator).  In 2005, Ashkar was recruiting demobilized Ugandan soldiers for the US SOC, a security organization founded in Nevada by two veteran US military officers. The two recruiting companies are expanding their business and opening branches in Afghanistan…

The TCN are necessary for basic maintenance tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, washing, laundry, food serving, health care for the injured…They maintain 25 US military bases, and the most famous of all Camp Liberty, close to Baghdad and counting about 100,000 military personnel. The TCN constitute 60% of the effectives in Camp Liberty. The TCN are the “Invisible Army” as Sarah Stillman labelled them in an article to The New Yorker (June 6, 2011)

What’s the story?

In 2003, Uganda had managed to disengage from the civil wars plaguing East Africa. The civil war in Sudan was “technically” ending for Uganda; in the east, the civil war of the Great Lakes is officially terminated, and the internal uprising by the Lord Resistance Army was quelled…

Dictator Musevini has to demobilize a big army and has no idea how to win their peace.  Musevini rallied with Bush Jr. preemptive war in Iraq and arranged to ship the surplus demobilized soldiers oversea…

All these security corporations are paid by the Pentagon, and the mercenaries receive no health care or any benefits after the end of the term of their service…Most of them are shipped back to their country of origin when they fall very sick, handicapped…and their medical records destroyed so that the insurance companies such as AIG won’t have to pay no health care benefits or medicines…

US lawyer Tara K. Coughlin, engaged by an US Christian association for helping US soldiers in Iraq, discovered the horrifying conditions or the cases of the Ugandan mercenaries serving in Iraq.  The Multinational insurance corporation AIG hired Tangier International to discredit “repatriated” Ugandan who insist on receiving compensations, and illegally sending them to visit physicians at Tangier sold…

The independent  commission on contracts signed during the Iraqi war presented its report to Congress in August 2011. The report states: “The crimes and wrongdoing committed by the security corporations that contracted out “mercenaries” blemish the reputation of the US overseas…”

The US military is “officially” out of Iraq, but 16,000 are employed are the US embassy and four consulates. And who is maintaining and “securing” the US personnel? Over 5,500 Ugandan mercenaries were hired. The pentagon is spending 10 billion on 8 US private  security companies. Among them Triple Canopy and SOC (that will receive 973 million for providing static security in a 5-year term)

Note: Post inspired from a lengthy report by Alain Vicky to the French monthly Le Monde Diplomatique (May, 2012). The title is: “African mercenaries for US wars

Boko Haram: Another radical Islamic movement in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a vast country and the most populous State in Africa of about 160 million. Nigeria is mostly composed animist tribes, but Moslem are more concentrated in the northern half and the Christian sects in the southern half.

As in every underdeveloped State, there is always a fracture in drastic inequalities of government investment in particular region of the country.  Nigeria has a Federal system with many States. The Federal budgets were mostly allocated to the  States of the Capital Abuja in the middle of the country, and to the south-western States around the economic capital of Lagos.

For example, 60% of the population, in the south-eastern States by the Niger Delta (rich in offshore oil production) and the northern States are surviving under poverty level of less than $2 a day. The 12 northern States are the least developed and inequalities have deepen since 1999, during the presidency of Olusegun Obasanjo.

The main States in the north are: Borno, Kano (capital of the north), Kaduna, Jos, Banchi, Yobe, and Maiduguri…

Two-third of the citizens in the State of Borno live under the level of poverty: 2% of infants under 15 months are vaccinated, 83% of the youth are illiterate, 50% of the kids have no access to the school system…

For example, 35% of Moslems have never been to any school, not even toa Coranic school. And the State of Borno is the stronghold of the radical Islamic movement of Boko Haram (Forbidden Book). Boko Haram is actually named the Community of disciples for Islam Holy War (Jamaa Ahlu Sunna Lidda Awali wal Jihad).  The members are known as the “Yusufiyas”, after their late assassinated leader Ustaz (teacher) Muhammad Yusuf.Boko Haram is anti-western culture and products…

Yusuf studied Islamic theology in Saudi Arabia at the city of Medina (the first Islam city-State). Consequently, Yusuf is a follower of the Saudi most obscurantist Wahhabi sect.

In the year 2000, and at the age of 30, Yusuf started opposing another Islamic movement lead by late Abubakar Gumi (a Hanbali sect called Yan Izale). Apparently, the Islamic sects in north Nigeria were more rooted in political interests and cohabitation with the military as the Islamic Shariaa (laws) was applied in the 12 States since the year 2000.

In the 80’s, the Islamic sects were at the throat of one another and many mass killing and violence were witnessed in the cities of Kaduna, Kano, and Maiduguri…The military repressed Maitatsine movement in 1084 and killed over 3,000 of its members in Kano.

In 2003, the police forces attacked the “celestial city” of Yusuf in the city of Kannamma in the State of Yobe…In reaction, the Boko Haram conducted offensive raids and retreated to the State of Maiduguri.

In 2004, Boko Haram attacked a convoy of 60 policemen near the borders with Chad. President Obasanjo was then more concerned with the rebel uprising in the Niger Delta.

In 2009, mayor Sherif of Maiduguri assassinated 15 members during a funeral. The reaction of Boko Haram was swift: banks and police headquarters were attacked.  The Federal army was dispatched and killed 800, extra-judiciary style, and Yusuf was among the assassinated. Images of the massacres were disseminated over the Internet.

In 2010, Boko Haram freed 700 prisoners in the city of Banchi. The State of Jos or the Plateau State in the middle of the country was then heavily infiltrated by Boko Haram.  Boko Haram has a council of 10 members of Shura as a substitute to a central command.

Abubakar Shekau focused his operations on policemen, political leaders, and “faked” Imams. The operations are financed by robbing banks, which apply “usury on transactions”.

The International branch is headed by Mammar Nur.  This branch was formed of the refugees from the 2009 massacres, and are linked to world “jihadists”. Mammar Nur specializes in suicide operations against the UN compound in Abuja, the Christian churches, and 8 attacks were launched against police posts and security forces in Kano in 2012.

Boko Haram is credited for 164 attacks of all kinds, resulting in the killing of 935, mostly Moslems. The new wave of attacking Christians seems a political manoeuvring in coordination with the Nigeria Federal government.

Note: The post was inspired from a study by Alain Vicky in the French monthly “Le Monde Diplomatic” #697




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