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Tidbits and notes. Part 410

The first priority of Lebanon mass demonstrators is to roam the streets and remove/tear all the portraits and banners of political figures. The politicians were supposed to remove themselves their portraits by law, and they failed to obey the law. This is good priority for the Iraqis, the Egyptians, the Tunisians, the Syrians…

An #Israeli soldier approached a 74-year-old #Palestinian woman Ghalya Abu-Rida. He gave her water, then took a photo with her and then he shot her in the head. And He watched her die

I say, every one must have his identity: Death has forced on us the I.

I say, what exists must be discovered: Death impressed on us to know.

I say, every feeling must be experienced: Death created stages for us to grow.

I say, there must be a meaning to life: Death did not leave us a choice in that.

I conjecture that all these frequent pre-emptive wars of USA overseas are meant to dissipate the prevalent racism spreading quickly and deeply, or manifesting itself too blatantly during the brief periods of US non-virulent active aggression on other countries.

I am reading “Mr. Gwyn” by Alessandro Baricco, a French translation. I don’t dare jump to the last chapter. Even if the ending is Not that satisfactory, I wouldn’t mind repeating the experiment, of creating portraits in words in the book, by changing the variables, in the timing, the luminosity, the music and the setting…

Aux moments difficiles, dire une connerie qui vient du coeur se pardonne volontier, mais pas un silence confortable

L’espoir fait surtout vivre ceux qui en tirent profit: les voyantes, les gourous…Des promesses qui n’engagent que ceux qui y croient.

Bournesh? In northern Albania, the tradition is to appoint a girl to become the head of the clan, given that the family could Not have a boy. Thus, the bournesh is to swear never to marry or have kids. The essential right is: “the bournesh will have the right to avenge the blood of a member of the clan...” Fortunately, this tradition is vanishing.

Quand on a mal, on ne trouve plus d’endroit pour se refugier: on est exproprie’.

Classification of pains, les douleurs. Celles qui rongent, qui dechirent, qui pressent, qui broient. La lancinante, l’ invasive, celle qui pulse, qui vous plie en deux, celles qui viennentt avec ses outilles d’ Inquisition, celle qui vous reveille, les viscerales, les osseuses, les nausees, essouflement, oppression, vertiges, les frissons, celle qui vous agacent comme une mouche, celles qui vous disloquent…

Wish a few houses open their salons to welcome functional elderly people, to meet for a couple of hours, to chat, re-group… before returning to their isolation at home. A paid administrator can coordinates the visits and the transport. And I am willing to contribute to that project.

It’s unclear if poor facial recognition causes introversion or if it’s the other way around. (Thus, AI facial recognition programs are certainly extroverts?)

Every demonstration, march… is a blessing. It keeps the government on tip toe, Not taking the citizens for granted.

In one longitudinal study, two brain areas associated with movement and learning were smaller in bullied teens. (Consequently, you could conjecture who was bullied, even if he refuses to admit it?)

Nazism adopted the USA racist classification that discriminated among the landing immigrants in the 1920’s. Even WWII didn’t change much in the rooted racism in the Silent Majority.

Actions speak louder: civil disobedience in Lebanon of driving private cars.

Let’s start a trend of stopping to drive to main cities one day in a week. Let’s select a Saturday. People might realize that taking taxis and service cars and sharing cars is much cheaper at all levels.

Let us promote this suggestion on social media. It will take some time for people to get moving, but persistence is key to any change

It is that good. I decided Not to jump to the last chapter, and managed it.

I am reading “Mr. Gwyn” by Alessandro Baricco, a French translation. I don’t dare jump to the last chapter. Even if the ending is Not that satisfactory, I wouldn’t mind repeating the experiment by changing the variables, in the timing, the luminosity, the music and the setting…

I did finish the book and stuck to my decision, Not to jump to the last chapter.

This book was by my side in this “private” library that I have been patronizing for 15 years, walking every day 2 kms to read and write, rain or shine. And for an entire month, I have been reading other books, until there were none left to read.

I didn’t mean for this article to be a review, but the many ideas that generated in me forced me to write about it. So, it is up to the reader to categorize this article.

Is it true that, on average, a person has a precise memory of 8 weather conditions in his life time? Like his wedding, the death of a dear member of his family, the first day of a major war, the assassination of his President, a mass massacre in his neighborhood…?

For sure , we can retain particular weather conditions, specific environmental setting… in our lifetime, but I contend that they do Not coincide with the event a person think matches his memory.

We tend to give an event to particular sensations, simply because we refuse to admit that it is the “hazard” that met us.

Is it true that we do have a certain idea of ourselves, a draft version, confusing, but a story that to bring us back “home”, to who we are?

Disparate sections in a book that we attach to an imaginary personality? We are finally a story and Not a living person, a story re-assembled for various events, sensations, a light or color that correspond to our liking, a noise, a rhyme, a rhythm, a landscape, a house, a street, a friendship, an event…

Fragments of a lifetime that we try to re-construct so that we feel that we are “back home“, to who we essentially are .

I conjecture that our night dreams are what our brain re-construct of our state of mind and body during the day or within the week. Kind of if we take time to write what happened to us during the day, events and sensations… somewhat the brain will deliver a better version of what you experienced.

If we admit that night dreams affect how the next day will unfold, how our week will proceed, how our projects will be altered… maybe we will tend to take time remembering what happened during the day before going to bed. A diary is a better platform to enjoy a more serene and satisfactory dream that can “prime” our lives.

Can you observe a person for weeks and be able to describe him so well he feels he is “back home”? Good painters could do that. Possibly a composer may be able to convey the essential of a lifetime of a person.

Words are hard to control and use. Even if you describe a “portrait” of a person and you are satisfied with your choice of words, you still have to contend with the reader to correctly interpret your observation and feeling.

Yalla, that should be enough on this subject.





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