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Tidbits and comments. Part 407

“The Afrikaners of the period (1970-1975) liked to be viewed as the “Afrikan Israelite”, cunning, unscrupulous, hard as leather, and attacking their prey overtly…In fact, the apartheid male Afrikaners were more like a pack of babies abandoned in a forest, a tribe of little kids with slaves to care for them

There’s a diversity problem in “ethnic” plastic surgery. Current procedures are based on what looks best on Caucasian women.

About 50,000 General Motors employees launched a nationwide work-stoppage, the first in the US auto industry in 12 years. They are protesting a decision to shut four factories; and want better pay and benefits.

Actions speak louder: civil disobedience in Lebanon of driving private cars. Let’s start a trend of stopping to drive to main cities one day in a week. Let’s select a Saturday. People might realize that taking taxis and service cars and sharing cars is much cheaper at all levels. let us promote this suggestion on social media. It will take some time for people to get moving, but persistence is key to any change

Quand la guerre civile au Liban prit fin et sans vainqueurs, et sans comprendre la raison de ce “cease fire”, les gens voulant jouer les richissimes nababs accumulaient des dettes et se retrouvaient sur la paille. Beaucoup de papillons imprudents, vouland se rapprochaient des mafis du pouvoir, y brulerent leurs ailes trop fragiles.

To value a company, come up with a story and put numbers to it? In recent years, technology startups have told the best stories. Uber promised to set the world in motion, Airbnb to create a world where anyone belongs, WeWork to elevate the world’s consciousness. That can last as aggressive, deep-pocketed venture investors like SoftBank have made it easier for companies to stay private for longer, raising staggering sums in the process. But these backers have to cash out eventually, and that usually means an IPO, which are Not materializing for the public investors.

J’ ai decouvert que USA est un pays d’ intermediares et de sous-traitants: pas un seul fait le travail de quoi que se soit. Ce n’est plus le USA d’antan de qualite’ et de durabilite’.

As usual: Sorry, we bombed-killed 65 and badly injured over 100 Syrian soldiers in Deir Zour. Bad communication with the Russians. Any reparations for the families of these soldiers?

Le lot du cancre etudiant est qu’on ne le croit jamais. On croit qu’il deguise une paresse vicieuse en lamentation commodes. Le bonnet d’ane se porte volontier a posteriori, quand un cancre succede dans la vie. Et pourtant, on ne guerit jamais des douleurs de jadis et les cicatrices ne veulent pas nous faire oublier ces blessures.

Les elites sont defendus par toutes les institutions comme des symbols precieux pour maintenir la cohesion de la communaute d’Elite/Esclave.

US farmers are struggling amid depressed prices for their crops, but many have a lucrative side business: charging visitors to shoot fruits and vegetables from air guns, “agritainment“.

As Adam Thompson reports for the Wall Street Journal, a bushel of corn can fetch $100 when fired skyward, verus less than $4 when sold on the open market. Little wonder “agritainment” is booming, and who doesn’t enjoy launching pumpkins at old cars?

Many attire, such as turban, are a complex expression of culture, religion, style, and identity. Fashion designers are having plenty of trouble figuring out what is considered “religious, sacred…” or blasphemy of an identity.

In 2018, Gucci sent models down the runway wearing cerulean turbans. They sold for $800 a pop as “Indy Full Turbans” before being pulled from shelves, after the Italian fashion brand, and its creative director Alessandro Michel, faced backlash for using white men as models, and for selling what many Sikhs consider this pagg or dastar a sacred religious object.

Turban where used by noble classes in Mesopotamia way before 4,000 BC. In 1658, he Mughal empire uses turbans as a form of class distinction, with emperor Aurangzeb decreeing that only the Islamic ruling class may wear them. The same goes with veil for women: it was worn by women from the noble  classes




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