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All confused: Was it a movie, a story I read, or a dream?

I woke up from a long dream of several stories and I am deciding: “Was the last story a modified version of a previous dream, a story that I read, or a movie that I actually saw?”

It took me a while, laying down with eyes closed shut, to come to the conclusion that it was a version of a movie that I saw more than a year ago:  I had waken up at 2 am and watched a tough movie on a cable channel.

The movie had already started and I have no idea what decided this guy to investigate the off-road locations in the south-west of the USA.  He is driving a 4-wheel truck accompanied by a girlfriend.  Apparently, the guy picked up the girl on his trip and they hit it well, doing ravenous sex in all places and shapes.  They speak English, but I am under the impression that the director is not a US one.

The two travelers stops in motels, in isolated tiny one-street towns, empty of people and desolate.  They go out just to find food and stroll hand in hand on windy empty streets.

They are getting lost in the nowhere, away from any main road.

A truck of three “desert billies/bullies” is bumping their truck.  Possibly, this couple might have angered the tough ignorant guys in a previous truck chase.  The desert billies force the travelers to stop.  They emerge with baseball bats; they hit the guy to the ground and force the girl to watch her guy being raped and they left.

The girl is frightened and doing her best to get her guy in the truck and find a motel.

The guy refuses to get up from bed for three days and the girl is going out to bring him food and tending to him discreetly. Then the guy finally gets up after feeling physically healed and stabs the girl several time to death and then commits suicide.

Was he eliminating the witness to his feeling ashamed as he acted a king before being raped?

Now back to my dream.  It is starting fantastic.  I am watching a giant carousel (half a mile in diameter) turn on an inclined hill.  There are 10 giant “Virgin Mary” statues illuminated from within and from the ground and followed by giant other statues such as castles and knights…

I am stretched on the ground with a couple of female cousins watching the carousel and shooting the breeze in this cool night by a factory.  Two blonde girls have joined us.

A limousine stops, all lights up and horn blazing.  Half a dozen women wearing black for Halloween, or maybe be nuns for I am sitting with a previous nun, jump out and the blonde girls joined them in the limousine.  Two beautiful brunettes in the limousine join us.

The dream switches to another scene.

Now the manager of one factory, adjacent to another factory, is asking the other manager why he is starting before schedule.  Apparently, the two factories allocated separate schedules to be run.  The two managers are conversing and posturing.  One manager is baring his chest and showing off his chest muscles and abdominal muscles.

Scene three:  The other manager is raping the show-off manager and another guy is watching coolly the event.  The raped manager is slaughtered with a knife and wrapped in transparent white plastic bag.

I step in and carry the body away and then shoot the two guys with small-caliber bullets:  They seem unaffected and walk to their factory.  And I woke up and I am deciding: “Was the last story a modified version of a previous dream, a story that I read, or a movie that I actually saw?”

I make sure to read for an hour after I wake up from a long dream, usually ending with a terror section.

It is possible that you discover a relationship of what you are reading with your dream.  This exercise will encourage you to recollect your dream.

If the dream is a horror one then, you have no interest faking to bury it deep into your “subconscious”:  The dream will re-surge in another version or even an exact replica later on.

If the dream is wonderful then, you will not recapture the continuation of the story after you go back immediately to sleep:  Most probably, if you resume the lovely story then, you are reconstructing a story from your conscious desires, camouflaged in a semi-dreaming state.




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