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At will, all Fire (July 17, 2009)


            There was a time, not that long ago, and still going strong into the 21st century, some people labeled themselves “White Race”.  Most of them had not skin that white and the color of the eyes were not that blue at all.  Most of them were not that tall: they were downright pigmies; they smelt like pork and were scared of water to wash body and cloth.  A few could read the “Bible” but most were practically illiterate; they were good obeying orders in ruthless military organizations. The one practical task they were proficient in was happy triggers; they didn’t even need to shoot accurately.

            There are horror stories of genocide against the “heathen and uncivilized people” in all of the America, north, middle, and south, and in the pacific Islands.  Those people, the “barbarous”, were indiscriminately shot at and wiped out.  Darwin reported in his “Voyage of a naturalist around the world” that he was shocked when he witnessed the killing of all women above 20 years of age; the soldiers of the expedition in Argentina replied “What else can we do? Those savages have so many babies.”

            M.H. Long reported how the Indians of “Terre de feu” in the extreme part of Argentina (Patagonia) were exterminated so that sheep could be raised and fatten the white “latifundists” of the haciendas. The Scottish Mac Lean was called “Red Pig” by the Indians for the mass slaughter he undertook without any remorse.  The white mercenaries wiped off 400 Tehuelches Indians in the Onas region who were assembled in a night party to seal off an agreement.  Captain Pedro de Valdivia tried to repeat this kind of “business” in Chili but he and all his 120 soldiers were massacred.

            The “famous” authors were no less racist in their reporting or writing.  Jules Verne never missed a good shooting spree story at savages; in “Five weeks in balloon” they are shooting at the African negros from the top of a balloon; in “The children of captain Grant” they are shooting at will on Maoris in New Guinea from the top of rocky hills; in “The travel around the world in 80 days” they are killing the Sioux Indians from the doors of moving wagons; in “From Earth to the moon” they are annihilating the Seminole Indians; in “Mathias Sandorf” the savage Senoussis of Libya are exterminated.

            Jack London reported several such genocides in his Great North and the South Seas novellas. You find a typical illiterate mariner, null in everything except in aiming accurately; he is perched up on the mast of a schooner and just happily never missing a shot; after killing over 100 Islanders he comes down to the acclaim of a hero.

            The genocides to savages resumed in the 20th century.  The military regime in Brazil massacred the “Indians” of the Amazon Forest because they shamed the Nation. The Palestinian people in this century were claimed not to exist and everything was done to efface their identity so that the Zionist movement to get established in Palestine.

            In the summer of 2009 the Israeli army ordered its soldiers to shoot at will in Gaza on the basis that Palestinian civilians, especially children, were all enemies.  The whole western States, backed by the UN, agreed that the liberation of a single Israeli soldier was worth the atrocities that the one million and a half Palestinians in Gaza had to submit to.  The same savage atrocities recurred previously in Lebanon in July 2006; Israel waged war for 33 days to “liberate two dead Israeli prisoners”.  For a single Israeli prisoner the western Sates are backing genocide while over 12,000 Palestinian prisoners without trial for years are fair play in their views.

            Those racist States claim that they will sit on the right side of their God; they will; but their God’s location is in hell.  All atrocities demand revenge; it is the next generations that will pay the bill with high interest.




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