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Plundering of the Amazon Forest revisited
Over the last decade, Brazil has vastly reduced deforestation rates, achieving a 78% decline between 2004 and 2011. The reason? A world-acclaimed forestry law, strong enforcement and satellite monitoring.
Domestic pressure is mounting, but a massive global outcry will prove Brasil President Dilma international reputation is at stake.

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The Brazilian Congress has just passed a catastrophic forestry bill that gives loggers and farmers free rein to cut down huge swaths of the Amazon.

And only President Dilma Rousseff can veto it and stop it.

The Amazon is vital to life on earth: 20% of our oxygen comes from this magnificent rainforest, and it plays a key role in mitigating global climate change.

The timing is on the domestic pressure side: in weeks Dilma will host the world’s biggest environmental summit and insiders say she cannot afford to open it as the leader who approved the destruction of the rainforest.

Dilma is facing mounting domestic pressure, with 80% of Brazilians rejecting this new bill. We can turn up the global heat and push Dilma to axe the bill, not the rainforest.

Dilma could make her decision any day. And the Amazon chainsaw massacre should end, Now.

This dangerous new bill would open up an area the size of France and Britain combined to clear-cutting and gives loggers amnesty for all past deforestation crimes.

This would spark total forest devastation in Brazil, AND it would also set a bad precedent for other countries. That’s why it’s so crucial that we all protect it.

Brazil is a rapidly developing country, battling to lift tens of millions out of poverty.

Despite evidence that growth does not require deforestation, Dilma is under pressure from the powerful agriculture lobby that helped her get elected to cut down rainforest for profit.

And it is an ugly battle: activists are being murdered, intimidated and silenced.

Ex-Environmental Ministers and people across Brazil have sent a clear message to Dilma that they want to save the Amazon.

The fate of Brazil’s rainforests is dangling by a thread. With President Dilma so vulnerable to public pressure right now, we can bring the global force of people power to get a win for our planet!

With hope and determination, you may read my warning post

Note: Luis, Pedro, Maria Paz, Alice, Ricken, Carol, Lisa, Rewan and the entire Avaaz team have contributed to this call for action:

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