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Have you seen a Palestinian baby living in Israel?

Easy Going: There is no Palestinian baby (written in 1998)

Part I:

There is No Palestinian baby, no Palestinian child.

There is no Palestinian youth.

They are “Arabs”. Bad Arabs to boot it.


Indonesia is mostly Muslims.  They invaded Timor, East and West.

Murdered a couple million of communists

Indonesia is not on the Blacklist.  It is a big nation.  Huge interests, stupid.


Bosnia has suffered immensely.  Peace missions finally in place.

War criminals?  La Hague tribunal is ready and waiting.

We don’t meddle.  They are no Arabs.


Somalia is mostly Muslims.  At long last, compassion landed.

Starvation ended.  Can’t talk bad: they are blacks.

Farrakhan is black and a Muslim.  He is no Arab, yet.


Bantustans in South Africa are no more “A la mode”.

Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Human rights, please.

Bantustans in Palestine are essential, and created for all the above values.

Security and Safety of the Jews in Israel are at stake.

The Chosen people, remember?  Surrounded by Arabs, mind you!


The harem of the Sultan of Brunei is, technically, not one.

The girls are, mostly, professional consultants for tourism.

The bad harems are purely Arabs.  The Sultan of Brunei is no Arab.


The original American Indians were bad.

Wish they were Arabs.  Still, No clear conscience.


The Mexicans in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico… were bad too.

Wish they were Arabs.  Conscience a tad clearer.


The Iraqi people are bad:  they call themselves Arabs, not our media.

The Iranians are not really that bad:

They are too proud and Muslims all right, but no Arabs.


The Turks are a little better now:  Certainly not Europeans.

Not as much as the Israelite.  Definitely No Arabs.

Part II:

We in USA and Europe are compassionate people.

We adopt babies from all over the World.

From Latvia, Estonia, Romania, even from Africa and Asia.


“Arab” babies are off limit; off the media.

There is no Arab baby.  No Arab child.

No Arab youth.  Just Arabs.  Bad.  Arabs.


The Jewish American rapist is socially dysfunctional.

The genuine rapist is Arab.

The Jewish American Baruch, of the Hebron massacre, is a madman.

A nerve snapped.


Arabs nerves can’t snap: made of stainless steel, tightly wired,

For mischief.


The Maryland Jewish murderer chopped a man’s head.

He is a juvenile delinquent and a psychotic.

Arabs are born, adult criminals.

Wounded Knee Massacre: 123 Years Ago

On December 29, 1890, some 150 Lakota men, women and children were massacred by the US 7th Calvary Regiment near Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Some estimate the actual number closer to 300.

Levi Rickert commented in Currents, Opinion Dec, 28, 2013
We Remember Those Lost

The Wounded Knee Massacre is when most American history books drop American Indians from history.

The Wounded Knee Massacre is when most American history books drop American Indians from history.

Snowfall was heavy that December week.

The Lakota ancestors killed that day were left in brutal frigid wintry plains of the reservation before a burial party came to bury them in one mass grave.

The photograph of Big Foot’s frozen and contorted body is a symbol for all American Indians of what happened to our ancestors.

Some of those who survived were eventually taken to the Episcopal mission in Pine Ridge.

Eventually, some of them were able to give an oral history of what happened. One poignant fact of the massacre has remained in my mind since first reading it, and every time I think about Wounded Knee, I remember this from Dee Brown’s in “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.”:

“It was the fourth day after Christmas in the Year of Our Lord 1890. When the first torn and bleeding bodies were carried into the candlelit church, those who were conscious could see Christmas greenery hanging from the open rafters.

Across the chancel front above the pulpit was strung a crudely lettered banner: “Peace on earth, good will to men,”

There was no peace on earth for the Lakota four days after Christmas.

Later, as absurd as it may sound, some 20 US Calvary soldiers were given the Medal of Honor – for killing innocent Lakota men, women and children. What an insult to those who lost their lives. What an insult to humanity.

The Wounded Knee Massacre is a symbol for all American Indians of what happened to our ancestors.

History records the Wounded Knee Massacre was the last battle of the American Indian war. Unfortunately, it is when most American history books drop American Indians from history, as well. As if we no longer exist.

Fortunately, American Indians have survived – one generation after another – since Wounded Knee.

It is for us who remain to remember our ancestors as we make for a better life for those we encounter today.

We are also taught to prepare for the next 7 generations, but as we do, we must remember our ancestors.

We remember those ancestors lost on December 29 — 123 winters ago.

Who are those “Christians of the Orient”? Who is playing Custer’s fiddle?

I have published many articles on the various Christian religious sects, before Byzantium Empire, during and after. Actually, the main theme is not about the Christian sects in the Orient, or even about minority religious sects, but what the Arab people means by freedom and equal rights.

It is known that this crazy General of George Custer used to play the fiddle as his troops were massacring the American Indians. Nero did play the guitar as Rome burned.

Lebanese journalist Samir Attallah published a piece in the daily Al Nahar.  It goes( with rearrangement and editing):

“I received an electronic mail at my bureau of the daily “Middle-East”. The letter was from the Iraqi immigrant, settled in Hamburg, Mahdi Abbas. Mahdi related how he witnessed the decapitation of the successor to the Iraqi throne in 1958 by the “revolutionaries”.  The head of this Hashemite son of the monarch from Mecca (appointed King by the mandated power England) was dangled from a building. The ground floor was the “Restaurant Kamar el Karhk”. One revolutionary was cutting the fingers of the monarch and throwing them to the crowd, asking for more body parts.”

The 60’s and 70’s witnessed a succession of military coups in the Middle-East (especially in Iraq and Syria). The main excuse is the failing of governments in confronting the new Zionist State. This letter of Mahdi arrived as an US drone assassinated the US/Moslem Salafist citizen, Anwar el Awlaki, in Yemen. President Obama made drone assassination his trade-mark: Over 2,000 are on the black list to be assassinated with utmost prejudice.

Don’t you think a criminal mind is the same, regardless of the means employed? In the time of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, duelists used to shake hands before shooting at one another. There got to be other alternatives than violent means to resolving matters.  For example, Qadhafi proclaimed in a mass rally that there are no prisons in Libya. Why? He had just executed 1,200 detainees in their sleep in the prison of Abu Salim prison.

Recent history shows that those who cut to pieces their adversaries ended up being cut to pieces, jailed for life, tortured, and turned one against another:  The slaughterhouse resumed for many decades in these dictatorial and absolute monarchy regimes. For example, Rifaat el Assad, brother of the late Syrian dictator Hafez el Assad, ordered his Special Forces to shell the Presidential Palace as he witnessed his brother in a coma in the year 2000!

The Soviet Union fell and nobody died, even in a traffic accident. (This does not exclude that President Yeltsin shelled the Parliament (the Duma) because the deputies obstructed his policies…).

Latin America was a hotbed of horror dictatorship, under the protection and support of the successive US administrations.  Things have evolved and changed toward democratic systems without this crazy death toll in the Arab World. It might be humoristic that Arab people are demanding freedom and equal rights. We are acting as the American Indians: All that we are asking is a piece of land to live on!

What’s the difference between the American Indians and the Christian sects in the Orient? Both communities were there first on the land, and when they are granted monopoly in selling cigarettes, they consider this gesture as a gift from heaven. Former US Senator from South Dakota, James Abu Rizk, learned to defend the Palestinian cause from defending the American Indian cause.  Samir Attallah asked former US senator George Mc Govern: “What’s with Abu Rizk now?” He replied: “It appears that the American Indian cause is more feasible to be won than the Palestinian cause”

Who are those “Christian sects from the Orient”? Media coverage is suspect: They focus on who is to protect them from extinction! As if a green light have been given for another round of genocides. Arab poets die in exile…Julius Caesar said: “Who am I to not forgive? Forgiving extend the life of a throne”  Attallah mentioned: “I once complained to a book shop keeper in Ottawa of the maltreatment that Lebanese passport holders experience in airports.” He replied: “Have you tried a German passport after 1949?”

Why the Christian sects in the Orient have to immigrate if they are the heart of the Arabic community? Why should they disappear to greener pastures when they represented the “awakening of Arab dignity” during the Ottoman Empire and during the periods of the mandated powers of France and England? (read note 1)

The Christian sects of the Orient were the administrative backbone of the successive Arab/Islamic Empires, and they were the translators of Greek and Roman manuscripts for the Arabic caliph.. The Greek culture would have vanished long time ago if the Christian sects of the Orient failed to transfer and translate culture to the Arabic language…

Note 1: Since the 19th century, most secular and national political parties and civic movements in the Middle-East were founded by Christian Arabs. For example, the reigning Baath party in Syria was created by the Christian Michel Aflak.  Most of the leaders of the Communist parties were Christians. All these political parties and their charismatic leaders were persecuted by the Ottoman Empire, the mandated poweres of England and France, and by the governments after independence of the States.

You wonder: “Is the Arab/Islamic spirit anathema to secular and national tendencies?” Fact is, only after successful military coups did Moslem leaders adopt nationalistic and occasionally secular laws. (More on that topic in later posts) 

Note 2: Post inspired by a piece of journalist Samir Attallah in the daily Al Nahar under the title” Restaurant Kamar (Moon) el Karhk”

Note 3:  I stumbled on a related article that I posted in 2008: Readers of my blog give me opportunity to re-edit older posts




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