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It’s all wrong: Reality isn’t matching my expectations...

They say: “Live long and witness miracles…”. Wrong

The only time, every one of us witnessed miracles is when we were toddlers: Everything was possible and elephants could fly, no question asked.

Afterward, the world went downhill, burdened with warped expectations.

There was a breathing phase as kids: We were ready to try all kinds of games. Everything was a game and we wanted to play. Our only disappointment was when ordered to taking breaks from playing. No bitterness involved, you are forgiven, we can resume the game…

There are materialist nihilists: “I’m starting this whole world from scratch. I’m sorting out the fundamental facts, the basic facts of life and nature… and I’m building my worldview based on pure facts…” The trouble with these materialist nihilists is that they eventually end up immersing a God in the equation, a God standing tall and anchoring the entire fact structure

There are the spiritual nihilists: “I’m beginning my system from pure spiritual ethical and moral standards, fundamentally good and representing mankind essence and the purpose of the living…” Trouble with spiritual nihilists is, as they grab power, they harvest the souls, the old fashion way: They destroy lives, physically and psychologically, in order to end up with material facts, called products, raw materials, zombies of citizens… On the ground that “Power is negotiated on material wealth…”

More frequently than not, spiritual nihilists are confounded with anarchists, presumably the rational forces in society, opposing religious set of beliefs and status quo system of standards and life-style…

In their turn, Anarchists are confounded with the uneducated who read from a single Book and obey jokers telling them that they’ll acced in the afterlife after committing suicide attacks and be rewarded with many beautiful virgins and rivers of delicious juices…

Many educated people who read from a single book opt to patch on a “worthy cause” to their decision to commit suicide from disappointment of this fickle reality…

There comes a time that we try to reconcile reality with deviant expectation and we discover a premise that says: “Reality and expectations are both pure illusions…I must admit that this “illusion premise” is powerful and ingenious: After all we are all goners, and dust to dust and…

The problem with that hypothesis is that trying to process the countless daily irregularities and resolving the illusion factors is contrary to living a sane life: We have no life anymore, and we are cornered to just satisfy the consistency in this logic. And we say: “What if this logical premise is tainted and represents the highest form of illusion? Am I confusing rational thinking with logical systems and procedures?”

Many of us resolve this game by stating: “If only one of my expectations overcomes reality, then my life will be fulfilled…” Sort of saying: “I have high Hope that one of my expectations will come true, and this is the real meaning of living...” And why not?

That’s a great pragmatic attitude. Anyway, it is a lost cause to try to achieve all of our expectations, in a , considering all the limitations we have to cope with…

If we add the millions of fulfilled expectations, assuming that they are varied and increasing in levels of complexity,then we may have hope that mankind is on the right track ethically and morally, and gearing up to catch up with mankind technological know-how…

And why not? That could be a good rationale to claiming that this is the purpose of democracy, liberty to all, freedom of life-style, freedom of expression, freedom for a wide array of opportunities…

The real martyrs are the educated people who decided to refuse playing the game: “This reality of cruelties, humiliation, indignities, suffering…does not match my expectation. And I won’t have part of it…” And they commit suicide. A few of them harvest scores of souls, innocent souls or enemy souls, souls that were doomed anyway…

A few educated people decide to laugh out this irrational and absurd reality and write about their life experiences. They camouflage their autobiographies in fiction novels.

Many more of us go into politics, right after someone tell them that they are good orator… And they lie through their teeth convincing the constituencies that they are here to listen to their wishes and wants, the pr




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