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Revoke the censorship ban of “In this land lay graves of mine”

In June 2015, Lebanese filmmaker Reine Mitri was notified by the General Security Directorate that her documentary film “In this land lay graves of mine” is banned from screening in cinemas, upon the decision of the Minister of Interior based on a recommendation by the Censorship Committee whose head Andre Kassas declared that the film provokes sectarian strife.

The film tackles the subject of forced displacements and massacres that happened during the civil war, through the testimonies of people from different communities who experienced them and through archive photos.

The film shows how fear is still perpetuated between communities through what is called “cadastral war”.

Banning this film represents the State’s intention and ways in continuing to obliterate the memory of the war and its victims by imposing a censorship system based on a loose and subjective law (dated 1947) allowing the individuals and institutions that protect the sectarian system to interpret it according to their own criteria and the necessities of protecting the regime, acting as if people are minor and need someone to decide for them.

These State policies forbid any constructive debate among citizens and prevent openness aimed at true reconciliation that prevents sectarian strife and civil war.

Facing the insistence of the Censorship Committee and the Minister of Interior on the decision to ban the film, Reine Mitri appealed the decision through a lawsuit in front of the Council of State (in 10/26/2015) asking the Council of State to revoke the ban decision.

In defense of freedom of expression and the duty of memory, you may sign this petition addressed to the Lebanese State (a copy of which will be deposited at the various ministries represented in the Censorship Committee and the General Security).

Note: Civil wars that ends with NO victors is a hotbed preparing for another war





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