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Tidbits #78

2020 Physics Laureate Andrea Ghez: nobelprize_org “I feel more passionate about the teaching side of my job than I have ever been, because it’s so important to convince the younger generation that their ability to question and think is crucial to the future of the world.”
In 1995 she wrote the children’s book ‘You Can Be a Woman Astronomer’ inspiring children to become scientists when they grow up.

The children of Palestine and those living in shanty towns of refugee camps, are systematically denied the basic rights of happiness, and of enjoying periods of laziness and boredom. The occupiers made sure to rob these kids of the basic feelings and their innate innocence. They are more mature than other children, and yet, more receptive to all kinds of feelings and emotions. The same goes with Syrian refugees and the poorest of Lebanese

US presidential candidate spending is also only a fraction of the total cost of the US election: One study estimates that a record $10.8 billion will be spent on this year’s vote. Barack Obama had spent $13 per voter. This is way too cheap compared to what election cost in Lebanon per “voter”.

South Korea military spending might surpass France, UK, and Japan in a couple of years, due to its high rate compared to its GNP.

Deloitte and Accenture are among the US government’s largest outside contractors of any kind, paying them billions of dollars for services like management consulting and assistance in modernizing technology.

Solid atomic hydrogen allows sound waves to travel 36 km per second, about twice as fast as through even ultra-dense diamond.

The primary reason the US typically has such a large trade imbalance is that it has the world’s reserve currency. People all over the world want to hold dollars. When foreigners sell goods to people in the US, they don’t always use that money to immediately buy stuff from American companies, but rather, because the dollar is such a safe asset, they keep it. That allows Americans to consume more than they produce.

Usually, people who talk too much are considered weak in the mind. And yet, if you fail to learn how to talk and talk well you will Not be going too far.

Election madness had a different flavor in the early days of the US: Electioneering involved lots of free booze, like the 144 gallons of rum, punch, hard cider, and beer a young George Washington used to woo voters in his second run for local office. (He believed his first attempt failed because he didn’t dole out enough of the good stuff.)

In 1965, the US enacts the Voting Rights Act, finally taking action to prevent racists from denying Black Americans and other minority groups the right to vote.

Lebanon claims that its army is apolitical? Why? Because the army has No right to vote. I don’t think this is a viable reason. The officers are assimilating during their career all kinds of chauvinism and sectarianism. And you discover these facts after they retire: they all wanted to be promoted and they refrained from outright opinions publicly for fear of Black reports.




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