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Repercussions of Lebanon financial and economic crisis: for how long we will suffer?

The author stated that Lebanon financial and economic crisis started in 2017, and I submit that it was known by the government since 2015.

This militia/mafia “leaders” establishment acted as if this crisis will go away and the Ponzi scheme can be maintained a while longer in order to rob the budget thoroughly and extend the number of their monopolies to every consumer goods, financial transactions, services and energy…

By 2019, and with the shrinking of jobs in the Arab Emirates and the difficulty of locating jobs in Europe and the USA, the Lebanese graduates were stuck in Lebanon: over 45% were left without any jobs or a open horizon. Actually, this anomie political structure relied heavily on the university graduate to always find a job overseas and keep transferring money to their parents.

The author is predicting the crisis will last for 2 years. That is an optimistic forecast that nothing material has so far been exhibited that the system is ripe and ready to undergo a drastic change in decisions and behavior.

It is to be noted that the Lebanese currency (linked to the dollars) was already overvalued since 2015 and many financial “engineering” by the Central Bank were made to keep the LL at 1505.

كيف ستؤثر الأزمة الاقتصادية على كل لبناني ؟

د. باسم حسان البواب

لقد بدأ اللبنانيون يشعرون بالضائقة الاقتصادية منذ عدة سنوات ولكن بوتيرة خفيفة جدا . اما الان بقد بدأ 
انهيار الاقتصاد الذي حذرت منه منذ عام ٢٠١٧.
ماذا سيحدث بالتفاصيل ، وكيف سيؤثر ذلك على كل فرد في المجتمع اللبناني باختصار شديد:

١- انهيار الليرة اللبنانية ٢٠٠٠-٢٥٠٠ أو اكثر .
٢- انهيار القوة الشرائية لدى المواطنين بنسبة لا تقل عن ٣٠٪؜.
٣-نسب بطالة غير مسبوقة قد تصل الى ٤٠ ٪؜ اي اكثر من ٥٠٠٠٠٠ لبناني عاطل عن العمل .

٤- زيادة كبيرة في الأسعار ومعدل تضخم لا سابق له يلامس ال٢٥ ٪؜
٥-افلاس واقفال عدة محلات ومؤسسات وشركات وصرف جماعي .
٦-عدم قدرة الدائنين على تسديد السندات المستحقة عليهم وإعادة جدولتها في المصارف.

٧-فقدان السيولة بالعملات الأجنبية كافة .
٨-انخفاض معدلات الفوائد بشكل جزري على الودائع وبنسبة اقل على القروض .

٩-الاضطرار الى الاستغناء عن عدة كماليات والصرف فقط على ضروريات الحياة .
١٠-هجرة كبيرة من اللبنانيين الى دول العالم للبحث عن الرزق.

هذه الأزمة سوف تكون مدتها ما بين ٦ اشهر في أفضل الأحوال الى ٢٤ شهرًا في أسوأ الأحوال لان الاقتصاد يستطيع تصحيح نفسه عاجلا أم آجلا

ولكن المهم هي الكلفة والخسارة التي سيتحملها الشعب اللبناني والتي ستتحول ان طالت ، من أزمة اقتصادية ومالية ونقدية الى أزمة اجتماعية وأمنية

And then Thirty and Forty-somethings got politically aware of Lebanon endemic highway robberies

And utterly infuriated with the lavish events (marriage of the militia/mafia politicians‘ family members) that broke all record in wealth dilapidation.

And many were even civil servants and ministers who were totally broke before they were appointed a year before.

This anomie political structure where every deputy for the last 30 years got his hand on a monopoly on every consumer goods, energy, financial transactions, services in communication facilities, privileges of all kinds in tax-free imports…

Hanane Kai posted on Fb. November 5 at 10:22 PM

I grew up not having any political opinion, not even having any political literacy.

Talking about politics was almost a taboo in my family, and the level of corruption in the political class disgusted me that I wasn’t even curious to learn anything about politics, forget about asking for my right.

I guess that worked quite well for the politicians… a lot of us are alienated, uninterested and disconnected –that is if we’re still in the country– and a big chunk of those remaining can be bought with a couple of hundred bucks and brainwashed in seconds.

Today, at week 3 of the revolution, I have learned about Lebanese politics more than I learned my whole life!

I have felt love for the country that I never felt!

I identified with Lebanon for the first time in my life. I have seen a level of awareness, creativity, togetherness, pro-activity, and wit that I never imagined seeing in this country.

Politicians’ games haven’t changed.

Fear-mongering, threats, accusations, stalling, stalling, and some more stalling. Nothing news… BUT we have changed, and there’s no going back! 

We are coming together in beautiful ways. It’s so threatening to them, and they are trying so hard to divide us…

They are masterminds in turning us against each other, after all, they are the same warlords that lead the civil war, so let’s not forget that.

Let’s not forget the beauty of our together, let’s not fall into their accusations.

Let’s not forget that we share the same pain.

Let’s remember how many chances we gave them, and how many times they disappointed us, and let’s not forget what we are capable of doing without them, without their support, nor their money. 

Let’s stay together! Let’s hang on a little bit more, please!

(Video taken in Martyr Square, Sunday, November 3).

Note: a few comments on that piece

  • Christine Safi Well said ! I agree with the first paragraph, growing up uninterested in politics… and hurt so many times by this country, I’ve learned to move on or I’m learning to… for some reason, i don’t feel concerned with whatever is happening… I’m choking every time i had to mention where I’m from And what’s happening … sad but true…
  • Adonis Bouhatab Wonderful. It is great that this awareness is late than never. Though i did try hard to initiate you and William to mind politics, otherwise the politicians will decide for you. As this fresh new participation is flocking to the mass upheaval, I can see changes bright at the end of the tunnel.




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