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Tidbits #53

Is that how retirement should be? Waking up at 4:30, taking an hour of walk/slow jogging, then have a leisurely breakfast of fruits and coffee/Nescafe while reading for another hour on the balcony, then working for another hour on your blog and commenting on Fb… All these events are facts. The illusions sneak in afterwards

As we learn to see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.

Explain this to me in layman terms: Tesla has never made an annual profit and yet surge in share prices means that the California company has a market value of nearly $210 billion, and edges ahead of Japanese rival Toyota. It is the Federal government skewing the due process in investment

Anthropause? A proposed new term to describe the global halt in human activity due to the pandemic.

Originally composed in 2014, the protest music “The Seven Last Words of the Unarmed,” by Joel Thompson arranged the dying words of seven Black men killed by police into a classical composition based on Haydn’s “The Seven Last Words of Christ.” 

This week, India banned 59 Chinese apps, including the popular video-sharing platform TikTok, in an attempt to “safeguard” its mobile and internet users. Narendra Modi’s quit Weibo on Wednesday

I used to visit the ruins of the deads. I am paying visits to the ruins of the living.

Lebanon is a striking example of an anomie political system: most the politicians revert to business men, during their long tenure, and own most of the companies in the country. Our politicians, stooges to the civil war militia/mafia leaders, have been for so long in power and elections (democratically or postponed for various reasons).

J’aimerais commettre les folies de l’âge voisin du berceau

A giant blue star has vanished from the sky. It could have become a black hole or… it could just be hiding behind dust.
Gold deposit in Egypt: located in the country’s southeast, is thought to contain 1 million ounces (28,350 kg) of the good stuff.

I think Trump liked this kid concept: if Covid is killed with soap then why a vaccine? Maybe Trump is jumping to one alternative like introducing foamed soap in the lungs and remove the solution as when we have pneumonia?

I have this hypothesis: those who received the flu vaccines for a couple of years will have higher probability to survive a Corona contamination. My conjecture is the immune system will react far more quickly before The C sets in

The Neo-Zionistsstrategic centers” in USA are in fact running Israel society choices: There are No good options for Israelis in order to vote “democratically”. Israel is pressured to be kept in a state of constant war and to increase its apartheid laws

“The great avenues of our larger cities were made extremely picturesque in the dusk of evening by the endless line of bicyclists whose lanterns in the darkness produced the vivid effect of a river of coloured fire.”An 1890s observer of America’s first bicycle boom

American suffragist Susan B. Anthony once said that the bicycle did “more to emancipate women than anything else in the world.”

Oxymoron terms like “Free Trade, Free Market, Free Expression, Free Sex…” What is free in these expressions? And how they are that free?

Harvard MIT are suing the Trump administration over new visa rules that force international students taking online classes to leave the country

The current US national debt is over $26 trillion, and while Congress has approved roughly $3 trillion of coronavirus-related spending, only around $350 billion was earmarked for public health and testing

Independent auditors issued a scathing report on Facebook’s civil rights policies. They called out the platform’s “vexing and heartbreaking decisions” that prioritize free speech above all else.

Doubling down on some pre-pandemic tactics for private car  usage:
  • Reward those who don’t use a private car
  • Subsidize bicycle sales by giving citizens vouchers
  • Make public transit free forever
  • Propose new car-free bridges
  • Add bike racks to buses
  • Make bike shares part of the public system
  • Expand time-saving bus lanes
  • Resist the urge to make parking easier or free

It is the deformed and handicapped babies that were sacrificed in mass ceremony in order to alleviate parents gilt and to tame the intransigence of mothers in front of the pressure of the community

Minority ethnic groups in China are experiencing State Eugenics Laws since 1995; the Chinese genetic physician has simply to state that the expected baby of the minority parents is found to be physically or mentally handicapped to sterilize the parents; reactions are lukewarm; as they say “it is economics, stupid”

If paying attention to your breathing for a couple of minutes is so hard, how getting curious of how smoking taste and feel is tagged as a simpler task?

No, the Lebanese currency is Not well at all. The Central Bank is just making our banks richer

Mind you that for 3 decades Lebanon financial policy was to link our currency the Lira to the US dollars, so that our government is obligated to spend $millions in order to keep the same valuation. A policy that drove the common people poorer and poorer while increasing the wealth of the rich classes, mainly the banks.
Mind you that Lebanon barely had 2 $billion in foreign debt as the civil war “ended” in 1991, and now we accumulated over 90 $billions (130% of our GNP) and pay a third of our budget on interest rate. Another third goes to paying public employees who represent 2 million with their families, out of 4.5 million in population. The remaining third funds the “Boxes” allocated to every militia leader in control in order to sustain his power sectarian base.
Mind you that Syria, after 8 years of deadly wars and devastation is considering that the reconstruction will Not surpass 70 $billion. And yet, Lebanon lacks every kinds of infrastructure, lacks electricity, lacks potable water, is infested with all kinds of trash and pollution.
Mind you that the same civil war militia “leaders” are ruling Lebanon since 1991 and are in power in every public sector.
Mind you that we have become an anomie political system, where every deputy is a major owner in every basic business sector.

الليرة بالف خير والشعب يرقص مذبوح مثل الطير
بقلم ناجي امهز

دائما نسمع الليرة بالف خير، تدخل محل السمانة فتجد صاحبها يكش الذباب او يكتب قصيدة عصماء حول تلك الديون بالدفاتر التي أصبحت مثل مجموعات الكتب فوق رأسه، تسأله كيف الشغل يا (عم ) ويبدأ بالندب والشتم والبصاق، وأن وقفت بجانبه طويلا تأكد بأنك ستجد نفسك أمام رجل فاق ماركس بتفكيره حول نظرية الدين أفيون الشعوب المديون.

الليرة بالف خير
دخل شيخ معمم إلى فرن يشتري المناقيش فسأل الفران الذي كان يستمع صباحا إلى القرآن، كيف عملكم اخي الكريم، فأجابه يا مولانا كنا نبيع ثلاثة عجينات بالف وبدأ العمل يخف وأصبحت عاجزا عن دفع ثمن الغاز، فجلست مع زوجتي أخبرها عن الظروف فقالت لي يا زوجي ان الأم في هذه الأيام أصبحت بالف ليرة قادرة ان تطعم أولادها 5 ارغفة من الخبز مع ملعقة زعتر بينما أنت تأخذ ثمن ثلاثة ارغفة من العجين ألف ليرة، لم أكن أعلم يا مولانا اني متزوج خبيرة إقتصادية فقررت ان اجعل أربعة ارغفة بالف ومع ذلك لم يتحسن الوضع.

الليرة بالف خير
ذهب أحدهم إلى منتجع سياحي وأخذ يحارج المسؤول عند باب الدخول على التسعيرة، فقال له المسؤول عن المنتجع، يا اخي انت عندما تأتي لتستجم تجلب معك طعامك وشرابك وحتى نرجيلتك، ولا تشتري من عندي أي شيء وعندما ترحل أجد نفسي كنت اعمل لديك زبالا لأن النفايات التي اجمعها من بعد رحيلكم لا تعادل ثمن ما دفعته للدخول، فيقول له السائح الوطني والله يا اخي ان مبلغ هذه الرحلة جمعناه من مصروف الأولاد، أما معلبات الطعام والمشروبات الغازية فإنها دين من عند جارنا الدكنجي، (ربك بيفرجها).

الليرة بالف خير
تجلس مع خبير اقتصادي تسأله ما قصة الليرة بالف خير، يعني انها لا تعاني من امراض مستعصية مثل السكري والضغط وانسداد الشرايين وتليف الكبد وأمراض الرئة المنتشرة بسبب النفايات.

او يعني انها لا تعاني من الأمراض النفسية التي يعاني منها كافة الشعب اللبناني من اكتئاب وفوبيا آخر الشهر.
فيجيبك، يعني أنهم يطمئنون الاغنياء الذين يستثمرون بسندات الخزينة بالليرة اللبنانية ويقبضون عليها فوائد مرتفعة بأنه لا يوجد خطر على استثماراتهم، يعني نحنا الفقراء ما خصنا بالموضوع، فيقول كيف لا دخل لكم بالموضوع، بل انتم الفقراء كل الموضوع فهم يأخذون منكم الضرائب وتدفع تحت بند دعم الليرة مقابل الدولار، لذلك انتم تزدادون فقرا والاغنياء تزداد ثرواتهم، أنت وابنك وبنتك وزوجتك تعمل ليلا نهارا تحت حر الشمس ولهيبها وتحت المطر وامراضه ،وتعيش حالة التقشف والحرمان وبسبب التعب تصاب بكافة الأمراض بينما الغني وهو جالس تحت المكيف بالصيف وأمام الشوفاج في الشتاء تزداد ثروته،

أنت وعائلتك تعيش بمنزل متواضع وتقضي عمرك تتنقل من منزل إلى منزل لا تمتلك لا سيارة ولا حتى موتوسيكل ومحروم من المعاش التقاعدي والتأمين الصحي، بينما هو يملك كل ما يشتهي.

أنت الذي تدفع الضرائب تعيش بين النفايات وتعاني أزمة الماء والكهرباء بينما هو يتنعم باستثماراته بالليرة اللبنانية.
هل فهمت ماذا يعني أن الليرة بالف خير.

وتشير الدراسات بأن لبنان يخسر سنويا، عشرات الملايين من الدولارات على دعم الليرة ويا ليتهم يستثمرون بالمواطن كما يستثمرون بالليرة او أنهم يهتمون بالمواطن كما يهتمون بالليرة لكنا نحن واياها بالف ألف خير.

Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 71

L’humour est une dynamite silencieuse et polie: vous sautez la condition présente avec discrétion
La dignité, voila ce qu’il défendait. Il voulait que l’homme fût traité décemment. Ces vouloires viennent quand l’estomach est rassasié et qu’on se sent tant soit peu dans une communauté stable.
C’était un homme qui croiyait á quelque chose de proper
Les Americains sont les pire criminelle de guerre: Personne n’a envahit leur territoire, et actent avec vengeance sans fondement, imbécile et féroce pour terroriser des peuples entiers
Avoid turning the project into a job. If all you’ve ever had is jobs (a habit that’s encouraged starting in first grade), it’s difficult to see just how easy it is to transform your work into a project.
Quand on coupe les gens de leur passé, sans rien leur donner á la place, ils vivent tournés vers ce passé. C’est ce qui arrive aux Indiens d’Amerique, aux tribus d’Afrique qui sont interdit de chasser et accomplir leurs rituels.
It’s Not a chateau, Not a villa, Not even a house. A plain apartment in a building where Hitler was raised. And Germany and Austria want to buy it in order Not to be transformed into a shrine. As if financing and building 9 nuclear submarines to Israel is Not the worst encouragement to apartheid and racism.
“Inutile, chére madame, de me préter des toiles pour atténuer l’austerité de ma prison. Quand j’ai des soucis, je regarde mes pieds”
Le parapet de chair de la masse qui ne sait pas écrire, á l’abris duquel le pays pouvait continuer de vivre.
Si vous cherchez un parti politique unifiant le monde, considérez les paysants isolés: ils ont les points communs partout dans le monde.
Les travailleurs des usines communiquent entre eux. Au moment crucial, ils sont des patriotes: they share the same general culture of their nation
Strategic errors are frequently repeated among warrior nations, due to inherent idée-fixe in the system they cannot let go with.
Germany in WWII made the same strategic error as in WWI for Not finishing completely the job on the western front before focusing on the Eastern front. England was already on its knees when Hitler launched his war against the Soviet Union: Stalin never considered fighting Hitler and couldn’t believe what was happening.
Il était devenu un autre homme, que le cousin n’etait pas suffisamment curieux pour decouvrir: il lui parlait constamment du passé.
Histoire de montrer qu’il n’y a pas de chagrin dans la solitude de vivre ensemble, mais séparer et independent.
En amour, il faut soigner le temps: la patience, un sacré culte du temps, qui panse les plaies des aventures
On doit avoir acquis la sensation que qu’il n’y a pas de temps sans amour, les amours des petites choses, des rêves, des desires, des actes infimes.
On pert son temps, on n’a pas le temps: On n’a pas trouvé assez d’amour
Un fond permanent d’ incrédulité d’avoir trahit ne laissait arriver la souffrance que par vagues
A Plan is a great exercise. A ten-year commitment is precisely what’s required to make an impact
If you had a choice to decide in WWII between 400 B29 carpet bombing a city for several days or dropping an atomic bomb? US could have flattened Dresden with an atomic bomb, but dropped it on Japan. Why?
Anomie political system: Politicians control all the economical and financial facets of the public life, including the infrastructure. Any citizen is at best a manager or caretaker of the business branches. Elections are rare events and totally biased.
Alors, tu ne savais pas que notre jeune république doit beaucoup a ton zéle et ta determination constante? Je m’incline á ta naiveté victoriueuse.
Chaque mois, j’apporte un bouquet de fleur á la tombe de Milan: un peu pour lui et beaucoup pour toi. Ton grand amour, platonique et entier pour notre Général, a donné une âme nouvelle á notre République.
Le deputé Noir du Senegal a son collégue noir au parlement Francais: Tais-toi. Tu me dois le respect. Mes ancétres ont manger les tiens.
There are individuals destined to do the good, the intention to do good mostly.
To feel the source of our ephemeral happiness needs to be worked on. Have to be content with small rivers, from a varieties of sources
Savoir et pouvoir: c’est le désire de tout homme, le plus souvent pendant nos rêves diurnes.
Power is material, but knowledge is mostly a point of view.




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