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Apartheid on all fronts: Israel persists on religious ideology in civic education, in mercenary colonial outpost in Middle-East…

Author Sami Michaeel, a Jewish Israeli from Iraq, has been delivering speeches and conducting seminars on the need for Israel to consider the alternative existential policy of integrating with the people in the region.

It is the responsibility of Israel to prove that it is ready to be part of the Middle-East region, and desist from resuming the policy of being the foreign colonial outpost to the western nations (Britain, France, and lately the USA in succession), desist from further preemptive wars, and seriously negotiate a long-term peace treaty with the Palestinians

Sami latest study was delivered at the “International convention for Israeli studies” hosted in Haifa.

Sami insists that Israel has become the worst apartheid State in the entire world.

Since 1967, after Israel expanded its occupation of Palestinian and Arab States lands, the spirit of Israel has been polluted and poisoned…

Israel thinks that it cannot afford to bail out as an outpost: It wants the most sophisticated weapons, keeps its weapon industry expanding and exporting more military hardware to African States, receive lavish donations to open up new colonies…

Adar Cohen, inspector of civic studies, agreed to sign on the published new civic education school book “On the road to civic citizenship“, a civic school book which transcend the fundamental Zionist ideology of apartheid and pure race, and exclusive Jewishness status…

And Adar was promptly sacked: This is not a good time for internal politics to demonstrate that Zionism is “that civic”

Israel has been applying a mind-fix policy to enforce her ideological thinking in all the Palestinian schools, and on diffusing any kinds of opinions that go counter to the radical Jewish religious ideology.

Israel has imposed on the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank its concept of “Economic Peace“, a unilateral contract based on the two premises:

1. Under the current conditions, there will be no resolutions for the cases of Jerusalem, the Palestinian refugees, and Hamas in Gaza. Consequently, the Palestinians should drop any illusion for any final peaceful agreement.

2. The occupation of Israel of the Palestinian territory is a serious threat to the stability and sustainability of the society in Israel. This colonial occupation is a demographic, moral, and political danger. The occupation is threatening to destroy the policy of forming a pure Jewish State.

The tacit reason for extending more trade and economic facilities in the West Bank is due to the evidences that points to the idea that occupation will inevitably ignite a Third Mass Disobedience Palestinian movement (Intifada). And Israel feels it be unable to tame this intifada by the sheer force, time around.

Thus, Israel is planing to extend small economical facilities for the current Palestinian Authority to lick on and defuse the growing grunting of the Palestinians under occupation.

Note: Post inspired by three articles published by Antoine Shalhat in the Lebanese daily Al Nahar.

Is Israel bluffing again? Defense minister Ehud Barack wants to unilaterally withdraw from West Bank…

Israel Defense minister Ehud Barack warned a couple of days ago that Israel is contemplating a “unilateral (military?) withdrawal from the West Bank to temporary borders if negotiation with Mahmoud Abbas fails or is not resumed…”

Israel has a string of “unilateral decisions” in its short history. For example:

1. Ehud Barack, then Israel PM, withdrew unilaterally from South Lebanon in 2000, after 22 years of occupation. The withdrawal was done without any negotiation or any pre-conditions after Israel suffered hundreds of casualties in the relentless attacks of the Hezbollah fighters…

2. Ariel Sharon withdrew unilaterally from Gaza in 2005 after the cost of maintaining four small Jewish colonies there became a heavy burden on Israel budget, in a region populated by 1.5 million Palestinians lead by radical Islamists Hamas…

3. Israel “unilaterally”, or that’s the US version, bombed the Iraqi nuclear plant in 1980…

4. Israel “unilaterally”, or that’s the US version, bombed Syria nuclear plant in 2007…

5. Israel “unilaterally” conducted the preemptive war in 1967

6. Israel “unilaterally” invaded Lebanon in 1982 and entered the capital Beirut.

This picture was taken in Jounieh (Lebanon), headquarter of Israel Mossad. Ariel Sharon and Bachir Gemmayel (leader of the militia Lebanese Forces) are shown

7. Israel “unilaterally” decided to kick out the Palestinian military factions from Lebanon in 1982

8. Israel “unilaterally” decided to commit the genocide in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila in Lebanon in 1982…

9. Israel “unilaterally” drew its borders to be at the Jordan River and wants to keep settlements right to the river so that the Palestinians will have no direct borders with the State of Jordan…

10. Israel “unilaterally” decided that the Golan Heights in Syria are parts of Israel and is willing to pressure Syria to agree, lest civil war will ravage Syria…

11. Israel “unilaterally” decided that the UN partition of Palestine is none of her concern, and occupied the 47% of the remaining land bestowed by the UN in 1947 to the Palestinians who constituted 60% of the total population…

Ehud Barack claimed that the current Israeli coalition or “unity government” is backed by 94 deputies in the Knesset and can decide whatever pleases her “interests” and drastic plans, such as completely annexing  Zone C in the West Bank…

Ehud Barack is returning the challenge of Mahmoud Abbas, the illegal President of the Palestinian Authority, who threatened to resign and let Israel shoulder the entire burden as an occupying force in the West Bank…

Ehud Barack is saying: “If there is no Palestinian Authority, Israel will withdraw and let hells burn the Palestinians…” Obviously, Israel has no intention of withdrawing or having any peace treaty with the Palestinians…

Antoine Shalhat, (Palestinian/Israeli citizen residing in Akka and correspondent to the daily Al Nahar, reported that Shimon Shafer wrote in Israel daily Yadeot Ahranot that Netanyahu PM said in a “secret close meeting with the Israeli top security and military officers, and economic leaders…” that the Palestinian problem is fifth in priority in the current government agenda. The priorities are:

1. Iran nuclear threat

2. Hezbollah missile threat

3. Ciber war

4. The increased accumulation of weapon systems in the region…

The current mood in Israel is: “Resolving the Palestinian issue will not solve Israel many and news problems to confront…” It is Israel strategy since its creation to fabricate external false difficulties in order to distract Israeli deep-rooted convictions that Israel legitimacy is at best pretty precarious. 

And what could be the “temporary borders” for withdrawal? Behind the Wall of Shame? Will Israel withdraw from East Jerusalem?

Ori Avniri: “Israel is Another Jewish ghetto: This time around strong with an atomic bomb…”

Ori Avniri recalls what Yachaaya Libovitch wrote that the Jewish religion is dead and done with 200 years ago. Israel has replaced the Jewish religion with the Holocaust story as a reason for its existence.

Ori says: “Israel is currently the Holocaust State. Israel is Another Jewish Ghetto: This time around strong with an atomic bomb and a delivering system…”

Today, Israel is organizing the Holocaust memorial, bigger yet than ever, under the banner: “More Jewish support”.

The key sentence is: “Nuclear Iran is a repeat of Nazi extermination plan…”

Israel Netanyahu PM keeps repeating the same mantra everywhere he goes: “Iran is Nazi Germany…” and reminded Obama that the US Jews have demanded from Franklin Roosevelt to bomb Auschwitz, but he refrained from destroying the concentration camp in Poland…

Ori Avniri insists that the holocaust brought back the ancient Jewish mentality to where it started: “To the current Israeli government position, during the holocaust, the Germans were not the sole enemy of the Jews, but the entire world: The world didn’t act according to human dignity standards.  Today, the world community is against the Jews because it wouldn’t consider bombing Iran nuclear facilities…The Jews want to revert to the Jewish religion that was mocked for centuries, and particularly, revert to the ghetto mentality, a trapped cat with an atomic arsenal...”

Israel radical rights are forgetting that the young generation of Jews want nothing to do with this equation, they don’t want to go back to ghetto conditions, and they don’t give a damn with the 650 Biblical laws that govern their daily life…

As long as Israel persist of using the holocaust as its prime weapon for world support, Israel has to comprehend that this world has far too many cataclysmic problems to deal with, and it wants nothing to do with this spoiled State of Israel that wants everything for nothing in return, such as  applying the UN charters, desisting from racist and apartheid policies in Palestine, and seriously considering doing peace with its bordering States, and returning occupied lands…

Note: Post inspired from the weekly piece of Antoine Shalhat to the Lebanese daily Al Nahar

Israel “Routine” occupation activities. And Iran will not be attacked. Period.

The Beitslim Israeli organization, Israel Center for intelligence on violations of Human Rights in the occupation Territories in the West bank and Gaza,issued a report stating that Israel harsh violations had dramatically increased in the territories in 2011.

The deterioration is not due to any unusual events or special activities, but simply a continuation of the prevalent Routine practised by the  army in the last 45 years of occupation.

The occupation of the territories in 1967 was supposed to be of a temporary nature, and the UN resolution is specific about the withdrawal of Israel.  What was to be temporary evolved to a permanent occupation policy that is shattering the democratic system in Israel. (This temporary nature reminds me of the occupation of Syria to Lebanon since 1976, or the occupation of Israel to south Lebanon for 25 years…)

This “melancholic routine in the occupied lands“, and of continuous subjugation and humiliation of an entire Palestinian population, was described in detailed eye-witness accounts by Israeli soldiers who served in the occupied lands.  The latest 348-page book “Occupied territories: Testimonials of soldiers between 2000 and 2010” report the accounts of soldiers to the reporters of the Israeli organization “Let’s break the Silence barrier

The discussion of the report should be made public: The fresh new army recruits replacing the “veterans” in the territories are blinded by established clichés that perpetrate violent activities against the civil Palestinians…The army, the civic communities in Israel and the politicians persist in avoiding to look the occupation beast in the face.

Mark Twain once wrote: “Three are precious in the USA: freedom of expression, liberty of conscience, and the hypocrisy of flaunting the previous values in times of self-serving crisis”

Actually, Israel campaign to attacking Iran nuclear facilities is a strategic smokescreen meant to pressure the Obama administration at desisting putting Israel under the strong public lights for failing to abide by the UN decisions of stopping the settlement activities…This campaign is simply asking Obama to say: “Alright Netanyahu. Go and play with the settlement activities.  Iran is a superpower problem to manage…”

Note 1: Post partially inspired by a piece reported from Israel by Antoine Shalhat for the Lebanese daily Al Nahar

Obsessed with Toulouse killing: CNN and French channels three day-long coverage, and counting

For the last two days, French channels show but this tragedy. The non-arrested killer of two “Jewish kids” and the father in front of a school in the French city of Toulouse has already been identified as an Algerian French national named Muhammad Mrah (24 of age). Over 300 French special police force are encircling the hideout of the perpetrator.(See note)

The French President moved his ass to the location of the massacre to deliver his condolence. The French foreign minister flew to Israel to share in the funeral… And the minister of the interior parked in front of where the killer is hiding, and is playing the reporter journalist game in the coverage…I wondered.

1.  It happened that three French soldiers were also assassinate the day before in south France, and coverage was not that grandiose, by any long shot…

2. What would happen if French national Palestinian kids were killed in France? Would the coverage be as exhaustive and harassing? If you think this won’t be the case, should a few Palestinian kids be killed to compare how France respond?

3. Muhammad Mrah was jailed in 2007 in Kandahar (Afghanistan) and fled from prison after Taliban entered the prison and freed the prisoners. The assassin was caught again by the Afghan police and the US army returned him to France.  Why?

4. Are “Arab” voters in France less numerous than “Jews”? Are “Arabs” French nationals not well-integrated?

Antoine Shalhat reported from Akka (Israel) that Nazi incineration of the Jews has been considered as the most strategic asset for harnessing the foundation of the “existence of Israel” and constitute the “identity” of the Israelis…

Benjamin Netanyahu PM made the Shoah the cornerstone for his last two speeches during the convention of US IPAC and in the Knesset.

Abraham Borg, former Israel President, wrote in his book “Let’s vanquish Hitler”: “It is not possible to decode the reality of Israel without comprehending the significance of the Nazi burning of Jews, particularly, its vicious exploitation in order to transfer the Palestinians from their homes and villages…Apparently, the Israeli authority made it sound like everything is permitted to Israel, simply because the Jews witnessed the holocaust…and nobody is entitled to tell us what to do…”

Abraham Borg stressed that the Israeli citizens are made victims for this perpetual non-stop loop of recounting and remembering the holocaust: The israeli are made to cow under the feeling of the next soon to come genocide, as if Israel has no atomic bombs and is not the most powerful military power in the Middle-East…( Thanks to the US and Germany: Germany has already delivered 6 nuclear submarines to Israel and has signed on a seventh, all paid by the German taxpayers…)

Dr. Ruth Amir, chairperson of polyvalent research at the “3amiq Israel” college, wrote in her book “The funny politics”: “Since its recognition in 1948 as a State, Israel adopted the concept of the victim, and disseminated this view by relying on the holocaust, in order to legitimize Israel policies, and purify it from all the sins and wrongdoing that it committed so far, and is planning on executing…”

The problem with this strategy is that most Jews around the world refuse to submit to this blackmail and have no guilt feeling against the enemies that Israel keeps inventing.

As if the Palestinians and the “Arabs” were the cause of the holocaust, and not the colonial racist Europeans. As if the “Arabs” were not on the Nazi list of extermination, ranked even higher than the Jews. Fortunately, there were no Arabs in Nazi Germany…

Note 1: A sniper killed the assassin: France of  Sarkozy is in no mood for this hot political trial of whatever failure it might be accused of.  Muhammad Mrah was jailed 15 times for violent acts in his teenage, before he got indoctrinated, and he was on the close watch list for 4 months since he returned to France.  Mrah killed 7 people in total within two days, and seriously injured another soldier.  Mrah had killed 3  French soldiers who served in Afghanistan, two of them were Moslems and from Algeria…

Note 2: President Sarkozy promised to put to trial and penalize anyone accessing “rogue” sites or receiving military training in “rogue” States.  And I wonder: would a French Zionist be also dragged to trial if he access Jewish ultra nationalist sects sites or receive training in apartheid and theocratic Israel?

“Israel started a capitalist State and never desisted” by Amir Ben Borat

There is this myth that Israel began as a socialist political system… Wrong.

Israel is currently a capitalist State by all measures or characteristics defining capitalism: working class division, vast inequality among the socio-economic communities, and the transformation of culture into a market product…

There was this impression, before the recognition of Israel by the UN as a State in 1948 with a majority of a single vote, that the Zionism movement is socialist, has a socialist project, and intends of establishing a socialist political structure.

It turned out that most factions within Zionism, including the “Workers in the Land of Israel Party” (MAPI) and headed by David Ben Gurion had a national Zionist project based on capitalism.  All the socialist factions were steadily kicked out of the coalition, until the capitalist system took roots.

The outer shell of Israel political and social system gave the impression of a social-democratic system leaning, such as the ones practiced in western Europe, but capitalism was pragmatically the main driving economic ideology.

The various Israeli political party in power provided excuses as to the critical situation of Israel in the region for survival, but Israel started capitalist from the beginning and never looked back.

The current liberal capitalist system that has been fully functional in the last two decades, and never had to revise or alter the previous structure of the supposedly “leftist” Work Party.

Note 1: Post inspired from the article of Antoine Shalhat, correspondent of the daily Al Nahar in Israel, and based on the book of Amir Ben Borat “How Israel transformed capitalist”

Note 2: It is said that Stalin of the Soviet Union was the first to recognize Israel on the assumption that it will be the first communist State in the Middle-East… And the regional communist parties in the Near-East went along the Soviet dictate…

Couples and families prohibited to living together: This is the new law in Israel

In 2003, the Israeli Knesset enacted a series of laws prohibiting couples and families with Israeli citizenship who married to non-Jewish people originating from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan…from living together in Israel.

Even Jewish citizens who married to non-Jews from the set of “enemy countries” have difficulties living together, and are under constant threat of being separated, at the whim of the military administrative officer order in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza…

These couples and families have been denied permission to meet and celebrate under the “Law of citizenship and entrance to Israel

Since then, Israel “Supreme Court” has refused all petitions to amending and revisiting this law.

Since 2006, the Knesset decided to expand this law to including many other States deemed “unfriendly” with Israel.

Ten of thousands of families are living separate and are prohibited to rejoin.  Couples who decided to live within Israel proper are not given any guarantees for any kinds of steady and stable conditions for staying united and raising a family together.

This discriminating law is not found in any other States recognized by the UN.

This law is one of the last straws indicating the racist and apartheid nature of Zionism.

This law is smack within the “soul of Israel” which states: “More lands for far less Palestinians” and “Conducting preemptive policies to preserving the dominance of Jewish demography in the occupied lands”

These colonial policies within Israel is not new, but they have been rooted deeper and deeper in the last two decades, and made explicit by laws.

Recently, Israel has been expanding its settlements in the Negev (Naqab) desert, dismantling and erasing nomad towns and displacing the bedouins…

Thirty years ago, Israel “imported” Ethiopian “Jews” by cargo planes.  Since then, the Ethiopian Israeli citizen Jews have been subjugated to all kinds of discriminations, relegated to a third class citizens in all aspects of social and political facilities and positions. 

The Ethiopian Israeli Jew, Amir Ghethoun, wrote in the Hebrew daily Yedehot Ahronot:

I know that in the settlement of Keryat Malakhy, a group of people in the quarter of Bar Yehuda has explicitly displayed their resentments saying: “We don’t sell to Ethiopians. You recognize that a block is inhabited by Ethiopian from the stench. They are robbers.  They plant their tents in the middle of the street. They slaughter a cow and start cooking as they did in Ethiopia…

Ethiopian Jews have been blatantly discriminated against and treated as third class citizens in all social and administrative facilities…

There are no laws in Israel controlling and administering to discrimination cases. Whenever such a law exist, it is never applied...”

Discrimination in Israel is pervasive.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the Ashkenazi class of citizens  considered all the other Jewish citizens as second class citizens.

The Ashkenazim Jews are not Semite, but mostly slavic people who adopted the Jewish religious laws governing daily customs and traditions and instituted a Kingdom in the Caucasus region that was dismantled in the year 900 and the people dispersed in Eastern Europe, living in shtetl, and inventing a new language based on the German language.

Two decades ago, the Semite Jews have been infiltrating the political scenes and the army and imposing the ancient religious daily customs.  In fact, four Jewish sects in Israel do not recognize Israel as a State: They reject the Israeli citizenship and demand to be mentioned as Jews, on the premise that only their Jewishness is representative of their status…

For examples, the extremist ultra-orthodox Jewish sects of Habad (the Lubavitch branch), Hasidim of Gour, Toldot Aharon (based in the colony of Mea Shearim), and Neturi Karta (and the radical sicairs) are mostly “anti-zionist” movements that demand the dismantlement of the State of Israel.

These sects are labelled the “crasies for God” and they refuse to work for survival, but insist on the government to support their task of focusing on reading the religious books…

Note: Post inspired from an article by Antoine Shalhat (an Israeli Palestinian correspondent) to the Lebanese daily Al Nahar, and the French weekly “Le nouvel Observateur”

Is Israel a society or an Army? What this swap of prisoners means at this junction?

Israel first Prime Minister Ben Gurion boasted in 1949: “The secret force of the State of Israel is that this tiny State established a society where the entire people is the Army…”  Since then, Israel never missed an occasion, and more often than not, created occasions to remind the Israelis that they are the army.

Consequently, budgets for the “Defense Forces” and internal security forces have been at steady increase since the recognition in the UN of Israel in 1949 by a single majority vote. Israel strategy, backed by the US and western European States, was to retain the “strongest army in the region, stronger than all combined armies in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon…”

Recently, Israel has grabbed many opportunities to “doing it again”: Reminding the Israeli citizens that they ARE the army, and not vice versa.  For example, Israel chief of staff Egal Yadlin said: “Every Israeli civilian is a soldier on leave for 11 months…” Yadlin was reminding the Israeli that every Israeli citizen below the age of 50 is to be a reservist, serving one month a year in the army.  In addition to the three years of forced induction in the armed forces as an Israeli reaches 18 of age.

The current release of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gelaad Shalit (kidnapped in 2006!) in exchange of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners has many political overtone.

First, there are currently over 6,000 Palestinians in Israeli detention camps who were never put on trial or have been legally accused of any wrong doing.  Israel occupation strategy is to round-up all Palestinian youths in order to terrify families and seek to pick up potential informers…Palestinian prisoners have been sustaining a hunger strike for a month, and Israel can no longer afford to feed prisoners who should not have been detained in the first place.  Israel release of so many prisoners is to let the Palestinian Authority deal with the problems of finding jobs to these prisoners, release in mass for good reason in order to sidetrack the Palestinian Authority from focusing on the recognition process…

Second, this “emergency law” has been instituted during the British mandated power in the 1920’s to confront the many civil Palestinian resistance demonstrations and movements.  Israel inherited an emergency law and applied it consistently for over 70 years, while many dictator regimes in the Arab World emulated these colonial emergency laws in the last 40 years.

Actually, British mandated power dispatched 100,000 soldiers in 1936 to quell a mass Palestinian civil unrest that lasted 6 months…The emergency laws were weakly applied on the Zionist terrorist factions headed by Menahim Began…who blew up the David Hotel in Jerusalem(the first terrorist act in the Middle East).

Is applying emergency laws a good indicator of democratic system? Shouldn’t Israel had to revisit these apartheid laws long time ago, if it insists on claiming to be a democracy, surrounded by “seas” of absolute monarchies, dictatorship States, and theocratic States…?

Third, Netanyahu PM said when welcoming Shalit: “An Israeli soldier serves in the army willingly because he is assured that the State will do all in its power to get him back (dead or alive)”  Why Israel failed to strike a deal since 2006?  Political analysts love to give their pieces of thought on the matter: They say it is because Iran had pressured Hamas in Gaza not to reach a resolution during all this period in detention. Iran is loosing its grip on the “Moslem Brotherhood” Hamas since the uprising in Egypt…

Other analysts claim that “Israel is furious of Mahmoud Abbas for submitting a letter to the UN for the recognition of a Palestinian State. Consequently, Israel is strengthening the position of Hamas against the new wave of support to Fateh, the largest faction in the West Bank.  This swap of prisoners will weaken Mahmoud Abbas and encourage Hamas to wrestle with Fateh on political power in the next election.  Israel want the two Palestinian factions to fight it out and thus, give Israel a breathing space to handle the next phase in the recognition of the Palestinian State…

The Israeli citizens are waking up to the frequent political manipulation schemes of the military/industrial complexes for ever higher budgets to the army, regardless of the conditions…The Israeli middle classes have been demonstrating and marching in masses demanding better standard of living in health and education facilities, and particularly affordable renting apartments…Why Israel has to allocate huge budgets for building new colonies in occupied territories, which are to be returned to the Palestinian State, when its citizens cannot find housing in Israel proper?

In the last three decades, Israel successive governments failed to give priority to accommodating affordable housing and focused on liberal capitalist interests for luxury hotels and villas for the richest 1% elite class.

Note 1: Huwaida Arraf, an US/Palestinian activist, reported the following: “This morning Israeli soldiers and settlers attacked Palestinian farmers and volunteers harvesting olives in Jalud, near Nablus (West Bank occupied territories). Palestinian youth activist, Sari Harb reported: There were about 50 of us and we were all picking the olive trees.  All of a sudden, Israeli soldiers started setting land ablaze, and firing bullets and tear gas at us; Jewish settlers came down from the hills. Four Palestinian civilians have reportedly been injured, one with a serious head wound. Approximately 10 dunams of land are now burning…

Note 2: This post was inspired by a piece published in the Lebanese daily Al Nahar by its correspondent in Israel Antoine Shalhat

Does the majority of the Israeli Jews know what it wants?

What Israel “Peace Indicator” says?

The Lebanese daily Al Nahar published a piece by its correspondent in Israel, the Palestinian/Israeli Antoine Shalhat, titled “Israel “Peace Indicator”.

The article says: “The September survey for Israel “Peace Indicator”, which corresponded with the repercussions of (Mahmoud Abbas) officially submitting a letter to the UN for recognition of a Palestinian State, showed the following pieces of intelligence:

1)  77% of Israeli Jews are for the resumption of negotiation.

2)  70% believe that negotiations will not lead to any peace between the concerned parties;

3)  43% oppose any reduction in internal security budget;

4)  50% want such a reduction in the budget;

6)  49% asked for government flexibility in resuming the negotiation process, before formal recognition of the Palestinian State;

7)  48% oppose any kinds of negotiations;

8)  59% agree that it is not in Israel interest a recognition of a Palestinian State;

9)  51% are for cooperation with the potential Palestinian State;

10)  79% do not believe that the current Palestinian Authority is capable of delivering on promises;

What do these data demonstrate?

First, the vast majority of Israeli Jews does not believe that the peace and reconciliation is within reach;

Second, the majority does not see how a Palestinian State can serve Israel best interest;

Third, the vast majority considers the negotiation process  as purely tactical in nature. Just to appease world community concerns, and to provide a breathing period…

It seems that the question “Does Israel want negotiation” is not as important as formulating an answer to “What does Israel want from any negotiation“. Israel is plainly faking readiness to negotiate peace and reconciliation with the occupied Palestinians.

Israel has no idea what it wants in the medium-term that could alleviate the fast deteriorating internal and external conditions.

Note:  You may read the previous post on the state of democracy and sectarianism in Israel

Israel 2011: Less “democratic” and far more sectarian. By Antoine Shalhat.

The Palestinian/Israeli journalist reported from Akka, translated from Arabic and published in the Daily Al Nahar:

“Today is the Hebrew New Year.  It is the occasion for the census bureau to submit its report on Israel demographic status, and for Israel Democracy Center to transmit statistical analysis on democratic trends in Israel communities.

That is going to be tough to dealing with Israel society tendencies, retrograding in its concept of democracy and increased base of religious political ideology.

Secular people have dropped to 42% and religious Israelis have increased to 58%.  The Jews who want a “pure Jewish State” have jumped to 78%.  Meaning:

First, they want to transfer every citizens who is not Jewish by origin.

Second, they want to prohibit non-Jewish citizens to have a say in the discussions pertaining to social and economic matters

Third, cancelling the right to discussing self-autonomy alternatives.

Democratic spirit in Israel is declining.

About 51% of the Jews want to prohibit free-expressions in attacking government political decisions.

Another example, 58% are saying that speakers are not to extend political opinions in universities.

Another example, 63% want to impose political censorship on educational materials in schools and academic institutions…

The political climate in Israel, in the last two years, is for greater power to the extreme right religious parties: The Parliament (Knesset) has legislated many laws

1. prohibiting opposition to preemptive war policies,

2. any condemnation to “Israel Defense Forces” behaviors such as actions against civil rights and assaulting associations and organizations investigating activities smacking of violence on civil rights, or

3.  any discussion on resolving the Palestinian problems

The Legal consultant in the “Association of human rights in Israel” said: “In the last two years, we are witnessing increased signs on the field that demonstrate growing polarization of religious intransigence among the sectarian parties.  The trend is to killing any position out of the “National consensus” because it constitutes a serious threat to Israel security.  Any critique is viewed as anti-patriotic…

The trends in Israel, year after year, are of communities less democratic and far more sectarian.

The French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur published last week:

“Israel Shin Beth (internal intelligence agency) is worried of the good organization of the Jewish terrorist cells in the colonies, or Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.  The Jewish terrorist cells, called “youth of the hills”, adopted Al Qaeda principles in organization and decentralized formations, and have in possession large supplies of military hardware.  They certainly have tight connections in the army and many public institutions…”

(How could this happen if the organization and facilitation of these cells are not generated from the Shin Beth itself? The Shin Beth has all the potentials, the means, and the intelligence pieces for these kinds of terrorist activities)

Note:  You may read this article on the varieties of Jewishness  jewish-ashkenazi-sephardim-hebrew-israeli-semitic-hasidic-and-what-else/




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