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Apartheid Israel under World Community strong beam

Yesterday, Israel navy boarded the Spanish ship “Olivia” carrying peace activists intent on landing in Gaza. The Israeli beat the activists and threatened them to arrest them.  This time around, the activists refused to obey the orders and managed to flee toward Gaza shores.

Yesterday, Israel State superintendent, Mihka LindenStrauss, issued the official report on the massacre of the “Freedom Fleet” in 2010, where dozens of peace activists and mostly Turkish were gunned down while in international water.

The report described the decision process as fundamentally flawed:

1. The head of the national security was not invited to prepare the necessary discussions. Instead, Netanyahu ordered his military secretary to perform this task.

2. Netanyahu met personally only once with the defense minister (Ehud Barack) and once with the foreign affairs minister.

3. Netanyahu didn’t issue recommendations for the preparation of this attack.

4. Netanyahu failed to conduct discussions with the key ministerial organs, and restricted the discussions within 7 ministers, 5 days before the start of the Freedom Fleet

Yesterday, minister Elie Yashai blurted out: “Operation to maintain the ethnic Jewishness of Israel has started”. Yashai was alluding to the decision of  “repatriating” 700 African immigrants (mostly from south Sudan and Eritrea) to their homeland.

For the first time, Israel high court permitted the immigrants to individually apply for remaining in Israel for serious health conditions, and they have a single week to finish the administrative requirements…

Cheri Tatenbaum and Galia Tesbar wrote in Yedeot Ahranot: “It appears that Netanyahu is not pleased with this week delay for the repatriation…Netanyahu think that all an immigrant has to do is close his bank account, resolve his difficulties with what the business boss owe him, pack his meager belonging, schedule the location he intends to stay in his home country, gather all the documents he needs, prepare the children for farewell, wipe out the tear…”

The immigrants are not shipped to Scandinavian States such as Sweden, Danmark, Holland…They have to land in countries facing civil wars and starvation…

The immigrants are returning to families, or what remain of them, after decades of absence…

The immigrants are not aware of the lack of potable water, electricity, health facilities, schools…They are returning to the unknown

Israel supported the southern Sudanese insurgents for decades, used them and abused them…in order to get a foothold in this oil strategic county of Africa…

The African immigrants never enjoyed but third class treatments in Israel…and they are ousted as criminals…

Yesterday, Netanyahu confirmed what everyone knows: “Israel is the State of the settlers…”

For 45 years, the courts in Israel refrained from taking cases related to settlers occupying Palestinian lands and private properties. The latest high court order to vacate “illegal settlers” from a private Palestinian property in the Beit Eel colony is being circumvented by the government and the Knesset.

Israel thinks of convincing the world community that what the government considers (legal expropriation of property) is different from what settlers do without government planning and preparation…And yet, International laws do not make such distinction, but Israel never cared for international laws that do not satisfy its urgent programs for expansion…

Israel never desisted from expanding in the occupied West Bank, as if the United Nations resolutions and International Laws do not apply to it. As long as the US administrations never publicly and explicitly condemned its apartheid policies…

The problem is that the World Community is now directing its high beams toward the indignities and humiliations that Palestinians and minorities are suffering in apartheid Israel.

Fact is sanctions and boycott of Israel products and cultural events are working




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