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Misbelief? When does it start and how can you sustain this it?

We have a holiday for it, but no good words. Belief in disbelief.

The asymmetry between incredulity and credulity. The fact that too often we believe in the wrong stuff, follow the wrong leader and take the wrong medicine.

In just a few decades, we’ve managed to wreck April Fools as a useful holiday. The stakes are just too high.

For a long time, we’ve been easily fooled by patent medicines. Snake oil was a real thing.

People used electricity in the wrong places for the wrong illnesses.

We swallow silver, see a faith healer and spend all our money for a small bag of magic beans.

At the same time, we hesitate to see the doctor, don’t talk to her when we do, and fill prescriptions but don’t take them when we get home. We’re skeptical about vaccines but eagerly line up for oxygenated water…

We believe, but in the wrong things.

When someone tells us a certain kind of person is dangerous, we’re too eager to believe our xenophobic instincts. We work ourselves into a frenzy over a small injustice, but stand by when the big scam gets done right in front of our eyes.

And we don’t like being wrong.

Hence the paradox, the corner we’ve painted ourselves into: We need to believe, we want to believe, we benefit from believing. We can’t function without news and connection and forward motion.

But, we don’t like to be proven wrong.

So it’s easy to begin by calling it all fake, by non-believing. To become cynical and short-sighted and brittle.

But non-belief doesn’t help, because we can’t make forward motion without belief. No society works without trust and optimism.

Which leads us right back where we started, which is the cost of agency and the cost of freedom: the responsibility of believing in things that work. We received leverage and the price is responsibility.

Our job is to see our misbelief and replace it with better belief, thoughtful belief, belief in things that actually work.

No fooling.

Halloween, April Fool’s, Religious signs… Are you permitted to dress up

Happy wowday

Halloween gives you permission to dress up. April Fool’s, a chance to play a prank.

What if there was one day of the year where you had permission to do things that made people say, “wow.”

Acts of generosity or bravery or insight…

What if you focused and practiced and got your nerve up and leaned way over the edge, just one day of the year?

If you could get out of your comfort zone for a few hours in a way that benefited and delighted people you care about, what would that look and feel like?

Today might be your wowday. Or tomorrow.

Up to you.

Posted by Seth Godin on March 18, 2014

21 Hilarious Signs You Grew Up With Religious Parents

ROB FEE posted this March 11, 2014info



1. On Halloween you didn’t get to go trick-or-treating. Instead you went to a Hallelujah Party at church where everyone had to dress up like a Bible character. Basically you had to wear a bathrobe.

2. The only time you could buy CDs is if they came from here:



3. You knew about all of the hidden, Satanic messages in rock songs if you played them backwards.

4. If one of your friends got a piercing other than her earlobes your first thought was, “Well, she’s definitely going to hell!”

5. Every time you heard a loud rumble of thunder in the middle of the night you thought it was The Rapture.

6. If you grew up in Church of God, your college options were either Lee University or Lee University.

7. You knew who these guys were:



8. And also this couple:



9. You knew that Camp Meeting had nothing to do with exploring the woods.

10. Instead of calling adults Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jackson, it was Brother Smith and Sister Jackson.

11. If someone said “God is good” you knew to respond with “all the time” and then they would say “all the time” and you’d say “God is good.” It was basically a secret handshake.

12. The only R rated movie you were ever allowed to watch was The Passion of the Christ.

13. You had a cassette tape labeled “Michael W. Smith” but it was actually an MC Hammer mix tape because you would never be allowed to listen to that.

14. Everyone that had a tattoo was going to hell.

15. You got in trouble for taking the center cup out of the communion tray instead of just taking the next one in line.



16. Instead of joining the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, you were earning badges with the Royal Rangers and Missionettes.

17. You didn’t go to parties, you went to fellowship.

18. Weird Al had nothing on this guy:

Best of Mark Lowry, Vol. 1

Best of Mark Lowry, Vol. 1

19. You knew that just because the pastor said he was about to close didn’t mean he wasn’t going to keep preaching for another 30-45 minutes.

20. The most terrifying experience of your life was a little production called Heaven’s Gates, Hell’s Flames.

21. Hip-hop was strictly forbidden, unless it was by this guy: TC Mark

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